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House Hunters

  All Seasons (Episode Guide) Season 54 »
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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 30/Sep/1999 Looking for a Larger Home (Pilot) N/A
2 1x02 07/Oct/1999 Condominium Search N/A
3 1x03 14/Oct/1999 A Home to Call Their Own N/A
4 1x04 21/Oct/1999 First-Time Homeowners N/A
5 1x05 28/Oct/1999 Beachfront Hopes N/A
6 1x06 04/Nov/1999 Home Downsizing N/A
7 1x07 11/Nov/1999 Moving Back to the City N/A
8 1x08 18/Nov/1999 Family Growth Prompts Move N/A
9 1x09 02/Dec/1999 First American Home N/A
10 1x10 09/Dec/1999 Moving Closer to the Children N/A
11 1x11 16/Dec/1999 Securing a Mortgage N/A
12 1x12 23/Dec/1999 In Search Of A Suitable House N/A
13 1x13 23/Dec/1999 For Sale By Owner N/A
14 1x14 30/Dec/1999 Settling For A Smaller Home N/A
15 1x15 06/Jan/2000 Simultaneously Buying and Selling N/A
16 1x16 13/Jan/2000 Affordable Home Search N/A
17 1x17 20/Jan/2000 Securing A Home Loan N/A
18 1x18 27/Jan/2000 Seeking Homeownership N/A
19 1x19 03/Feb/2000 Smaller Home Search N/A
20 1x20 10/Feb/2000 Leaving Behind Apartment Living N/A
21 1x21 07/Sep/2000 Maintenance-Free Yard N/A
22 1x22 14/Sep/2000 Growth Adjustment N/A
23 1x23 21/Sep/2000 Home By The Sea N/A
24 1x24 28/Sep/2000 Move-in-Ready House N/A
25 1x25 05/Oct/2000 Downsizing Toward The Ocean N/A
26 1x26 12/Oct/2000 Finding A House With A Yard N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
27 2x01 05/Oct/2000 Too Close for Comfort N/A
28 2x02 12/Oct/2000 Puppy Spurs Move N/A
29 2x03 19/Oct/2000 New House For New Addition N/A
30 2x04 26/Oct/2000 Looking For A Fixer-Upper N/A
31 2x05 08/Apr/2004 Looking To Downsize N/A
32 2x06 28/Dec/2000 Home Studio N/A
33 2x07 02/Nov/2000 World-Weary Travelers N/A
34 2x08 16/Nov/2000 Arthouse N/A
35 2x09 04/Jan/2001 An Ideal Realtor N/A
36 2x10 30/Nov/2000 Saddle To Surfboard N/A
37 2x11 01/Jan/2001 Single Dad N/A
38 2x12 23/Nov/2000 Room For Big Toys N/A
39 2x13 15/Feb/2001 Personal Touches N/A
40 2x14 10/Jul/2006 More Space In Manhattan N/A
41 2x15 11/Jul/2006 Couple Seeks City Co-Op N/A
42 2x16 15/Oct/2007 Parting With The Party Pad N/A
43 2x17 29/Aug/2007 Migrating To Midtown N/A
44 2x18 28/Nov/2007 Wanted: Downtown Digs N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
45 3x01 02/Sep/2004 In Search Of An Ocean View N/A
46 3x02 12/Apr/2001 A Home With Office Space N/A
47 3x03 06/Sep/2004 More Space Than Expected N/A
48 3x04 01/Mar/2001 New Home With Style N/A
49 3x05 19/Apr/2001 Growing Family N/A
50 3x06 09/Sep/2004 Ready, Set, Hunt! N/A
51 3x07 13/Sep/2001 Same But Larger N/A
52 3x08 13/Sep/2004 Goodbye Apartment Living N/A
53 3x09 20/Sep/2001 Settling Down After The Wedding N/A
54 3x10 27/Sep/2001 Elbow Room Needed N/A
55 3x11 16/Sep/2004 Wanted: A Home To Call Their Own N/A
56 3x12 17/Sep/2004 Ready To Settle Down N/A
57 3x13 15/Mar/2001 Duplex Dreams N/A
58 3x14 13/Nov/2006 Spreading Out In San Antonio N/A
59 3x15 13/Nov/2006 New Digs In Dallas N/A
60 3x16 15/Nov/2006 Canton Expansion N/A
61 3x17 Unknown Houston Relocation N/A
62 3x18 17/Nov/2006 Aiming For Austin N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
63 4x01 11/Oct/2001 Room For Two N/A
64 4x02 18/Oct/2001 This Little Piggy N/A
65 4x03 25/Oct/2001 A Home Of Their Own N/A
66 4x04 25/Apr/2002 Two + Two = Too Little Space N/A
67 4x05 02/May/2002 A Room With A View N/A
68 4x06 09/May/2002 Ready To Move Out N/A
69 4x07 27/Dec/2001 Family Visits N/A
70 4x08 13/Jan/2005 Growing Family, No Space N/A
71 4x09 30/May/2002 Space For Style's Sake N/A
72 4x10 17/Jan/2005 A Little Space And Quiet N/A
73 4x11 18/Jan/2005 Too Much To Ask? N/A
74 4x12 19/Jan/2005 A Vision Of A View N/A
75 4x13 27/Dec/2001 A Family On The Move N/A
76 4x14 26/Feb/2007 Newlyweds To Nestle In Naples N/A
77 4x15 27/Feb/2007 New Spot, Same Subdivision N/A
78 4x16 28/Feb/2007 Growing Family Branches Out N/A
79 4x17 01/Mar/2007 Goodbye, High-Rise N/A
80 4x18 02/Mar/2007 Job Offer Warrants Move N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
81 5x01 10/Jan/2002 Baby On The Way N/A
82 5x02 24/Jan/2005 Room For A Family N/A
83 5x03 24/Jan/2002 Needed: Baby-Friendly Home N/A
84 5x04 26/Jan/2005 Home In A Pinch N/A
85 5x05 27/Jan/2005 Long Time Coming N/A
86 5x06 07/Feb/2002 Looking For A Family Home N/A
87 5x07 14/Feb/2002 A Mother/Daughter Home N/A
88 5x08 21/Feb/2002 Looking For "Prime" Time N/A
89 5x09 02/Feb/2005 Double-Duty Home N/A
90 5x10 07/Mar/2002 Family Farm N/A
91 5x11 14/Mar/2002 The Search Continues N/A
92 5x12 07/Feb/2005 Space Or Seashore? N/A
93 5x13 08/Feb/2005 Single Guy Home N/A
94 5x14 22/May/2007 From The Woods To The Windy City N/A
95 5x15 24/May/2007 More Space For Baby N/A
96 5x16 23/May/2007 Downtown Chicago Bound N/A
97 5x17 05/Sep/2007 Seeking A Spot Of Her Own N/A
98 5x18 18/Dec/2007 Trading In The City Life N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
99 6x01 21/Feb/2006 Wanted: Larger Place N/A
100 6x02 03/Oct/2002 A Family's First Home N/A
101 6x03 23/May/2002 Growing Family Home N/A
102 6x04 10/Oct/2002 Empty Nest House Hunting N/A
103 6x05 07/Nov/2002 Condo Convenience N/A
104 6x06 24/Oct/2002 A Backyard for Valkyrie N/A
105 6x07 31/Oct/2002 Condo to House N/A
106 6x08 14/Nov/2002 Downtown Condo N/A
107 6x09 28/Nov/2002 Hillside Home N/A
108 6x10 05/Dec/2002 Teacher's Townhouse N/A
109 6x11 21/Nov/2002 Craftsman-Style Home N/A
110 6x12 19/Dec/2002 House With A View N/A
111 6x13 12/Dec/2002 Beachfront Community N/A

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
112 7x01 06/Feb/2003 Larger Home In Same Neighborhood N/A
113 7x02 13/Feb/2003 Staying In The Neighborhood N/A
114 7x03 30/Jan/2003 Room To Expand N/A
115 7x04 30/Jan/2003 Home With Personality N/A
116 7x05 16/Jan/2003 Bigger Family Home N/A
117 7x06 06/Mar/2003 Architectural Interests N/A
118 7x07 02/Jan/2003 Family Home N/A
119 7x08 20/Mar/2003 Move-In Ready N/A
120 7x09 27/Feb/2003 Bigger Home For Baby N/A
121 7x10 20/Feb/2003 Pet-Friendly House N/A
122 7x11 09/Jan/2003 A Place Of Their Own N/A
123 7x12 13/Mar/2003 More Room To Grow N/A
124 7x13 27/Mar/2003 In Search Of A Fixer-Upper N/A

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
125 8x01 17/Jul/2003 Big Apple Bound N/A
126 8x02 03/Jul/2003 Making Room For Family N/A
127 8x03 10/Jul/2003 A Place of His Own N/A
128 8x04 31/Jul/2003 Closer Commute N/A
129 8x05 04/Sep/2003 Beach Bound N/A
130 8x06 24/Jul/2003 Restoration Enthusiasts N/A
131 8x07 18/Sep/2003 Searching For A Dream Home N/A
132 8x08 31/Jul/2003 In Search Of Old Style N/A
133 8x09 08/Jan/2004 Time To Be A Homeowner Again N/A
134 8x10 Unknown House Hunters Hits The Road! N/A
135 8x11 14/Aug/2003 More Space, Same Neighborhood N/A
136 8x12 07/Aug/2003 Family-Friendly Neighborhood N/A
137 8x13 11/Sep/2003 Following The Sun To Phoenix N/A
138 8x14 04/Dec/2003 Tampa Time N/A
139 8x15 01/Jan/2004 Leaving The Bachelor Pad Behind N/A
140 8x16 27/Nov/2003 Make Room For Triplets! N/A
141 8x17 25/Dec/2003 Boston Bound N/A
142 8x18 04/Nov/2004 Baby Makes Three N/A
143 8x19 06/Nov/2003 San Francisco Home N/A
144 8x20 16/Jan/2004 South Beach Bound N/A
145 8x21 20/Nov/2003 A Home For The Kids N/A
146 8x22 04/Mar/2004 For The Love Of Mercer Island N/A
147 8x23 22/Jan/2004 Seeking A Sense of Community N/A
148 8x24 18/Dec/2003 Philadelphia Bound N/A
149 8x25 29/Jan/2004 Heading To The Suburbs N/A
150 8x26 05/Feb/2004 Larger House In Apex N/A

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
151 9x01 00//2004 Inland Bound N/A
152 9x02 00//2004 Ready To Own N/A
153 9x03 00//2004 House With Room To Grow 7
154 9x04 00//2004 House With A Yard N/A
155 9x05 00//2004 First Home Together N/A
156 9x06 00//2004 Travelers Settle Down N/A
157 9x07 Unknown/Unaired A Place Of Her Own N/A
158 9x08 00//2004 Larger Replica N/A
159 9x09 00//2004 No More Fixer-Uppers N/A
160 9x10 Unknown/Unaired Growing Pains N/A
161 9x11 00//2004 Larger Home, Same Neighborhood N/A
162 9x12 00//2004 No More Rent N/A
163 9x13 00/Jan/2004 Looking For Class & Character N/A
164 9x14 00//2004 Cramped Living N/A
165 9x15 00//2004 Ready To Plant Some Roots N/A
166 9x16 00//2004 St. Petersburg Bound N/A
167 9x17 00//2004 New Duty Station N/A
168 9x18 00//2004 Wanted: More Square Footage N/A
169 9x19 00//2004 Planting Southern Roots N/A
170 9x20 00//2004 Need More Space, Fast N/A
171 9x21 00//2004 Need More Space, Fast N/A
172 9x22 00//2004 Seeking Old-Fashioned Style N/A
173 9x23 00//2004 A Bigger Piece of Paradise N/A
174 9x24 00//2004 Switching Sides Of The Motor City N/A
175 9x25 00//2004 Establishing Alaskan Roots N/A
176 9x26 00//2004 Larger House for Baby N/A

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
176 10x01 08/Jul/2004 Returning To The City N/A
177 10x02 03/Jun/2004 Farewell, Bachelor Pad N/A
178 10x03 20/May/2004 First Home For Four N/A
179 10x04 08/Jun/2004 Moving To Vegas N/A
180 10x05 19/Aug/2004 Outgrowing the Starter Home N/A
181 10x06 23/Sep/2004 Time To Downsize N/A
182 10x07 24/Jun/2004 Spanish Style By The Beach N/A
183 10x08 29/Jul/2004 Moving On To A Mortgage N/A
184 10x09 30/Sep/2004 Branching Out N/A
185 10x10 01/Jul/2004 No More Renting N/A
186 10x11 15/Jun/2004 Ready To Own N/A
187 10x12 11/Dec/2003 Baby Makes Three N/A
188 10x13 27/May/2004 Goodbye, Apartment! N/A

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
189 11x01 02/Sep/2004 Seeking Storage Space N/A
190 11x02 28/Oct/2004 Space To Grow N/A
191 11x03 05/Aug/2004 Beach Sanctuary N/A
192 11x04 26/Aug/2004 Closer To The Family N/A
193 11x05 16/Sep/2004 Dupont Circle Dreams N/A
194 11x06 07/Oct/2004 Leaving Dorm Life Behind N/A
195 11x07 09/Dec/2004 Too Small For Two N/A
196 11x08 15/Jul/2004 Wanted: Five Bedrooms N/A
197 11x09 21/Oct/2004 Running Out Of Room N/A
198 11x10 11/Nov/2004 Larger Home In The 'Hood N/A
199 11x11 09/Sep/2004 More Room Required N/A
200 11x12 25/Nov/2004 Time For A Bigger Home N/A
201 11x13 12/Aug/2004 From The Beach To The Gables N/A

