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208 25x01 19/Jun/2011 Family-friendly living in Hellerup, Denmark
209 25x02 26/Jun/2011 Historic Country Homes in Normandy
210 25x03 03/Jul/2011 Homecoming in Yerevan, Armenia
211 25x04 10/Jul/2011 Quality time on the Gold Coast of Australia
212 25x05 17/Jul/2011 A fresh start in Montevideo
213 25x06 24/Jul/2011 A Gem in Antwerp, Belgium
214 25x07 31/Jul/2011 Mode in Mediterranean Malta
215 25x08 07/Aug/2011 Provencial Dreams in Provence, France
216 25x09 14/Aug/2011 Settling down on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia
217 25x10 21/Aug/2011 Finding a Home in Jakarta
218 25x11 28/Aug/2011 Destined for Dominica, The Nature Isle
219 25x12 04/Sep/2011 Looking For a Rental Home With a Sea View in Beautiful Bermuda
221 25x14 18/Sep/2011 Dreaming in Dubai, U.A.E.
222 25x15 25/Sep/2011 A fresh start in Montevideo
223 25x16 02/Oct/2011 Single professional relocates to Amsterdam
224 25x17 09/Oct/2011 A Family of 8 Relocates to New Zealand
225 25x18 16/Oct/2011 Braving Budapest, Hungary
226 25x19 23/Oct/2011 Bridging Cultural Divides in Istanbul
227 25x20 30/Oct/2011 Uprooting to Uppsala, Sweden
228 25x21 06/Nov/2011 Woman Relocates to Singapore
229 25x22 13/Nov/2011 Building a Business in Bali, Indonesia
230 25x23 27/Nov/2011 Reconnecting with someone special in Cairns, Australia
231 25x24 04/Dec/2011 Worldly Couple Braves it in Tanzania
232 25x25 11/Dec/2011 The Wild Side of House Hunting in Remote South Africa
233 25x26 18/Dec/2011 New Yorkers take on Luxembourg
234 25x27 08/Jan/2012 Native Londoner returns to his Portugal roots
235 25x28 06/Feb/2012 Moving up to Hong Kong
236 25x29 07/Feb/2012 A Simplified Life in Chiang Mai, Thailand
238 25x31 09/Feb/2012 Canadians in the Caribbean
239 25x32 10/Feb/2012 Hitting the books in Bologna, Italy
240 25x33 13/Feb/2012 A New Adventure in the Azores
241 25x34 14/Feb/2012 From California to Cork, Ireland
242 25x35 15/Feb/2012 A family finds a peaceful life in Cuenca, Ecuador.
243 25x36 16/Feb/2012 Rediscovering Roots in Vienna
244 25x37 17/Feb/2012 The Walshes Search for a Home in Anguilla
245 25x38 20/Feb/2012 Adventurous Couple in Naples
246 25x39 21/Feb/2012 English Cottage Revival Homes
247 25x40 22/Feb/2012 A Dream Home on Roatan
248 25x41 23/Feb/2012 Canadian Biologists in Belize
250 25x43 27/Feb/2012 Native Londoner returns to his Portugal roots
251 25x44 28/Feb/2012 New beginnings in Brussels, Belgium
252 25x45 29/Feb/2012 A Family Together in France
253 25x46 01/Mar/2012 Transferring to Taipei, Taiwan
254 25x47 02/Mar/2012 A Simple Life in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
255 25x48 05/Mar/2012 Seeking Success in Taiwan
256 25x49 06/Mar/2012 A New Start in Bogota, Colombia
258 25x51 08/Mar/2012 Finding the Charm in France's Burgundy Region
259 25x52 09/Mar/2012 Common ground in Cannes, France
261 25x54 13/Mar/2012 Modern living in Central Rome
262 25x55 14/Mar/2012 Permanent Summer Down Under in Sydney Australia
263 25x56 15/Mar/2012 Grand Living in Grand Cayman
264 25x57 16/Mar/2012 Working for a Vacation Home in Costa Blanca, Spain
265 25x58 19/Mar/2012 A Norfolk Island Family Moves to Brisbane, Australia
266 25x59 20/Mar/2012 Taking Root in Hua Hin, Thailand
267 25x60 21/Mar/2012 Wanderlust Leads to Dusseldorf
268 25x61 22/Mar/2012 Picking Back Up in Pisa, Italy
269 25x62 23/Mar/2012 Reconnecting with Grenada
270 25x63 26/Mar/2012 A Finnish Fashionista Moves to Milan, Italy
272 25x65 28/Mar/2012 Navigating the Market in Nassau, Bahamas
273 25x66 29/Mar/2012 Dreams Come True for an Expecting Family in Rota, Spain
274 25x67 30/Mar/2012 Sibling Rivalry on North Stradbroke Island
275 25x68 02/Apr/2012 Study Abroad in Scotland
276 25x69 03/Apr/2012 Beach Life in Melbourne, Australia
