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House Hunters International

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 Season 36(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
648 36x01 01/Jan/2014 Loving Every Bit of St. Kitts 8
649 36x02 02/Jan/2014 A Place in the Sun on the Croatian Island of Korcula 8
650 36x03 06/Jan/2014 Revisiting Historic Renovations in Italy and France N/A
651 36x04 07/Jan/2014 Revisiting Remote Renovations in Australia, New Zealand and Panama N/A
652 36x05 08/Jan/2014 Revisiting Big Renovations in the South of France N/A
653 36x06 09/Jan/2014 Revisiting Euro Renovations in Berlin, Copenhagen and Slovenia N/A
654 36x07 10/Jan/2014 Revisiting Latin Renovations in Belize, Panama and Mexico N/A
655 36x08 13/Jan/2014 San Juan-a-be Startin' Somethin' N/A
656 36x09 14/Jan/2014 There's No Place like a Vacation Home N/A
657 36x10 16/Jan/2014 Some Uninterrupted Face Time in a Peaceful Seaside Village in Southern Italy N/A
658 36x11 21/Jan/2014 California Dreaming in Chioggia, Italy N/A
659 36x12 22/Jan/2014 It Takes Two to Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina N/A
660 36x13 23/Jan/2014 On the road again to Vevey, Switzerland N/A
661 36x14 28/Jan/2014 Geologists Uproot their Kids from Australia to Tackle New Ground in Ghana N/A
662 36x15 29/Jan/2014 Entrepreneurs Revisit Their Colombian Roots to Start a Pet Store in Medellin's Emerging Marketplace N/A
663 36x16 30/Jan/2014 Embracing Roots in Hong Kong, China N/A
664 36x17 03/Feb/2014 A Couple Seeks to Jumpstart a Renaissance in Italy's Celebrated City of New Beginnings, Florence N/A
665 36x18 04/Feb/2014 Going the Distance to Bridge the Gap in Montevideo, Uruguay N/A
666 36x19 05/Feb/2014 Head Over High Heels for a Home in Andorra N/A
667 36x20 06/Feb/2014 A Family Retraces Dad's Roots As They Balance Korean, American, and German Heritages in Aalen N/A
668 36x21 10/Feb/2014 Financing the Endless Summer in Nosara, Costa Rica N/A
669 36x22 11/Feb/2014 Lady in Reading N/A
670 36x23 12/Feb/2014 Snowbird Sanctuary in Huatulco, Mexico N/A
671 36x24 13/Feb/2014 A Couple Starts Fresh in Denmark N/A
672 36x25 20/Feb/2014 How Grenoble of You N/A
673 36x26 24/Feb/2014 A Couple Hopes to Find Parisian Property N/A
674 36x27 25/Feb/2014 After a Lifetime of Longing, a Husband Convinces his Wife to Leave London and Set Sail to Roseau N/A
675 36x28 26/Feb/2014 Italian Dream for Party of Eleven, In Veneto N/A
676 36x29 27/Feb/2014 Family Time in Roatan, Honduras N/A
677 36x30 03/Mar/2014 A Winery Brings Napa to Eastbourne N/A
678 36x31 04/Mar/2014 Longing for the Sea, Two Brits Invest Their Savings in Montenegro's Budding Real Estate Market N/A
679 36x32 05/Mar/2014 Small Town Teachers Tackle Culture Shock as they Hunt for a Family Friendly Home in Ho Chi Minh City N/A
680 36x33 06/Mar/2014 Bad To The Baden-Wurttemberg N/A
681 36x34 10/Mar/2014 To Rent Out or Not To Rent Out in Aruba N/A
682 36x35 11/Mar/2014 Pet Peeves in Belize N/A
683 36x36 12/Mar/2014 Keep Guam and Carry On N/A
684 36x37 13/Mar/2014 A Piece of Paradise in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico N/A
685 36x38 18/Mar/2014 Looking for a Cosmopolitan Lifestyle in Madrid N/A
686 36x39 20/Mar/2014 Leaving it all for London N/A
687 36x40 25/Mar/2014 Under the Tuscan Gun in Lucca, Italy N/A
688 36x41 26/Mar/2014 A Retirement Dream Come True N/A
689 36x42 27/Mar/2014 Seeking A Swede Pad In Stockholm N/A
690 36x43 03/Apr/2014 It's a Complicated Situation on the Jersey Shore N/A
691 36x44 04/Apr/2014 San Juan-a-be Startin' Somethin' N/A
692 36x45 08/Apr/2014 From Northeast to Far East N/A
