Season 8

89 :08x01 - A Couple Plans to Open a Restaurant in Costa Rica and Searches for Homes

An engaged couple feel in love with the people of Costa Rica, and would like to open a restaurant in the Central Valley area. Now he and his fiance are looking for a home there with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and lots of room for guests - including visiting chefs.

90 :08x04 - A Couple with a Restaurant and Hotel in Nicaragua Search for a New Home

A couple who own a restaurant in Popoyo, Nicaragua, have decided that they are ready to begin a family, so they wanna move from living at their workplace. They want a home near the beach and with a great view.

95 :08x07 - Hola, Mexico!

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92 :08x08 - Seeking a Home on the Mediterranean Island of Malta

Michelle Attard is beginning a new life and would like to call Mediterranean island of Malta her new home. She is renting a two-bedroom, top-floor apartment with a terrace on top that has a view of Malta. Now, she wants to buy a home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a two-car garage, an open floor plan, a large kitchen for entertaining and an outdoor space for the summer months.

96 :08x08 - Tough to Find in Tokyo

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93 :08x09 - An English Couple Searches for a Home in a Spanish Village

John Lenihan and Martin Connor of Brighton, England would love to move to Comares, Spain, a mountain top village as their permanent residence. They are hoping to find a home with at least two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen with plenty of storage and a large enough yard to grow a Mediterranean type garden.

94 :08x09 - A Couple Searches for a Home in Umbria for Them and Their Children

Jan and Cameron would like to find a home in Amelia of the Umbrian region of Italy, which maybe a challenge due to the age of the homes and that they are all need of repair. Their goal is to find a home in the countryside with plenty of room for their children to play outside and for a vegetable garden. Cameron is also excited to have a laundry room which will hold her first dryer in nearly ten years. With a realtors help, Jan and Cameron hope to find a diamond in the rough.

97 :08x09 - Dive In

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98 :08x10 - Spain Is Calling

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99 :08x11 - Cabo San Lucas

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