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House Hunters

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 Season 54(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
0 54x00 Unknown Cave Me, Maybe in Coober Pedy, Australia N/A
0 54x00 Unknown Let Me See Bhutan N/A
0 54x00 Unknown Hasta Finca Bellavista, Baby N/A
1042 54x01 08/Jul/2014 Buying a House With History in Brattleboro, Vermont N/A
1043 54x02 09/Jul/2014 Young Couple Resists the Burbs in Chicago N/A
1044 54x03 10/Jul/2014 First-Time Buyers in the Philadelphia Suburbs N/A
1045 54x04 13/Jul/2014 Modern vs. Craftsman in Durham N/A
1046 54x05 20/Jul/2014 D.C. Couple Disagrees on Condo vs. House N/A
1047 54x06 22/Jul/2014 Toledo Couple Disagrees on City Loft vs. Suburban Dream N/A
1048 54x07 23/Jul/2014 Upsizing to a Dream Home in Tulsa N/A
1049 54x08 24/Jul/2014 History Buff Seeks Loft in Chicago N/A
1050 54x09 27/Jul/2014 New Orleans Newlyweds Seek Historic Charm and Character N/A
1051 54x10 29/Jul/2014 Young Couple Looks for a Family-friendly and Trendy Home in L.A. N/A
1052 54x11 31/Jul/2014 Vintage Craftsman vs. High-Rise in Dallas N/A
1053 54x12 03/Aug/2014 Looking for Home in Hawaiian Paradise N/A
1054 54x13 05/Aug/2014 Chicago Neat Freaks Seek Big City Condo N/A
1055 54x14 06/Aug/2014 Couple Looks For a Taste of the Tropics in the Desert N/A
1056 54x15 10/Aug/2014 Newlyweds Seek All Brick House in Columbia, South Carolina N/A
1057 54x16 11/Aug/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Walnut Creek, California; Seattle; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina N/A
1058 54x17 12/Aug/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Czech Republic; California desert; New Jersey N/A
1059 54x18 13/Aug/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Marrakesh, Morocco; Phoenix, AZ; Austin, TX N/A
1060 54x19 14/Aug/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Florida; Toledo, Ohio N/A
1061 54x20 15/Aug/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Jonesboro, Arkasas; Caribbean island of St. Maarten; Macungie, Pennsylvania; Salt Lake City N/A
1062 54x21 17/Aug/2014 Cool vs Classic in Small Town Arkansas N/A
1063 54x22 20/Aug/2014 Family of Five Looks for Affordable Home in Clermont, Florida N/A
1064 54x23 21/Aug/2014 Historic Charmer or Sleek Bachelor Pad in L.A. N/A
1065 54x24 22/Aug/2014 Church Members Seek Large Home in Sin City N/A
1066 54x25 24/Aug/2014 Single Mom Seeks Dream Home in Fayetteville, Georgia N/A
1067 54x26 25/Aug/2014 Where There's a Will There's Norway N/A
1068 54x27 26/Aug/2014 A Marine Pilot and His Wife Seek Home in Beaufort, SC N/A
1069 54x28 26/Aug/2014 Goodbye City Life, Hello Haida Gwaii, British Columbia N/A
1070 54x29 27/Aug/2014 Chicago Couple Seeks Condo With No Chandeliers N/A
1071 54x30 31/Aug/2014 Couple Disagrees on Ideal Location for Florida Home N/A
1072 54x31 01/Sep/2014 Romanian Ex-Pats Buy Dream Beach House in Hawaii N/A
1073 54x32 02/Sep/2014 Two Guys Battle Over Loft vs. House in Indianapolis N/A
1074 54x33 03/Sep/2014 Young Couple Loves Old West Charm in Sheridan, Wyoming N/A
1075 54x34 04/Sep/2014 Searching for a Unique Home in Pennsylvania N/A
1076 54x35 05/Sep/2014 Key West vs. Spanish in Wilmington, North Carolina N/A
1077 54x36 08/Sep/2014 Young Chicago Couple Seeks Ranch or Bungalow N/A
1078 54x37 09/Sep/2014 Atlanta Couple Decide Between Modern Condo or Euro Charm N/A
1079 54x38 10/Sep/2014 Boise Couple Locked in Country vs. Suburbs Showdown N/A
1080 54x39 11/Sep/2014 Couple Searches For a Historic Looking Home With Charm and Character in Dallas N/A
1081 54x40 12/Sep/2014 Phoenix Couple Seeks House in Center of Town N/A
1082 54x41 15/Sep/2014 Army Staff Sergeant Wants it All in the DC Area N/A
1083 54x42 16/Sep/2014 New Orleans Couple Seeks House Full of Historic Character N/A
1084 54x43 17/Sep/2014 Ohio Couple Disagrees on Old Home vs. Brand New N/A
1085 54x44 18/Sep/2014 Exotic Cars and 3 Million Dollar Homes in L.A.'s Pacific Palisades N/A
1086 54x45 19/Sep/2014 Contemporary vs. Quirky in Denver N/A
1087 54x46 22/Sep/2014 Million Dollar Budget in the City by the Bay N/A
1088 54x47 23/Sep/2014 Seeking Prom Picture Perfect Home in Upstate NY N/A
1089 54x48 24/Sep/2014 Young Doctors Disagree in Houston N/A
1090 54x49 25/Sep/2014 An Illinois Couple Searches For a Large Home With Character N/A
