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House Hunters International

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 Season 35(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
0 35x00 Unaired Interning in Leuven, Belgium 7
466 35x01 01/Jan/2013 Starting a New in Nassau, Bahamas 8
467 35x02 14/Jan/2013 Choosing the 'burbs or Big Ben in London, England 7
468 35x03 15/Jan/2013 Fresh Start in Tokyo, Japan 8
469 35x04 16/Jan/2013 Student Gets Schooled in Glasgow, Scotland 8
470 35x05 17/Jan/2013 Romantic Barrio in Buenos Aires, Argentina 8
471 35x06 18/Jan/2013 Goodbye New York, Hello Singapore! 8
472 35x07 21/Jan/2013 Soaking Up the Sun in San Juan, Puerto Rico 7
473 35x08 22/Jan/2013 Canadian Couple's Retreat to Cabarete, Dominican Republic 8
474 35x09 23/Jan/2013 A Family From Houston, Texas is Transfered to Trinidad 8
475 35x10 24/Jan/2013 A Couple Torn Between Ex-Pat Living and a Shot at Immersion 8
476 35x11 25/Jan/2013 It's a Dog's Life on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands 8
477 35x12 28/Jan/2013 Seeking a Life-Changing Vacation Property in Huatulco, Mexico 8
478 35x13 29/Jan/2013 Seeking Luxury and a Laidback Lifestyle in Australia's Newell Beach 8
479 35x14 30/Jan/2013 Time Out in Tarija, Bolivia 7
480 35x15 31/Jan/2013 Moving to Sweden to Start A New Life Together 7
481 35x16 01/Feb/2013 A Couple Moves to Kathmandu, Nepal to Open A Children's School 7
482 35x17 04/Feb/2013 Every Little Girl's Dream Comes True?in Paris 8
483 35x18 05/Feb/2013 Brave New World in Brussels, Belgium 7
484 35x19 06/Feb/2013 Leaving Los Angeles for Tahiti 8
485 35x20 07/Feb/2013 Peaceful in Puerto Pe?asco 8
486 35x21 08/Feb/2013 Taking a Chance in Bustling Bilbao, Spain N/A
487 35x22 11/Feb/2013 Baja-liday Road 8
488 35x23 12/Feb/2013 Trading Prague for Nuremberg, Germany 7
489 35x24 13/Feb/2013 Bachelor Pad in Buenos Aires, Argentina 8
490 35x25 14/Feb/2013 Battling between old world charm and modern convenience in Beverley, England 7
491 35x26 15/Feb/2013 5-Star Food Adventure in an Ancient City 8
492 35x27 18/Feb/2013 Calming Down in Cairns, Australia 7
493 35x28 19/Feb/2013 A Dream Come True in St. Kitts, West Indies 8
494 35x29 20/Feb/2013 A Stationing of a Lifetime in Naples 8
495 35x30 21/Feb/2013 Coming Ashore in San Juan, Puerto Rico 8
496 35x31 22/Feb/2013 You're as Cold as Iceland 7
497 35x32 25/Feb/2013 The Red Hot Chile Painter 8
498 35x33 26/Feb/2013 Test of Love in Tel Aviv, Israel 7
499 35x34 27/Feb/2013 Brisbane Bound: Lifestyles of the Young and the Trendy 8
500 35x35 28/Feb/2013 500th Episode: Cultures Collide in Copenhagen, Denmark 8
501 35x36 01/Mar/2013 The Job of a Lifetime, With No Time to Spare 8
502 35x37 04/Mar/2013 A Return to Rome, Italy 7
503 35x38 05/Mar/2013 A Long Distance Relationship Getting Up Close and Personal in Manchester 8
504 35x39 06/Mar/2013 Hunting for an Historical Hungarian Home 8
505 35x40 07/Mar/2013 A Homecoming in Granada, Nicaragua 8
506 35x41 08/Mar/2013 Bunking with the Bossman in Mossman, Australia 8
507 35x42 11/Mar/2013 Leaving Pennsylvania for Cartaya, Spain 8
508 35x43 12/Mar/2013 The Weird Quirks of Wellington, NZ 7
509 35x44 13/Mar/2013 Managing Paradise in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands 7