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
202 12x01 00//2004 Seeking A Shorter Commute N/A
203 12x02 00//2004 Wanted: Small House To Own N/A
204 12x03 00//2004 Ready To Own N/A
205 12x04 00//2004 Moving Out Of The Nest N/A
206 12x05 00//2004 New House For Baby N/A
207 12x06 00//2004 Steeping Up A Room N/A
208 12x07 00//2004 Time To Buy N/A
209 12x08 00//2004 New Home For Blended Family N/A
210 12x09 00//2004 Condo No More N/A
211 12x10 00//2004 Leaving The Apartment Life N/A
212 12x11 00//2004 Hollywood Hills Hunt N/A
213 12x12 00//2004 Searching For Storage Space N/A
214 12x13 00//2004 Storage Shortage N/A

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
215 13x01 10/Feb/2005 Adios, Apartment! N/A
216 13x02 03/Feb/2005 Upsize Needed N/A
217 13x03 21/Apr/2005 Seeking Spaciousness N/A
218 13x04 03/Mar/2005 Artist Needs More Space N/A
219 13x05 31/Mar/2005 Moving Inland N/A
220 13x06 26/May/2005 Sayonara Small Space N/A
221 13x07 24/Mar/2005 Tackling Home Ownership N/A
222 13x08 07/Apr/2005 Single Mom Seeks Small Space N/A
223 13x09 24/Feb/2005 Wanted: A Home With Good Bones N/A
224 13x10 17/Mar/2005 Finding A Fixer-Upper N/A
225 13x11 01/Jan/2005 Ta-Ta Townhome N/A
226 13x12 10/Mar/2005 Real Estate Newbies N/A
227 13x13 12/May/2005 Small Space Escape N/A

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
228 14x01 14/Jul/2005 Dual-Purpose House N/A
229 14x02 21/Jul/2005 Moving Toward Home N/A
230 14x03 19/May/2005 Sibling Shelter Search N/A
231 14x04 25/Aug/2005 Cooking Up A Place Of Their Own N/A
232 14x05 04/Aug/2005 Beverly Hills Upgrade N/A
233 14x06 02/Jun/2005 Designed To Buy N/A
234 14x07 09/Jun/2005 First Home Hunt N/A
235 14x08 23/Jun/2005 Leaving The Loft Behind N/A
236 14x09 07/Jul/2005 First-House Dreams N/A
237 14x10 11/Aug/2005 Seeking Single-Family Home N/A
238 14x11 18/Aug/2005 Leaving Behind Condo Life N/A
239 14x12 28/Jul/2005 Engaged Couple Needs Home N/A
240 14x13 01/Sep/2005 First Home For Newlyweds N/A

 Season 15(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
241 15x01 00//2005 Maui Move N/A
242 15x02 00//2005 First-Home Search N/A
243 15x03 00//2005 Wanted: Room To Spread Out N/A
244 15x04 00//2005 Houseboat Haven N/A
245 15x05 00//2005 Vegas Vacation Home N/A
246 15x06 00//2005 Moving To The 'Burbs N/A
247 15x07 00//2005 Permanent Home Wanted N/A
248 15x08 00//2005 Provincetown Getaway N/A
249 15x09 00//2005 Same Place, More Space N/A
250 15x10 00//2005 Sisters Join Forces N/A
251 15x11 00//2005 Nomand No More N/A
252 15x12 00//2005 Palm Springs Dreamin' N/A
253 15x13 00//2005 Bodega Bay Abode N/A

 Season 16(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
254 16x01 27/Oct/2005 Home On The Waterfront N/A
255 16x02 20/Oct/2005 New Home For Blended Family N/A
256 16x03 24/Nov/2005 Larger Digs For The Dog Dude N/A
257 16x04 01/Dec/2005 Ditching Dorm Life N/A
258 16x05 08/Dec/2005 Slice Of Hawaiian Paradise N/A
259 16x06 15/Dec/2005 Family Outgrows Home N/A
260 16x07 22/Dec/2005 Settling In Seattle N/A
261 16x08 05/Jan/2006 Space For Five N/A
262 16x09 12/Jan/2006 Sayonara Starter Home N/A
263 16x10 19/Jan/2006 New Baby Means New Place N/A
264 16x11 02/Feb/2006 Wanted: Windy City Bungalow N/A
265 16x12 09/Feb/2006 Planting San Francisco Roots N/A
266 16x13 16/Feb/2006 Baltimore Bound N/A

 Season 17(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
267 17x01 02/Mar/2006 Kid-Friendly Home Search N/A
268 17x02 23/Feb/2006 Seeking Spacious Condo N/A
269 17x03 09/Mar/2006 First Home Search N/A
270 17x04 16/Mar/2006 Bursting At The Seams N/A
271 17x05 23/Mar/2006 Larger Wilmington Digs Wanted N/A
272 17x06 02/Mar/2006 Plunging Into Homeownership N/A
273 17x07 30/Mar/2006 More Space Needed N/A
274 17x08 06/Apr/2006 Wanted: More Space For Baby N/A
275 17x09 13/Apr/2006 Moving To The City N/A
276 17x10 01/Jun/2006 Hawaiian Home Hopes N/A
277 17x11 20/Apr/2006 Duty Calls For A Quick Find N/A
278 17x12 04/May/2006 Wanted: Place With More Space N/A
279 17x13 11/May/2006 Trading The 'Burbs For The City N/A

 Season 18(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
280 18x01 27/Apr/2006 Renters Turn Homeowners N/A
281 18x02 08/Jun/2006 Wanted: Land-Locked Home N/A
282 18x03 29/Apr/2006 Leaving The Starter Home N/A
283 18x04 03/Oct/2007 Picking A Place Near The Potomac N/A
284 18x05 01/Jun/2006 Beachfront Vacation Home N/A
285 18x06 22/Jun/2006 Homeowners Once Again N/A
286 18x07 13/Jul/2007 Post-Katrina Relocation N/A
287 18x08 06/Jul/2006 Doctors Relocate N/A
288 18x09 15/Jun/2006 Home In Ski Country N/A
289 18x10 20/Jul/2006 Professors Make The Move N/A
290 18x11 28/Sep/2006 Moving To A Home Of Their Own N/A
291 18x12 14/Aug/2007 Single Mom's First Place N/A
292 18x13 16/Oct/2007 Suburban Relocation N/A

 Season 19(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
293 19x01 00//2006 Larger Place, Same Neighborhood N/A
294 19x02 00//2006 Same Area, Bigger Place N/A
295 19x03 00//2006 Relocating To Louisville N/A
296 19x04 00//2006 Condo In The City N/A
297 19x05 00//2006 More Space To Spread Out N/A
298 19x06 00//2006 Size Upgrade Wanted N/A
299 19x07 00//2006 First-Time Homeowner N/A
300 19x08 00//2006 Next Move: Nashville N/A
301 19x09 00//2006 Bigger Pad Needed N/A
302 19x10 00//2007 Planting Rhode Island Roots N/A
303 19x11 00//2006 Wanted: Move-In-Ready Condo N/A
304 19x12 00//2006 Shortening The Commute N/A
305 19x13 00//2006 Family Needs Larger Digs N/A

 Season 20(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
306 20x01 04/Jan/2007 Searching The Seattle Suburbs N/A
307 20x02 08/Feb/2007 Building A Life In Biloxi N/A
308 20x03 01/Jan/2007 Buying In The Big Easy N/A
309 20x04 15/Feb/2007 Planting Roots In Round Rock N/A
310 20x05 25/Jan/2007 Wanted: Place For Two In Phoenix N/A
311 20x06 01/Feb/2007 Searching For A San Diego Starter Home N/A
312 20x07 22/Feb/2007 Dolly's New Digs N/A
313 20x08 08/Mar/2007 Picking The Perfect Place In Portland N/A
314 20x09 15/Mar/2007 Making A Home In The Hamptons N/A
315 20x10 23/Feb/2007 Family Moves To Mobile N/A
316 20x11 29/Mar/2007 Moving Out Of Mom And Dad's N/A
317 20x12 05/Apr/2007 Beyond The Barracks N/A
318 20x13 12/Apr/2007 Finding A Family-Friendly Franklin Place N/A

 Season 21(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
319 21x01 19/Apr/2007 First-Time Home To Buy N/A
320 21x02 17/May/2007 Wanted: More Room To Start A Family N/A
321 21x03 26/Apr/2007 Consolidating Two Condos N/A
322 21x04 31/May/2007 Searching For A Starter Home N/A
323 21x05 10/May/2007 New Couple Needs Space N/A
324 21x06 16/Nov/2007 Santa Fe Condo Search N/A
325 21x07 03/May/2007 New House Needed Fast N/A
326 21x08 21/Sep/2007 From Starter Home to Homestead N/A
327 21x09 08/Nov/2007 Looking For A House In Chicago N/A
328 21x10 01/Nov/2007 Engaged Couple Needs Home N/A
329 21x11 21/May/2007 Taking on the Big City N/A
330 21x12 14/Jun/2007 New Digs Near Denver Needed N/A
331 21x13 23/Aug/2007 Moving to Downtown Atlanta N/A

 Season 22(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
332 22x01 26/Jul/2007 Searching for a Pearl in Portland's Pearl District N/A
333 22x02 12/Jul/2007 New Life In New Orleans N/A
334 22x03 19/Jul/2007 Mod Duo Looks for New Digs N/A
335 22x04 26/Jul/2007 Back To Bethesda N/A
336 22x05 02/Aug/2007 Wanted: Larger Place in Lincoln Park N/A
337 22x06 09/Aug/2007 Big Dreams, Small Budget N/A
338 22x07 16/Aug/2007 Do You Know The Way To Santa Fe? N/A
339 22x09 30/Aug/2007 New Home Base in Austin N/A
340 22x10 13/Sep/2007 Happily Ever After in Ann Arbor N/A
341 22x10 22/Nov/2007 Dream House in the Desert N/A
342 22x11 27/Sep/2007 New England Nest Needed N/A
343 22x12 06/Dec/2007 Baby Makes Three 7
344 22x13 20/Dec/2007 To Be or Not To B&B N/A

 Season 23(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
345 23x01 02/Jan/2008 Million-Dollar View in Maui N/A
346 23x02 09/Jan/2008 Downtown Dwellers 6
347 23x03 16/Jan/2008 Empty Nesters in Oregon N/A
348 23x04 23/Jan/2008 Too-Small Townhouse N/A
349 23x05 30/Jan/2008 So Long, Texas N/A
350 23x06 06/Feb/2008 Full House in Florida N/A
351 23x07 13/Feb/2008 Maui Wowie! N/A
353 23x08 20/Feb/2008 Looking in Orlando N/A
354 23x09 27/Feb/2008 Not Enough Room in Nevada N/A
355 23x10 12/Mar/2008 Empty Nesters N/A
356 23x11 19/Mar/2008 Busting the Seams in Seattle N/A
357 23x13 09/Apr/2008 A Pearl in Portland N/A

 Season 24(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
351 24x01 07/Feb/2008 First House Together N/A
352 24x02 14/Feb/2008 Downtown Des Moines N/A
353 24x04 28/Feb/2008 Time to Buy N/A
354 24x05 06/Mar/2008 Cramped Quarters N/A
355 24x06 13/Mar/2008 Nashville Newlyweds N/A
356 24x07 20/Mar/2008 Their First Home N/A
357 24x08 27/Mar/2008 Back to the Big Easy N/A
358 24x09 03/Apr/2008 Find a Home Before the Wedding N/A
359 24x10 13/Apr/2008 Moving From Mom's House N/A
360 24x11 20/Apr/2008 Downsizing in Atlanta N/A

 Season 25(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
360 25x01 27/Apr/2008 Second Home in Vegas N/A
366 25x03 08/Jun/2008 Moving Back to Minnesota 6
363 25x04 18/May/2008 Renting in Rhode Island 7
364 25x05 25/May/2008 Tired of Moving 8
356 25x06 16/Mar/2008 No or Low Maintenance 7
357 25x07 21/Mar/2008 Wanting More in the Windy City N/A
358 25x08 03/Apr/2008 New Orleans Bound N/A
368 25x09 22/Jun/2008 Peace and Quiet 8
359 25x10 10/Apr/2008 More Room in Austin 8
367 25x11 15/Jun/2008 Bigger Vacation Home N/A
365 25x12 01/Jun/2008 Wanting More in Myrtle Beach 7
361 25x13 04/May/2008 Settling in Seattle N/A
362 25x14 11/May/2008 Triple the Space N/A

 Season 26(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
360 26x01 24/Apr/2008 Searching in Austin 1
361 26x02 08/May/2008 Music City Search N/A
362 26x04 15/May/2008 Living in Las Vegas N/A
363 26x05 22/May/2008 Goodbye, City Life! N/A
364 26x06 29/May/2008 Energy Efficient Home N/A
365 26x07 05/Jun/2008 Closer to Work 4
366 26x08 12/Jun/2008 Beverly Hills Bound 5
367 26x09 29/Jun/2008 Diverse Neighborhood N/A
368 26x10 06/Jul/2008 Bye Bye, Chi-town N/A