1091 54x50 26/Sep/2014 Couple Decides Between Virginia Beach or Out in the Burbs N/A
1092 54x51 29/Sep/2014 Victorian vs. Craftsman in Salt Lake City N/A
1093 54x52 30/Sep/2014 Sisters Disagree on High-rise vs. Brownstone in Chicago N/A
1094 54x53 01/Oct/2014 New Yorkers Head to Arizona for Square Footage and Peace N/A
1095 54x54 02/Oct/2014 Leaving the D.C. Suburbs for Kansas City N/A
1096 54x55 03/Oct/2014 Atlanta Twenty-Something Looks for an Industrial Loft N/A
1097 54x56 06/Oct/2014 Twenty-somethings Debate Condo or House in San Diego N/A
1098 54x57 07/Oct/2014 A Maryland Couple Looking For A House Has Her Mom Help In The Search N/A
1099 54x58 08/Oct/2014 Oklahoma City Dad Torn Between City Loft and Suburbs N/A
1100 54x59 09/Oct/2014 Space Needed in Austin for Dancing and Acrobatic Yoga N/A
1101 54x60 10/Oct/2014 Southern Californians Escape to a Slower Life in Salem, Oregon N/A
1102 54x61 13/Oct/2014 Contemporary vs. Traditional in Chicago N/A
1103 54x62 14/Oct/2014 Twenty-Two Year Old Seeks Victorian Fixer-Upper in Pittsburgh N/A
1104 54x63 15/Oct/2014 Wanting it All in Venice Beach N/A
1105 54x64 16/Oct/2014 CEO Wants an Impressive Home in Charlotte N/A
1106 54x65 17/Oct/2014 Couple Searches for Vacation Cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee N/A
1107 54x66 20/Oct/2014 Twenty-Somethings Debate Family Home vs. Short Term in Denver N/A
1108 54x67 21/Oct/2014 On the Hunt for a Family Home in Lake Villa, Illinois N/A
1109 54x68 22/Oct/2014 Young Couple Debate Country vs. Subdivision Life In Louisiana N/A
1110 54x69 23/Oct/2014 Football Fans Search for Passing Space in Alabama N/A
1111 54x70 24/Oct/2014 Tampa Couple Look for Mediterranean and Colonial Style Homes N/A
1112 54x71 27/Oct/2014 Former Marine Searches For First Home Near San Diego N/A
1113 54x72 28/Oct/2014 Family Seeks Big Home With Room to Adopt in Virginia N/A
1114 54x73 29/Oct/2014 Newlyweds Debate Southwestern Style of Las Cruces, New Mexico N/A
1115 54x74 30/Oct/2014 Penthouse vs. Classic Brownstone in Chicago N/A
1116 54x75 03/Nov/2014 Moving from Virginia to a Coastal Town in Florida N/A
1117 54x76 05/Nov/2014 Key West Couple Settles Down N/A
1118 54x77 06/Nov/2014 Young Doctor Searches for a Home in Hip West Hollywood N/A
1119 54x78 07/Nov/2014 Young Couple Seeks Home With Music Studio in Aurora, IL N/A
1120 54x79 10/Nov/2014 Newly Engaged Couple Seeks Condo in Chicago N/A
1121 54x80 11/Nov/2014 Puget Sound Navy Family Looks for Big House N/A
1122 54x81 12/Nov/2014 D.I.N.K.Y Couple Seek D.C. Area Home N/A
1123 54x82 13/Nov/2014 Young Couple Needs A Bigger House In Small Town Kansas N/A
1124 54x83 14/Nov/2014 Searching the Island Paradise of Key Largo for a Home N/A
1125 54x84 17/Nov/2014 Single Gal Debates Suburbs vs. City Life in Rochester, New York N/A
1126 54x85 18/Nov/2014 Two Sisters Disagree on Modern vs. Vintage in Chicago N/A
1127 54x86 19/Nov/2014 Champagne Taste on a Soda Pop Budget in San Diego N/A
1128 54x87 20/Nov/2014 Young Couple Needs Space for Entertaining in Nashville N/A
1129 54x88 21/Nov/2014 Search for a Fairytale Home in Las Vegas N/A
1130 54x89 24/Nov/2014 Family Looks for Historic Charmer in Kansas City N/A
1131 54x90 25/Nov/2014 Nashville Mom Looks for New Start with Her Three Kids N/A
1132 54x91 26/Nov/2014 Chicago Couple Seeks Dog Friendly Condo for Chihuahuas N/A
1133 54x92 27/Nov/2014 Leaving the Lake for a Western New York Mansion N/A
1134 54x93 28/Nov/2014 Family of Eight Seeks Key West Vacation Home N/A
1135 54x94 08/Dec/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - South of France; North Carolina; Canada N/A
1136 54x95 09/Dec/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Philadelphia; Los Angeles N/A
1137 54x96 10/Dec/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - South of France; Los Angeles N/A
1138 54x97 11/Dec/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Bentonville, Ark.; Wisconsin home; a historic property N/A
1139 54x98 12/Dec/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - outdoor retreat in Florida; outdoor retreat in Florida N/A

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Buy, Sell & Trade | Housing/Building
Status: Returning Series
Network: HGTV ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 1999
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