277 25x70 04/Apr/2012 Americans in Umbria
278 25x71 05/Apr/2012 Choosing Between Sand Traps and Sandy Beaches as a Young Couple Plans a Wedding
279 25x72 06/Apr/2012 Vacation Home Paradise in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
280 25x73 09/Apr/2012 Beach Towns of the Sunshine Coast
281 25x74 10/Apr/2012 A Couple Seeks Simple Life in Merida, Mexico
282 25x75 11/Apr/2012 Roving Journalists Seek Beachfront Living in the Bahamas
283 25x76 12/Apr/2012 Living like locals in Misawa, Japan
284 25x77 13/Apr/2012 Content in Willemstad, Curacao
285 25x78 16/Apr/2012 From Florida to the Andes
286 25x79 17/Apr/2012 Falling in Love on a Budget in Zagreb, Croatia
287 25x80 18/Apr/2012 All That Glitters on the Gold Coast
288 25x81 19/Apr/2012 Rediscovering Roots in the Historic City of Berlin
289 25x82 20/Apr/2012 Family-Sized Apartments in Geneva's Suburbs
292 25x85 25/Apr/2012 A Job Makes a Couple Trade Beach for Berlin
293 25x86 26/Apr/2012 Family Returns to Remote Living and Majestic Views on the Australian Norfolk Island
294 25x87 27/Apr/2012 Family of Six in Belize
295 25x88 30/Apr/2012 Living Well in Wellington, New Zealand
296 25x89 01/May/2012 Friends Start a New Career in Izmir, Turkey
297 25x90 02/May/2012 Traveling Family Sets Permanent Roots Down in Denmark
298 25x91 03/May/2012 Warming Up On the Island of Malta
299 25x92 04/May/2012 Young Tennis Pros On the Move
300 25x93 07/May/2012 300th Episode: Choosing Family and Community in Sesto Calende, Italy
301 25x94 08/May/2012 Luxury Living on Grand Cayman Island
302 25x95 09/May/2012 Investing in a New Lifestyle in Port Douglas, Australia
303 25x96 10/May/2012 Making Headlines in Madrid
304 25x97 11/May/2012 Renovated Colonial Homes in Merida, Mexico
305 25x98 14/May/2012 A Pro Golfer Seeks His Hole In One Home in Marbella
306 25x99 15/May/2012 Friends Become Roommates for the First Time in Brisbane, Australia
307 25x100 16/May/2012 Lucky in the Languedoc of France
309 25x102 18/May/2012 Schooled in Manila, the Philippines
310 25x103 21/May/2012 Moving For a Masters in Gothenburg, Sweden
311 25x104 22/May/2012 Young Couple Finishes College in Gold Coast, Australia
312 25x105 23/May/2012 Back to Berlin
313 25x106 24/May/2012 Young Woman Empowers Girls of Battambang, Cambodia
315 25x108 28/May/2012 Spreading Wings in Rabat, Morocco
316 25x109 29/May/2012 Sizing up the Parisian Suburbs
317 25x110 30/May/2012 Back Home to Puerto Rico
318 25x111 31/May/2012 After years of separation, a graduate scholarship gives a couple the opportunity to move to Europe
319 25x112 01/Jun/2012 A Life Changing Experience in the Ancient Spanish City of Valencia
321 25x114 05/Jun/2012 A Couple Torn Between Ex-Pat Living and a Shot at Immersion
322 25x115 06/Jun/2012 An Engineer Decides to Make Berlin His Permanent Home
323 25x116 07/Jun/2012 Life Imitating Art in London, England
324 25x117 08/Jun/2012 Canadians Move to Cabarete
326 25x119 12/Jun/2012 A Caribbean Quandary
327 25x120 13/Jun/2012 Soaking Up the Sun in San Juan, Puerto Rico
328 25x121 14/Jun/2012 A Taste for a New Home in Lima, Peru
329 25x122 15/Jun/2012 Happy are the Danes in Charlottenlund, Denmark
330 25x123 18/Jun/2012 Romantic Barrio in Buenos Aires, Argentina
331 25x124 19/Jun/2012 Fresh Start in Tokyo, Japan
332 25x125 20/Jun/2012 Dreaming of Marseille
333 25x126 21/Jun/2012 Seeking Charm and Character in Helsinki, Finland
334 25x127 22/Jun/2012 A Creative Awakening in Berlin, Germany
335 25x128 25/Jun/2012 Cashing in Your Chips on the Remote Isle of Man
336 25x129 26/Jun/2012 Dropping Anchor in Brisbane, Australia
337 25x130 27/Jun/2012 Family Reunion in Penang, Malaysia
338 25x131 28/Jun/2012 Lima's Many Faces
339 25x132 29/Jun/2012 A Return to Sydney, Australia

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