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House Hunters

Season 53

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959 :53x03 - Young Buyers Disagree on Southern Charmer or Log Cabin in Florida

Utah natives Devin and Chianne can't wait to buy their first house in the funky beach community of Dunedin, Florida. These dog lovers need a place that can fit five dogs, but that's not the strangest part about their wish list. Devin has his heart set on finding a log cabin? in Florida! But Chianne wants a southern-style Victorian charmer. With their $160.000 budget, both of their choices may prove impossible to find.

Source: HGTV

960 :53x04 - Germaphobe and Husband Look for Clean Home in Maryland

Larry and Janelle have learned a lot about each other in their first year of marriage. He's learned that she's a germaphobe, and she's learned that he's nearly obsessed with the perfect sound system in his media basement. Now they're finding these differences are seriously complicating their house hunt in suburban Baltimore. He refuses to replace germ-infested bathrooms that she hates, and she has a hard time understanding his need for a solitary basement. Will these newlyweds be able to make a clean start in a new home?

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961 :53x05 - Twenty-something House Hunts on Tight Budget in Spartanburg South Carolina

Twenty-something Porscha has been working two jobs to save for a house for herself and her dog, Diamond, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. With her opinionated best friend Ashley along for the hunt, she's looking for a 3 bedroom home that's wheelchair accessible for her mom, and she insists on upgrades like hardwoods and granite. With an entry-level budget of $100,000, she'll have her hands full trying to find everything she wants.

Source: HGTV

962 :53x06 - Looking to Get Away From NYC With a Place in Woodstock

New York City couple - and broadway actors - JennyLynn and Bobby are always on the go with their two children. Hoping to have somewhere peaceful to retreat to, they're in the market for a vacation home in nearby Woodstock. Keeping the house hunt a secret from their kids, their dream house would be cabin or barn-like with modern touches. Not long into their house hunt, however, their broker gives them the reality check that their budget isn't going to get them what they want. Will this busy family be willing to compromise to find a peaceful retreat?

Source: HGTV

963 :53x07 - Upgrading in the Emerald City

With a toddler at home, and a dog that wont stop growing, James and Deanna are running out of space in their condo. With a budget of $450,000 they want to find a large house in the Seattle suburbs. But with James wanting new and low-maintenance, and Deanna set on finding something with charm, they're realizing their wish lists are farther apart than they expected. Will they find a home before their condo bursts at the seams?

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964 :53x08 - Unrealistic First-Timers in Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada, couple Tyler and Charlotte are looking for their first home for their growing family, but don't see eye to eye on what they should buy. Charlotte has grand visions of a large, two-story Craftsman, with lots of high end finishes. Husband Tyler is more realistic as to what their 185K budget will get them, and would be happy with a one-story ranch. Will he be able to tame her high expectations?

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965 :53x09 - Washington State Ladies Struggle to Find a Brick-Free Home

Erin and Katie are tired of paying rent and would like to find a spacious family home in Washington State. Erin would like a ranch, while Katie leans toward a bungalow. They both agree on a house that's big enough to accommodate their 3-year-old son, two dogs, Erin's home office, and Katie's crafting hobby. What it can't have is any brick, since Erin dislikes it both inside and out. Will these two ladies be able to find a home with all of the things they want, and more importantly, without any of the things they don't want?

Source: HGTV

966 :53x10 - Engaged in a Debate Between Lofts or Brownstones in Chicago

Recently engaged, Megan and Todd want to buy their first home before they launch into the time-consuming task of wedding planning. He loves the exposed timber and ducts of Chicago's downtown lofts, but she dreams of living in one of the city's vintage brownstone walk-ups. They also want an open floor-plan, outdoor space, and two parking spots. Which will be harder - agreeing on a style, or finding everything they want with their first-time buyers' budget?

Source: HGTV

967 :53x11 - North Dakota News Anchor Needs New Home

Fargo, North Dakota, news anchor, Stephanie, is a one of a kind woman looking for a home to suit her style. She'd prefer a historic condo or townhouse downtown that won't require much maintenance, and lots of wall space for the local art she has been collecting for years. Her good friend Abby is a homeowner in town and is also the voice of reason for Stephanie. She thinks Stephanie will get a better deal for her money with a single-family house in a safe suburban neighborhood. Will it be a house in the burbs or a condo downtown?

