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House Hunters

Season 7

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Season 7

112 :07x01 - Larger Home In Same Neighborhood

Johanna and Joe Kraus and their daughter Sidney currently live in a small two-bedroom apartment. They decided to sacrifice by renting a little longer in order to save up to buy the house they have always wanted. Of course, space is a major feature they are looking for in their new house. In addition, they're looking for a nice backyard that Sidney can play in as well as enough space to entertain their friends. They don't want to move too far because it's not worth displacing their daughter from her school district and friends. Do they stay in the nicer but more expensive neighborhood they love, or do they sacrifice to get a bigger home a little farther away?

Source: HGTV

113 :07x02 - Staying In The Neighborhood

Tresa and George Chatigny have lived in their three-bedroom, Tudor-style townhouse for 10 years. For a townhouse, there's actually a lot more space than you'd think, but living there doesn't come without its sacrifices. The Chatignys are bound to follow the rules of their homeowners association, which hampers some of their freedom. They have decided that it's time for them to take the leap and purchase their first single-family home. A new home will allow Tresa to explore her passion for home decorating as well as provide them the opportunity to do some renovating in the future. They are looking for a home with a lot of curb appeal, nice landscaping, enough room for an office, and in the same neighborhood they currently reside. In a seller's market, will they be able to find a home within their price range?

Source: HGTV

114 :07x03 - Room To Expand

Gloria and Kevin Inman currently reside in a two-bedroom condo. They have some great memories there, including the birth of their son Tyler, but now it is time to move on to a larger space. Gloria is expecting her second child in six months, so they need to hurry. A bigger place will allow Tyler more room to play and give the family room to expand. Kevin is also hoping for a home with an attached two-car garage, where he can work on his hot rod or bike without having to shuffle everything around. Because they are expecting, they won't be able to spend a lot of time on a fixer upper. Will they find that house, or will they have to modify their wish list?

Source: HGTV

115 :07x04 - Home With Personality

When Brian Roth moved back home to teach at his old high school, he also moved back in with his parents. A year and a half later, he's ready to buy a home of his own. He has been able to save a lot of money, but space is becoming an issue. He'd like to find a place with enough room for his antiques as well as enough room to grade papers and work on his craftsmen projects. He also enjoys remodeling, so he's looking forward to tackling a fixer-upper. The appearance is not as important to Roth as personality, but is personality available in his price range?

Source: HGTV

116 :07x05 - Bigger Family Home

Susan Turner and her two daughters settled into a seaside rental home as a temporary solution, but the home has just one bathroom and the girls have had to share the smallest bedroom. She and her children would like a new home with at least four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen with a dishwasher. They would also like to find a home that has very low maintenance and lots of wall space for Turner's mother's paintings. Will she and her daughters be able to stay within their budget without sacrificing space and their beloved beach community?

Source: HGTV

117 :07x06 - Architectural Interests

David Vessey has been living in his vintage 1940s apartment for more than eight years. Though he's enjoyed his living space of more than 1,000 square feet, he's reached the point in his life where his one-bed, one-bath unit isn't enough anymore. It's time to take the money he had saved by living in an apartment and buy his very first home. His taste in a new home will no doubt be influenced by his education as an architect. Design will be as important to him as anything else he'd desire in a home. He is aware of his pickiness and the difficulty it presents when searching for a home, but he and real-estate agent Stephen Lynch dive head first into the house hunt. Will this former architecture student find what he is looking for, or will he have to go back to the drawing board?

Source: HGTV

118 :07x07 - Family Home

Rhonda and Nick Stavrapoulos and their daughter are currently renting a small 800-square-foot house, with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Although their home is small, they love the neighborhood and the back patio. Because the house that they've been renting for so many years is now for sale and out of their price range, the Stavrapoulos family is under pressure to find a new home. They'd like to find a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house, along with plenty of closets, storage, and space for Nick's motor boat. Can they find what they're looking for without sacrificing too much in such a limited amount of time? Tune in to House Hunters to find out.

Source: HGTV

119 :07x08 - Move-In Ready

Tina and Ray Sandoval have enjoyed renting their two-bedroom, two-bath condo, but now they want to buy a home of their own. They moved into their current place as newlyweds because it fit their needs at the time. Their desire to start a family now renders their condo too small. To stay close to family and jobs, they'd like to find a move-in ready three-bedroom house in the area in which they currently live. In addition, Tina would like a lot of natural light, so a lot of windows is preferable. Ray is looking to upgrade by having his own garage, and they both would like a bigger yard. It's going to be difficult because homes are really expensive in their particular area. Will the Sandovals be able to afford the home of their dreams, or will they have to make a few sacrifices to stay within their budget?

Source: HGTV

120 :07x09 - Bigger Home For Baby

For nearly a decade, Rick Bunning and his wife Suzanne Tang have lived comfortably in their three-bedroom townhouse. They like the manageability of their compact living space and the location, but the arrival of their first child Ethan calls for more room. They are looking for a one-story house with at least three bedrooms, a large yard and a spacious kitchen. Time is of the essence though, since they have already received a nice offer that they don't want to lose on their current townhome. Will they have enough time to find a bigger, better home?

Source: HGTV

121 :07x10 - Pet-Friendly House

Lori Fetrick is currently renting a two-bedroom, one-bath home from a pet-friendly landlord that she shares with numerous pets. While there are a few things Lori likes about the house, the lack of space in the kitchen and no central heating and air system in the house has made her decide to buy a home of her own. With the help of her real estate agent Seth Phillips, Lori begins her search for a larger home with a nice sized pet-friendly yard for her dogs and cats to play in.

122 :07x11 - A Place Of Their Own

Kimmy and Frank Cavallo have already sold their home and are currently living with her parents. They have enjoyed staying with her family, but the space constraints and intentions of starting their own family have motivated their search for a bigger house. In addition to size, neighborhood is equally important--they want to raise their future children in a clean and safe environment. She is looking for a home with a wide-open floor plan that is conducive for entertaining, while he is looking for a large yard and a room he can convert to an office. Will the Cavallos find what they are looking for, or will they have to compromise?

Source: HGTV

123 :07x12 - More Room To Grow

When Stephanie and Malcolm Dinwiddie bought their house a year ago, they thought they'd stay there for a while, but with their two sons growing up faster with each day, they realize that they have outgrown their space. They currently live in a three-bedroom, one-and-three-quarter-bath house. It's a nice cozy home, but they need something considerably bigger. They are looking for a home that has four bedrooms and at least two full baths. What they are not looking for is a home in perfect condition. The Dinwiddies don't want to move into someone else's dream home--they want a home they can personalize and renovate themselves. Will they find that home with a good solid foundation?

Source: HGTV

124 :07x13 - In Search Of A Fixer-Upper

When Anne and William Carson moved back to the States from Finland, they weren't sure where they wanted to settle, so they rented an apartment and started looking at homes. Two years later, they're ready to buy. They are looking for a home in a good neighborhood for their children as well as a one with enough space for the furniture they've imported from Finland. Anne would also really like a house with a pool. The market is very competitive and in order to buy a home in the community they love, the Carsons will have to consider a fixer-upper. They are up to the challenge, but are the fixer-uppers in their price range too imperfect?

Source: HGTV
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