 Season 27(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
367 27x01 26/Jun/2008 Las Vegas Condo N/A
370 27x01 16/Jul/2008 Out of Room in Orlando N/A
368 27x03 03/Jul/2008 Ready To Buy N/A
369 27x04 10/Jul/2008 More Space in St. Louis 6
371 27x05 17/Jul/2008 Downsizing in Seattle N/A
372 27x06 24/Jul/2008 Country Life N/A
373 27x07 31/Jul/2008 Cramped Quarters in Colorado N/A
374 27x08 04/Sep/2008 Moving Closer to Mom N/A
375 27x13 11/Sep/2008 Relocating to D.C. N/A

 Season 28(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
372 28x01 20/Jul/2008 Up-sizing N/A
373 28x02 27/Jul/2008 First Home N/A
374 28x03 03/Aug/2008 Dog-Friendly Condo N/A
375 28x04 07/Aug/2008 Tired of Renting N/A
376 28x09 14/Sep/2008 Denver Dancers N/A
377 28x10 21/Sep/2008 Boston Bound N/A
378 28x11 28/Sep/2008 Ready to Move 1
379 28x12 05/Oct/2008 An Outgrown Starter Home 5.5
380 28x13 09/Oct/2008 Finally, a Home N/A

 Season 29(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
377 29x01 18/Sep/2008 Going Mobile N/A
378 29x02 02/Oct/2008 The Call of the City 1
379 29x03 12/Oct/2008 More Room in Mobile N/A
380 29x04 16/Oct/2008 A Find in Philly N/A
382 29x05 23/Oct/2008 A Capitol Challenge N/A
387 29x07 27/Nov/2008 Searching in St. Paul N/A
385 29x10 20/Nov/2008 Settling in Savannah N/A
388 29x11 04/Dec/2008 More Space in Music City N/A
381 29x12 19/Oct/2008 Westward Ho! N/A
383 29x13 30/Oct/2008 On a Mission in Orlando N/A
384 29x14 09/Nov/2008 Making the Most of Madison N/A
386 29x15 23/Nov/2008 New Digs in Nashville N/A
389 29x16 23/Jan/2009 On a Mission in Orlando N/A

 Season 30(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
382 30x01 26/Oct/2008 Young Marrieds on the Move N/A
383 30x02 02/Nov/2008 Austin City Limits N/A
386 30x04 07/Dec/2008 A Family in Austin Looks for a Larger Home in Their Current Neighborhood N/A
384 30x05 16/Nov/2008 A New Advenure in Arizona N/A
385 30x06 30/Nov/2008 Bigger Needs After Blending N/A
387 30x07 11/Dec/2008 A Find in Fort Collins N/A
388 30x08 14/Dec/2008 A Single Woman Searches for a Condo in San Francisco N/A
389 30x10 21/Dec/2008 Planning for the Future N/A
390 30x11 28/Dec/2008 A Second Home for Snowbirds N/A
393 30x13 08/Jan/2009 A Charlotte Couple Looks for a Great Starter Home N/A

 Season 31(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
398 31x01 25/Jan/2009 A Nashville Couple Looks for a Home Large Enough for a Music Studio N/A
394 31x02 11/Jan/2009 Two Brothers Leave the Nest in Houston N/A
395 31x03 15/Jan/2009 Tired of Renting, A Young Family Searches for a Home in the Suburbs of Portland N/A
396 31x04 18/Jan/2009 A Divorced Dad Searches for a Home with Enough Room for His Kids N/A
397 31x05 21/Jan/2009 A Dietician Has a Small Budget But Big Dreams for Her Starter Home N/A
401 31x06 15/Feb/2009 A Large Blended Family Needs a Home With Five or Six Bedrooms N/A
391 31x07 01/Jan/2009 The Atkins are Dreaming of a Second Home in Maine N/A
402 31x08 18/Feb/2009 A Couple Loves Downtown Charleston But Need More Room Than Their Current Home N/A
392 31x09 01/Jan/2009 A Man Returns Home to Michigan and Searches for a Small Starter Home N/A
399 31x10 29/Jan/2009 Indianapolis Newlyweds Make Their First Home Purchase N/A
400 31x11 08/Feb/2009 A Couple Who've Been Renting Enter the Market in Plymouth, Minnesota N/A

 Season 32(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
395 32x01 05/Feb/2009 A New Couple Searches for a Home That Reflects Both Their Personalities N/A
396 32x02 12/Feb/2009 Searching for Both Community and Wide Open Space in Oregon N/A
397 32x03 16/Feb/2009 Magnificent Maui Vacation Home N/A
398 32x04 17/Feb/2009 Fiancees Chad and Diane Look for a Home in Las Vegas N/A
399 32x05 19/Feb/2009 A Florida Family's Fishing Outings Prompt a Second Home in the Keys N/A
400 32x06 20/Feb/2009 Longtime Renters Make a Commitment to Buy in Costa Mesa 1
401 32x07 01/Mar/2009 A New Daughter Prompts a West Palm Beach Couple to Look for a Larger Home N/A
402 32x08 08/Mar/2009 Empty Nesters Seek to Downsize While Staying in the Neighborhood They Love N/A
403 32x09 15/Mar/2009 A Suburban Minnesota Couple Seeks to Move Further From the City N/A

 Season 33(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
404 33x01 29/Mar/2009 Leaving Their Apartment, A Family Looks for a Larger Home in Yonkers, New York N/A
405 33x02 29/Mar/2009 Sensational Silicon Valley Spread N/A
406 33x03 05/Apr/2009 A Couple Living in D.C. Ponders a Move to Alexandria, Virginia N/A
407 33x04 12/Apr/2009 Downtown Dwellers N/A

 Season 34(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
408 34x01 19/Apr/2009 A Couple in Nashville Are Ready to Buy Their First Home Together N/A
409 34x02 26/Apr/2009 Season 34, Episode 2 N/A
410 34x03 03/May/2009 Looking for a Cleveland Home in Which to Raise a Family N/A
411 34x04 10/May/2009 Two Years and Two Kids Later N/A
412 34x05 17/May/2009 A South Carolina Couple Looks for a Home That's Move-In Ready N/A
413 34x06 17/May/2009 A Couple Wants to Move Back Into the City of San Francisco N/A

 Season 35(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
414 35x01 31/May/2009 Sweethearts in Savannah N/A
415 35x02 07/Jun/2009 Downtown Seattle Digs N/A
416 35x03 14/Jun/2009 Venturing Out in Ventura N/A
417 35x04 21/Jun/2009 Season 35, Episode 4 N/A
418 35x05 28/Jun/2009 Season 35, Episode 5 N/A
419 35x06 28/Jun/2009 First-Time Buyers in Florida N/A
420 35x07 05/Jul/2009 Selling Soap and Settling Down N/A

 Season 36(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
421 36x01 12/Jul/2009 All in for Atlanta N/A
422 36x02 19/Jul/2009 Season 36, Episode 2 N/A
423 36x03 26/Jul/2009 Windy City Wishes N/A
424 36x04 02/Aug/2009 Destined for Destin N/A
425 36x05 09/Aug/2009 Puyallup to Their New Home N/A
426 36x06 16/Aug/2009 Seeking a Home of Her Own N/A
427 36x07 23/Aug/2009 Searching High and Low in Scottsdale N/A

 Season 37(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
428 37x01 02/Aug/2009 Destined for Destin N/A
429 37x02 16/Aug/2009 Seeking a Home of Her Own N/A
430 37x03 23/Aug/2009 Searching High and Low in Scottsdale N/A
431 37x04 20/Sep/2009 Needing More Room in New Jersey N/A
432 37x05 27/Sep/2009 City Lights vs. Suburban Sites N/A
433 37x06 04/Oct/2009 The Best Time is Now N/A

 Season 38(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
434 38x01 08/Nov/2009 Single in Seattle N/A
435 38x02 15/Nov/2009 Finding a Fit in Phoenix N/A
436 38x03 06/Dec/2009 First Time Buyers in Florida 7
437 38x04 13/Dec/2009 A Capitol Challenge 8
438 38x05 20/Dec/2009 Finally, A Home 7
439 38x06 27/Dec/2009 Emma and Valerio Search for a Row Home in Baltimore 8
440 38x07 03/Jan/2010 A Couple Wants to Leave Indiana and Buy a House on the Big Island in Hawaii 8
441 38x08 10/Jan/2010 Pampered Pooch in Atlanta 8
442 38x09 17/Jan/2010 Merging Family in Atlanta N/A
443 38x10 24/Jan/2010 Manly Man Cave in Atlanta 8
444 38x11 31/Jan/2010 '70s Museum in Denver 7
445 38x12 14/Feb/2010 Pool Pros and Cons in Richmond 8
446 38x13 21/Feb/2010 Young Doctors, Jeff & Karmen, Look at Large Family Homes in Suburban Los Angeles 7
447 38x14 28/Feb/2010 Kelly and Mac Search For Their First Home in Orange County, California 8
448 38x15 14/Mar/2010 First Time Buyers Seek Short Sale in Sacramento 8
449 38x16 21/Mar/2010 First Time Buyers Search for a Historic House in East Nashville 7
450 38x17 28/Mar/2010 Growing Family Needs Larger Home in Chicago 8
451 38x18 04/Apr/2010 Picking a Pad in Overland Park N/A
452 38x19 11/Apr/2010 A Home to Make Childhood Memories 7
453 38x20 25/Apr/2010 Making it Right in St. Louis 8
454 38x21 02/May/2010 Lofty View in Atlanta 7
455 38x22 09/May/2010 Mom on a Mission in Richmond 8
456 38x23 16/May/2010 Mike and Nancy Want Their Daughter's First Home to Be Perfect 8
457 38x24 23/May/2010 Two Years and Two Kids Later 7
458 38x25 30/May/2010 Selling Soap and Settling Down 7
459 38x26 06/Jun/2010 Short Sale Showdown in Gonzales, Louisiana 8
460 38x27 13/Jun/2010 Searching for a Home in San Francisco N/A
461 38x28 20/Jun/2010 Newlyweds Seana and Michael Want to Buy a Smaller Home in Nashville, Tennessee but They Are Not Sure What Kind of House They Want N/A
462 38x29 27/Jun/2010 A Great Job Has a Couple Moving from California to Huntsville, Alabama N/A
463 38x30 11/Jul/2010 New Parents Chrissy and Zev Search for a Family Home That's Close to Boston's Fenway Park 8
464 38x31 18/Jul/2010 Following their Hearts to Chester County, PA 8
465 38x32 25/Jul/2010 Portia is a Bellydancer Who Wants to Buy Her First Home in Miami, Florida 8
466 38x33 01/Aug/2010 Parents-to-be Search for Home in the Chicago Suburb of Gurnee 8
467 38x34 08/Aug/2010 Single Mother Looking to Downsize in St. Petersburg, Florida 8
468 38x35 15/Aug/2010 College Sweethearts Search for a Home in Lebanon, Tennessee and Hope to Close the Deal Before Their First Child Arrives 8
469 38x36 22/Aug/2010 First-time Buyer Looks for Condo in Seattle Suburb of Kirkland 8
470 38x37 29/Aug/2010 Newlyweds Matt and Melissa Have Looked At Over 100 Homes and are Anxious To Finally Buy Their First Place 8
471 38x38 05/Sep/2010 Seeking a Home of Her Own 8
472 38x39 12/Sep/2010 Puyallup to Their New Home 8
473 38x40 19/Sep/2010 Beaches and Boats in Florida 8
474 38x41 26/Sep/2010 Engaged and Exploring Austin for a New Home 8
475 38x42 03/Oct/2010 Amateur Pool Champion Becomes First-time Home Buyer in Birmingham, Alabama 7
476 38x43 10/Oct/2010 New Home in Old Town 4.5
477 38x44 17/Oct/2010 Finding a Fit in Phoenix 8
478 38x45 24/Oct/2010 San Antonio Upsize 9
479 38x46 31/Oct/2010 Making Room for More N/A
480 38x47 07/Nov/2010 Beaches and Boats in Florida N/A
481 38x48 14/Nov/2010 Engaged and Exploring Austin for a New Home 9
482 38x49 21/Nov/2010 Change of Scenery to Chicago N/A
483 38x50 28/Nov/2010 Hunting in Honolulu 8
484 38x51 05/Dec/2010 Room for the Kids in Kentucky 8
485 38x52 12/Dec/2010 Roost in the Ranch in Highlands Ranch, Colorado 7
486 38x53 19/Dec/2010 Looking for a Cleveland Home in Which to Raise a Family 7
487 38x54 26/Dec/2010 A Couple Wants to Move Back Into the City of San Francisco 8
488 38x55 02/Jan/2011 After Living in Five States in Seven Years, Tim and Summer Munyon are Ready to Settle Down in Morgantown, West Virginia 8
489 38x56 09/Jan/2011 Single Writer Searches for a Home She Can Call the One in the Washington DC Area 8
490 38x57 16/Jan/2011 Al and Gina Want to Settle Down and Buy a Family Home in Hawaii 8
491 38x58 23/Jan/2011 Chicago Doctors Jennifer and Craig Must Find a Home for Their Family Before They Start Their New Jobs in Milwaukee 8
492 38x59 30/Jan/2011 Jennifer and Keith and Their Five Kids Have Been Squeezed Into a Small House for Almost a Year and are Desperate for More Space and More Bathrooms 7
493 38x60 06/Feb/2011 First-time Buyer Looks for Condo in Seattle Suburb of Kirkland 7
494 38x61 13/Feb/2011 Rocket Scientist Launches Home Search 8
495 38x62 20/Feb/2011 A Couple New to Knoxville is on the Hunt for their Dream Home 7
496 38x63 27/Feb/2011 A Couple Returns to Hometown of Columbia, SC, but They're Living With Relatives and Want Their Own Place 8
497 38x64 06/Mar/2011 Couple Living in College Dorm Search for First Home 8
498 38x65 13/Mar/2011 Short Sale Versus Traditional Sale Homes in Washington DC 7
499 38x66 20/Mar/2011 Brian Wants To Buy His Own St. Louis Condo Before He Starts His New Job and Opinionated Mom Is In Town To Help Him With The Search. 7
500 38x67 27/Mar/2011 500th Episode - A Couple Moves Back to their Hometown in Michigan but Now They Need a Home 8
501 38x68 03/Apr/2011 An Army Officer and His Wife Search for Their First Place in Tennessee 7
502 38x69 10/Apr/2011 Childhood Sweethearts Search for More Space in South Florida 8
503 38x70 17/Apr/2011 Kelly Searches For Starter Home in Raleigh With Her Overprotective Mom 8
504 38x71 24/Apr/2011 Couple Searches For Cool SoCal Condo 7
505 38x72 01/May/2011 A Couple Returns to Hometown of Columbia, SC, but They're Living With Relatives and Want Their Own Place 8
506 38x73 08/May/2011 A Florida Couple Wanting a Bigger Home is Frustrated Over How Long it is Taking to Find a Place 8
507 38x74 15/May/2011 A Couple Relocated to Connecticut Searches for a Family Home 8
508 38x75 22/May/2011 Brian Searches for Dallas Area Bachelor Pad 7
509 38x76 29/May/2011 Tina Recently Divorced and Wants to Make a Fresh Start in Jupiter, FL 7
510 38x77 05/Jun/2011 A Wisconsin Couple Sets Out to Find Their Own Place After Living with Family 8
511 38x78 12/Jun/2011 Doctor Wants to Live in High Rise while Dentist Wife Votes for Townhouse 7
512 38x79 19/Jun/2011 Amanda and Rich Want a Fresh Start in the Denver Suburbs 4.5
513 38x80 26/Jun/2011 Move in Ready versus Fixer in Dallas 8

