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House Hunters

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 Season 48(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
514 48x01 03/Jul/2011 Couple Searches for an Affordable Place Near Northern California's Wine Country 7
515 48x02 10/Jul/2011 The Serra Family Is Looking Forward to Settling Down in San Antonio, TX 8
516 48x03 17/Jul/2011 Josh and Amy Want a Home with the Perfect Back Yard for their Wedding 8
517 48x04 24/Jul/2011 Ben and Julie Start Over After a Difficult Year 8
518 48x05 31/Jul/2011 She Wants the Suburbs; He Wants the City 8
519 48x06 07/Aug/2011 The Valley Family is New to the Dallas Area, and Must Choose Between Buying a Home That's Close to Work, or Close to Friends 5.5
520 48x06 14/Aug/2011 Single Mother is Desperate to Find a Home for her Family in Marlton, New Jersey 8
521 48x07 21/Aug/2011 Will and Wynter Want to Buy Their First Home in Visalia, CA Before Getting Engaged 8
522 48x08 28/Aug/2011 Amanda and Rich Want a Fresh Start in the Denver Suburbs N/A
523 48x09 04/Sep/2011 Brothers Search for Place to Share in Denver N/A
524 48x10 11/Sep/2011 An Active Couple in Jacksonville Wants Their Home to be Near a Gym 8
525 48x11 18/Sep/2011 Portland Couple Want Their First Home to be a Fixer N/A
526 48x12 25/Sep/2011 Engaged Couple Searches for First Home in Atlanta GA 8
527 48x13 02/Oct/2011 Half Full Versus Half Empty in Chicago 8
528 48x14 09/Oct/2011 Singer Searches for Starter Home in L.A. 8
529 48x15 16/Oct/2011 Musical Family Needs More Space in Portland 7
530 48x16 23/Oct/2011 New Bride Wants to Buy a Home in San Diego Before Navy Husband Returns Home 8
531 48x17 30/Oct/2011 Teachers Search for Starter Home in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley 7
532 48x18 06/Nov/2011 Coast Guard Family Wants a Permanent Home in Seattle 8
533 48x19 13/Nov/2011 Nathan & Amy Search for New Home in New Orleans That's Close to the Action, but Also Family-Friendly 8
534 48x20 27/Nov/2011 Should a Couple Buy a Home Near a Town or out in the Country on the Island Paradise of Kauai, Hawaii 8
535 48x21 04/Dec/2011 Traditional Versus Modern in Dallas 8
536 48x22 11/Dec/2011 Former D.C. Pro Football Cheerleader Seeks Home 8
537 48x23 18/Dec/2011 Picky First Time Buyers in Chicago 8
538 48x24 08/Jan/2012 Rocket Scientist Launches Home Search 7
539 48x25 06/Feb/2012 A First Time Buyer Tries to Go From Renter to Landlord in the D.C. Area. N/A
540 48x26 07/Feb/2012 Ohio Family Needs More Space 8
541 48x27 08/Feb/2012 First Time Buyer Has Dad's Help in Baltimore 7
542 48x28 09/Feb/2012 Virginia Couple Looks for Single Family Home in Historic Richmond 8
543 48x29 10/Feb/2012 Picky And Looking For The Perfect Chicago Condo 8
544 48x30 13/Feb/2012 A Place To Party In Atlanta 8
545 48x31 14/Feb/2012 Engaged Couple Searches Gainesville, Florida for a House That Reminds Them of Colorado. 7
546 48x32 15/Feb/2012 A Couple Is On the Search For Their First Home Together in Hollywood. 8
547 48x33 16/Feb/2012 Picky Pooch Lover Wants Home With Doggy Door in Sacramento, CA 8
548 48x34 17/Feb/2012 Looking For a Home In Austin 7
549 48x35 20/Feb/2012 Couple Looks for an RV for Their Growing Family 7
550 48x36 21/Feb/2012 A Couple Planning to Adopt Wants to Find the Perfect Family Home in L.A. 7
551 48x37 22/Feb/2012 First Time Buyers Seek Forever House in Motor City 8
552 48x38 23/Feb/2012 Search For Cool Mid-Century Home in Austin 8
553 48x39 24/Feb/2012 Fashion Lover Searches for Closet Space in Fredericksburg, VA 8
554 48x40 27/Feb/2012 A Young Couple Searches For Their First Home in West Virginia 8
