House Hunters International

  Season 38 »
Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 10/Apr/2006 Planting New Costa Rican Roots
02 01x02 Unknown Belize Bound
03 01x03 06/Mar/2006 Honduras Home Hunt
04 01x04 13/Mar/2006 Sao Paulo Search
06 01x06 27/Mar/2006 More Room Needed In Malmo
07 01x07 03/Apr/2006 Dream Home In The Bahamas
08 01x08 24/Apr/2006 Beachside Dream Home
09 01x09 27/Mar/2006 Dominican Dream
10 01x10 08/May/2006 Buenos Aries Condo
11 01x11 15/May/2006 Settling In Scotland
12 01x12 22/May/2006 Edinburgh Expansion
13 01x13 12/Jun/2006 Roatan Relocation

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
25 02x02 16/Oct/2006 Going Larger In The City Of Lights
26 02x03 17/Jul/2006 Wanted: Permanent Parisian Pad
27 02x04 16/Mar/2007 Belizean Beach House
28 02x05 09/Oct/2006 Costa Rican Getaway Goal
29 02x06 11/Sep/2006 Leaving For La Paz
30 02x07 31/Jul/2006 Getting Trendy In Paris
31 02x08 01/Jun/2007 Retiring To The Islands
32 02x09 30/Jul/2006 Time For Tuscan Home Of Their Own
34 02x11 18/Sep/2006 Same Town, Smaller Home
35 02x12 02/Mar/2007 Relocating To Rome
36 02x13 01/Jan/2007 Outward To Orewa

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
37 03x01 25/Mar/2007 Searching For Stockholm Space
38 03x02 01/Jan/2007 Escape To Costa Rica
39 03x03 04/Feb/2007 More Space In St. Maarten
40 03x04 11/Feb/2007 Turks & Caicos Condo Search
41 03x05 01/Apr/2007 Making The Move To Mexico
42 03x06 04/Dec/2006 Second Home In Italy
43 03x07 23/Nov/2007 Heading South To Italy
44 03x08 11/Mar/2007 Buenos Aires Bound
45 03x09 09/Feb/2007 New Aruban Address
46 03x10 18/Feb/2007 New to New Zealand
47 03x11 03/Mar/2007 Moving to Managua
48 03x12 08/Jun/2007 Looking to Own in Jamaica

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
51 04x02 20/Jul/2007 Settling Down in Paris
52 04x03 27/Jul/2007 Wanted: City of Lights Chateau
53 04x04 03/Aug/2007 Casa In Spain
54 04x05 24/Aug/2007 Cabo San Lucas
55 04x06 31/Aug/2007 Paris Dreams
56 04x07 05/Oct/2007 Moving Up Down Under
57 04x08 28/Sep/2007 Life In Ruins
58 04x09 17/Aug/2007 Goodbye Fresno, Hello Portugal
59 04x10 21/Sep/2007 Dreams of Spain
60 04x11 10/Apr/2007 A Taste of Tuscany
61 04x12 03/Aug/2007 Turks And Caicos
62 04x13 07/Sep/2007 Oh, Panama

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
63 05x01 04/Jan/2008 Bye-Bye Beach House
64 05x02 11/Jan/2008 Away To Uraguay
65 05x03 18/Jan/2008 Spain Is Calling
66 05x04 25/Jan/2008 Moving to Mazatlan
67 05x05 01/Feb/2008 Remain In Spain
68 05x08 15/Feb/2008 Hola, Mexico!
69 05x09 22/Feb/2008 Bahama Beachfront
70 05x10 29/Feb/2008 Casa de Belize
71 05x11 07/Mar/2008 Nicaraguan Waterfront
72 05x12 14/Mar/2008 A Honduras Hacienda
73 05x13 21/Mar/2008 Casa de Costa Rica

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
77 06x02 20/Jul/2008 Panama City
74 06x06 06/Jul/2008 Costa Rica Bound
75 06x07 09/Jul/2008 New Aruban Address
82 06x07 01/Jan/2009 So Long, Seaside
81 06x09 21/Sep/2008 Curacao Calling
78 06x11 27/Jul/2008 Dominican Republic
76 06x12 13/Jul/2008 House Hunting in Holland
79 06x13 03/Aug/2008 Searching Buenos Aires
80 06x14 14/Sep/2008 Baja Bound

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
86 07x01 30/Nov/2008 Searching the Spanish Seaside
83 07x02 19/Oct/2008 Falling in Love With France
82 07x03 12/Oct/2008 A Country Home for the Clan
87 07x04 07/Dec/2008 Big View vs. Big Space
81 07x06 04/Oct/2008 Tough to Find in Tokyo
85 07x07 16/Nov/2008 Idyllic in Italy
88 07x08 14/Dec/2008 Making It Work in Montreal