Source: HGTV

968 :53x12 - Italian Couple Seek Palazzo of Their Own in Boca Raton

Italian-born Marco and his Italian-American wife, Maria, are moving with their 2 young daughters from Ohio to Boca Raton to realize their dream of living in Florida's lush, tropical climate. But there's trouble in paradise. Marco insists on a pool for the kids, but Maria sees it as a major safety issue. As a contractor, he also wants to take on a low-price fixer, but she wants to fork out big bucks for a more convenient move-in ready home. When all is well in this Italian family, English is the primary language. But when this house hunt gets heated, out comes the Italian.

Source: HGTV

969 :53x13 - Two Men Stressed Out Over the Ideal Vacation Home in Palm Springs

Glen and Robb live in Orange County, California, but they enjoy spending time in Palm Springs so much that they want to buy a vacation home there. They'd love a place with mountain views and a rectangular pool to play water-volleyball. But when it comes to the style of house, they don't see eye to eye. Glen would like a Spanish style home with a desert feel, while Robb would prefer something mid-century modern. Will these two be able to find a home that they both can vacation and relax in?

Source: HGTV

970 :53x14 - Charleston Couple's Challenging Search for First Home

Adam and Heather fell so in love with Charleston that they left their hometown in Ohio and moved there. Now they'd like to trade their small rental apartment for a spacious first home where they can start a family. Adam's looking for an energy efficient ranch style home with a spacious backyard to play sports. Heather, on the other hand, would like to find a two-story house with Charleston charm and features like a double front porch and gas lamps. Will her need for charm triumph over his need for function?

Source: HGTV

971 :53x15 - Finding the Old and New in San Francisco

After selling his custom-built home in the San Francisco suburbs, Mike is up for a change, and wants to buy a home in the city. With a whopping $4 million budget, he wants a home with architectural history, such as a Victorian or Edwardian, but it needs to have a contemporary interior with the same kind of custom details he had in his previous home, such as a home integration system. As a divorced father of 3, he also needs to have 4 bedrooms and 4 baths to accommodate his kids. But in one of the world's most expensive real estate markets, even a multi-million dollar budget comes with big compromises.

Source: HGTV

972 :53x16 - Heather Wants Classic but Joe Wants Cool-Factor in Upstate New York

Student counselor Heather scored free dorm housing at a university near Rochester, New York. But now she and her husband Joe are ready to trade campus life for a home of their own. They've agreed to spend up to $200,000 on a place with space to start a family near the quaint town of Geneseo, but disagree on one big issue: while Heather wants a classic Colonial with old-fashioned charm and details, Joe would prefer a cool, contemporary space with one-of-a-kind features that'll impress his friends. Factor in Joe's demand for a huge yard and privacy from neighbors, and this is bound to be a challenging house hunt!

Source: HGTV

973 :53x17 - Cookie Cutter vs. Craftsman Character in Des Moines

Jake and Rebekah have up to $200,000 to spend on their first home in Des Moines, Iowa. But they don't agree on what to buy. Jake wants an older Craftsman style fixer with historic character. But Rebekah, who owns a quickly-growing business, wants a newly built cookie cutter house, since she doesn't have the time or energy to put into a fixer. Their agent Margie has the difficult job of getting these two to an agreement, but she has one surprise she thinks could work: selling them her parent's house.

Source: HGTV

974 :53x18 - Young Couple Disagrees on Style and Color in Birmingham, Michigan

Michael and Samantha are ready to buy their first home in Birmingham, Michigan. But he's looking for a place that's colorful and quirky with historic charm. And she wants something that's open, updated, and neutral with a gourmet kitchen. Unfortunately, finding a fully renovated home with historic charm for under 400 thousand dollars is going to be tough.

Source: HGTV

976 :53x20 - House Hunters: Where Are They Now? (12)

Two men who updated a condo on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai; the results of an Atlanta couple's do-it-yourself project; and a renovation in Oklahoma.

Source: HGTV

977 :53x21 - House Hunters: Where Are They Now? (13)

The $1 million renovation of a Chicago condo by an Internet entrepreneur; the transformation of a "builder beige" home in Oklahoma; and a do-it-yourself remodel in Kansas.

Source: HGTV

978 :53x22 - House Hunters: Where Are They Now? (14)

The transformation of a hillside villa on the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John; the bargain renovation of a Craftsman-style bungalow in Houston; and a vacation home in Hartford, Conn., that blends nautical and barn-inspired decor.

Source: HGTV

979 :53x23 - House Hunters: Where Are They Now? (15)

A couple follow their love of music to Nashville, where they renovate a fixer-upper home; an RV gets a hipster makeover; and a U.S. Coast Guard pilot and his wife run into challenges, including a hurricane, while redoing a place along the New Jersey Shore.

