House Hunters

Season 56

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Season 56

56x?? - Cincinnati Newlyweds Have Low Budget and Long Wish List

A couple of Cincinnati newlyweds look for a house on a limited budget.

56x?? - Young Couple's First Home in Portland, Maine

A young couple get ready to purchase their first house together in Portland.

56x?? - Wilmington, North Carolina Couple Seeks Vintage Home to Raise Family

A couple look for a property in Wilmington, North Carolina to raise a family in.

56x?? - Massachusetts Couple Seeks Vintage Colonial in Historic Marblehead

A Massachusetts couple want vintage colonial in historic Marblehead.

56x?? - Family Looking for a Home With a History in Arkansas

A family of three want to find a home that has some vintage charm and history in Hot Springs, Ark.

56x?? - Fashion Designer Wants Vintage Conch Style Home In Key West, Florida

A fashion designer would like to find a vintage conch-style home in Key West.

1304 :56x09 - Family of Five Seeks Big Home in Pricey Orange County, Calif

A young family of five searches for a large home in upscale Orange County, Calif., with either Spanish or Seattle style.

Source: HGTV

1307 :56x12 - Military Family Seeks Place to Settle Down in Aurora, Colo

An Air Force vet is retiring with his family in Aurora, Colo., and he wants to live on a golf course.

Source: HGTV

1308 :56x13 - Family of Five Needs More Bathrooms in Upstate New York

A family from upstate New York wants to find a larger house with a master suite so the parents do not have to share a bathroom with the children.

1309 :56x14 - Hip Couple Looks for a Home With Style in Frederick, Md

After outgrowing a townhouse, a couple wants to find a modern home with vintage charm in Frederick, Md.

Source: HGTV

1310 :56x15 - Family of Eight Looking for Big Home in Tennessee

A pastor and his wife want to find a larger home in Tennessee with a big backyard for their children.

Source: HGTV

1312 :56x17 - Surgeon and Wife Move Near Family in Kansas City

A surgeon and his family look for a property in the Kansas City area, where they can be closer to family.

1313 :56x18 - Looking for a Home With Land in Alabama

An engaged couple look for the perfect house in Arlington, Texas.

1315 :56x20 - Young Couple Debate Old vs. New in Manchester, N.H.

A pair of high school sweethearts look for a property in the Manchester, N.H. area.

1318 :56x23 - Native Cajuns Looking to Live Large in LaFayette, La

A Louisiana doctor and his wife look for a new home in LaFayette.

1319 :56x24 - Couple Moves From California to Bend, Oregon

A young couple look for a property in Bend so that they can closer to friends and family.

1320 :56x25 - Putting Down Roots in Phoenix

Some Texas transplants want to purchase a property close to their families in the Phoenix suburbs.

1322 :56x27 - Denver Transplants Look for Beautiful Downtown Views

A couple of first time buyers want to find a home with some downtown views in Denver.

1324 :56x29 - Making Room for More Babies in Cleveland

A couple attempt to find a house in the Cleveland suburbs that has enough space for their plans to have more children.

1328 :56x33 - Brian and Shannon Debate Victorian vs. Contemporary in St. Louis

A couple find it hard to decide what style of home to purchase in St. Louis.

1329 :56x34 - Family of Five Look for Their Dream Home in Norwalk, Conn.

A family from Colorado look for a Cape Cod-style home in Norwalk that is ready to move into.

1331 :56x36 - Young Buyers Look for Vintage Home in Baltimore

A young couple look for their first home in Baltimore.

1332 :56x37 - Twenty-Something Looks for Her First Home in Orlando

A woman looks her first home in Orlando and her mother attempts to convince her to purchase a single family home.

1333 :56x38 - Two Bachelors Hunt for a Bungalow Near Downtown

A couple of childhood best friendslook for a bungalow near downtown Austin, that has a garage or workspace that is big enough to make furniture in.

1334 :56x39 - Million Dollar House Hunt on Southern California Coast

A family that's recently moved back to California after a stint in Dallas wants to find a home near the beach in Orange County. But in this ultra pricey market, even their 6 figure budget will mean big compromises.

1335 :56x40 - Newlyweds Seek Antique Home With Charm in Boston Suburbs

Boston newlyweds are ditching city living for the 'burbs. She's holding out for an antique home with lots of charm, particularly and old colonial. But he's partial to the Gambrel Cape style, popular in New England.

Source: HGTV

1338 :56x43 - Modern and Turn-Key vs. Vintage Fixer in Chicago

A Chicago couple find it difficult deciding on whether to buy a vintage fixer-upper or a modern property.

1339 :56x44 - Atlanta Couple Debates Georgian Style or Split-Level

A family from Atlanta attempt to find a home with more space.

1343 :56x48 - Young Couple Search for Vintage Touches in Historic Sugar Land, Texas

A couple attempt to find their first home together in Sugar Land, Texas.

