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Season 37

37x?? - Back to One, in Berlin

A couple look for a property in Berlin.

839 :37x03 - Cambodia For Kids

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842 :37x06 - All The Way to Galway

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843 :37x07 - Going to Catalonia for a Barcelona Flat

A recent college graduate gets the help from a friend, and local, to find a flat in Barcelona, Spain.

Source: HGTV

844 :37x08 - Landing a Home in San Juan, Puerto Rico

A man wants to move his family to San Juan, Puerto Rico, so his sons can share in their heritage, but his wish list differs from his wife's.

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845 :37x09 - It Takes Tulips to Tango

A couple leaves North London for a job opportunity in Amsterdam, and they must find a house with outdoor space for their children.

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846 :37x10 - Tuscany Way You Want It

Karl is an airline pilot from Sweden and his wife Aude is a graphic designer from France. They met in Hong Kong and because their jobs allow them to settle virtually anywhere they want, they've been living in Girona, Spain. But now these citizens of the world have a young daughter and another baby on the way, and they've decided they'd rather raise their kids in the remote hills of Tuscany. Aude wants a home with no neighbors in the middle of nowhere, but Karl has to live close to the airport for work. Find out if they can get everything they need as House Hunters International visits Tuscany, Italy.

Source: HGTV

848 :37x12 - Brussels In Your Hedgerow

Ever since he spent time abroad as a college student, Reid has wanted to return to Europe. Now 10 years later, he's happily accepting a job transfer to Brussels, Belgium.

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849 :37x13 - Looking for Room to be Wild in the Australian Bush

A couple want a property in the Australian Bush.

850 :37x14 - We're Sure in Turin

A couple look for a property in Turin.

851 :37x15 - Not Too Fast Not Too Slovenia

Andrew and his wife Natasha have been living in Seattle with their children, but Andrew's work involves operating a tour business in various cities across Europe. The business is based in Slovenia, and Andrew feels that Slovenia closely resembles the America he grew up in and would be the ideal place to live and raise his kids. But his wife Natasha, who came to the states from Russia, has already made one big move across the globe and is reluctant to jump headlong into another. While Andrew wants to live near the city for work, Natasha is adamant about settling in a more rural area so the kids can run outside and play without her having to worry. See whose wishlist gets fulfilled as House Hunters International tours through Slovenia.

Source: HGTV

852 :37x16 - Puerto Plata da Vida

Glenn and Lisa's three kids will all soon be off to college and they're beginning to think about the next phase in their lives. Glenn works hard to keep his construction business running, and he's looking forward to buying a place where he can relax, retire and reconnect with his wife. But Lisa has different ideas. She wants a place where they can bring the whole family together and has dreams of living right on the beach, a dream that Glenn knows could cost enough to push retirement back over the horizon. See which sensibility prevails when House Hunters International visits Puerto Plata of the Dominican Republic.

Source: HGTV

853 :37x17 - Walking Through the Doorway of Africa, Dakar, Senegal

A couple look for a property in Dakar, Senegal.

854 :37x18 - Tropical Medical School In Grenada

After a late decision regarding his future, a young man must find a home in Grenada where he can pursue his new career path.

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855 :37x19 - Puerto Vallarta For Now and The Future

After spending time abroad in college, a man returns to Europe a decade later for a job opportunity in Brussels, Belgium.

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856 :37x20 - A Couple from Boston Fear Rocking the Relationship Boat with a Move to St. Thomas

K.J. had a great life and close network of friends in Boston, MA, his home for 16-years. But the city's traffic jams and cold winters were becoming unbearable, and he craved a change of pace and warmer climate. K.J. dreamed of moving to the Caribbean to start a small business, and hoped his girlfriend Kate would come along. When he approached the subject of relocating, Kate threw caution to the wind and agreed, and soon after the couple were bidding farewell to family, friends and their careers. Deciding an American territory was the easiest place to start a business, the duo set their sights on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. But once they arrived, it became clear, they were split on where to call home.

Source: HGTV

857 :37x21 - Settling Down in Hong Kong

A traveling couple must find their first permanent home in Hong Kong after a career opportunity arises.