Source: HGTV

980 :53x24 - Virginia Buyers Fight Over Plantation vs. Colonial Style Homes

After a bad experience with a previous home purchase, Hunter and Meredith have been renting for the past 6 years. Finally ready to jump back into the market, they're setting out to find their dream home in the Chesapeake area. The problem is Meredith has a list of unrealistic expectations for their $500,000 budget. Making matters worse, they can't agree on style. He wants a Southern Colonial, and she insists on a "Gone with the Wind" Plantation style home. Will their second time around be the charm in charming Chesapeake?

Source: HGTV

981 :53x25 - Austin Couple Downsizes to a Smaller Home

Now that Pat and Michelle's kids are heading off to college, they'd like to downsize from their large home to something smaller in the Austin area. Michelle has her heart set on an older Craftsman style home with lots of charm and character. Pat is focused on a house with a 2 car garage and, more importantly, a home that isn't a total remodel. But Michelle is a real estate agent, and knows that their $300,000 budget will most likely get them a fixer-upper. Can this couple find a smaller home that has what they both want?

Source: HGTV

982 :53x26 - Looking for a Vacation Condo in Ft. Lauderdale

Suzy Badaracco spent her childhood summers in Florida at her family's second home. She now lives in Portland, Oregon with her two children, and while they love the Oregon coast, it's too cold for the kids to swim in the ocean. Wanting her kids to experience Florida's sun and fun just like she did, Suzy wants to buy a vacation condo in the Ft. Lauderdale area. But even with a budget of $450,000, finding an updated, oceanfront condo with lots of amenities could get rocky.

Source: HGTV

983 :53x27 - Boston Area Newlyweds Need Brand New House with No Ghosts

Chris and Amanda are recent newlyweds living Natick, Massachussetts near Boston. Ready to start a family, they've decided to buy a home. Amanda wants brand new construction. Even something built 10 years ago is too old, and a Victorian house would make her skin crawl, especially if there's a possibility that the home is haunted. But the most important thing to Chris is that the home be energy efficient. As long as he can have that, he'd love a place with character. Will it be a newer place with all the bells and whistles, or an old, haunted charmer?

Source: HGTV

984 :53x28 - Salt Lake Couple Look for Home With Supersized Laundry Room

Tony met Jenny while he was her college soccer coach in Hawaii. Now they're back home in Salt Lake City, married, and pregnant with their first child. But before the baby comes, she wants a luxurious home in her parent's neighborhood with a grand staircase, home theater room, and a supersized laundry room. He just wants a nice view and, most importantly, something a little farther from the in-laws. Will Jenny outscore her favorite coach on this Great Salt Lake house hunt?

Source: HGTV

985 :53x29 - Pro Baseball Player Wants Off-Season Party Pad in Vegas

Pro baseball pitcher, Chad, may be in control when he's on on the mound, but when it comes to finding an off-season home in Vegas his wife Syndal also calls the shots. Will his desire for a Vegas party pad with a pool fall victim to her fixation on finding the safest home in the city for their baby boy?

Source: HGTV

986 :53x30 - Business Major Buys First Place in Chicago

Originally from Florida, DePaul University student Jojo has fallen in love with her adopted hometown of Chicago. And, as a business major, she's decided that it makes financial sense to buy a place of her own. She's convinced her parents to help her out and invest in a condo where she can live even after graduation. With her cousin and future roommate Kat along, Jojo is searching for her dream brick and timber loft near campus. But to get her perfect place, she may have to also accept disappointing views, second bedrooms with no walls, and trains rattling by at all hours. Will this student fail her house hunt?

Source: HGTV

987 :53x31 - Expectant Parents Disagree in Rochester, New York House Hunt

Now that Mike and Danielle are about to have a baby, they've realized their two-bedroom apartment in Rochester, New York isn't going to cut it. They're ready to buy but can't agree on what they want. She is all about symmetry and loves the style of Colonial homes. He prefers the layout of split levels. She wants to live as close to the city as possible. He wants to be farther out in the country. Working with their strict $175,000 budget and a series of very specific pet peeves, making room for baby won't be easy.

Source: HGTV

988 :53x32 - Picky First Timers Seek Perfection in Kansas City

Twenty-somethings Mike and Teresa are convinced they can find the perfect house. They're searching the historic neighbhorhoods of Kansas City for a move-in ready Tudor with historic charm, within walking distance of shops and restaurants. Unfortunately, even a budget of $350,000 won't get it all. Fixers, ugly basements, tiny spaces and high prices might have them conceding that there's no such thing as the perfect house.

