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340 34x01 02/Jul/2012 Kicking it in Tokyo, Japan
341 34x02 03/Jul/2012 A Couple Sails to Puerto Morelos, Mexico to Open a Dive Shop
342 34x03 04/Jul/2012 Choosing Between Sand Traps and Sandy Beaches as a Young Couple Plans a Wedding
343 34x04 05/Jul/2012 From Florida to the Andes
344 34x05 06/Jul/2012 Seeking a Pied a Terre and Investment Property in the Heart of Paris
345 34x06 09/Jul/2012 First Family Home in Cairns, Australia
346 34x07 10/Jul/2012 Bachelor Pads of the Arctic Circle
348 34x09 12/Jul/2012 Taking Root in Hua Hin, Thailand
349 34x10 13/Jul/2012 A Couple Seeks Simple Life in Merida, Mexico
350 34x11 16/Jul/2012 Navigating the Market in Nassau, Bahamas
351 34x12 17/Jul/2012 An Interior Designer Decides How Much Immersion She Can Handle
352 34x13 18/Jul/2012 Luxury Living on Grand Cayman Island
353 34x14 19/Jul/2012 Content in Willemstad, Curacao
354 34x15 20/Jul/2012 Retiring to Belize
355 34x16 20/Jul/2012 Soaking Up the Sun in San Juan, Puerto Rico
356 34x17 23/Jul/2012 Graduating to San Juan, Puerto Rico
357 34x18 24/Jul/2012 Good-Bye City Life, Hello Green Archers
358 34x19 25/Jul/2012 Reconnecting with Grenada
359 34x20 26/Jul/2012 Spreading Wings in Rabat, Morocco
361 34x22 30/Jul/2012 Reunited in London, England
362 34x23 31/Jul/2012 Homes of the Barbadian Coast
363 34x24 01/Aug/2012 Scoping the slopes in Solden, Austria
364 34x25 02/Aug/2012 Searching for Style and Space in Paris
365 34x26 03/Aug/2012 An Active Couple seeks English Charm Overseas in New Zealand
366 34x27 06/Aug/2012 You only live once in Puerto Morelos, Mexico
367 34x28 07/Aug/2012 Permanent Vacation in Verbier, Switzerland
368 34x29 08/Aug/2012 Seeking Luxury and a Laidback Lifestyle in Australia's Newell Beach
369 34x30 09/Aug/2012 An American Woman Journeys to Florence to Marry Her Italian Fiance
370 34x31 10/Aug/2012 Reuniting in Barcelona, Spain
371 34x32 13/Aug/2012 Starting Anew in Bogota
372 34x33 14/Aug/2012 Scottish Painter Finds Solace In The Medieval Village of Guardia Sanframondi, Italy
374 34x35 16/Aug/2012 An American couple flees fast paced DC for the casual culture of Melbourne with their dog in tow
375 34x36 17/Aug/2012 Finding Balance in Chiang Mai, Thailand
376 34x37 20/Aug/2012 Going Home to Dublin, Ireland
377 34x38 21/Aug/2012 Striking a Balance between the Modern and the Historic in Witney England
378 34x39 22/Aug/2012 Navigating Kongsberg, Norway
379 34x40 23/Aug/2012 With her husband away on business, a young mother leads a house hunt for her expat family of four
380 34x41 24/Aug/2012 Couple Hunts for Retirement Home in Merida
381 34x42 27/Aug/2012 Beguiled by Budapest, Hungary
382 34x43 28/Aug/2012 Military Family Relocates to Bydgoszcz, Poland
383 34x44 29/Aug/2012 A Young Family Downsizes to Help Others in Lima, Peru
384 34x45 30/Aug/2012 European Dreaming
385 34x46 31/Aug/2012 A young Canadian designer and his partner relocate from Los Angeles to Barcelona, Spain
386 34x47 03/Sep/2012 Relocating to the City of Light
387 34x48 04/Sep/2012 Going Dutch in Gouda, Holland
388 34x49 05/Sep/2012 From Small Town Kansas to a Mexican Metropolis
389 34x50 06/Sep/2012 Scientific home search in Rome, Italy
390 34x51 07/Sep/2012 Lovestruck in Weymouth
391 34x52 10/Sep/2012 Outdoor Enthusiasts Seek Adventure in Australia
393 34x54 12/Sep/2012 A Couple Moves to Kathmandu, Nepal to Open A Children's School
394 34x55 13/Sep/2012 Living in the Great Outdoors of Montpellier, France
395 34x56 14/Sep/2012 Couple Moves to Cianciana, Sicily to be Close to Family
396 34x57 17/Sep/2012 Middle Aged Snowbirds Fly South Seeking the Sun in San Carlos, Mexico
397 34x58 18/Sep/2012 Time Out in Tarija, Bolivia
398 34x59 19/Sep/2012 Starting a Bed and Breakfast in Bocas Del Toro
399 34x60 20/Sep/2012 Pursuing Professional Soccer in Concepcion, Chile
400 34x61 21/Sep/2012 400th Episode: Migrating to Quito, Ecuador
401 34x62 24/Sep/2012 On the Job in Sarajevo, Bosnia
402 34x63 25/Sep/2012 Goodbye New York, Hello Singapore!