555 48x41 28/Feb/2012 Passing the 100 Point Test in Portland, OR 7
556 48x42 29/Feb/2012 First Home in Minneapolis is a Long Time Coming 7
557 48x43 01/Mar/2012 Outdoor Lovers Buy First Home in Denver 8
558 48x44 02/Mar/2012 A Single Mother of Two Is Eager To Find a Home in Los Angeles 7
559 48x45 05/Mar/2012 Selling the Ranch in Wyoming and Moving to Montana 7
560 48x46 06/Mar/2012 Convenience is Costly in the Silicon Valley 7
561 48x47 07/Mar/2012 A Growing Family Looks For A Five Bedroom Home Near New Orleans 7
562 48x48 08/Mar/2012 Former New Yorkers Brian And Bryce Look To Buy In Los Angeles 7
563 48x49 09/Mar/2012 House or Condo in Key West, FL 7
564 48x50 12/Mar/2012 Divorced Michigan Mom Seeks Home with European Flair 8
565 48x51 13/Mar/2012 Picky Buyers in a Seattle Suburb 8
566 48x52 14/Mar/2012 Family Living in Storage Facility Searches For Their First Home in Salt Lake 7
567 48x53 15/Mar/2012 Rain Lovers Search for New Home in Portland, Oregon 8
568 48x54 16/Mar/2012 Out of Storage in Salt Lake 8
569 48x55 19/Mar/2012 A Golf Pro and His Wife Have a Tough Time Finding the Perfect Home in Louisiana 7
570 48x56 20/Mar/2012 Single Mom Hunts For A Home In Kent, Ohio 8
571 48x57 21/Mar/2012 Couple Gets Home Downpayment as Wedding Gift 7
572 48x58 22/Mar/2012 Sisters With Opinions Search Atlanta 8
573 48x59 23/Mar/2012 This Family of Four is Tired of Their Cramped Condo in Honolulu, HI 8
574 48x60 26/Mar/2012 Newly Dating Couple Search for the Perfect Home in Michigan with Mom's Help 8
575 48x61 27/Mar/2012 Newlyweds Search for First Home Near San Jose 8
576 48x62 28/Mar/2012 A 20-Something Engineer Looks for Her First Home In Kansas City 7
577 48x63 29/Mar/2012 Buying a House That Mom Likes in San Antonio 8
578 48x64 30/Mar/2012 Oregon Teacher Trades Frat Boy Lifestyle for His First Home 8
579 48x65 02/Apr/2012 Fashion Designer and Engineer Look for an Eichler in Palo Alto, CA. N/A
580 48x66 03/Apr/2012 Moving Out Of A Hotel, Into A Home In Indiana N/A
581 48x67 04/Apr/2012 Finicky First-Time Buyers in Durham, North Carolina N/A
582 48x68 05/Apr/2012 First Time Buyers Zack and Lauren Want a Place That Will Generate Income N/A
583 48x69 06/Apr/2012 Iraq War Veteran and Wife Search for First Home in Raleigh N/A
584 48x70 09/Apr/2012 Florida Couple Search for Home Before Wedding with Help of Dad N/A
585 48x71 10/Apr/2012 Clairvoyant House Hunter Adds Challenge to California Search 8
586 48x72 11/Apr/2012 Bigger is Better in Minneapolis 7
587 48x73 12/Apr/2012 James and Sherry Have Worked Hard and Saved Up To Buy a Spacious Dream Home in Dallas 7
588 48x74 13/Apr/2012 A Couple Looks For Their First Home In San Diego 7
589 48x75 16/Apr/2012 A Picky Couple Wants a House Just Like the Dream Home They Left Behind in Pennsylvania 8
590 48x76 17/Apr/2012 Finding the Perfect House Before Baby Is Born in Illinois 8
591 48x77 18/Apr/2012 Buying A Piece of History in Old Town Key West 7
592 48x78 19/Apr/2012 Wife and Husband Seek Home in California That Can Pass Her Sniff Test 7
593 48x79 20/Apr/2012 Luxury Vacation Living in Downtown Miami 7
594 48x80 23/Apr/2012 Searching For A New England Escape 8
595 48x81 24/Apr/2012 A North Carolina Couple Struggles To Find A Home They Both Like 8
596 48x82 25/Apr/2012 First Time Buyers Make Unusual Demands as They Search for a Home in Houston 8
597 48x83 26/Apr/2012 Escaping Utah Chill For Sunny Austin, Texas 8
598 48x84 27/Apr/2012 Couple Disagrees on Townhouse or Singe Family Home in Philadelphia Search 8
599 48x85 30/Apr/2012 Couple Needs Non-traditional in the Shenandoah Valley 7