510 35x45 14/Mar/2013 Parents and Kids Cohabitate in Cabarete, Dominican Republic 8
511 35x46 15/Mar/2013 Coming of Age in Paris, France 8
512 35x47 18/Mar/2013 Flash in the Panama 8
513 35x48 19/Mar/2013 Anticipating a New Home in Antigua 8
514 35x49 20/Mar/2013 Socially Conscious in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua 7
515 35x50 21/Mar/2013 Returning to Thai Roots 8
516 35x51 22/Mar/2013 Different Desires in St. Kitts 8
517 35x52 25/Mar/2013 Till Death Do Us Part, in Stuttgart, Germany 8
518 35x53 28/Mar/2013 Bound for Buenos Aires, Argentina 7
519 35x54 28/Apr/2013 Building a New Beginning in Majorca, Spain 8
520 35x55 29/Apr/2013 Two Dads Move their Family to London 8
521 35x56 30/Apr/2013 Leaving Cape Cod for Muscat, Oman 8
522 35x57 01/May/2013 What's Happiness Worth in Perth, Australia 8
523 35x58 02/May/2013 Trading Down Home Texas for Down Jackets in Reykjavik, Iceland 8
524 35x59 03/May/2013 To Renovate or Not To Renovate in St. John, U.S Virgin Islands 8
525 35x60 06/May/2013 Awestruck by Auckland, New Zealand 8
526 35x61 07/May/2013 Back to the Future in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 8
527 35x62 08/May/2013 Band Moves Back Home to Barbados 8
528 35x63 09/May/2013 Exploring the Real Estate Jungle of Johannesburg, South Africa 7
529 35x64 10/May/2013 The Science of Moving 8
530 35x65 14/May/2013 Escaping Big City Brisbane to Small Town Kin Kin, Australia 8
531 35x66 15/May/2013 A New Family Returns to Old Roots, in Aurland, Norway 8
532 35x67 16/May/2013 La Vie En Paris, France 8
533 35x68 20/May/2013 Making Waves in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua 8
534 35x69 21/May/2013 Island Hopping from St. Thomas to Mauritius 7
535 35x70 22/May/2013 Playa Con Dios 8
536 35x71 23/May/2013 Taking the Property Plunge in Port Douglas, Australia 7
537 35x72 24/May/2013 Belize City for a Beau 8
538 35x73 27/May/2013 A Crime novelist in Caloundra 9
539 35x74 28/May/2013 Parisian Brokers Turned Buyers Move to Provence 8
540 35x75 29/May/2013 Leaving Charlotte, North Carolina for Their Island Dream in Belize 8
541 35x76 30/May/2013 A New Life for Newlyweds 7
542 35x77 31/May/2013 On the Hunt for a Life Change, Bali-Style 8
543 35x78 03/Jun/2013 Chasing London Cool for a Growing Family 8
544 35x79 05/Jun/2013 Swapping single life for domesticity in Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen 8
545 35x80 06/Jun/2013 Potential Profits in Puerto Vallarta 8.5
546 35x81 09/Jun/2013 Star Gazing and Home Hunting in Rocky Point, Australia 8
547 35x82 10/Jun/2013 Reconnecting family ties in Barranquilla, Colombia 8
548 35x83 11/Jun/2013 Czeching Out Apartments in Prague 8
549 35x84 12/Jun/2013 Take the House, Leave the Cannoli in Sicily, Italy 7
550 35x85 13/Jun/2013 Living the Wildlife Down Under in Townsville, Australia 8
551 35x86 14/Jun/2013 Interning in Leuven, Belgium 7
552 35x87 17/Jun/2013 A Young Family Chooses Between the City and the Sea in Andalucia, Spain 7
553 35x88 18/Jun/2013 Leaving Milton, Massachusetts for Sydney, Australia 8
554 35x89 24/Jun/2013 Creature Comforts in Blackburn, England 8
555 35x90 27/Jun/2013 Passionate Fashionista Blogs Street Wear 8
556 35x91 02/Jul/2013 International Love Settles in Lyon, France N/A