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858 :37x24 - Home on the Dandenong Ranges

A man moves his family from Melbourne to the developing Dandenong Ranges mountain community in Australia.

Source: HGTV

859 :37x25 - Keep the City Just Give Me That Countryside

When a job opportunity gives a family a chance to move to Spain, they become interested in the artists' village, Sitges.

Source: HGTV

861 :37x25 - Imagine Being Invited to Izmir

Irma is an American with Eastern European Roots whose recent studies in international business have led to a full time instructor position at Izmir's Space Camp Turkey. Despite having a multinational background, she will be immersed in a completely new culture. Along with her roommate and colleague, Taylor, these two will have to find a living space that is close to Space Camp and can accommodate their vegan lifestyle. Real Estate Agent Didem Gulsoy will have to reach for the stars to find the perfect home for Irma and Taylor when House Hunters International goes to Izmir, Turkey.

Source: HGTV

862 :37x26 - Swansea Scheme

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863 :37x27 - Old City Eco-Challenge in Athens

A property in Athens is looked for.

865 :37x29 - From Taxis to Tuk Tuks

Wanting to connect to her roots, American born Nanda is leaving behind a lucrative Wall Street career to be part of Cambodia's promising future. The move is a hit to her pocket, but Nanda sees a silver lining. She's looking forward to the inexpensive quiet space she never had in New York City. But her friend, fellow former New Yorker Vanna, thinks Nanda might be in over her head. The capital city Phnom Penh is growing right along with property prices. With Nanda's modest budget, real estate agent Srun Sophea knows his client can't have it all. Watch worlds collide as Nanda plugs in to Cambodia's future, in Phnom Penh.

Source: HGTV

866 :37x30 - Breaking Wiesbaden

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868 :37x32 - Going Back to Gurgaon, India

A move to Gurgaon, India, by a couple who are split when it comes to sacrificing Western amenities in order to embrace authentic Indian style.

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869 :37x33 - A New Home and a New Baby in Aberdeen, Scotland

A research chemist accepts a job in Aberdeen, Scotland, where he and his wife find a beautiful home, but to secure it they must take part in a blind-bidding auction as they await the arrival of a new baby.

Source: HGTV

870 :37x34 - Everything's Different Now, That's Just What You Are

A move to Brisbane, Australia, to become the general manager of a baseball team.

Source: HGTV

871 :37x35 - I Left My Harp in Denver

A married couple moves abroad to Japan after wanting to live overseas their whole lives.

872 :37x36 - Chiang Mai Fair Lady

A woman turns a birthday trip into a long-term commitment when she takes a job at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Now that she is living in Chiang Mai, she needs to find a house.

873 :37x37 - Grabbing Hold of Love and Life in Goa

A couple look for a property in Goa.

874 :37x38 - This Lund is Your Lund

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875 :37x39 - Big Family, Small Caribbean Island, in Sint Eustatius

A family look for a property in Sint Eustatius.

877 :37x41 - Opposing Opinions on St. Thomas

A couple look for a property in St. Thomas.

879 :37x43 - Mom Leeds the Way to a New Life in the UK

Mom Leeds the Way to a New Life in the UK.

Source: HGTV

880 :37x44 - TBA

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881 :37x45 - A Family's First Home in Arusha, Tanzania

A family look for a property in Arusha, Tanzania.

882 :37x46 - Horsing Around in Garabito, Costa Rica

A couple look for a property in Garabito, Costa Rico.

883 :37x47 - Back to One, in Berlin

A couple look for a property in Berlin.

884 :37x48 - What I Would Do For Love In New Delhi

A couple look for a property in New Delhi.

885 :37x49 - Moaning and Groningen

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886 :37x50 - Saving a Nest Egg in Rural Malaysia

A couple look for a property in Malaysia.

887 :37x51 - Here Today, Yangon Tomorrow, All My Bags Are PackedÂ…

A couple look for a property in Yangon.

892 :37x56 - TBA

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893 :37x57 - Nothing Toulouse

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897 :37x61 - Hey La Serena

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900 :37x64 - TBA

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901 :37x65 - TBA

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