 Season 48(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
514 48x01 03/Jul/2011 Couple Searches for an Affordable Place Near Northern California's Wine Country 7
515 48x02 10/Jul/2011 The Serra Family Is Looking Forward to Settling Down in San Antonio, TX 8
516 48x03 17/Jul/2011 Josh and Amy Want a Home with the Perfect Back Yard for their Wedding 8
517 48x04 24/Jul/2011 Ben and Julie Start Over After a Difficult Year 8
518 48x05 31/Jul/2011 She Wants the Suburbs; He Wants the City 8
519 48x06 07/Aug/2011 The Valley Family is New to the Dallas Area, and Must Choose Between Buying a Home That's Close to Work, or Close to Friends 5.5
520 48x06 14/Aug/2011 Single Mother is Desperate to Find a Home for her Family in Marlton, New Jersey 8
521 48x07 21/Aug/2011 Will and Wynter Want to Buy Their First Home in Visalia, CA Before Getting Engaged 8
522 48x08 28/Aug/2011 Amanda and Rich Want a Fresh Start in the Denver Suburbs N/A
523 48x09 04/Sep/2011 Brothers Search for Place to Share in Denver N/A
524 48x10 11/Sep/2011 An Active Couple in Jacksonville Wants Their Home to be Near a Gym 8
525 48x11 18/Sep/2011 Portland Couple Want Their First Home to be a Fixer N/A
526 48x12 25/Sep/2011 Engaged Couple Searches for First Home in Atlanta GA 8
527 48x13 02/Oct/2011 Half Full Versus Half Empty in Chicago 8
528 48x14 09/Oct/2011 Singer Searches for Starter Home in L.A. 8
529 48x15 16/Oct/2011 Musical Family Needs More Space in Portland 7
530 48x16 23/Oct/2011 New Bride Wants to Buy a Home in San Diego Before Navy Husband Returns Home 8
531 48x17 30/Oct/2011 Teachers Search for Starter Home in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley 7
532 48x18 06/Nov/2011 Coast Guard Family Wants a Permanent Home in Seattle 8
533 48x19 13/Nov/2011 Nathan & Amy Search for New Home in New Orleans That's Close to the Action, but Also Family-Friendly 8
534 48x20 27/Nov/2011 Should a Couple Buy a Home Near a Town or out in the Country on the Island Paradise of Kauai, Hawaii 8
535 48x21 04/Dec/2011 Traditional Versus Modern in Dallas 8
536 48x22 11/Dec/2011 Former D.C. Pro Football Cheerleader Seeks Home 8
537 48x23 18/Dec/2011 Picky First Time Buyers in Chicago 8
538 48x24 08/Jan/2012 Rocket Scientist Launches Home Search 7
539 48x25 06/Feb/2012 A First Time Buyer Tries to Go From Renter to Landlord in the D.C. Area. N/A
540 48x26 07/Feb/2012 Ohio Family Needs More Space 8
541 48x27 08/Feb/2012 First Time Buyer Has Dad's Help in Baltimore 7
542 48x28 09/Feb/2012 Virginia Couple Looks for Single Family Home in Historic Richmond 8
543 48x29 10/Feb/2012 Picky And Looking For The Perfect Chicago Condo 8
544 48x30 13/Feb/2012 A Place To Party In Atlanta 8
545 48x31 14/Feb/2012 Engaged Couple Searches Gainesville, Florida for a House That Reminds Them of Colorado. 7
546 48x32 15/Feb/2012 A Couple Is On the Search For Their First Home Together in Hollywood. 8
547 48x33 16/Feb/2012 Picky Pooch Lover Wants Home With Doggy Door in Sacramento, CA 8
548 48x34 17/Feb/2012 Looking For a Home In Austin 7
549 48x35 20/Feb/2012 Couple Looks for an RV for Their Growing Family 7
550 48x36 21/Feb/2012 A Couple Planning to Adopt Wants to Find the Perfect Family Home in L.A. 7
551 48x37 22/Feb/2012 First Time Buyers Seek Forever House in Motor City 8
552 48x38 23/Feb/2012 Search For Cool Mid-Century Home in Austin 8
553 48x39 24/Feb/2012 Fashion Lover Searches for Closet Space in Fredericksburg, VA 8
554 48x40 27/Feb/2012 A Young Couple Searches For Their First Home in West Virginia 8
555 48x41 28/Feb/2012 Passing the 100 Point Test in Portland, OR 7
556 48x42 29/Feb/2012 First Home in Minneapolis is a Long Time Coming 7
557 48x43 01/Mar/2012 Outdoor Lovers Buy First Home in Denver 8
558 48x44 02/Mar/2012 A Single Mother of Two Is Eager To Find a Home in Los Angeles 7
559 48x45 05/Mar/2012 Selling the Ranch in Wyoming and Moving to Montana 7
560 48x46 06/Mar/2012 Convenience is Costly in the Silicon Valley 7
561 48x47 07/Mar/2012 A Growing Family Looks For A Five Bedroom Home Near New Orleans 7
562 48x48 08/Mar/2012 Former New Yorkers Brian And Bryce Look To Buy In Los Angeles 7
563 48x49 09/Mar/2012 House or Condo in Key West, FL 7
564 48x50 12/Mar/2012 Divorced Michigan Mom Seeks Home with European Flair 8
565 48x51 13/Mar/2012 Picky Buyers in a Seattle Suburb 8
566 48x52 14/Mar/2012 Family Living in Storage Facility Searches For Their First Home in Salt Lake 7
567 48x53 15/Mar/2012 Rain Lovers Search for New Home in Portland, Oregon 8
568 48x54 16/Mar/2012 Out of Storage in Salt Lake 8
569 48x55 19/Mar/2012 A Golf Pro and His Wife Have a Tough Time Finding the Perfect Home in Louisiana 7
570 48x56 20/Mar/2012 Single Mom Hunts For A Home In Kent, Ohio 8
571 48x57 21/Mar/2012 Couple Gets Home Downpayment as Wedding Gift 7
572 48x58 22/Mar/2012 Sisters With Opinions Search Atlanta 8
573 48x59 23/Mar/2012 This Family of Four is Tired of Their Cramped Condo in Honolulu, HI 8
574 48x60 26/Mar/2012 Newly Dating Couple Search for the Perfect Home in Michigan with Mom's Help 8
575 48x61 27/Mar/2012 Newlyweds Search for First Home Near San Jose 8
576 48x62 28/Mar/2012 A 20-Something Engineer Looks for Her First Home In Kansas City 7
577 48x63 29/Mar/2012 Buying a House That Mom Likes in San Antonio 8
578 48x64 30/Mar/2012 Oregon Teacher Trades Frat Boy Lifestyle for His First Home 8
579 48x65 02/Apr/2012 Fashion Designer and Engineer Look for an Eichler in Palo Alto, CA. N/A
580 48x66 03/Apr/2012 Moving Out Of A Hotel, Into A Home In Indiana N/A
581 48x67 04/Apr/2012 Finicky First-Time Buyers in Durham, North Carolina N/A
582 48x68 05/Apr/2012 First Time Buyers Zack and Lauren Want a Place That Will Generate Income N/A
583 48x69 06/Apr/2012 Iraq War Veteran and Wife Search for First Home in Raleigh N/A
584 48x70 09/Apr/2012 Florida Couple Search for Home Before Wedding with Help of Dad N/A
585 48x71 10/Apr/2012 Clairvoyant House Hunter Adds Challenge to California Search 8
586 48x72 11/Apr/2012 Bigger is Better in Minneapolis 7
587 48x73 12/Apr/2012 James and Sherry Have Worked Hard and Saved Up To Buy a Spacious Dream Home in Dallas 7
588 48x74 13/Apr/2012 A Couple Looks For Their First Home In San Diego 7
589 48x75 16/Apr/2012 A Picky Couple Wants a House Just Like the Dream Home They Left Behind in Pennsylvania 8
590 48x76 17/Apr/2012 Finding the Perfect House Before Baby Is Born in Illinois 8
591 48x77 18/Apr/2012 Buying A Piece of History in Old Town Key West 7
592 48x78 19/Apr/2012 Wife and Husband Seek Home in California That Can Pass Her Sniff Test 7
593 48x79 20/Apr/2012 Luxury Vacation Living in Downtown Miami 7
594 48x80 23/Apr/2012 Searching For A New England Escape 8
595 48x81 24/Apr/2012 A North Carolina Couple Struggles To Find A Home They Both Like 8
596 48x82 25/Apr/2012 First Time Buyers Make Unusual Demands as They Search for a Home in Houston 8
597 48x83 26/Apr/2012 Escaping Utah Chill For Sunny Austin, Texas 8
598 48x84 27/Apr/2012 Couple Disagrees on Townhouse or Singe Family Home in Philadelphia Search 8
599 48x85 30/Apr/2012 Couple Needs Non-traditional in the Shenandoah Valley 7
600 48x86 01/May/2012 600th Episode: Young Wife Has Renovation Phobia and Her Husband Wants a Fixer-Upper 8
601 48x87 02/May/2012 An Overachieving Couple Sets A Goal of Buying A Home Near Houston N/A
602 48x88 03/May/2012 Minnesota Transplants Debate The Merits Of Fixer vs. Move In Ready In Wisconsin 8
603 48x89 04/May/2012 Couple Searches for Starter Home in Los Angeles Before Baby 8
604 48x90 07/May/2012 Getting a Deal in St. Louis 8
605 48x91 08/May/2012 Space Needed in Northern California to Raise Goats, Grow Vegetables and Store 50 Bicycles 8
606 48x92 09/May/2012 A Young Chicago Couple Decides between Chicago and the Suburbs 8
607 48x93 10/May/2012 An Atlanta Attorney Is Determined to Find a Place in Her Ideal Area 8
608 48x94 11/May/2012 Las Vegas Dancer Wants His First Place 8
609 48x95 14/May/2012 Looking For A Vaction Home In Sunny Florida 8
610 48x96 15/May/2012 In Search of Historic Charm or Modern Upgrades in the Gateway City 8
611 48x97 16/May/2012 An Iraq War Vet and Wife Seek First Home for Future Family 7
612 48x98 17/May/2012 Sisters Search For A Sacramento Home 8
613 48x99 18/May/2012 A Picky Wife and Her Do-It-Yourself Husband Struggle To Find The Perfect Arizona Home 7
614 48x100 21/May/2012 Job Transfer Has Couple Hunting For Home In Austin Before Moving From Tampa Bay 8
615 48x101 22/May/2012 Multi-generational Home in Nashville 8
616 48x102 23/May/2012 Mark and Meghan Are Excited To Buy Their First Home in Charlotte, N.C. 8
617 48x103 24/May/2012 Brother vs Younger Sisters in Boston Burbs 8
618 48x104 25/May/2012 Downtown San Francisco vs Bay Area Burbs 8
619 48x105 28/May/2012 Young Woman Decides Between House and Townhouse in Nashville 8
620 48x106 29/May/2012 Mainlanders Settle Down in Maui 8
621 48x107 30/May/2012 Wandering Family of Four Looking to Settle Down in Texas Hillcountry 8
622 48x108 31/May/2012 Couple Needs Non-traditional in the Shenandoah Valley 8
623 48x109 01/Jun/2012 Young Wife Has Renovation Phobia and Her Husband Wants a Fixer-Upper 8
624 48x110 04/Jun/2012 Young Pennsylvania Couple is Taking Some Big Steps 7
625 48x111 05/Jun/2012 Picky Couple Looking For A Bigger Home In Pricey Orange County, California 8
626 48x112 06/Jun/2012 Seeing Eye to Eye in New Hampshire 8
627 48x113 07/Jun/2012 A Recently Married Couple Hunt For Their First Home Together In College Station, Texas 8
628 48x114 08/Jun/2012 A Blended Family Deals With a Blended Wish List on Their Bay Area House Hunt 8
629 48x115 11/Jun/2012 Buyer Has Five Days to Buy Her Home and Move From New Orleans to Fresno 8
630 48x116 12/Jun/2012 Three Bedrooms and a Basement in DC 8
631 48x117 13/Jun/2012 Newlyweds on the Hunt in the Chicago Suburbs 8
632 48x118 14/Jun/2012 Denver Couple is Anxious to Escape Townhome They Share With Their Mother-in-law 7
633 48x119 15/Jun/2012 Recently Engaged Couple Looking for Resort-Style Home in Gulf Coast Town of Destin, Florida 8
634 48x120 18/Jun/2012 Kenyan Couple Selling Hip Condo in Chicago for House in the Suburbs 8
635 48x121 19/Jun/2012 Young Minneapolis Couple Wants Creative Inspiration 8
636 48x122 20/Jun/2012 Leaving Lake Tahoe to Build Dream Home in Texas 8
637 48x123 21/Jun/2012 No Time for Projects in Pennsylvania 8
638 48x124 22/Jun/2012 Looking for Fun Town in Nashua, New Hampshire 8
639 48x125 25/Jun/2012 Gut Jobs and Golf Courses in West Palm Beach 7