Source: HGTV

989 :53x33 - D.C. Duo Can't Agree on the Style of Their New Home

Alex and Jonathan aren't thrilled about living in a small D.C. condo that doesn't have a yard for their dog. With their $600,000 budget they'd like to upgrade to a more spacious single family home. They're both shooting for a fixer that's close to downtown, but when it comes to the style, they don't see eye to eye. Jonathan wants a bungalow because he likes the clean lines, but Alex, on the other hand wants something he considers stately like a Victorian or Federal Row home. Who will compromise?

Source: HGTV

990 :53x34 - Young Columbus Couple Disagrees on Contemporary vs. Vintage

Young Columbus, Ohio, couple Shawn and Julie have saved up a down payment, and are ready to trade their rent for a mortgage. But they're on opposite sides of the design spectrum: Shawn would like a contemporary ranch home, and Julie would like a vintage bungalow. Shawn needs to have a 2-car garage so he has plenty of room to tinker with the couple's motorcycles. Julie wants to see traditional charm all around her: arched doorways, stained glass windows, and as much woodwork and trim possible. Will these first timers be able to find a house with all of these features?

Source: HGTV

991 :53x35 - Southern Charm Wanted in North Carolina

Fiances, Greg and Janelle, are looking for a home in North Carolina. She has her heart set on living in a southern-style home that she hopes Greg, who works in construction, can fix up. But he doesn't have the time to put sweat equity into a home and work a full time job. She wants lots of natural light for her photography studio, but Greg plans on buying shutters, and the darkest blackout curtains he can find. They are opposite in so many things... will they find a house that suits them both?

Source: HGTV

992 :53x36 - Wife and French-born Husband Seek European Style Home in Houston

Christina and her French-born husband, David, have just moved back to Houston after living on the East Coast for two years. They're anxious to find a large 5 bedroom home to accommodate their 4 children, and are hoping to find a home that has French details. They also don't want an updated kitchen because Christine wants to redesign it herself. With a budget of 325,000 they're searching the competitive inner loop of Houston, but they may have to consider the suburbs to get more of what they want.

Source: HGTV

993 :53x37 - Family Trades Beaches of California for Colorado Rockies

After over 20 years of living in Southern California, Bern, Paul and their 9 year old daughter are moving to Boulder, Colorado, for a career opportunity. With a budget of up to 1 million dollars, Paul is looking for a mountain experience in a rustic, Colorado style home, while Bern wants a modern one-story ranch in a neighborhood setting. With expectations as high as the altitude, someone is bound to be disappointed.

Source: HGTV

994 :53x38 - Multi-Family Homes are a Hot Commodity in Boston

Newlyweds, Jamie and Jessica, want their first place in the Boston area to be a 2 unit multi-family home, where they could live in one unit, and rent out the other. As owners of a very large Staffordshire Terrier, they plan on finding a dog-friendly place that'll make their rental unit attractive to future tenants. But since multi-family units in their $500,000 price range are a hot commodity, they've looked at over 100 properties and have lost out to buyers with deeper pockets. Adding to their challenge, they want to find a place with a mix of his love of 80's style and her interest in a century old Victorian or Farmhouse.

Source: HGTV

996 :53x40 - Young Couple Trades DC Lifestyle for Slow Paced Charlottesville

David and Lynne are tired of the fast paced DC lifestyle and have decided to move to the country, relocating 2 hours south to Charlottesville, Virginia. However, they can't quite agree on what type of place to get. David wants a newer, move-in ready home in town, but Lynne wants an old farmhouse in the country on several acres. Will these city folk find their country dream, or be left out in the sticks?

Source: HGTV

997 :53x41 - A Young Couple Learns the Realities of House Hunting in L.A.

Twenty-somethings Jason and Jaime are ready to buy their first house together, near where they grew up in the pricey western Los Angeles suburbs. They have big ideas of what their first house should be: Jason wants Spanish with a grand entryway, and Jaime wants a house that looks like a barn. But in the pricey So Cal market, with their budget of just $270,000 they'll have their hands full finding something that isn't an actual barn.

Source: HGTV

998 :53x42 - Walking the Line Between Boyfriend and Agent

San Diego real estate agent Kimo and his girlfriend Veronica have decided to buy a home together. But walking the line between boyfriend and agent can get tricky. If he wants his client to be happy, he needs to show her a two-story Spanish style home with gardening beds in the backyard. But what he really wants is a traditional ranch home with a pool. Will this house hunt end with a buy or a break-up?