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
89 08x01 11/Jan/2009 A Couple Plans to Open a Restaurant in Costa Rica and Searches for Homes
90 08x04 18/Jan/2009 A Couple with a Restaurant and Hotel in Nicaragua Search for a New Home
91 08x06 08/Feb/2009 Empty Nesters in Oklahoma Plan a Move to Nicaragua
95 08x07 08/Mar/2009 Hola, Mexico!
92 08x08 15/Feb/2009 Seeking a Home on the Mediterranean Island of Malta
96 08x08 15/Mar/2009 Tough to Find in Tokyo
93 08x09 22/Feb/2009 An English Couple Searches for a Home in a Spanish Village
97 08x09 22/Mar/2009 Dive In
98 08x10 29/Mar/2009 Spain Is Calling
99 08x11 05/Apr/2009 Cabo San Lucas
100 08x12 12/Apr/2009 Episode #100: A Taste of Tuscany

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
101 09x01 19/Apr/2009 Season 9, Episode 1
102 09x02 26/Apr/2009 Season 9, Episode 2
105 09x05 17/May/2009 A New Mexico Couple Seeks a Beachfront Vacation Home in Costa Rica
106 09x06 24/May/2009 Season 9, Episode 6
107 09x07 31/May/2009 A Couple Looks for a Home in Nicaragua, Reminiscent of the Hollywood Hills
108 09x08 07/Jun/2009 Apartment in Argentina
109 09x09 14/Jun/2009 A Young Woman Searches for a Condo in Toronto's West End
110 09x10 21/Jun/2009 Vacation Villa in the Virgin Islands

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
111 10x01 05/Jul/2009 Tracking Down a Deal in Tokyo
112 10x02 12/Jul/2009 Cozy in the Cayman Islands
113 10x03 19/Jul/2009 Season 10, Episode 3
114 10x04 26/Jul/2009 A New Pad in Prague
116 10x06 09/Aug/2009 Landing in Edmonton
117 10x07 16/Aug/2009 Second Home in Spain
118 10x08 23/Aug/2009 Combing the Choices in Cyprus
119 10x09 30/Aug/2009 Stockholm Search
120 10x10 06/Sep/2009 A Country Villa in Malta
121 10x11 13/Sep/2009 Londoners Seek a More Leisurely Life in France
122 10x12 20/Sep/2009 Vancouver Island Vibe
123 10x13 27/Sep/2009 BFFs in Brisbane
124 10x14 04/Oct/2009 Paradise in Cyprus
125 10x15 11/Oct/2009 Thoughts of Thailand
126 10x16 18/Oct/2009 From the Pacific Coast to the Amalfi Coast
128 10x18 01/Nov/2009 Two Lives in Umbria
129 10x19 08/Nov/2009 Combining Homes in Calgary

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
130 11x01 15/Nov/2009 Hip Edinburgh Flat
132 11x03 06/Dec/2009 Best Friends Invest In Panama
133 11x04 13/Dec/2009 Real Estate Consultant Ina Hapke Shows her Dear Friends Patrick and Diane Beach Getaways in the Dominican Republic
134 11x05 20/Dec/2009 Hidden Harbor Vacation Homes
135 11x06 27/Dec/2009 A Couple Want to Escape the Brutal Canadian Winters and Buy a Vacation Cabin on the Placencia Peninsula in Belize

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
136 12x01 03/Jan/2010 A Search for a Multi-Million Dollar Vacation Property in St. John
137 12x02 10/Jan/2010 A Miami Real Estate Broker is Relocating to the Dominican Republic
138 12x03 17/Jan/2010 Evan and Maria-Isabel Set Out to a Find Home in Historic Granada, Nicaragua That is Both Relaxing, and Convenient to the Restaurant They Own
139 12x04 24/Jan/2010 Two Cousins Search for a Shared Vacation Condo in Belize, and Check in With Their Wife and Girlfriend Via I-Chat for Their Feedback After Each Tour
141 12x06 14/Feb/2010 Going Green in the Suburbs of Melbourne Australia
142 12x07 21/Feb/2010 Canadian Couple Buys a Vacation Home in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
143 12x08 28/Feb/2010 The Fast Paced Apartment Market of Abu Dhabi
144 12x09 14/Mar/2010 Traditional English Cottages in Oxfordshire England
146 12x11 28/Mar/2010 Country Homes Outside Prague Czech Republic