693 36x46 10/Apr/2014 Amsterdam the Torpedoes N/A
694 36x47 15/Apr/2014 Nice To Be Back in France N/A
695 36x48 17/Apr/2014 Trouble with Traffic in Jakarta, Indonesia N/A
696 36x49 18/Apr/2014 Head Over High Heels for a Home in Andorra N/A
697 36x50 28/Apr/2014 A Doting Husband Shocks His Wife by Proposing a Move to Mexico, But Her Answer is the Real Surprise N/A
698 36x51 29/Apr/2014 Accustomed to Living Large, Texans Tackle London's Small Spaces N/A
699 36x52 30/Apr/2014 Spacious-Living Shannon versus Budget-Conscious Chris in Trieste, Italy N/A
700 36x53 01/May/2014 Out With the Old, in With the Newcastle N/A
701 36x54 05/May/2014 Rotterdam, I wish I was your Lover N/A
702 36x55 06/May/2014 Whole Granada Shakin' Goin' On N/A
703 36x56 07/May/2014 Trading Tee Shirts for Tea Shops, from Florida to Leeds N/A
704 36x57 08/May/2014 Fresh Out of France with Masters' Degrees, Minnesotans Move to Bogota to Bank on its Business Boom N/A
705 36x58 12/May/2014 Detour in Life to Greenland N/A
706 36x59 13/May/2014 Full Court Cyprus N/A
707 36x60 14/May/2014 Divorced Bikers Fall in Love and Leave Texas for a Clean Break in Belize N/A
708 36x61 15/May/2014 Extended Asian Adventure in Chengdu, China N/A
709 36x62 20/May/2014 Microfinance in Mongolia N/A
710 36x63 21/May/2014 Globe Trottin' to Wiesbaden N/A
711 36x64 22/May/2014 Mining for Golden Properties in La Serena, Chile N/A
712 36x65 29/May/2014 Wacko for Jaco N/A
713 36x66 03/Jun/2014 A Family Moves to Mom's Home Country N/A
714 36x67 05/Jun/2014 It had to be Utrecht N/A
715 36x68 08/Jun/2014 Tired of California's Crowded Beaches, a Couple Invests in a Surfside Home in Rosarito Beach, Mexico N/A
716 36x69 09/Jun/2014 A Creative Family Refocuses on Charity Work In Hopes of Doing Some Good in Puerto Escondido, Mexico N/A
717 36x70 10/Jun/2014 Captivated with Costa Blanca, Spain N/A
718 36x71 11/Jun/2014 Californians Find Paradise in Costa Rica N/A
719 36x72 12/Jun/2014 DIYreland N/A
720 36x73 15/Jun/2014 Moving to Easter Island to Reconnect With Nature, Family, and The Past at the Edge of the World N/A
721 36x74 17/Jun/2014 So Close Yet Sofia N/A
722 36x75 18/Jun/2014 A Return to Roots in Rosarito N/A
723 36x76 19/Jun/2014 Love on the Rocks with No Ice in Competa, Spain N/A
724 36x77 22/Jun/2014 Divided In Berlin N/A
725 36x78 23/Jun/2014 Teaching Yoga and Meeting Vikings in Amsterdam N/A
726 36x79 24/Jun/2014 A South African Fights First-Time Buying Fears in Pricey Perth, Australia N/A
727 36x80 25/Jun/2014 Confusion in County Kildare, Ireland N/A
728 36x81 26/Jun/2014 Indecision in Brussels, Belgium N/A
729 36x82 29/Jun/2014 The Dock of the Beijing N/A
730 36x83 01/Jul/2014 A New Home On A New Beach N/A
731 36x84 02/Jul/2014 Nothing's Perth-ect N/A
732 36x85 03/Jul/2014 Midwesterners Go Coastal in Mexico N/A
733 36x86 06/Jul/2014 Beachfront on a Budget in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic N/A
734 36x87 09/Jul/2014 Secret Santa Elena N/A
735 36x88 10/Jul/2014 A Taste for Paris N/A
736 36x89 13/Jul/2014 Fear of Driving on the Left in Brisbane, Australia N/A
737 36x90 16/Jul/2014 Stressed in Bucharest, Romania N/A
738 36x91 17/Jul/2014 Barcelona or Bust N/A
739 36x92 20/Jul/2014 Punta de Mita Retirement N/A
740 36x93 21/Jul/2014 Revisiting Big Renovations in the South of France N/A
741 36x94 22/Jul/2014 Revisiting Euro Renovations in Berlin, Copenhagen and Slovenia N/A
742 36x95 23/Jul/2014 Revisiting Latin Renovations in Belize, Panama and Mexico N/A
743 36x96 24/Jul/2014 Revisiting Historic Renovations in Italy and France N/A
744 36x97 25/Jul/2014 Revisiting Remote Renovations in Australia, New Zealand and Panama N/A
