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David Shore     Creator176 Eps
Peter Blake (2)     Executive Producer22 Eps
Greg Yaitanes     Executive Producer45 Eps
Hugh Laurie     Executive Producer68 Eps
Paul Attanasio     Executive Producer101 Eps
Katie Jacobs     Executive Producer101 Eps
Bryan Singer     Executive Producer101 Eps
David Shore     Executive Producer102 Eps
Daniel Sackheim     Executive Producer (2004-2007) 
Thomas L. Moran     Executive Producer (2007-)90 Eps
Russel Friend     Executive Producer (2007-)90 Eps
Garrett Lerner     Executive Producer (2007-)90 Eps
Greg Yaitanes     Co-Executive Producer27 Eps
David Foster (1)     Co-Executive Producer45 Eps
Liz Friedman     Co-Executive Producer45 Eps
John C. Kelley     Co-Executive Producer32 Eps
Andrew Bernstein     Co-Executive Producer4 Eps
Geoffrey Colo     Co-Executive Producer1 Eps
Leonard Dick     Co-Executive Producer27 Eps
Eli Attie     Co-Executive Producer90 Eps
John Mankiewicz     Co-Executive Producer10 Eps
Lawrence Kaplow (1)     Co-Executive Producer (2005-)45 Eps
David Semel     Co-Executive Producer (2005-) 
Doris Egan     Co-Executive Producer (2005-)45 Eps
Deran Sarafian     Co-Executive Producer (2007-)19 Eps
Peter Blake (2)     Co-Executive Producer (2008)68 Eps
Gerrit Van Der Meer     Co-Executive Producer (2008)91 Eps
John C. Kelley     Supervising Producer13 Eps
Sara Hess     Supervising Producer36 Eps
David Hoselton     Supervising Producer66 Eps
David Foster (1)     Supervising Producer21 Eps
Seth Hoffman     Supervising Producer22 Eps
Matt Witten     Supervising Producer10 Eps
Katherine Lingenfelter     Supervising Producer22 Eps
Thomas L. Moran     Supervising Producer (2004-2007)10 Eps
Liz Friedman     Supervising Producer (2008)45 Eps
Seth Hoffman     Producer10 Eps
Katherine Lingenfelter     Producer10 Eps
Lindsey Jaffin     Producer23 Eps
Sara Hess     Producer30 Eps
David Foster (1)     Producer24 Eps
David Hoselton     Producer24 Eps
Lawrence Kaplow (1)     Producer (2004-2005) 
Gerrit Van Der Meer     Producer (2005-)11 Eps
Marcy G. Kaplan     Producer (2008)90 Eps
Katherine Lingenfelter     Co-Producer13 Eps
Seth Hoffman     Co-Producer13 Eps
Allen Marshall Palmer     Co-Producer90 Eps
Sara Hess     Co-Producer24 Eps
Steven Heth     Co-Producer2 Eps
Todd London     Co-Producer1 Eps
Lawrence Kaplow (1)     Consulting Producer23 Eps
Doris Egan     Consulting Producer1 Eps
Daniel Sackheim     Consulting Producer10 Eps
Sara B. Cooper     Consulting Producer10 Eps
Peter Blake (2)     Consulting Producer10 Eps
Steven Heth     Associate Producer10 Eps
Julie Hrebec     Associate Producer87 Eps
Lindsey Jaffin     Associate Producer45 Eps
Bruce J. Nachbar     Associate Producer7 Eps
Marcy G. Kaplan     Associate Producer (2004)10 Eps
Natalie Weinmann     Production Designer7 Eps
Mark Hutman     Production Designer11 Eps
Jeremy Cassells     Production Designer56 Eps
Marta Evry     Editor2 Eps
Chad Mochrie     Editor10 Eps
Sue Blainey     Editor3 Eps
Christopher Nelson (1)     Editor3 Eps
Seth Clark     Editor2 Eps
Lawrence Curtis     Editor18 Eps
Scott Boyd     Editor1 Eps
Elliot Graham     Editor1 Eps
Stephen Semel     Editor1 Eps
David Post     Editor1 Eps
Arge O'Neal     Editor 
Bill Johnson     Editor3 Eps
Dorian Harris     Editor11 Eps
Kimberly Ray     Editor4 Eps
Chris Brookshire     Editor19 Eps
Zeborah Tidwell     Editor5 Eps
Amy Fleming     Editor23 Eps
Amy Lippens     Casting101 Eps
Stephanie Laffin     Casting68 Eps
Janelle Scuderi     Casting22 Eps
Suzanne Smith     Casting (UK Casting)1 Eps
Gerrit Van Der Meer     Line Producer 
Gerrit Van Der Meer     Unit Production Manager99 Eps
Vince Duque     First Assistant Director14 Eps
Carol Green     First Assistant Director6 Eps
Robert Scott (2)     First Assistant Director29 Eps