 Season 50(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
640 50x01 26/Jun/2012 Parents Expecting Twins Need a Home in a Hurry 8
641 50x02 27/Jun/2012 Buying a Condo for 40K in Atlanta 8
642 50x03 28/Jun/2012 Newlyweds Can't Agree in Tennessee 7
643 50x04 29/Jun/2012 Tropical Getaways 7
644 50x05 29/Jun/2012 A Couple in Virginia is on the Hunt for the Perfect Family Home 8
645 50x06 02/Jul/2012 Newlywed Refuses to Settle for Less Than Great Deal in Suburban Orlando 8
646 50x07 03/Jul/2012 Newlyweds Hunt For Their First Home In Branson 7
647 50x08 04/Jul/2012 Buyers Disagree on Purchase in Historic New Orleans 8
648 50x09 05/Jul/2012 Couple Wants a Backyard Big Enough for Baseball 8
649 50x10 06/Jul/2012 Boston Couple Has Big Money to Spend 8
650 50x11 09/Jul/2012 Engaged Couple Looking for First House and Planning Wedding in Charlotte, NC 7
651 50x12 10/Jul/2012 Multi Family Brownstone in Brooklyn 7
652 50x13 11/Jul/2012 Looking for a Pre-Sixties Home in Texas 8
653 50x14 12/Jul/2012 Air Force Couple Searches for New Home in Destin, Florida 8
654 50x15 13/Jul/2012 Tommy and Robby Search for a Vacation Home in the Great Smokey Mountains 7
655 50x16 16/Jul/2012 Although they would like to buy their first home in Manhattan, a couple may have to expand their search. 8
656 50x17 17/Jul/2012 A photographer looking to expand to Las Vegas needs a place with room for a studio. 8
657 50x18 18/Jul/2012 A couple searches for a home in Connecticut. 8
658 50x19 19/Jul/2012 On a whim, a couple decides to buy a new house in downtown Philadelphia. 8
659 50x20 20/Jul/2012 Newlyweds with a long wish list search for a home in the Austin, Texas suburbs. 8
660 50x21 23/Jul/2012 A Couple Relocating to Connecticut Doesn't See Eye To Eye on the Ideal Home 8
661 50x22 24/Jul/2012 A Wife Wants Historic Charm But Her Tall, Football-Playing Husband Wants New Construction 8
662 50x23 25/Jul/2012 Newlyweds Buying Their First Home in Boston Suburbs 8
663 50x24 26/Jul/2012 Young Professional Seeks Upscale Chicago Condo with Modern Conveniences 8
664 50x25 27/Jul/2012 Bachelor Searches for Manhattan Pied-a-Terre 8
665 50x26 30/Jul/2012 House or Condo in Key West, FL 8
666 50x27 31/Jul/2012 Single Gal Buys a Cape Cod Home to Play Host to Her Family 8
667 50x28 01/Aug/2012 Couple Looks for an RV for Their Growing Family 8
668 50x29 02/Aug/2012 This Family of Four is Tired of Their Cramped Condo in Honolulu, HI 7
669 50x30 03/Aug/2012 A Couple Looks For Their First Home In San Diego 8
670 50x31 06/Aug/2012 Picky Buyers in a Seattle Suburb 8
671 50x32 07/Aug/2012 Radio Show Host and Salesman House Hunting in Indianapolis Suburb 8
672 50x33 08/Aug/2012 Selling the Ranch in Wyoming and Moving to Montana 8
673 50x34 09/Aug/2012 Searching For A New England Escape 8
674 50x35 10/Aug/2012 Buying a Condo for 40K in Atlanta 8
675 50x36 13/Aug/2012 No Time for Projects in Pennsylvania 7
676 50x37 14/Aug/2012 Two Tall Texans Looking for Headroom in Forth Worth 8
677 50x38 15/Aug/2012 A Picky Couple Wants a House Just Like the Dream Home They Left Behind in Pennsylvania 8
678 50x39 16/Aug/2012 A Man And His Family Hunt For New Home In California 8
679 50x40 17/Aug/2012 Multi Family Brownstone in Brooklyn 7
680 50x41 20/Aug/2012 Downtown San Francisco vs Bay Area Burbs 7
681 50x42 21/Aug/2012 Room for Softball Team in Chicago 7
682 50x43 22/Aug/2012 Iraq War Veteran and Wife Search for First Home in Raleigh 8
683 50x44 23/Aug/2012 Leaving Lake Tahoe to Build Dream Home in Texas 8
684 50x45 24/Aug/2012 Oregon Teacher Trades Frat Boy Lifestyle for His First Home 7
685 50x46 27/Aug/2012 First Time Buyers Zack and Lauren Want a Place That Will Generate Income 8
686 50x47 28/Aug/2012 Bigger is Better in Minneapolis 7
687 50x48 29/Aug/2012 A Couple With Vastly Different Tastes Searches For The Perfect Home In Las Vegas 8
688 50x49 30/Aug/2012 Getting a Deal in St. Louis 8
689 50x50 31/Aug/2012 Luxury Vacation Living in Downtown Miami 7
690 50x51 03/Sep/2012 Florida Family Buys Home on an Island 8
691 50x52 04/Sep/2012 A Portland Couple Wants Room for Chickens 8
692 50x53 05/Sep/2012 Couple Searches for Million Dollar New England Lake House 8
693 50x54 06/Sep/2012 Iranian-Born Mali and Husband Clash Over Modern vs Old Charm in Denver House Hunt 8
694 50x55 07/Sep/2012 A Georgia Couple Living in Their Family's Basement is Eager to Find a Home of Their Own 8
695 50x56 10/Sep/2012 Antique-Obsessed House Hunter in Fort Collins 7
696 50x57 11/Sep/2012 A Young Couple Search For High-End Properties In Las Vegas 7
697 50x58 12/Sep/2012 Young Buyers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Demand The Perfect Home 8
698 50x59 13/Sep/2012 Picky Actors Search for Starter Home in Aurora, IL 7
699 50x60 14/Sep/2012 Buying a Home in a New City After a Year Living Apart 8
700 50x61 17/Sep/2012 700th Episode: Looking for Southern Style in the Charlotte Suburbs 8
701 50x62 18/Sep/2012 Young Family Looking For A Classic Southern Style Home In Alabama 7
702 50x63 19/Sep/2012 A California Family Looks For Their Dream Home in Idaho 7
703 50x64 20/Sep/2012 Newlywed House Hunters Fight it Out in D.C. 7
704 50x65 21/Sep/2012 A Young Woman is Exicted To Put Down Roots in Orange County 8
705 50x66 24/Sep/2012 A Young Woman Wants To Buy A Condo In Minneapolis And Rent A Room To Her Best Friend 8
706 50x67 25/Sep/2012 From Cramped Apartment to Grand Home in Jensen Beach, Florida 8
707 50x68 26/Sep/2012 Looking For A House With Space For The Band In New Haven CT 8
708 50x69 27/Sep/2012 Dustin and McKenzie Want It All in Their First Home in Nashville 8
709 50x70 28/Sep/2012 Swim Instructor Wants Home Near Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island 8
710 50x71 01/Oct/2012 Picky First-Time Buyer Needs Sister to Keep Her Grounded 8
711 50x72 02/Oct/2012 The Perfect Place Vs. The Perfect Price In Orange County, CA 7
712 50x73 03/Oct/2012 Ann Arbor Couple Wants to Buy Home Where They Can Throw Big Parties 8
713 50x74 04/Oct/2012 High Hopes For Cincinnati Dream Home 8
714 50x75 05/Oct/2012 They Love The Chi-Town City Life But With Two Kids In Tow They're Ready To Go 8
715 50x76 08/Oct/2012 A Seattle Couple Has Trouble Deciding on a Condo or a House in Seattle 8
716 50x77 09/Oct/2012 Million Dollar Log Cabin in Colorado 8
717 50x78 10/Oct/2012 From Cramped Apartment to Grand Home in Jensen Beach, Florida 8
718 50x79 11/Oct/2012 Pentagon Army Officer and Wife at War Over D.C. House Hunt 8
719 50x80 12/Oct/2012 Finding a House for Triplets in San Diego 9
720 50x81 15/Oct/2012 A Young Couple Moves Close to Family in Pittsburgh 8
721 50x82 16/Oct/2012 DJ Wants Rooftop Party Pad In The Heart Of Chicago 8
722 50x83 17/Oct/2012 Finding An Arlington Home For A Family and Four TVs 7
723 50x84 18/Oct/2012 Science Teacher and Basketball Coach Searching San Diego for Their First House 8
724 50x85 19/Oct/2012 Food-Lovers Dig In To Their Hunt For A Weekend Place in Philly 8
725 50x86 22/Oct/2012 Young Couple Searches Grand Rapids For Vintage Charmer 7
726 50x87 23/Oct/2012 A Young Couple Can't Seem To Agree on a Home in the Suburbs of Cleveland 7
727 50x88 24/Oct/2012 A Philadelphia, PA, family wants their first home in the suburbs 8
728 50x89 25/Oct/2012 Homebuyers Hunting for History in the Nation's Capital 8
729 50x90 26/Oct/2012 Adam and Cara Bring Their Boys Home to Houston 7
730 50x91 29/Oct/2012 Multi Family Brownstone in Brooklyn 8
731 50x92 30/Oct/2012 Young Professional Seeks Upscale Chicago Condo with Modern Conveniences 8
732 50x93 31/Oct/2012 Clairvoyant House Hunter Adds Challenge to California Search 8
733 50x94 01/Nov/2012 Great Spaces 8
734 50x95 02/Nov/2012 Antique-Obsessed House Hunter in Fort Collins 8
735 50x96 05/Nov/2012 Buying a Condo for 40K in Atlanta 7
736 50x97 06/Nov/2012 Picky Connecticut Buyer Has to Compromise 8
737 50x98 07/Nov/2012 Newlyweds Hunt For Their First Home In Branson 8
738 50x99 08/Nov/2012 Buyers Disagree on Purchase in Historic New Orleans 8
739 50x100 09/Nov/2012 A Portland Couple Wants Room for Chickens 8
740 50x101 12/Nov/2012 A California Family Looks For Their Dream Home in Idaho 8
741 50x102 13/Nov/2012 Young Family Looking For A Classic Southern Style Home In Alabama 8
742 50x103 14/Nov/2012 Denver Couple is Anxious to Escape Townhome They Share With Their Mother-in-law 8
743 50x104 15/Nov/2012 Gut Jobs and Golf Courses in West Palm Beach 7
744 50x105 16/Nov/2012 A Couple With Vastly Different Tastes Searches For The Perfect Home In Las Vegas 8
745 50x106 19/Nov/2012 Young Pennsylvania Couple is Taking Some Big Steps 8
746 50x107 20/Nov/2012 Seeing Eye to Eye in New Hampshire 7
747 50x108 21/Nov/2012 Leaving Lake Tahoe to Build Dream Home in Texas 8
748 50x109 22/Nov/2012 A Wife Wants Historic Charm But Her Tall, Football-Playing Husband Wants New Construction 7
749 50x110 23/Nov/2012 Mainlanders Settle Down in Maui 8
750 50x111 26/Nov/2012 Room for Softball Team in Chicago 7
751 50x112 27/Nov/2012 Major Differences Over Style In Philadelphia 8
752 50x113 28/Nov/2012 Two Tall Texans Looking for Headroom in Forth Worth 8
753 50x114 29/Nov/2012 A Blended Family Deals With a Blended Wish List on Their Bay Area House Hunt 8
754 50x115 30/Nov/2012 Single Gal Buys a Cape Cod Home to Play Host to Her Family 8
755 50x116 03/Dec/2012 Newlyweds Can't Agree in Tennessee 8
756 50x117 04/Dec/2012 Young Wife Has Renovation Phobia and Her Husband Wants a Fixer-Upper 8
757 50x118 05/Dec/2012 Engaged Couple Looking for First House and Planning Wedding in Charlotte, NC 8
758 50x119 06/Dec/2012 In Search of Historic Charm or Modern Upgrades in the Gateway City 8
759 50x120 07/Dec/2012 Young Minneapolis Couple Wants Creative Inspiration 8
760 50x121 10/Dec/2012 Science Teacher and Basketball Coach Searching San Diego for Their First House 8
761 50x122 11/Dec/2012 A Seattle Couple Has Trouble Deciding on a Condo or a House in Seattle 7
762 50x123 12/Dec/2012 No Time for Projects in Pennsylvania 8
763 50x124 13/Dec/2012 Wandering Family of Four Looking to Settle Down in Texas Hillcountry 8
764 50x125 14/Dec/2012 Newlyweds on the Hunt in the Chicago Suburbs 7
765 50x126 17/Dec/2012 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? (1) 8
766 50x127 18/Dec/2012 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? (2) 8
767 50x128 19/Dec/2012 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? (3) 7
768 50x129 20/Dec/2012 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? (4) 8
769 50x130 21/Dec/2012 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? (5) 8

