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House Hunters

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 Season 55(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
0 55x00 Unknown Single Gal Seeks Contemporary D.C. Area Condo
0 55x00 Unknown Engineers Search for a Fixer in San Antonio
1141 55x01 01/Jan/2015 Couple in Oahu Debates Fixer-Upper vs. Move-in Ready
1142 55x02 05/Jan/2015 Family Seeks Huge Forever Home in Tiny Dacula, Georgia
1143 55x03 07/Jan/2015 Chicago Couple Searches for a Home With Vintage Charm
1144 55x04 08/Jan/2015 Couple Needs Space to Raise Twins in Upstate New York
1145 55x05 12/Jan/2015 Single Mom Looks for a Home in Kansas City
1146 55x06 14/Jan/2015 Newlyweds Search for First Home in Bryan, Texas
1147 55x07 15/Jan/2015 Tampa Couple Wants Large House in Planned Community With Amenities
1148 55x08 19/Jan/2015 Family Seeks Vintage Farmhouse in Historic Delaware County, PA
1149 55x09 20/Jan/2015 Dallas Newlyweds Hope to Find a Modern-Meets-Craftsman Home
1150 55x10 21/Jan/2015 Putting Down Roots in Folsom, California
1151 55x11 22/Jan/2015 Family Gets a Second Chance at Home Ownership in Phoenix
1152 55x12 23/Jan/2015 Young Couple Needs Space for Entertaining in Nashville
1153 55x13 26/Jan/2015 Ohio Couple Duels Over Tornadoes and Backyards
1154 55x14 26/Jan/2015 Buying Into the Aloha Spirit in Hawaii
1155 55x15 28/Jan/2015 Television Actors Hunt for a Vacation Home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
1156 55x16 29/Jan/2015 A Couple Has a Tough Time Finding a New Home in Kansas City
1157 55x17 02/Feb/2015 Christmas-Obsessed Woman Wants Yule Palace in Chicago
1158 55x18 03/Feb/2015 Couple With New Baby Settle Down in San Antonio
1159 55x19 04/Feb/2015 Polish Ex-Pat and Wife Disagree on Historic vs. New in Winston-Salem
1160 55x20 05/Feb/2015 Washington National Guardsman and Family Ready to Settle Down
1161 55x21 09/Feb/2015 Family Needs Room for His Big Red Phone Booth in Iowa
1162 55x22 11/Feb/2015 Texas Transplants Must Downsize Expectations in Nashville Hunt
1163 55x23 12/Feb/2015 Finding Functionality and Luxury in Seattle
1164 55x24 16/Feb/2015 Can't Stay Away From Savannah, Georgia
1165 55x25 17/Feb/2015 Twenty-something Seeks Philadelphia Rowhouse with Outdoor Space for Parties
1166 55x26 18/Feb/2015 Row House or Colonial Wanted in Baltimore
1167 55x27 19/Feb/2015 House Flipper Searches for Home in Cincinnati
1168 55x28 23/Feb/2015 North Carolina Couple Experience Sticker Shock in L.A. Area
1169 55x29 24/Feb/2015 Young Couple Looks for Mountain Views in Colorado Springs
1170 55x30 25/Feb/2015 Chicago Newlyweds Debate Buying in the Outskirts or Downtown
1171 55x31 04/Mar/2015 Young Providence Buyers Battle Over Loft vs. Single Family Home
1172 55x32 16/Mar/2015 Musicians Making it Shake in San Antonio
1173 55x33 17/Mar/2015 So Called, Urban Pioneer, Seeks Fixer in Chicago
1174 55x34 18/Mar/2015 Suburban Detroit Couple Debates New Construction or Vintage Home
1175 55x35 23/Mar/2015 Young Buyer Seeks Chicago Condo in Modern High-Rise With All the Amenities
1176 55x36 24/Mar/2015 Lots of Space vs. a Small High-Society Place in Houston
1177 55x37 25/Mar/2015 Buying a Piece of History in Davenport, Iowa
1178 55x38 01/Apr/2015 Utah Family Seeks Home With Room for Soccer Field
1179 55x39 13/Apr/2015 Where Are They Now?: Revisiting Renovations in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Pensacola
1180 55x40 14/Apr/2015 First-Time Buyers Navigate Boston's High-Priced Real Estate Market
1181 55x41 15/Apr/2015 Family of Nine Looks for a Big Enough Home in Portland
1182 55x42 16/Apr/2015 New Jersey Couple Wants Southern Charm in Georgia
1183 55x43 20/Apr/2015 Victorian or Craftsman in Montgomery, Alabama
1184 55x44 22/Apr/2015 Couple Seeks Colonial and Craftsman Homes in Buffalo
1185 55x45 23/Apr/2015 Looking for a Home Near the Water in Sarasota, Florida
1186 55x46 27/Apr/2015 Cookie Cutter vs. Character in Folsom, CA
1187 55x47 28/Apr/2015 Twenty-Something Wants Fixer Upper in Illinois
1188 55x48 30/Apr/2015 Mid-Century Cool vs. Farmhouse Style in Atlanta
1189 55x49 04/May/2015 First Time Buyer Considers Fancy vs. Fixer In Memphis, TN
1191 55x51 06/May/2015 Couple Looks for Home to Convert into a B&B on Maui
1192 55x52 07/May/2015 Newly Single Mom Needs a Home for Herself and Her Daughters
1193 55x53 11/May/2015 Newlyweds Seek Home for Many TV's in Florida
1194 55x54 12/May/2015 Mid-Century Modern vs. Bungalow in Sioux Falls