600 48x86 01/May/2012 600th Episode: Young Wife Has Renovation Phobia and Her Husband Wants a Fixer-Upper 8
601 48x87 02/May/2012 An Overachieving Couple Sets A Goal of Buying A Home Near Houston N/A
602 48x88 03/May/2012 Minnesota Transplants Debate The Merits Of Fixer vs. Move In Ready In Wisconsin 8
603 48x89 04/May/2012 Couple Searches for Starter Home in Los Angeles Before Baby 8
604 48x90 07/May/2012 Getting a Deal in St. Louis 8
605 48x91 08/May/2012 Space Needed in Northern California to Raise Goats, Grow Vegetables and Store 50 Bicycles 8
606 48x92 09/May/2012 A Young Chicago Couple Decides between Chicago and the Suburbs 8
607 48x93 10/May/2012 An Atlanta Attorney Is Determined to Find a Place in Her Ideal Area 8
608 48x94 11/May/2012 Las Vegas Dancer Wants His First Place 8
609 48x95 14/May/2012 Looking For A Vaction Home In Sunny Florida 8
610 48x96 15/May/2012 In Search of Historic Charm or Modern Upgrades in the Gateway City 8
611 48x97 16/May/2012 An Iraq War Vet and Wife Seek First Home for Future Family 7
612 48x98 17/May/2012 Sisters Search For A Sacramento Home 8
613 48x99 18/May/2012 A Picky Wife and Her Do-It-Yourself Husband Struggle To Find The Perfect Arizona Home 7
614 48x100 21/May/2012 Job Transfer Has Couple Hunting For Home In Austin Before Moving From Tampa Bay 8
615 48x101 22/May/2012 Multi-generational Home in Nashville 8
616 48x102 23/May/2012 Mark and Meghan Are Excited To Buy Their First Home in Charlotte, N.C. 8
617 48x103 24/May/2012 Brother vs Younger Sisters in Boston Burbs 8
618 48x104 25/May/2012 Downtown San Francisco vs Bay Area Burbs 8
619 48x105 28/May/2012 Young Woman Decides Between House and Townhouse in Nashville 8
620 48x106 29/May/2012 Mainlanders Settle Down in Maui 8
621 48x107 30/May/2012 Wandering Family of Four Looking to Settle Down in Texas Hillcountry 8
622 48x108 31/May/2012 Couple Needs Non-traditional in the Shenandoah Valley 8
623 48x109 01/Jun/2012 Young Wife Has Renovation Phobia and Her Husband Wants a Fixer-Upper 8
624 48x110 04/Jun/2012 Young Pennsylvania Couple is Taking Some Big Steps 7
625 48x111 05/Jun/2012 Picky Couple Looking For A Bigger Home In Pricey Orange County, California 8
626 48x112 06/Jun/2012 Seeing Eye to Eye in New Hampshire 8
627 48x113 07/Jun/2012 A Recently Married Couple Hunt For Their First Home Together In College Station, Texas 8
628 48x114 08/Jun/2012 A Blended Family Deals With a Blended Wish List on Their Bay Area House Hunt 8
629 48x115 11/Jun/2012 Buyer Has Five Days to Buy Her Home and Move From New Orleans to Fresno 8
630 48x116 12/Jun/2012 Three Bedrooms and a Basement in DC 8
631 48x117 13/Jun/2012 Newlyweds on the Hunt in the Chicago Suburbs 8
632 48x118 14/Jun/2012 Denver Couple is Anxious to Escape Townhome They Share With Their Mother-in-law 7
633 48x119 15/Jun/2012 Recently Engaged Couple Looking for Resort-Style Home in Gulf Coast Town of Destin, Florida 8
634 48x120 18/Jun/2012 Kenyan Couple Selling Hip Condo in Chicago for House in the Suburbs 8
635 48x121 19/Jun/2012 Young Minneapolis Couple Wants Creative Inspiration 8
636 48x122 20/Jun/2012 Leaving Lake Tahoe to Build Dream Home in Texas 8
637 48x123 21/Jun/2012 No Time for Projects in Pennsylvania 8
638 48x124 22/Jun/2012 Looking for Fun Town in Nashua, New Hampshire 8
639 48x125 25/Jun/2012 Gut Jobs and Golf Courses in West Palm Beach 7

S48 - #120/Nov/2011Great Escapes7

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Status: Returning Series
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Premiere: September 30, 1999
Episode Order: 99
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