 Season 51(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
770 51x01 01/Jan/2013 Neighborhood Versus Lots of Land in Little Rock, Arkansas 8
771 51x02 02/Jan/2013 Trading in the Sleepy Burbs for the Boston Bustle 8
772 51x03 03/Jan/2013 Opinionated Law Professor Settles Down In St. Louis 7
773 51x04 04/Jan/2013 Capitol Hill Staffer Seeks Condo with Character 8
774 51x05 07/Jan/2013 A Husband Wants a Balitmore Row Home but His Wife Wants the Suburbs 8
775 51x06 08/Jan/2013 She's All About The Budget, He's All About The Perfect House 8
776 51x07 09/Jan/2013 Kenyala and Jody Search for a Bigger Home in Alabama 8
777 51x08 10/Jan/2013 Very Organized Young Couple Uses a Binder in Search for First House 7
778 51x09 11/Jan/2013 First Time Buyer Seeks Hip Pad in West Hollywood, CA 8
779 51x10 14/Jan/2013 First Time Buyers Look For An Extra Large Home In The DC Suburbs 8
780 51x11 15/Jan/2013 A woman's budget may hinder her search for a house in downtown Memphis, Tenn 8
781 51x12 16/Jan/2013 A Couple Looks For A Home With A Vacation Feel On Florida's Anna Maria Island 8
782 51x13 17/Jan/2013 Texas Transplants Hunt For A Home In The Houston Suburbs 8
783 51x14 18/Jan/2013 A Pastor And His Wife Look For A Place To Settle Down In Saginaw, Michigan 8
784 51x15 21/Jan/2013 A Couple In Tulsa Is Eager To Trade Their Starter Home For A More Impressive Place 8
785 51x16 22/Jan/2013 Wanting It All in Destin, Florida 8
786 51x17 23/Jan/2013 Man and His Wife Look for a Home With Perfect Beer Brewing Area 8
787 51x18 24/Jan/2013 Michelle Loves New York But She Wants Her Young Daughter To Be Raised in Kentucky 8
788 51x19 25/Jan/2013 Newlyweds At Odds Over Style in Cincinnati 8
789 51x20 28/Jan/2013 Condo vs House in Charlotte 8
790 51x21 29/Jan/2013 He Wants a Yard, She Wants the City Life in Atlanta 8
791 51x22 30/Jan/2013 Young Couple Looks For Home in Waco, Texas, Where He Can Hang His Battle Axe 8
792 51x23 31/Jan/2013 Midwest House for Portland Prices 8
793 51x24 01/Feb/2013 A Southern Boy and His British Bride Battle Over Bedrooms And Foyers In Nashville Tennessee 8
794 51x25 04/Feb/2013 Couple Looks for Historic Home in Charming Brandywine Valley, Pennsylvania 8
795 51x26 05/Feb/2013 A Young Family Moves from L.A. to Lincoln, Nebraska 7
796 51x27 06/Feb/2013 The Million-Dollar Compromise of School District Vs. Space 9
797 51x28 07/Feb/2013 Boston-Area Couple Seeks Family Vacation House on Cape Cod 7
798 51x29 08/Feb/2013 Home Near the Runway in Sacramento N/A
799 51x30 11/Feb/2013 Young Florida Parents Debate Form Versus Function in Their First Home 8
800 51x31 12/Feb/2013 800th Episode: Baseball Scout Clint and his Wife Shari Search for a Starter Home in the Houston Suburbs 8
801 51x32 13/Feb/2013 Former Beauty Queen Wants Fancy Digs in Philly 8
802 51x33 14/Feb/2013 Charles and Jay Look For a Mid-Century Home With a View in the Oakland Hills 8
803 51x34 15/Feb/2013 Battle of North vs South in Salt Lake City 8
804 51x35 18/Feb/2013 A Single Guy Wants a Hip Space in Downtown Cincinnati 8
805 51x36 19/Feb/2013 First Time Buyers Want A High-Rise and High-End Condo In Chicago 8
806 51x37 20/Feb/2013 She Has Baby Fever And He Wants A Room For His Drums 8
807 51x38 21/Feb/2013 A New England Couple Searches For a Vacation Home in Charleston 8
808 51x39 22/Feb/2013 Old and Charming Vs New and Modern in Seattle 8
809 51x40 01/Mar/2013 Picky Buyers Relocate from San Francisco to Orange County, CA 8
810 51x41 04/Mar/2013 Growing Family is Running Out Of Room In Raleigh 8
811 51x42 11/Mar/2013 Looking For A California Beach House That Won't Break The Budget 8
812 51x43 18/Mar/2013 Couple Searches for a Classic Bungalow in Denver 8
813 51x44 25/Mar/2013 A Singer and Her Husband Relocate to Austin's Music Scene 7
814 51x45 01/Apr/2013 Young and Picky Single Looks for a Family-Sized Home in Atlanta 8.5
815 51x46 03/Apr/2013 Expectant Parents With Very Long Wish List Seek More Space 8
816 51x47 04/Apr/2013 Trading in Their Historic New England Home for a Southern Style Place in Carolina 8
817 51x48 08/Apr/2013 Quirky Young Gal Wants a Historic Home in Ann Arbor 8
818 51x49 09/Apr/2013 Young Couple Moves From Michigan to the California High Desert 8
819 51x50 10/Apr/2013 Hippie Chick vs. Army Guy in Durango, Colorado 7
820 51x51 11/Apr/2013 Texas Couple Looks for a Rental Property on the Gulf of Mexico 7
821 51x52 12/Apr/2013 Five Guys Search for a Spacious Home in the Boston Suburbs 7
822 51x53 15/Apr/2013 A Couple's House Hunt in New Hampshire and Massachusetts 8
823 51x54 16/Apr/2013 Hippie Chick vs. Army Guy in Durango, Colorado 7
824 51x55 17/Apr/2013 Air Force Couple on a Mission to Buy Home in Maryland 8
825 51x56 18/Apr/2013 Quirky Couple Can't Find Everything They Want in Louisville 8
826 51x57 19/Apr/2013 Buying A Vacation House That Renters Will Love, But Feels Like Home 8
827 51x58 22/Apr/2013 Couple Wants to Buy Home in Newly Adopted Town of Fayetteville, Georgia 8
828 51x59 23/Apr/2013 He Wants Popcorn Ceilings, She Doesn't 8
829 51x60 24/Apr/2013 Looking For European Flair in Pennsylvania 8
830 51x61 25/Apr/2013 Texas Single Mom Wants Good Schools for Her Son 7
831 51x62 26/Apr/2013 Twenty-Somethings Try To Find A Detroit Home With Good Cell Phone Reception 7
832 51x63 06/May/2013 Deciding Between a High-Rise and a Brownstone in Chicago 8
833 51x64 07/May/2013 Couple Clashes Over Style in Palm Springs 8
834 51x65 08/May/2013 Modern Dream House on the Lake in Michigan 8
835 51x66 09/May/2013 What Will a Million Dollar Budget Buy in Manhattan? 8
836 51x67 10/May/2013 Jessica Seeks a Home With Midwestern Charm in Austin, Texas 8
837 51x68 13/May/2013 A Wisconson Couple Searches for a Spacious Family Home 8
838 51x69 14/May/2013 Hicksville vs the Burbs in Charleston 7
839 51x70 15/May/2013 Lawyer Couple Wants Craftsman Style in Seattle 8
840 51x71 16/May/2013 Newly-Single Professor Wants a Fresh Start in an Alabama Home 7
841 51x72 17/May/2013 San Diego Couple with Limited Budget Wants Large House and Ocean View 8
842 51x73 21/May/2013 Chicago Couple Wants to Trade Their Downtown Condo for a Spacious Home in the Burbs 8
843 51x74 23/May/2013 North Carolina House Hunters Need Large House But Disagree on Style 8
844 51x75 27/May/2013 Couple Searches for Two Million Dollar Home in Silicon Valley N/A
845 51x76 30/May/2013 First the House, Then the Wedding N/A
846 51x77 12/Jun/2013 A Million Dollar Vacation Home in Orlando 8
847 51x78 13/Jun/2013 Outspoken Ft. Worth Couple Can't See Eye to Eye 8
848 51x79 17/Jun/2013 North Carolina Couple Wants a House in the Country 8
849 51x80 18/Jun/2013 Chicago Couple Wants Deck to Deep Fry Turkeys 8
850 51x81 24/Jun/2013 Perfect Location or Two Bedrooms? 7
851 51x82 27/Jun/2013 Picky 24-year-old Searches for First Home in Virginia 8
852 51x83 02/Jul/2013 Newlyweds Hunt Near Beach in Southern California N/A
853 51x84 03/Jul/2013 Native New Yorkers Move Back Home to Westchester County N/A
854 51x85 11/Jul/2013 Newlyweds Buy a Big Home in the Richmond Burbs N/A
855 51x86 14/Jul/2013 Lawyer Couple Wants Craftsman Style in Seattle N/A
856 51x87 15/Jul/2013 Picky Buyers Want it All in Scottsdale, Arizona 8
857 51x88 16/Jul/2013 Jason Wants to Put Down Roots and Buy a Condo in Washington, D.C. 8
858 51x89 17/Jul/2013 Northern California Couple is on the Hunt for Very Unique Home 8
859 51x90 18/Jul/2013 Denver Newcomers Search for a Vintage-Style Home 8
860 51x91 19/Jul/2013 Couple Hunts for Beach Vacation Home on Florida's Gulf Coast 8
861 51x92 23/Jul/2013 Long and Quirky Wish List in Utah 8
862 51x93 25/Jul/2013 Seeking a Lakefront Home With Space for Family Get Togethers in Connecticut 7
863 51x94 30/Jul/2013 A Professional Designer and Her Husband Search for a Home in Chicago 8
864 51x95 31/Jul/2013 A Young Family Moves Out of Their Parents' House in Maryland 7
865 51x96 01/Aug/2013 Young Couple Seeks Old Home in Colorado Springs 8
866 51x97 05/Aug/2013 Looking for His Forever Home in the Desert N/A
867 51x98 06/Aug/2013 Out of the Basement and Into the Atlanta Burbs 8
868 51x99 08/Aug/2013 Twin Brothers Buy a House Together in Dallas 8