745 36x98 27/Jul/2014 Renovating History for a Taste of the Simple Life in Piedmont, Italy N/A
746 36x99 28/Jul/2014 Bad To The Baden-Wurttemberg N/A
747 36x100 29/Jul/2014 Seeking the Ideal Location in Warsaw, Poland N/A
748 36x101 31/Jul/2014 Ecua-Do or Ecua-Don't in Esmeraldas, Ecuador N/A
749 36x102 03/Aug/2014 Surfside Bikini Startup versus Student Budget on Australia's Gold Coast N/A
750 36x103 07/Aug/2014 Finding Happiness in Paris N/A
751 36x104 10/Aug/2014 Ansbach To The Future N/A
752 36x105 11/Aug/2014 To Athens with Love N/A
753 36x106 13/Aug/2014 Building Bonds in Brno, Czech Republic N/A
754 36x107 14/Aug/2014 All's Well That Ends Wellington N/A
755 36x108 17/Aug/2014 Desperately Seeking Siam, in Koh Samui, Thailand N/A
756 36x109 19/Aug/2014 A Young Couple Struggles with a Budget too Small for their Dutch Desires in Amsterdam N/A
757 36x110 21/Aug/2014 Leaving The USA For A Lifestyle Shift On The Mornington Peninsula, Australia N/A
758 36x111 24/Aug/2014 A Family Flees Canada to Afford Living Off One Income in Asuncion, Paraguay N/A
759 36x112 31/Aug/2014 Let the Sunshine in San Carlos N/A
760 36x113 01/Sep/2014 Headed for Jaco N/A
761 36x114 02/Sep/2014 All for One, Five for San Juan N/A
762 36x115 04/Sep/2014 Traveling Campania N/A
763 36x116 05/Sep/2014 Finding an Idyllic Island Home in the Marshall Islands N/A
764 36x117 08/Sep/2014 Wisconsinites Hoping to Settle in Auckland Must Consider Buying a Home off the Auction Block N/A
765 36x118 09/Sep/2014 Emptying The Nest In Puerto Vallarta N/A
766 36x119 10/Sep/2014 A Newly Married Couple Discover Life in North-Eastern South Africa Means Cohabiting with Wild Game N/A
767 36x120 11/Sep/2014 A New Take On Talca, Chile N/A
768 36x121 12/Sep/2014 Saving Monet in Stockholm N/A
769 36x122 15/Sep/2014 Putting Down Roots in Sao Paulo, Brazil N/A
770 36x123 16/Sep/2014 Tuscany Way You Want It N/A
771 36x124 17/Sep/2014 Puppy Problems in Perth N/A
772 36x125 18/Sep/2014 Early Retirement is Gonna Cost Ya, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica N/A
773 36x126 19/Sep/2014 New Jobs and Roommates in Madrid, Spain N/A
774 36x127 22/Sep/2014 Californians sell their Vineyard to Afford a Summer Home on the Costly Cote d'Azur N/A
775 36x128 23/Sep/2014 Writing the Book of Bermuda On One Income N/A
776 36x129 24/Sep/2014 Living the Surfers Dream in Bali N/A
777 36x130 25/Sep/2014 Growing Pains in Rotterdam, Netherlands N/A
778 36x131 26/Sep/2014 A Taste of Your Own Medellin N/A
779 36x132 29/Sep/2014 City Home versus Country Home in Bangor, Wales N/A
780 36x133 30/Sep/2014 Seeking Creature Comforts in the Remote Marshall Islands N/A
781 36x134 01/Oct/2014 Thrown Under the Brussels N/A
782 36x135 02/Oct/2014 The Seeds We Sao Paulo N/A
783 36x136 03/Oct/2014 Canary Islands Conundrum, in Tenerife N/A
784 36x137 06/Oct/2014 From Taxis to Tuk Tuks N/A
785 36x138 07/Oct/2014 Have Helsingborg Will Travel N/A
786 36x139 08/Oct/2014 Croatia, All I Ever Wanted N/A
787 36x140 09/Oct/2014 Californians Find out First Hand Why Melbourne is one of the Priciest Places to Live N/A
788 36x141 10/Oct/2014 Pumped to Experience Pretoria N/A
789 36x142 13/Oct/2014 Bearish or Bullish in Medellin, Colombia N/A
790 36x143 14/Oct/2014 Striking A Chord In Zurich, Switzerland N/A
791 36x144 15/Oct/2014 Man vs. Math vs. Wife, For The Caribbean Dream Home N/A
792 36x145 16/Oct/2014 Snapshot of City Life in Paris, France N/A
793 36x146 17/Oct/2014 Changing Plans for Love in Roatan N/A

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Premiere: March 06, 2006
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