Source: HGTV

999 :53x43 - Orlando Bodybuilders Seek House With Workout Space

Emeka and Amy both have a passion for bodybuilding, so on their house hunt they want space for their exercise equipment, and a G-shaped kitchen where they have plenty of room to prepare their protein-heavy meals. Emeka thinks they should spend the entire amount they were approved for, but Amy is more frugal and has to rein him in. Can they find an affordable place that will help them take their bodybuilding to the next level?

Source: HGTV

1000 :53x44 - 1000th Episode: That's So House Hunters

Tonight's 1000th Episode is a very Special one, no April Fools!

Since 1999, House Hunters has been that oh-so-addicting show viewers can't get enough of! We're exploring the root cause of the House Hunters phenomenon by revisiting the outrageous characters, quirky homes, and ever-prevalent clichés. Hosted by Chuck Nice with commentary provided by comedians and pop culture experts, HGTV is celebrating America's favorite obsession as we say That's So House Hunters!

Source: HGTV

1001 :53x45 - Alabama Car Enthusiasts Seek Home With Huge Garage

Huntsville, Alabama couple Desmond and Lauren love working on their cars. Since their tiny apartment rental doesn't have a garage, they're on the hunt for a home with space for a workshop. But that's just the beginning of a very extensive wish list. They also want an all-brick home, a top-of-the-line kitchen, and a "princess bathroom" for Lauren. With an entry-level budget, the realities of what they can actually afford will soon have them hitting the brakes.

Source: HGTV

1002 :53x46 - Crime Scene Investigator Snoops Out San Francisco

Crime scene investigator Tony is all about the facts, but his wife Nan, a DNA analyst, is relying on spiritual energy to pick their new home in the Walnut Creek area of Northern California. She's insisting that any house they live in has to have good feng shui, along with an address that will bring luck according to numerology. But even with close to a million dollar budget, finding an updated home that fits her unusual criteria in the Bay Area's competitive real estate market may take a miracle!

Source: HGTV

1003 :53x47 - Woman Seeks Home Near Her Big Greek Family

A woman may be convinced to move away from the idea of a traditional home, when she looks at some modern properties near the barn that her horse lives in, in Baltimore.

1004 :53x48 - Modern vs. Traditional in Phoenix

With one toddler and another baby on the way, James and Erin want to upsize to a bigger home in Phoenix Arizona. James, an attorney, is all about getting the wow factor. He wants a huge modern home with the most square footage they can afford. But, Erin, a stay-at-home mom, wants a traditional style home that's a manageable size. It's a tall order to fill, even with a budget of over a million dollars.

Source: HGTV

1005 :53x49 - Very Opinionated Friends House Hunt in Dallas

Tanasha Anders is ready to trade apartment living for a place she can call her own in Dallas. Her two friends, Corey and Deya, have joined the house hunt to give their very vocal opinions. Tanasha fancies herself a real estate agent and designer, even though she has no formal training. Can her friends act as the voice of reason and keep Tanasha in check? Prepare for big drama in the Big D.

Source: HGTV

1006 :53x50 - East Coast Couple Move Down South to Alabama

A job transfer for Craig has he and his girlfriend Dana moving down South to Birmingham Alabama from Boston. They're excited about the prospects of being able to get a lot more house with their budget than they could in the Northeast, but they can't agree on the exact location. Dana wants to be closer to downtown, while Craig would prefer a secluded, wooded lot further out - but Dana doesn't like woods because of her phobia of bugs and snakes. She's also a germaphobe, and has issues with smells, making this a tough house hunt for these East Coasters.

Source: HGTV

1007 :53x51 - http://www.hgtv.com/house-hunters/east-coast-couple-move-down-south-to-alabama/index.html

Rick and Ann want to trade cold Kentucky winters for sun and surf in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Views are number one on Ann's wish list, but Rick would prefer to get more house for their money farther inland. Will he convince her to give up oceanfront for ocean near?

Source: HGTV

1008 :53x52 - Buying Turnkey vs. Building Their Dream Home in Oklahoma

Rye and Julie planned to build their dream home on family land in Durant, Oklahoma. They even had the design plans all ready to go. Then they realized that the land was too far away from Rye's job as a nurse anesthetist at the local hospital. So now they're looking for a home no more than 10-minutes from work. Julie wants the home to have everything they planned in their dream home and be move-in ready. But Rye wants to save a little money and buy a fixer-upper they can renovate to make exactly what they want. With different budgets and different tolerances for remodeling, this couple has their work cut out for them.

Source: HGTV
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