 Season 52(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
869 52x01 12/Aug/2013 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Scottsdale, AZ; Sherman Oaks, CA; Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY 8
870 52x02 13/Aug/2013 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Las Vegas; Wilmington, NC; Destin, FL 8
871 52x03 14/Aug/2013 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - New Orleans; Chicago 8
872 52x04 15/Aug/2013 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - New Haven, CT; Dallas; Glendale 8
873 52x05 16/Aug/2013 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - San Francisco; Davidson, NC; Boston 8
874 52x06 19/Aug/2013 First Comes House, Then Comes Marriage in the Chicago Suburbs 8
875 52x07 20/Aug/2013 San Francisco Salesman Seeks Palm Springs Vacation Paradise 8
876 52x08 21/Aug/2013 Tampa Couple Has a Hard Time Finding a Home They Can Agree On 8
877 52x09 29/Aug/2013 San Diego Family Searches for Vintage Cottage By the Bay 8
878 52x10 02/Sep/2013 TV Personality Looks for a Mid-Century Retreat in Palm Springs 7
879 52x11 03/Sep/2013 Vancouver Couple Seeks Dream Vacation House on Lush Hawaiian Island 8
880 52x12 04/Sep/2013 The Neverending House Hunt in Denver 7
881 52x13 05/Sep/2013 Wife Wants a Big House in Ohio but Her Husband Wants to Downsize 8
882 52x14 06/Sep/2013 Chicago Couple Seeks House With Enough Space for Chickens 7
883 52x15 09/Sep/2013 Moving to Atlantic City for the Coast Guard 8
884 52x16 10/Sep/2013 Triathlete Wants A Home With History in Wilmington, North Carolina 8
885 52x17 11/Sep/2013 Recent Connecticut Transplants Buy Their First Home Together 8
886 52x18 12/Sep/2013 Young D.C. Couple Debates Merits of a Single Family Home vs. Townhouse 8
887 52x19 13/Sep/2013 Couple Bickers Over Country vs. City in Columbia, Missouri 8
888 52x20 16/Sep/2013 Oahu Native Looks for Hawaiian Style in Virginia Beach 8
889 52x21 17/Sep/2013 Wisconsin Real Estate Agent Struggles to Find a Home For His Own Family 8
890 52x22 18/Sep/2013 NASA Employee Looks for Huge Home in Houston 7
891 52x23 19/Sep/2013 Tennessee Couple Can't Agree on Buying a New Build or Older with Charm 8
892 52x24 20/Sep/2013 Tall Couple in Tampa Seeks House With High Ceilings 7
893 52x25 23/Sep/2013 Nurse Makes Fresh Start on a Tiny Budget in Small Town Georgia 7
894 52x26 24/Sep/2013 John and Steve Move From Rural Texas to Washington D.C. 8
895 52x27 25/Sep/2013 Artsy First Time Buyers Debate Old vs. New in Little Rock 8
895 52x28 26/Sep/2013 Interor Designer's Vintage Dreams vs. Brotherly Advice in Michigan 7
896 52x29 27/Sep/2013 Single Mom Looks For Home With Teen Daughter in Boise, Idaho 8
897 52x30 30/Sep/2013 Young Couple in Ohio Looks for Home After Being Robbed in Rental 8
898 52x31 01/Oct/2013 Low Budget Blues in Memphis N/A
899 52x32 02/Oct/2013 Wisconsin Couple Can't Agree on Buying Rural or Urban Home 8
900 52x33 03/Oct/2013 Duking it out Over His and Hers Wish Lists in Dallas 8
901 52x34 04/Oct/2013 Divorcee Starts Over in Kansas City 8
902 52x35 07/Oct/2013 Desperate to Find a Starter Home in Denver 8
903 52x36 08/Oct/2013 Looking for Opposite Things in Boston N/A
904 52x37 09/Oct/2013 She's Picky and He's Price-Conscious in South Amboy, New Jersey 8
905 52x38 10/Oct/2013 Indianapolis Couple Struggles to Find a Big Home They Both Agree On 7
906 52x39 11/Oct/2013 She's Sick of His Renovation Projects in Houston 8
907 52x40 14/Oct/2013 Sports Room vs. Indian Dancing Studio Near Washington D.C. 8
908 52x41 15/Oct/2013 Hipsters Want an Unconventional Space in St. Louis 7
909 52x42 16/Oct/2013 Honolulu Locals Seek Upgrade From Their Current Manoa Valley House 8
910 52x43 17/Oct/2013 A Young Couple in Omaha Has Hard Time Finding Their First Home 7
911 52x44 18/Oct/2013 Couple Wants Space for a Stripper Pole in the New Jersey Suburbs 8
912 52x45 21/Oct/2013 Wife Wants Quirky, Husband Wants Practical in Western Michigan 8
913 52x46 22/Oct/2013 Houston Couple Wants Updated Home With Vintage Charm 8
914 52x47 23/Oct/2013 Fixer vs Upgraded in West Hartford, Connecticut 8
915 52x48 24/Oct/2013 Family Looks for Home in Napa with Vineyard 8
916 52x49 25/Oct/2013 Couple Wants Home With Space to Fly Toy Chopper Near Washington D.C. N/A
917 52x50 28/Oct/2013 Phoenix Couple Disagrees on Pretty Home for Her vs. Practical for Him 8
918 52x51 29/Oct/2013 Flight Attendant Searches for Dream Loft in Chicago 8
919 52x52 30/Oct/2013 Tall Couple in Tampa Seeks House With High Ceilings 8
920 52x53 31/Oct/2013 Musical Tribute Artist Searches for a Home Fit for The King 8
921 52x54 01/Nov/2013 Single Gal Looks for Shipping Container Home in Austin 8
922 52x55 04/Nov/2013 A Successful Bachelor Searches for a Grand Home in Detroit 7
923 52x56 05/Nov/2013 Deciding Between D.C. Charm or a Big Place in the Burbs 8
924 52x57 06/Nov/2013 How Far Will a Million Dollars Go in Manhattan Beach? 8
925 52x58 07/Nov/2013 Columbus Couple Clashes Over Secluded vs. Neighborhood Homes 7
926 52x59 08/Nov/2013 Grandioso on a Budget-oso in Atlanta N/A
927 52x60 11/Nov/2013 Looking for a Hawaiian Retreat From Their Hectic Mainland Lives 7
928 52x61 12/Nov/2013 A Seattle Couple is Eager To Find a Spacious Home With Character 7
929 52x62 13/Nov/2013 Family Needs South Carolina Home With Room for Inlaws 8
930 52x63 14/Nov/2013 Historic Charmer vs. New Construction in West Hartford, Connecticut 8
931 52x64 15/Nov/2013 Wife and French-Born Husband Seek European Style Home in Houston N/A
932 52x65 18/Nov/2013 Buying Turnkey vs. Building Their Dream Home in Oklahoma N/A
933 52x66 19/Nov/2013 Young Musicians Search for Their First Home in Nashville, Tennessee 7
934 52x67 20/Nov/2013 A Florida Girl and a Wisconsin Boy Clash Over Wish Lists in Chilly Green Bay 8
935 52x68 21/Nov/2013 Leaving Downtown St. Louis for the Burbs 7
936 52x69 22/Nov/2013 Two Guys Look for Hip Urban Loft in Philly N/A
937 52x70 25/Nov/2013 Daughter Wants Style but Mom Questions Her Wish List in Dallas N/A
938 52x71 26/Nov/2013 Strong Views in Strongsville 8
939 52x72 27/Nov/2013 Boston Area Couple Seeks Big House for Family of Five 8
940 52x73 28/Nov/2013 The High Price of Living in Paradise 7
941 52x74 29/Nov/2013 Single Mom Wants a Large House in Atlanta N/A
942 52x75 02/Dec/2013 Search for a San Diego Starter N/A
943 52x76 03/Dec/2013 He Wants Big Land But She Wants a Big House in Texas N/A
944 52x77 04/Dec/2013 She Wants a Victorian Row Home But He Wants a Big Yard to Mow in D.C. 8
945 52x78 05/Dec/2013 Jennipher Wants Brian to Break the Budget for a Historic Victorian in Montana N/A
946 52x79 06/Dec/2013 Two Men Who Want to Live in Jersey City Can't Agree On a Home N/A
947 52x80 09/Dec/2013 Empty Nesters Upgrade to a Bigger Condo in Downtown Chicago 7
948 52x81 10/Dec/2013 Best Friends Buying Together Face Bidding Wars in Northern California 7
949 52x82 11/Dec/2013 Putting Down Roots in Augusta Georgia 8
950 52x83 12/Dec/2013 Very Opinionated Friends House Hunt in Dallas 7
951 52x84 13/Dec/2013 Searching for Perfection in Honolulu N/A
952 52x85 16/Dec/2013 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Winchester, MA; Atlanta, GA; Salt Lake City, UT N/A
953 52x86 17/Dec/2013 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Pebble Beach, CA; Detroit, MI; Voorhees, NJ N/A
954 52x87 18/Dec/2013 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Connecticut Farmhouse; Los Angeles Fixer; Cape Cod Escape N/A
955 52x88 19/Dec/2013 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Jensen Beach, FL; Bozeman, MT; Palm Springs, CA N/A
956 52x89 20/Dec/2013 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Cape Cod; St. Albans, WV; Columbia, MO N/A

 Season 53(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
957 53x01 01/Jan/2014 Young New England Couple Looks to Leave the Nest N/A
958 53x02 01/Jan/2014 New Parents Look for a Home With Good Feng Shui in L.A. N/A
959 53x03 01/Jan/2014 Young Buyers Disagree on Southern Charmer or Log Cabin in Florida 8
960 53x04 06/Jan/2014 Germaphobe and Husband Look for Clean Home in Maryland N/A
961 53x05 07/Jan/2014 Twenty-something House Hunts on Tight Budget in Spartanburg South Carolina N/A
962 53x06 09/Jan/2014 Looking to Get Away From NYC With a Place in Woodstock N/A
963 53x07 11/Jan/2014 Upgrading in the Emerald City N/A
964 53x08 13/Jan/2014 Unrealistic First-Timers in Reno, Nevada N/A
965 53x09 14/Jan/2014 Washington State Ladies Struggle to Find a Brick-Free Home N/A
966 53x10 15/Jan/2014 Engaged in a Debate Between Lofts or Brownstones in Chicago N/A
967 53x11 16/Jan/2014 North Dakota News Anchor Needs New Home N/A
968 53x12 20/Jan/2014 Italian Couple Seek Palazzo of Their Own in Boca Raton N/A
969 53x13 21/Jan/2014 Two Men Stressed Out Over the Ideal Vacation Home in Palm Springs N/A
970 53x14 22/Jan/2014 Charleston Couple's Challenging Search for First Home N/A
971 53x15 23/Jan/2014 Finding the Old and New in San Francisco N/A
972 53x16 28/Jan/2014 Heather Wants Classic but Joe Wants Cool-Factor in Upstate New York N/A
973 53x17 29/Jan/2014 Cookie Cutter vs. Craftsman Character in Des Moines N/A
974 53x18 30/Jan/2014 Young Couple Disagrees on Style and Color in Birmingham, Michigan N/A
975 53x19 03/Feb/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - a fixer-upper near Hartford, Conn.; a place with potential near Orlando, Fla.; a dated place in the Chicago N/A
976 53x20 04/Feb/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Kauai; Atlanta; Oklahoma N/A
977 53x21 05/Feb/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Hartford, CT; Orlando, FL; Chicago Suburbs N/A
978 53x22 06/Feb/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - St. John (US Virgin Islands); Houston; Hartford, CT N/A
979 53x23 07/Feb/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Nashville, TN; RV; Jersey Shore N/A
980 53x24 10/Feb/2014 Virginia Buyers Fight Over Plantation vs. Colonial Style Homes N/A
981 53x25 12/Feb/2014 Austin Couple Downsizes to a Smaller Home N/A
982 53x26 13/Feb/2014 Looking for a Vacation Condo in Ft. Lauderdale N/A
983 53x27 17/Feb/2014 Boston Area Newlyweds Need Brand New House with No Ghosts N/A
984 53x28 19/Feb/2014 Salt Lake Couple Look for Home With Supersized Laundry Room N/A
985 53x29 20/Feb/2014 Pro Baseball Player Wants Off-Season Party Pad in Vegas N/A
986 53x30 25/Feb/2014 Business Major Buys First Place in Chicago N/A
987 53x31 26/Feb/2014 Expectant Parents Disagree in Rochester, New York House Hunt N/A
988 53x32 27/Feb/2014 Picky First Timers Seek Perfection in Kansas City N/A
989 53x33 04/Mar/2014 D.C. Duo Can't Agree on the Style of Their New Home N/A
990 53x34 05/Mar/2014 Young Columbus Couple Disagrees on Contemporary vs. Vintage N/A
991 53x35 06/Mar/2014 Southern Charm Wanted in North Carolina N/A
992 53x36 11/Mar/2014 Wife and French-born Husband Seek European Style Home in Houston N/A
993 53x37 12/Mar/2014 Family Trades Beaches of California for Colorado Rockies N/A
994 53x38 13/Mar/2014 Multi-Family Homes are a Hot Commodity in Boston N/A
995 53x39 16/Mar/2014 He Wants Character, She Wants New in Austin, Texas N/A
996 53x40 19/Mar/2014 Young Couple Trades DC Lifestyle for Slow Paced Charlottesville N/A
997 53x41 20/Mar/2014 A Young Couple Learns the Realities of House Hunting in L.A. N/A
998 53x42 26/Mar/2014 Walking the Line Between Boyfriend and Agent N/A
999 53x43 27/Mar/2014 Orlando Bodybuilders Seek House With Workout Space N/A
1000 53x44 01/Apr/2014 1000th Episode: That's So House Hunters N/A
1001 53x45 02/Apr/2014 Alabama Car Enthusiasts Seek Home With Huge Garage N/A
1002 53x46 04/Apr/2014 Crime Scene Investigator Snoops Out San Francisco N/A
1003 53x47 08/Apr/2014 Woman Seeks Home Near Her Big Greek Family N/A
1004 53x48 09/Apr/2014 Modern vs. Traditional in Phoenix N/A
1005 53x49 10/Apr/2014 Very Opinionated Friends House Hunt in Dallas N/A
1006 53x50 15/Apr/2014 East Coast Couple Move Down South to Alabama N/A
1007 53x51 16/Apr/2014 Leaving Cold Kentucky Winters for Sun and Surf in Myrtle Beach N/A
1008 53x52 18/Apr/2014 High Expectations in Suburban Ft. Worth N/A
1009 53x53 21/Apr/2014 Fixer-Upper vs. Move-In Ready in New Jersey N/A
1010 53x54 22/Apr/2014 Seattle Couple Spars Over Style in Seattle N/A
1011 53x55 23/Apr/2014 San Diego Surfer Wants the Beach But Wife Wants the Burbs N/A
1012 53x56 24/Apr/2014 A Young New Yorker Brings Mom Along for House Hunt in the Big Apple N/A
1013 53x57 05/May/2014 Two Guys Move Back to Their Native Detroit N/A
1014 53x58 06/May/2014 Not Waiting for Mr. Right in New Hampshire N/A
1015 53x59 07/May/2014 Couple Debate Wants Home With School Bus Parking In Durham N/A
1016 53x60 08/May/2014 Moving From Malaysia to Houston for a Home N/A
1017 53x61 12/May/2014 Twenty-somethings Want Retirement Lifestyle in Naples, Florida N/A
1018 53x62 13/May/2014 Bachelor Pad vs. Family Friendly in Chicago N/A
1019 53x63 14/May/2014 Big Kitchen and Basement Needed in Boulder N/A
1020 53x64 15/May/2014 McMansion vs. Townhouse in Baltimore N/A
1021 53x65 19/May/2014 Style Battle Near Downtown Kansas City N/A
1022 53x66 20/May/2014 Searching for Wow Factor in the Atlanta Suburbs N/A
1023 53x67 21/May/2014 Phoenix Couple With Four Dogs Downsizes from the Suburbs to the City N/A
1024 53x68 22/May/2014 Founders of a Church Seek Large Home in Sin City N/A
1025 53x69 26/May/2014 Alabama Family Seeks Lakeside Vacation Home N/A
1026 53x70 28/May/2014 Central California Firefighter Refuses to Live Near High School Rival N/A
1027 53x71 03/Jun/2014 A Los Angeles Compromise N/A
1028 53x72 04/Jun/2014 Tea Room Needed in North Carolina N/A
1029 53x73 05/Jun/2014 Single Woman Priced Out of L.A. Looks for a Unique Home In Phoenix N/A
1030 53x74 08/Jun/2014 High End on a Budget in Brevard County, Florida N/A
1031 53x75 09/Jun/2014 Family Has High Standards and Big Budget in Atlanta N/A
1032 53x76 11/Jun/2014 Young Couple Searches for the Perfect Baltimore Row Home N/A
1033 53x77 15/Jun/2014 Turn-Key vs. Fixer in San Diego N/A
1034 53x78 18/Jun/2014 Couple Disagrees on Ranch vs. Two-story in Jacksonville, Florida N/A
1035 53x79 22/Jun/2014 Looking for a Historic Connecticut Home With No Ghosts N/A
1036 53x80 25/Jun/2014 Growing Family Looks for Upgrades and RV Space in California N/A
1037 53x81 29/Jun/2014 Historic Chicago Bungalows and Gut Jobs N/A
1038 53x82 01/Jul/2014 A Tale of Two Styles in the Mile High City N/A
1039 53x83 02/Jul/2014 Comic Book Fan Wants Nerd Nook in Quaint Westerville, Ohio N/A
1040 53x84 03/Jul/2014 Safety or Style in Pensacola, FL N/A
1041 53x85 06/Jul/2014 Looking for a Houseboat in Seattle N/A