Lee Cleary     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Kevin Williams (2)     First Assistant Director34 Eps
Chris Stoia     First Assistant Director16 Eps
Diane Calhoun     Second Assistant Director2 Eps
Yuko Ogata     Second Assistant Director25 Eps
Korey Pollard     Second Assistant Director10 Eps
Vince Duque     Second Assistant Director33 Eps
David Arnold (3)     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
Ty Arnold     Second Assistant Director2 Eps
Janet K. Vanetten     Second Assistant Director22 Eps
Jason Derlatka     Music100 Eps
Christopher Hoag     Music1 Eps
Jon Ehrlich     Music100 Eps
Michael Baber     Music Editor100 Eps
Jennifer Barak     Music Editor1 Eps
Lynn Grossman     Music Supervisor90 Eps
Gary Calamar     Music Supervisor90 Eps
Cathy Crandall     Costume Designer100 Eps
Louise Mingenbach     Costume Designer1 Eps
Carol McCoo     Hairstylist 
Don Rutherford     Make-up 
Marianna Elias     Make-up5 Eps
Toby Lamm     Make-up (Key Makeup)10 Eps
Dale Alexander     Key Grip2 Eps
Lloyd Barcroft     Key Grip50 Eps
Marlin Hall     Key Grip8 Eps
Brian Kuchera     Key Grip1 Eps
Christopher Centrella     Key Grip2 Eps
Mark DeGeorge     Key Grip5 Eps
Shawn Whelan     Key Grip35 Eps
Craig Cockerill     Camera Operator5 Eps
Paul Donachie     Camera Operator1 Eps
Dan Urbain     Camera Operator2 Eps
Henry Tirl     Camera Operator1 Eps
J. Steven Matzinger     Camera Operator2 Eps
P. Scott Sakamoto     Camera Operator5 Eps
Paul C. Babin     Camera Operator1 Eps
John L. Wagner     Camera Operator2 Eps
Spencer Combs     Camera Operator1 Eps
Anthony Gaudioz     Camera Operator74 Eps
Rob Carlson (3)     Camera Operator90 Eps
Stephen St. John     Camera Operator1 Eps
Steven H. Smith     Camera Operator8 Eps
Bill Barber     Camera Operator3 Eps
Terence Nightingall     Camera Operator1 Eps
Lynn Christopher     Set Designer6 Eps
Peter Clemens     Set Designer4 Eps
Amber Elkins     Set Decorator4 Eps
Amy Wells     Set Decorator36 Eps
Jennifer Herwitt     Set Decorator5 Eps
Cindy Carr     Set Decorator10 Eps
K.J. Johnson     Set Decorator1 Eps
Natalie Pope     Set Decorator45 Eps
Nancy Haecker     Location Manager90 Eps
Deborah D. Bose     Location Manager1 Eps
Michelle Latham     Location Manager10 Eps
Wayne Power     Transportation Coordinator1 Eps
Steve De Leon     Transportation Coordinator100 Eps
Tyler Patton     Property Master35 Eps
Mike Casey     Property Master41 Eps
Bryan Korenberg     Property Master1 Eps
Matt Cavaliero     Property Master7 Eps
Eddie Grisco     Property Master15 Eps
Dean Zingus     Property Master (Asst. Prop Master)6 Eps
Carl Jones     Property Master (Asst. Prop Master)5 Eps
Pete Flynn (2)     Property Master (Asst. Prop Master)21 Eps
Stephen Howard     Construction Coordinator90 Eps
Von Varga     Production Sound Mixer80 Eps
Rob Young (3)     Production Sound Mixer1 Eps
Beau Baker     Production Sound Mixer10 Eps
Ira Hurvitz     Script Supervisor81 Eps
Christine Wilson     Script Supervisor1 Eps
Diane Collins     Script Supervisor1 Eps
Lalida Kitagawa     Production Coordinator2 Eps
Jamie Feldman     Production Coordinator39 Eps
Tammi Campbell     Production Coordinator10 Eps
Meg A. Schave     Production Coordinator15 Eps
Jill Christensen     Production Coordinator1 Eps
Elisabeth James Rhee     Production Coordinator26 Eps
Dustin Paddock     Script Coordinator100 Eps
Adrian Salpeter     Script Coordinator1 Eps
Anne Toole     Script Coordinator1 Eps
Chad Mochrie     Assistant Editor11 Eps
Justin Krohn     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Michael Zurer     Assistant Editor22 Eps
Judd Maslansky     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Donald Joh     Assistant Editor1 Eps
Rhett Finch     Assistant Editor11 Eps