557 35x92 03/Jul/2013 Adjusting to Auckland, New Zealand N/A
558 35x93 09/Jul/2013 Mother Knows Best in Orvieto, Italy N/A
559 35x94 11/Jul/2013 Village Townhomes of Tilburg, Netherlands N/A
560 35x95 15/Jul/2013 A Woman Trades the Corporate Grind for Eco-Friendly Paradise in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica 8
561 35x96 16/Jul/2013 New Home for a New Family in Amsterdam 8
562 35x97 17/Jul/2013 Coastal Homes of Panama's Pacific Lowlands 8
563 35x98 19/Jul/2013 Racing Back to Vilnius, Lithuania 8
564 35x99 23/Jul/2013 Rivalry Rears Up in Rainbow Beach, Australia N/A
565 35x100 25/Jul/2013 Settling Down, But Never Settling for Less, in Lisbon Portugal 8
566 35x101 30/Jul/2013 An Environmentally Conscious Californian Gets Green in Granada, Nicaragua 8
567 35x102 31/Jul/2013 Everything is Negotiable in Sweet Grenada 8
568 35x103 02/Aug/2013 A Brit is tempted to overspend on a home Down Under 7
569 35x104 06/Aug/2013 Put a Cork in it! 8
570 35x105 08/Aug/2013 Making a Splash in Marbella, Costa Rica 7
571 35x106 13/Aug/2013 Becoming a Buyer in Nice, France 8
572 35x107 19/Aug/2013 Retiring off to Eleuthera, Bahamas 7
573 35x108 20/Aug/2013 Three's company in Alexandra Headland, AUS 8
574 35x109 21/Aug/2013 Commuting Conundrum in London, England 7
575 35x110 22/Aug/2013 A Young Couple Takes a Chance on an Up-And-Coming Country in Kingston, Jamaica 8
576 35x111 27/Aug/2013 Giving Back to Granada, Nicaragua 8
577 35x112 28/Aug/2013 Planning a Future in Paris, France 8
578 35x113 29/Aug/2013 Loving Life in Loughborough, England 7
579 35x114 02/Sep/2013 Two Dudes and a Boat in Daintree, Australia 8
580 35x115 03/Sep/2013 When Ajman loves a Woman 7
581 35x116 04/Sep/2013 A Move to Los Cabos, Mexico Marks a Milestone in a Relationship 8
582 35x117 05/Sep/2013 Asking for Authenticity in Thailand 8
583 35x118 06/Sep/2013 Torn Over Where to be in Split, Croatia 8
584 35x119 09/Sep/2013 Battling Over High Rises and Traditional Flats in Glasgow, Scotland 8
585 35x120 10/Sep/2013 Much Love in Munich 8
586 35x121 11/Sep/2013 You've Got The Quito My Heart 8
587 35x122 12/Sep/2013 Quality Time in Bern, Switzerland 7
588 35x123 13/Sep/2013 Melbourne to be Wild! 8
589 35x124 16/Sep/2013 Back to Nature in Panguipulli, Chile 7
590 35x125 17/Sep/2013 Town Center or River Views in Carrick on Shannon 8
591 35x126 18/Sep/2013 Business in Beautiful Busan, South Korea 7
592 35x127 19/Sep/2013 Raising a Family in Rotterdam, The Netherlands 8
593 35x128 20/Sep/2013 Fight or Flight in Arcachon, France 8
594 35x129 23/Sep/2013 Married and Motoring in Milan, Italy 8
595 35x130 24/Sep/2013 Risky Beach Business in Leon 8
596 35x131 25/Sep/2013 Surf and Sand or in the City, in Brisbane 8
597 35x132 26/Sep/2013 Reconnecting in Retirement in Dominical, Costa Rica 8
598 35x133 27/Sep/2013 American Dreams in the English Countryside in Bracknell, England 8
599 35x134 30/Sep/2013 Searching for Keys in Cabo, Mexico 8
600 35x135 01/Oct/2013 Size Matters to Husbands in Dublin N/A
601 35x136 02/Oct/2013 Living Life in La Baule 8
602 35x137 03/Oct/2013 Living la Vida Local in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador 8
603 35x138 04/Oct/2013 Chicopee to Barcelona 8