 Season 54(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
0 54x00 Unknown Cave Me, Maybe in Coober Pedy, Australia N/A
0 54x00 Unknown Let Me See Bhutan N/A
0 54x00 Unknown Hasta Finca Bellavista, Baby N/A
1042 54x01 08/Jul/2014 Buying a House With History in Brattleboro, Vermont N/A
1043 54x02 09/Jul/2014 Young Couple Resists the Burbs in Chicago N/A
1044 54x03 10/Jul/2014 First-Time Buyers in the Philadelphia Suburbs N/A
1045 54x04 13/Jul/2014 Modern vs. Craftsman in Durham N/A
1046 54x05 20/Jul/2014 D.C. Couple Disagrees on Condo vs. House N/A
1047 54x06 22/Jul/2014 Toledo Couple Disagrees on City Loft vs. Suburban Dream N/A
1048 54x07 23/Jul/2014 Upsizing to a Dream Home in Tulsa N/A
1049 54x08 24/Jul/2014 History Buff Seeks Loft in Chicago N/A
1050 54x09 27/Jul/2014 New Orleans Newlyweds Seek Historic Charm and Character N/A
1051 54x10 29/Jul/2014 Young Couple Looks for a Family-friendly and Trendy Home in L.A. N/A
1052 54x11 31/Jul/2014 Vintage Craftsman vs. High-Rise in Dallas N/A
1053 54x12 03/Aug/2014 Looking for Home in Hawaiian Paradise N/A
1054 54x13 05/Aug/2014 Chicago Neat Freaks Seek Big City Condo N/A
1055 54x14 06/Aug/2014 Couple Looks For a Taste of the Tropics in the Desert N/A
1056 54x15 10/Aug/2014 Newlyweds Seek All Brick House in Columbia, South Carolina N/A
1057 54x16 11/Aug/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Walnut Creek, California; Seattle; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina N/A
1058 54x17 12/Aug/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Czech Republic; California desert; New Jersey N/A
1059 54x18 13/Aug/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Marrakesh, Morocco; Phoenix, AZ; Austin, TX N/A
1060 54x19 14/Aug/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Florida; Toledo, Ohio N/A
1061 54x20 15/Aug/2014 House Hunters: Where Are They Now? - Jonesboro, Arkasas; Caribbean island of St. Maarten; Macungie, Pennsylvania; Salt Lake City N/A
1062 54x21 17/Aug/2014 Cool vs Classic in Small Town Arkansas N/A
1063 54x22 20/Aug/2014 Family of Five Looks for Affordable Home in Clermont, Florida N/A
1064 54x23 21/Aug/2014 Historic Charmer or Sleek Bachelor Pad in L.A. N/A
1065 54x24 22/Aug/2014 Church Members Seek Large Home in Sin City N/A
1066 54x25 24/Aug/2014 Single Mom Seeks Dream Home in Fayetteville, Georgia N/A
1067 54x26 25/Aug/2014 Where There's a Will There's Norway N/A
1068 54x27 26/Aug/2014 A Marine Pilot and His Wife Seek Home in Beaufort, SC N/A
1069 54x28 26/Aug/2014 Goodbye City Life, Hello Haida Gwaii, British Columbia N/A
1070 54x29 27/Aug/2014 Chicago Couple Seeks Condo With No Chandeliers N/A
1071 54x30 31/Aug/2014 Couple Disagrees on Ideal Location for Florida Home N/A
1072 54x31 01/Sep/2014 Romanian Ex-Pats Buy Dream Beach House in Hawaii N/A
1073 54x32 02/Sep/2014 Two Guys Battle Over Loft vs. House in Indianapolis N/A
1074 54x33 03/Sep/2014 Young Couple Loves Old West Charm in Sheridan, Wyoming N/A
1075 54x34 04/Sep/2014 Searching for a Unique Home in Pennsylvania N/A
1076 54x35 05/Sep/2014 Key West vs. Spanish in Wilmington, North Carolina N/A
1077 54x36 08/Sep/2014 Young Chicago Couple Seeks Ranch or Bungalow N/A
1078 54x37 09/Sep/2014 Atlanta Couple Decide Between Modern Condo or Euro Charm N/A
1079 54x38 10/Sep/2014 Boise Couple Locked in Country vs. Suburbs Showdown N/A
1080 54x39 11/Sep/2014 Couple Searches For a Historic Looking Home With Charm and Character in Dallas N/A
1081 54x40 12/Sep/2014 Phoenix Couple Seeks House in Center of Town N/A
1082 54x41 15/Sep/2014 Army Staff Sergeant Wants it All in the DC Area N/A
1083 54x42 16/Sep/2014 New Orleans Couple Seeks House Full of Historic Character N/A
1084 54x43 17/Sep/2014 Ohio Couple Disagrees on Old Home vs. Brand New N/A
1085 54x44 18/Sep/2014 Exotic Cars and 3 Million Dollar Homes in L.A.'s Pacific Palisades N/A
1086 54x45 19/Sep/2014 Contemporary vs. Quirky in Denver N/A
1087 54x46 22/Sep/2014 Million Dollar Budget in the City by the Bay N/A
1088 54x47 23/Sep/2014 Seeking Prom Picture Perfect Home in Upstate NY N/A
1089 54x48 24/Sep/2014 Young Doctors Disagree in Houston N/A
1090 54x49 25/Sep/2014 An Illinois Couple Searches For a Large Home With Character N/A
1091 54x50 26/Sep/2014 Couple Decides Between Virginia Beach or Out in the Burbs N/A
1092 54x51 29/Sep/2014 Victorian vs. Craftsman in Salt Lake City N/A
1093 54x52 30/Sep/2014 Sisters Disagree on High-rise vs. Brownstone in Chicago N/A
1094 54x53 01/Oct/2014 New Yorkers Head to Arizona for Square Footage and Peace N/A
1095 54x54 02/Oct/2014 Leaving the D.C. Suburbs for Kansas City N/A
1096 54x55 03/Oct/2014 Atlanta Twenty-Something Looks for an Industrial Loft N/A
1097 54x56 06/Oct/2014 Twenty-somethings Debate Condo or House in San Diego N/A
1098 54x57 07/Oct/2014 A Maryland Couple Looking For A House Has Her Mom Help In The Search N/A
1099 54x58 08/Oct/2014 Oklahoma City Dad Torn Between City Loft and Suburbs N/A
1100 54x59 09/Oct/2014 Space Needed in Austin for Dancing and Acrobatic Yoga N/A
1101 54x60 10/Oct/2014 Southern Californians Escape to a Slower Life in Salem, Oregon N/A
1102 54x61 13/Oct/2014 Contemporary vs. Traditional in Chicago N/A
1103 54x62 14/Oct/2014 Twenty-Two Year Old Seeks Victorian Fixer-Upper in Pittsburgh N/A
1104 54x63 15/Oct/2014 Wanting it All in Venice Beach N/A
1105 54x64 16/Oct/2014 CEO Wants an Impressive Home in Charlotte N/A
1106 54x65 17/Oct/2014 Couple Searches for Vacation Cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee N/A
1107 54x66 20/Oct/2014 Twenty-Somethings Debate Family Home vs. Short Term in Denver N/A
1108 54x67 21/Oct/2014 On the Hunt for a Family Home in Lake Villa, Illinois N/A
1109 54x68 22/Oct/2014 Young Couple Debate Country vs. Subdivision Life In Louisiana N/A
1110 54x69 23/Oct/2014 Football Fans Search for Passing Space in Alabama N/A
1111 54x70 24/Oct/2014 Tampa Couple Look for Mediterranean and Colonial Style Homes N/A
1112 54x71 27/Oct/2014 Former Marine Searches For First Home Near San Diego N/A
1113 54x72 28/Oct/2014 Family Seeks Big Home With Room to Adopt in Virginia N/A
1114 54x73 29/Oct/2014 Newlyweds Debate Southwestern Style of Las Cruces, New Mexico N/A
1115 54x74 30/Oct/2014 Penthouse vs. Classic Brownstone in Chicago N/A

 Unknown Season(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
0 01 31/Aug/2006 Italian Apartment Search
0 02 30/Aug/2006 Balham Bound
0 03 29/Aug/2006 Picking a Paris Pad
0 04 28/Aug/2006 Montreal Home for a Newborn
0 05 28/Aug/2006 Planting Spanish Roots
0 06 09/Sep/2005 London Loft Wanted
0 07 22/Sep/2005 Leaving for the City of Lights
0 08 23/Sep/2006 Madrid Move
0 09 31/Aug/2006 Toronto Condo Search
0 10 21/Sep/2005 Campaign Costa Rica
0 11 05/Nov/2007 Peace and Quiet in Vegas?
0 12 06/Nov/2007 Rolling the Dice
0 13 07/Nov/2007 Bright Lights, Big City
0 14 08/Nov/2007 Make Room for Granddaughter
0 15 09/Nov/2007 A Place in the Sun
1 16 03/Mar/2008 High-Dollar Homes in Hawaii
2 17 04/Mar/2008 Million-Dollar Vegas Homes
3 18 05/Mar/2008 High-Dollar Homes in Naples
4 19 06/Mar/2008 Million-Dollar Savannah Homes
5 20 07/Mar/2008 High-Dollar Homes in Scarsdale
6 21 14/Apr/2008 Buying a House in the Bay City
7 22 15/Apr/2008 So Long, So. Cal
8 23 16/Apr/2008 Happily Ever After in Dallas
9 24 17/Apr/2008 Looking in Nashville
10 25 18/Apr/2008 Ready to Buy
11 26 16/Jun/2008 Vacation Home on Cape Cod
12 27 17/Jun/2008 Looking for a Lake Home
13 28 18/Jun/2008 A Home in the Keys
14 29 19/Jun/2008 Tired of the Cold
15 30 20/Jun/2008 Beach Bound
16 31 03/Mar/2009 Looking for a Condo Close to the Heart of Nashville
17 32 04/Mar/2009 With Twin Boys, A New York City Couple Looks for Homes in New Jersey

S48 - #120/Nov/2011Great Escapes7
S50 - #220/Jul/2012Best of Europe7

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