John McMinn     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Seth Clark     Assistant Editor5 Eps
Jack Paulson     Assistant Editor 
Jason Freeman     Assistant Editor4 Eps
Albert Coleman     Assistant Editor 
Scott Hahn     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Amy Fleming     Assistant Editor8 Eps
Zeborah Tidwell     Assistant Editor1 Eps
Lawrence Curtis     Assistant Editor17 Eps
J.R. Nachbar     Post Production Supervisor7 Eps
Allen Marshall Palmer     Post Production Supervisor10 Eps
Daphne Raves     Post Production Supervisor4 Eps
Steve Williams (4)     Supervising Sound Editor1 Eps
Brad North     Supervising Sound Editor90 Eps
Barbara Issak     Supervising Sound Editor10 Eps
Gerry Lentz     Re-Recording Mixer44 Eps
Richard Weingart     Re-Recording Mixer44 Eps
Joe DeAngelis     Re-Recording Mixer56 Eps
Gary Isbell     Leadman45 Eps
Keith Sale     Leadman45 Eps
Brad Lipson     Gaffer2 Eps
Thomas R. Barone     Gaffer8 Eps
Darren McLean     Gaffer1 Eps
Ian Kincaid     Gaffer1 Eps
Anthony Gaudioz     Director of Photography11 Eps
Walt Lloyd     Director of Photography8 Eps
Newton Thomas Sigel     Director of Photography1 Eps
Jim Dillinger     Director of Photography1 Eps
Cort Fey     Director of Photography1 Eps
Gale Tattersall     Director of Photography74 Eps
Roy H. Wagner     Director of Photography3 Eps
Matthew V. Lewis     Story Editor14 Eps
Joel Anderson Thompson     Story Editor10 Eps
Jamie Feldman     Production Supervisor2 Eps
Elisabeth James Rhee     Production Supervisor52 Eps
Adam Rowe     Art Director2 Eps
John Goldsmith (2)     Art Director6 Eps
Robert Henderson (1)     Art Director10 Eps
Kendelle Elliott     Art Director1 Eps
Natalie Weinmann     Art Director55 Eps
Lee Mayman     Art Director3 Eps
Jonathan A. Carlson     Art Director2 Eps
Lynn Christopher     Art Director11 Eps
Cameron Birnie     Art Director9 Eps
Meg A. Schave     Assistant Production Coordinator25 Eps
Kareem Hennawy     Post Production Coordinator4 Eps
Julie Hrebec     Post Production Coordinator3 Eps
Daphne Raves     Post Production Coordinator40 Eps
Marisa Lederman     Post Production Coordinator45 Eps
Mary Guilfoyle     Production Management1 Eps
Lawrence Kaplow (1)     Executive Story Editor10 Eps
Pamela Davis     Executive Story Editor24 Eps
Shanda Sawyer     Choreographer1 Eps
Mia Michaels (2)     Choreographer1 Eps
Karen Bellamy     Costume Supervisor10 Eps
Susan O'Hara     Costume Supervisor1 Eps
Amy Dodson     Costume Supervisor90 Eps
Dalia Dokter     Special Makeup Effects Artist24 Eps
Ron Pipes     Key Makeup Artist4 Eps
Jed Dornoff     Key Makeup Artist4 Eps
Karen Dahl     Key Makeup Artist16 Eps
Marianna Elias     Key Makeup Artist9 Eps
Rita Ciccozzi     Key Makeup Artist1 Eps
Thea Samuels     Key Makeup Artist1 Eps
Sharon Simon     Key Makeup Artist3 Eps
Camille Henderson     Key Makeup Artist7 Eps
Jason Derlatka     Main Title Theme6 Eps
Jon Ehrlich     Main Title Theme8 Eps
Massive Attack     Main Title Theme170 Eps
Elan Soltes     Visual Effects Supervisor92 Eps
James Lima     Visual Effects Supervisor1 Eps
Jon Cohoe     Production Accountant45 Eps
Jane McKernan     Production Accountant1 Eps
Jane Williams (2)     Production Accountant47 Eps
Jesse Lafferty     Casting Assistant22 Eps
Jim Dillinger     Chief Lighting Technician24 Eps
Monty Woodard     Chief Lighting Technician66 Eps
Melvyn Stetson     Department Head Hair36 Eps
Randy Sayer     Department Head Hair1 Eps
Karl Wesson     Department Head Hair9 Eps
Lori Rozman     Department Head Hair32 Eps
Janis Clark (1)     Department Head Hair24 Eps
Kyle Arrington     Researcher22 Eps
Erica Spates     Researcher22 Eps
Janelle Scuderi     Casting Associate68 Eps
Stephanie Laffin     Casting Associate11 Eps
Michael Giordano     Medical Technical Advisor10 Eps
Karen van Blankenstein     Medical Technical Advisor1 Eps