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
147 13x01 04/Apr/2010 Chen is Ready To Move Out of her Mom's Place and Buy Her Very First Home in Tel Aviv
148 13x02 11/Apr/2010 Arizona Couple Seek a Vacation Home on the Turks and Caicos Islands
149 13x03 25/Apr/2010 The Godar Family Looks at Three Large, Luxury Oceanfront Homes in a Newly Developed Area in Panama
150 13x04 02/May/2010 Bruce Hopes to Find a Villa in the Italian Countryside for Less Than $65,000.
151 13x05 09/May/2010 From the Pacific Coast to the Amalfi Coast
152 13x06 16/May/2010 A House For Five In Switzerland

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
155 14x01 06/Jun/2010 Teri McKenna Has Lived and Worked on her Boat in St. Thomas for a Year, and She's Ready Now to Try Life on Solid Ground
156 14x02 13/Jun/2010 California Surfer Couple Looks for a Beach Side Vacation Home in Nicaragua
158 14x04 27/Jun/2010 A New Jersey Couple Wants to Buy a Second Home in Puerto Rico, But She Wants Luxury and He is Concerned About the Bottom Line
159 14x05 11/Jul/2010 Chris and Brenda Have a Hard Time Choosing Between Three Gorgeous Homes in San Juan del Sur on the Nicaraguan Coast

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
161 15x01 25/Jul/2010 Busy Working Parents Search for Costa Rican Retreat

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
162 16x01 01/Aug/2010 Bostjan and Anja Want to Move Out of their Tiny Home in Slovenia and Find a Larger Place on the Nearby Croatian Coast

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
163 17x01 08/Aug/2010 Alex and Her Husband Will Want to Escape the Dreary Weather in England By Buying a Vacation Home in the Abruzzo Region of Italy
164 17x02 15/Aug/2010 Couple Searches for Ecuador Getaway
165 17x03 22/Aug/2010 A Family from Ireland looks for a Vacation Home in Calabria, Italy
166 17x04 29/Aug/2010 A Canadian Couple Searches for a Vacation Home in the Dominican Republic

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
167 18x01 05/Sep/2010 Stockholm Search
168 18x02 12/Sep/2010 Nikolaus' Job has him Moving to a New Country Every Few Years, and Now He's Eager to Put Down Roots by Buying a Vacation Home in Friendly Croatia
169 18x03 19/Sep/2010 Single Costa Rican Mom Wants a Fresh Start With a Brand New Condo on the Beach

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
170 19x01 26/Sep/2010 Kevin and Kim Want a 2nd Home in Fes Morocco to Use as a Base for Humanitarian Aid
171 19x02 03/Oct/2010 Couple Searches for Ecuador Getaway

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
172 20x01 10/Oct/2010 Dream Apartments in Tel Aviv, Israel
174 20x03 24/Oct/2010 Spacious Apartments in Amsterdam
175 20x04 31/Oct/2010 Second Home in Slovenia
176 20x05 07/Nov/2010 Classic Palaces in Marrakesh, Morrocco
178 20x07 21/Nov/2010 Classic Palaces in Marrakesh, Morrocco
179 20x08 28/Nov/2010 Rural Living in South France
180 20x09 05/Dec/2010 Modern Homes in Odense, Denmark
181 20x10 12/Dec/2010 New Home in Okinawa, Japan
182 20x11 19/Dec/2010 House Hunting in the Mumbai Metropolis
183 20x12 26/Dec/2010 Rural Homes in Krakow, Poland
185 20x14 09/Jan/2010 Spacious Homes in Jerusalem

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
186 21x01 16/Jan/2011 Escape to Barcelona, Spain

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
188 22x01 30/Jan/2011 Bourgeois Studios in Montmartre, Paris
190 22x03 13/Feb/2011 Setting Sail to Amsterdam, Holland
191 22x04 20/Feb/2011 Traditional versus Modern Homes in Shanghai, China
192 22x05 27/Feb/2011 Risking It All in The Republic of Singapore
194 22x07 13/Mar/2011 Relocating to Ronda, Spain
196 22x09 27/Mar/2011 Moving for love to Nuremberg, Germany
198 22x11 10/Apr/2011 Taking off to Torino, Italy

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
199 23x01 17/Apr/2011 Apartment Hunting in Central Rome
200 23x02 24/Apr/2011 An Oklahoma City Couple Looks for a Vacation Home in Panama
201 23x03 01/May/2011 Village life in Hertfordshire, U.K.
202 23x04 08/May/2011 Izmit, Turkey