403 34x64 26/Sep/2012 An American couple flees fast paced DC for the casual culture of Melbourne with their dog in tow
404 34x65 27/Sep/2012 An International Life in Panama City, Panama
405 34x66 28/Sep/2012 Engaged Couple Moves to London, for His Career
406 34x67 01/Oct/2012 Romantic Getaway in Puerto Morelos, Mexico
407 34x68 02/Oct/2012 Searching for an Island Paradise on Bequia
408 34x69 03/Oct/2012 Choosing the 'burbs or Big Ben in London, England
409 34x70 04/Oct/2012 Beach Front House Hunt in Puerto Cayo
410 34x71 05/Oct/2012 Looking for Love and Leisure on Lake Garda
411 34x72 08/Oct/2012 Returning to Europe
412 34x73 09/Oct/2012 Newlyweds Meet New Opportunities in London, England
415 34x76 12/Oct/2012 Idealism vs. Practicality in Roatan, Honduras
416 34x77 15/Oct/2012 Down by the Seaside in Hoi An, Vietnam
417 34x78 16/Oct/2012 Chasing Dreams in St. Lucia
418 34x79 17/Oct/2012 Living La Vida Bocas
420 34x81 19/Oct/2012 Seeking a Life-Changing Vacation Property in Huatulco, Mexico
421 34x82 22/Oct/2012 Long Distance Lovers Move To Loughborough, England
422 34x83 23/Oct/2012 Beach Front House Hunt in Puerto Cayo
423 34x84 24/Oct/2012 Unwinding in Huatulco, Mexico
425 34x86 26/Oct/2012 Finding Paradise in Cairns, Australia
426 34x87 29/Oct/2012 Connecting to the Ancestral Bonds of San Luis Potosi, Mexico
427 34x88 30/Oct/2012 Returning Home to Brisbane
428 34x89 31/Oct/2012 Moving to Sweden to Start A New Life Together
429 34x90 01/Nov/2012 Broadening Horizons in Munich, Germany
430 34x91 02/Nov/2012 A Family From Houston, Texas is Transfered to Trinidad
431 34x92 05/Nov/2012 A New Job and a House in the Australian Rainforest
433 34x94 07/Nov/2012 Discovering Doha, Qatar
434 34x95 08/Nov/2012 Choosing the Country or the Suburbs Near Glasgow, Scotland
435 34x96 09/Nov/2012 A Taste of Tamarindo
436 34x97 12/Nov/2012 Moving Towards Modern in Old World Estonia
437 34x98 13/Nov/2012 An Adventure Starts in Dublin
438 34x99 14/Nov/2012 A Whiff of Cologne in Germany's Rhineland
439 34x100 15/Nov/2012 Switching Homes to Sweden to Be Near Family
440 34x101 16/Nov/2012 Big City Living in London, England
441 34x102 19/Nov/2012 Carefree Coastal Living in Tarifa, Spain
442 34x103 20/Nov/2012 Trading City Life for a Beach Paradise In Puerto Cayo, Ecuador
443 34x104 21/Nov/2012 Corey and Lynn trade a perfect life in hilly San Francisco for a cool vibe in East London
444 34x105 22/Nov/2012 Seeking Perfection in Playa del Carmen
445 34x106 23/Nov/2012 Canadian Couple's Retreat to Cabarete, Dominican Republic
446 34x107 26/Nov/2012 It's a Dog's Life on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
447 34x108 27/Nov/2012 New Couple Takes a Huge Step to Strasbourg, France
448 34x109 28/Nov/2012 Following a Lifelong Dream to Tamarindo, Costa Rica
450 34x111 30/Nov/2012 Coping with Co-ops in Copenhagen
451 34x112 03/Dec/2012 New Couple Tests the Waters in Townsville
452 34x113 04/Dec/2012 Exploring Lovely Lisbon, Portugal
453 34x114 05/Dec/2012 Seoul Searching for a Place to Call Home
454 34x115 06/Dec/2012 Setting the Stage for London
456 34x117 10/Dec/2012 New Couple Takes a Huge Step to Strasbourg, France
457 34x118 11/Dec/2012 Looking for the High Life Along Doha's Arabian Riviera
458 34x119 12/Dec/2012 First Time Buyers Have Conflicting Visions in Kaiserslautern, Germany
459 34x120 13/Dec/2012 An Unemployed Couple in the Portuguese Countryside
461 34x122 17/Dec/2012 Living a Dream in Dublin, Ireland
462 34x123 18/Dec/2012 No Worries in Mission Beach, Australia
463 34x124 19/Dec/2012 Young Fasionista Pursues Dedication for Parisian Lifestyle
464 34x125 20/Dec/2012 There's No Place Like Rome, Italy
465 34x126 21/Dec/2012 Thai One On in Bangkok, Thailand

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