1195 55x55 13/May/2015 Classic in the City vs. New in the Suburbs of D.C.
1196 55x56 14/May/2015 St. Louis Couple Seeks Home for Expanding Pet Collection
1197 55x57 25/May/2015 Jersey Shore Style Smackdown
1198 55x58 27/May/2015 Looking for a Log Cabin Vacation Home in Lake Tahoe
1199 55x59 01/Jun/2015 Kansas City Couple Debate Charm vs. Contemporary
1200 55x60 03/Jun/2015 NYC Family Upgrades to Bigger Home in Connecticut
1201 55x61 04/Jun/2015 Railroad Worker and His Family Buy a Home in Texas
1202 55x62 07/Jun/2015 High-School Sweethearts Seek First Home in Scenic Downingtown, PA
1203 55x63 08/Jun/2015 Young Buyer Fends Off Pushy Mom in Chicago Condo Hunt
1204 55x64 10/Jun/2015 College Sweethearts Seek Family Home in Nashville
1205 55x65 11/Jun/2015 Engaged Couple Seek Home in Phoenix
1206 55x66 14/Jun/2015 Tallahassee Husband and Wife Want Different Style Homes
1207 55x67 15/Jun/2015 Twenty-something Seeks Philadelphia Rowhouse with Outdoor Space for Parties
1208 55x68 17/Jun/2015 Roller Derby Lovers Seek House in Denver
1209 55x69 18/Jun/2015 Missouri Couple Giving Up Multi-Generational Victorian
1210 55x70 21/Jun/2015 Jersey Shore Style Smackdown
1211 55x71 22/Jun/2015 Airline Pilot and Partner Seek Captain's Home in Orlando
1212 55x72 24/Jun/2015 First Time Buyers Look for an Architectural Gem in Rockford, IL
1213 55x73 25/Jun/2015 Tight Budget and Big Dreams in Nashville
1214 55x74 28/Jun/2015 High Expectations in Washington, D.C.
1215 55x75 01/Jul/2015 Hunting for Her First Home in Hip and Pricey Austin, TX
1216 55x76 02/Jul/2015 Phoenix Newlyweds Battle Over Size
1217 55x77 05/Jul/2015 Albanian Family Seeks Multi-Generational Home in Queens
1218 55x78 12/Jul/2015 Putting Down Roots in Folsom, California
1219 55x79 13/Jul/2015 He Wants Gadgets and She Wants Mermaids in Baltimore
1220 55x80 15/Jul/2015 Seeking a Vintage Charmer in Portland, OR
1221 55x81 16/Jul/2015 Getting a Deal in Denver
1222 55x82 19/Jul/2015 Recently-Divorced Buyer Looks for Historic Charm in Beaver, PA
1223 55x83 20/Jul/2015 Chicago Attorney Seeks Vintage House With Space for Lavish Parties
1224 55x84 21/Jul/2015 Clint and Josh Search for Dream Home in Paducah, KY
1225 55x85 22/Jul/2015 Auto Engineer Seeks First House in Detroit
1226 55x86 23/Jul/2015 Buying a Vacation Home in Destin, FL
1227 55x87 26/Jul/2015 Engaged and Enraged in Indianapolis
1228 55x88 27/Jul/2015 Moving Back to Atlanta
1229 55x89 28/Jul/2015 Couple Searches DC for Home With Recording Studio
1230 55x90 29/Jul/2015 Searching in the St. Louis Suburbs
1231 55x91 30/Jul/2015 Family of Eight Moves to Minneapolis for Gymnast Daughter's Training
1232 55x92 31/Jul/2015 Engaged Couple Seek Home in Phoenix
1233 55x93 03/Aug/2015 Buying a Home Is No Honeymoon for Newlyweds in Gainesville, FL
1234 55x94 04/Aug/2015 Preservationist Buys a Piece of History in Buffalo
1235 55x95 05/Aug/2015 Buying a Vintage Home in North Carolina
1236 55x96 06/Aug/2015 Buying a Home for Mom, Dad and Little Brother in Boston
1237 55x97 10/Aug/2015 Dreaming of a Vintage Home in Portland, OR
1238 55x98 11/Aug/2015 Colorado Couple Seeks Historic Victorian Home
1239 55x99 12/Aug/2015 City Folks Move to Rural Minot, ND
1240 55x100 16/Aug/2015 Family Tries to Replicate Their Georgia Dream Home in Kansas
1241 55x101 23/Aug/2015 Tight Budget in Salisbury, NC
1242 55x102 25/Aug/2015 Polish Family Seeks Room for Toddler in Chicago
1243 55x103 26/Aug/2015 Seeking Swiss Chalet in Lake Tahoe
1244 55x104 31/Aug/2015 Tampa Judge Seeks Ultra-Modern Downtown Home
1245 55x105 02/Sep/2015 Family Searches for Waterfront Home on Padre Island, TX
1246 55x106 16/Sep/2015 Young Family Seeks First Home in Oahu

S55 - #109/Mar/2015Where Are They Now?: Revisiting Renovations in St. Louis, Dominican Republic, and TexasN/A
S55 - #210/Mar/2015Where Are They Now?: Revisiting Renovations in Dallas, Vancouver, and MontanaN/A
S55 - #311/Mar/2015Where Are They Now?: Revisiting Renovations in D.C, Kansas City and EcuadorN/A
S55 - #412/Mar/2015Where Are They Now?: Revisiting Renovations in Buenos Aires, Ohio, and CharlotteN/A
S55 - #513/Mar/2015Where Are They Now?: Revisiting Renovations in Chicago, Las Vegas, and PensacolaN/A

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Buy, Sell & Trade | Housing/Building
Status: Returning Series
Network: HGTV ( USA)
Airs: Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 1999
Episode Order: 99
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