604 35x139 07/Oct/2013 Seeking Common Ground in Frankfurt, Germany 8
605 35x140 08/Oct/2013 A Family of Five Strives to Find a Full-Size House in Cambridge, England N/A
606 35x141 09/Oct/2013 Opposites Attract in Oliva, Spain 8
607 35x142 10/Oct/2013 Sea Views or Cityscapes in Sydney 8
608 35x143 11/Oct/2013 Pre-empting an Empty Nest on Nevis 8
609 35x144 14/Oct/2013 A Free-Spirited Couple Parks Their Mobile Home in Florida and Heads South to the Jungle in Belize 8
610 35x145 15/Oct/2013 Business and Budget in Budapest, Hungary 7
611 35x146 16/Oct/2013 Beautiful Backdrop in Tamarindo, Costa Rica 8
612 35x147 17/Oct/2013 A Second Chance in The Netherlands Capital of Amsterdam 8
613 35x148 18/Oct/2013 Is Paradise Out of Reach in Mission Beach, Australia? 7
614 35x149 21/Oct/2013 Been There, London That 8
615 35x150 22/Oct/2013 Seeking a Gem on the Caribbean Island of St. Maarten 7
616 35x151 23/Oct/2013 Managing Married Life in Melbourne, Australia 8
617 35x152 24/Oct/2013 Building a New Beginning in Majorca, Spain 8
618 35x153 25/Oct/2013 Hello, Jolly! N/A
619 35x154 28/Oct/2013 Buenos Dias Barcelona, Spain 8
620 35x155 29/Oct/2013 Belfast and Furious 8
621 35x156 30/Oct/2013 Magnetic Island's Ed-cellent Adventure 8
622 35x157 31/Oct/2013 New Digs in Dortmund, Germany 8
623 35x158 01/Nov/2013 A Greece of the Action 7
624 35x159 04/Nov/2013 In-Flight Director Crosses into Uncharted Territory and Searches for Space in Gaborone, Botswana 8
625 35x160 05/Nov/2013 A History Teacher Encounters the Unknown in Ukraine 7
626 35x160 06/Nov/2013 Fitting into Osaka, Japan 7
627 35x161 07/Nov/2013 The Retirees and the Volcano in Ometepe, Nicaragua 8
628 35x162 08/Nov/2013 Old or New in England's Surrey County N/A
629 35x163 11/Nov/2013 Too Cold for Comfort in Lulea, Sweden 8
630 35x164 12/Nov/2013 An Upwardly Mobile Athenian Moves In With a Roomie She's Never Met So She Can Find a Flat Fast 8
631 35x165 13/Nov/2013 Young Couple Butts Heads in Bruges 7
632 35x166 14/Nov/2013 Domestic Track in Tasmania 7
633 35x167 15/Nov/2013 Urban Versus Rural in Kathmandu, Nepal N/A
634 35x168 18/Nov/2013 An Australian Couple Risks Their Savings So Their Daughter Can Have a More Cultural Life in Malaysia N/A
635 35x169 19/Nov/2013 A Young Couple Leaves the Security of their Hometown for a New Life in Potsdam, Germany 7
636 35x170 20/Nov/2013 A Compounding Conundrum in Papua New Guinea 7
637 35x171 21/Nov/2013 Space in the City of Brussels, Belgium 8
638 35x172 22/Nov/2013 It's Raining Mendoza N/A
639 35x173 25/Nov/2013 Seeking Nature and Convenience in Obertrum, Austria N/A
640 35x174 26/Nov/2013 Teaching English to Finance an Endless Summer on Koh Samui, Thailand 8
641 35x175 27/Nov/2013 Living a Teenage Dream in Paris, France 8
642 35x176 28/Nov/2013 Surf, Sun and Jobs in Four Mile Beach 8
643 35x177 29/Nov/2013 Sharing Shangri-la in Puerto Escondido, Mexico N/A
644 35x178 02/Dec/2013 A Couple Retires to Costa Rica 7
645 35x179 03/Dec/2013 A Lengthy List of Demands in Leiden, the Netherlands N/A
646 35x180 04/Dec/2013 Kicking It Kigali Style in Rwanda 7
647 35x181 05/Dec/2013 A Couple That Makes Better Friends Than Lovers Decide To Be Platonic Roommates In Romantic Italy N/A

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