1344 :56x49 - L.A. Buyers Want to Trade Suburbs for Urban Core

A couple want to leave the San Fernando Valley fir a new life in Los Angeles and they soon realize that they're going to have to make some huge compromises.

1345 :56x50 - New Parents Want a Big Backyard in Jersey

A couple of new parents want to leave Brooklyn and find a larger home in New Jersey.

1346 :56x51 - Young Family Wants Grand Staircase Home in Sacramento

A young family would like to upgrade their home to accommodate their ever increasing family.

1347 :56x52 - Young Parents Debate Move-in-Ready vs. Fixer-Upper in Calif.

A couple of young parents want to find a home in Long Beach.

1351 :56x56 - Young Filmmaker Seeks Pre-War Apartment in NYC's East Village

A young filmmaker would like to purchase a pre-war apartment in the East Villiage in New York City.

1352 :56x57 - Young Seattle Buyers Debate Condo or Single-Family Home

A Seattle couple decide to purchase a home before prices increase.

1353 :56x58 - New Parents Look for Baby's First Home in Grand Rapids, S.D.

A couple of parents in Grand Rapids want to find a home where they can raise their daughter.

1355 :56x60 - Family of 10 Seeks Huge House in Texas

A family from Utah would like to find a large house in the Houston suburbs.

1356 :56x61 - Family of Five Moves From Pittsburgh to California

A couple decides to move to Rancho Cucamonga.

1357 :56x62 - Pennsylvania Newlyweds Differ on Dream of New Home

A couple of newlyweds from Lancaster want to find a spacious, move-in-ready home.

1358 :56x63 - Young Buyer Seeks Character in Downtown Denver

A woman would like to purchase a home near downtown Denver on a limited budget.

1359 :56x64 - Pool or Waterfront in Florida

A couple fall out over whether they should purchase a house with a pool or a waterfront property in Tampa.

1361 :56x66 - Compromising in Chicago

A couple prepare to give up their downtown Chicago loft for a single-family home with more room.

1364 :56x69 - Single Mom Looks for Vacation Home in Sunny Florida

A single mother hopes to find her dream vacation home near Fort Lauderdale.

1365 :56x70 - Couple Moves From Australia to Hoboken, N.J.

A couple are moving from Australia to Hoboken and they want to find a place with character and plenty of space.

1366 :56x71 - Young Professional Has High Expectations in D.C.

A woman hopes to locate the perfect apartment in Washington which has views of the water and plenty of room.

1368 :56x73 - Location Debate in Mt. Juliet, Tenn.

A couple that have recently moved to Mt. Juliet hope to find a move-in ready home that is big enough for their complete family.

1369 :56x74 - Michigan Couple With Three Kids Seeks Lakefront Vacation Cottage

A couple from Michigan want to find a lakefront holiday home where they can spend time with their children.

1370 :56x75 - Craftsman Fixer-Upper or Move-In Ready Ranch in South Florida

A couple look for a house in Boynton Beach.

1372 :56x77 - Young Couple With Modest Budget Seeks Bigger Home in Toledo

A young couple would like a larger family home in Toledo, Ohio.

1373 :56x78 - First-Timer Wants Charm Near Downtown Seattle

A couple require a property in Seattle.

1374 :56x79 - First-Time Buyer in Atlanta

A person wants their first property in Atlanta.

1375 :56x80 - Parents of Triplets Seek Bigger Home in Bakersfield, Calif.

Parents of triplets look for a bigger property in Bakersfield.

1376 :56x81 - Partners Disagree on Where to Buy Loft in Detroit

A couple are unable to agree to where to buy a loft in Detroit.

1377 :56x82 - Tampa Couple Goes Head-to-Head on Style of First Home

A couple look for their first home in Tampa and they think about a classic bungalow and a plantation-style home.

1378 :56x83 - St. Louis Couple Seeks Mixed-Use Home and Flower Shop

A St. Louis couple would like to find a building with character in the heart of the city.

1379 :56x84 - Couple Commits to a House and Maybe More in Smyrna, Tenn.

A couple would like to find a house in Smyrna, Tenn.

1380 :56x85 - Dome Home or Craftsman in Seattle

A software engineer would like a dome home, while his wife wants to find a Craftsman-style home in Seattle.

1381 :56x86 - Midcentury Modern or Bust in the Boston Suburbs

A family would like to find their ideal home in the suburbs of Boston.

1383 :56x88 - Luke and Stephen Want Completely Different Styles in Fresno

A Fresno couple cannot agree on what kind of house to purchase.

1384 :56x89 - Couple Seeks Wow Factor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A couple from Baton Rouge would like to find a bigger home to suit their family needs.

1386 :56x91 - Laying Roots in St. Louis

A young couple decide to move to St. Louis to be closer to grandparents.
Network: HGTV ( USA)
Type: Reality
Genres: Buy, Sell & Trade, Housing/Building
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 1999
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