Harley Liker     Medical Technical Advisor100 Eps
Lisa Sanders     Medical Technical Advisor100 Eps
John Sotos     Medical Technical Advisor90 Eps
Bobbin Bergstrom     Medical Technical Advisor (On-Set Medical Advisor)10 Eps
Wendy Southard     Key Hairstylist40 Eps
Melvyn Stetson     Key Hairstylist22 Eps
Nancy Stevens     Key Hairstylist1 Eps
Anthony Veader     Key Hairstylist1 Eps
Robin Luce     Department Head Make-up25 Eps
Jori Jenae     Department Head Make-up1 Eps
Kathleen Crawford     Department Head Make-up15 Eps
Vivian Baker     Department Head Make-up10 Eps
Marianna Elias     Department Head Make-up51 Eps
Alex Garcia (2)     Executive In Charge Of Production (Bad Hat Harry Prroductions)11 Eps
Brian Pines     Executive In Charge Of Production (Heel & Toe Films)11 Eps
Eric Johannessen     Colorist5 Eps
Gareth Cook     Colorist (Final Colorist)22 Eps
Scott Fox     Colorist (Online Colorist)5 Eps
Jessica Young (2)     Assistant To The Executive Producer45 Eps
David Wong (3)     Assistant To The Executive Producer41 Eps
Mark Dicristofaro     Assistant To The Executive Producer3 Eps
Lindsay Zappala     Assistant To The Executive Producer49 Eps
Jess Haber     Assistant To The Executive Producer3 Eps
Danny Weiss     Assistant To The Executive Producer53 Eps
Matt Lewis     Assistant To The Executive Producer11 Eps
Jason Taylor (3)     Assistant To The Executive Producer11 Eps
Jenny Paul     Assistant To The Executive Producer11 Eps
Tommy Paul     Assistant To The Executive Producer43 Eps
Simran Baidwan     Assistant To The Executive Producer31 Eps
Robyn Marrow     Assistant To The Executive Producer38 Eps
James S. Conway     Assistant To The Executive Producer90 Eps
Jamie Jensen     Assistant To The Executive Producer5 Eps
Rachel Light     Assistant To The Executive Producer11 Eps
Trey Howard     Assistant Property Master1 Eps
Fred Waff     Assistant Property Master2 Eps
Brian Van Zandt     Assistant Property Master2 Eps
Nicole Eldredge     Assistant Property Master3 Eps
Michael Hexum     Assistant Property Master8 Eps
Briana Dorner     Assistant Property Master4 Eps
Oliver Doering     Assistant Property Master5 Eps
Mark Jameson (2)     Assistant Property Master11 Eps
Don Stroud (2)     Assistant Property Master1 Eps
Mike Casey     Assistant Property Master1 Eps
Eddie Grisco     Assistant Property Master15 Eps
Beth Rosenbaum     Assistant Property Master1 Eps
Ray Daniels     Additional Editor1 Eps
Lawrence Curtis     Additional Editor1 Eps
Ryan Burke (2)     Assistant Accountant27 Eps
Barbara Pullan     Assistant Accountant22 Eps
Lance Gentile     Hair1 Eps
Vince Duque     Key Second Assistant Director1 Eps
Yuko Ogata     Key Second Assistant Director1 Eps
Dalia Dokter     Department Head Special Makeup Effects66 Eps
Bernie Druckman     Video Coordinator21 Eps
Matt Bosson     Video Coordinator5 Eps
Mark L. Marcum     Video Coordinator36 Eps
Alex Sears     Video Coordinator (Computer & Video Playback)1 Eps
Steve Galloway (2)     Video Operator35 Eps
Geoffrey Colo     Publicity Manager66 Eps
Coreen Mayrs     Location Casting1 Eps
Heike Brandstatter     Location Casting1 Eps
Simon Knights     Video Graphic Artist43 Eps
Keith Shaw (2)     Final Colorist4 Eps
Aaron Speiser     Acting Coach (to LL Cool J)1 Eps
David Foster (1)     Technical Consultant10 Eps
Joe Akerman     Key Assistant Location Manager2 Eps
Stevie Nelson     Key Assistant Location Manager20 Eps
Mark L. Marcum     Video Playback Coordinator1 Eps
Jeremy Cassells     Visual Coordinator (Visual Consultant)5 Eps
Brigitte Bugayong     Key Makeup22 Eps
Warning: House guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Medical | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: November 16, 2004
Ended: May 21, 2012
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