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
204 24x02 22/May/2011 Fiesta-filled living in Merida, Mexico
205 24x03 29/May/2011 Student Needs a Study Pad in Poznan
207 24x05 12/Jun/2011 Practical Versus Paradise in Tropical Australia

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
208 25x01 19/Jun/2011 Family-friendly living in Hellerup, Denmark
210 25x03 03/Jul/2011 Homecoming in Yerevan, Armenia
211 25x04 10/Jul/2011 Quality time on the Gold Coast of Australia
212 25x05 17/Jul/2011 A fresh start in Montevideo
213 25x06 24/Jul/2011 A Gem in Antwerp, Belgium
214 25x07 31/Jul/2011 Mode in Mediterranean Malta
215 25x08 07/Aug/2011 Provencial Dreams in Provence, France
216 25x09 14/Aug/2011 Settling down on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia
217 25x10 21/Aug/2011 Finding a Home in Jakarta
218 25x11 28/Aug/2011 Destined for Dominica, The Nature Isle
219 25x12 04/Sep/2011 Looking For a Rental Home With a Sea View in Beautiful Bermuda
221 25x14 18/Sep/2011 Dreaming in Dubai, U.A.E.
222 25x15 25/Sep/2011 A fresh start in Montevideo
223 25x16 02/Oct/2011 Single professional relocates to Amsterdam
224 25x17 09/Oct/2011 A Family of 8 Relocates to New Zealand
225 25x18 16/Oct/2011 Braving Budapest, Hungary
226 25x19 23/Oct/2011 Bridging Cultural Divides in Istanbul
227 25x20 30/Oct/2011 Uprooting to Uppsala, Sweden
228 25x21 06/Nov/2011 Woman Relocates to Singapore
229 25x22 13/Nov/2011 Building a Business in Bali, Indonesia
231 25x24 04/Dec/2011 Worldly Couple Braves it in Tanzania
232 25x25 11/Dec/2011 The Wild Side of House Hunting in Remote South Africa
233 25x26 18/Dec/2011 New Yorkers take on Luxembourg
234 25x27 08/Jan/2012 Native Londoner returns to his Portugal roots
235 25x28 06/Feb/2012 Moving up to Hong Kong
236 25x29 07/Feb/2012 A Simplified Life in Chiang Mai, Thailand
238 25x31 09/Feb/2012 Canadians in the Caribbean
239 25x32 10/Feb/2012 Hitting the books in Bologna, Italy
240 25x33 13/Feb/2012 A New Adventure in the Azores
241 25x34 14/Feb/2012 From California to Cork, Ireland
242 25x35 15/Feb/2012 A family finds a peaceful life in Cuenca, Ecuador.
243 25x36 16/Feb/2012 Rediscovering Roots in Vienna
244 25x37 17/Feb/2012 The Walshes Search for a Home in Anguilla
245 25x38 20/Feb/2012 Adventurous Couple in Naples
246 25x39 21/Feb/2012 English Cottage Revival Homes
247 25x40 22/Feb/2012 A Dream Home on Roatan
248 25x41 23/Feb/2012 Canadian Biologists in Belize
250 25x43 27/Feb/2012 Native Londoner returns to his Portugal roots
251 25x44 28/Feb/2012 New beginnings in Brussels, Belgium
252 25x45 29/Feb/2012 A Family Together in France
253 25x46 01/Mar/2012 Transferring to Taipei, Taiwan
254 25x47 02/Mar/2012 A Simple Life in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
255 25x48 05/Mar/2012 Seeking Success in Taiwan
256 25x49 06/Mar/2012 A New Start in Bogota, Colombia
258 25x51 08/Mar/2012 Finding the Charm in France's Burgundy Region
259 25x52 09/Mar/2012 Common ground in Cannes, France
261 25x54 13/Mar/2012 Modern living in Central Rome
262 25x55 14/Mar/2012 Permanent Summer Down Under in Sydney Australia
263 25x56 15/Mar/2012 Grand Living in Grand Cayman
264 25x57 16/Mar/2012 Working for a Vacation Home in Costa Blanca, Spain
265 25x58 19/Mar/2012 A Norfolk Island Family Moves to Brisbane, Australia
266 25x59 20/Mar/2012 Taking Root in Hua Hin, Thailand
267 25x60 21/Mar/2012 Wanderlust Leads to Dusseldorf
268 25x61 22/Mar/2012 Picking Back Up in Pisa, Italy
269 25x62 23/Mar/2012 Reconnecting with Grenada
270 25x63 26/Mar/2012 A Finnish Fashionista Moves to Milan, Italy
272 25x65 28/Mar/2012 Navigating the Market in Nassau, Bahamas
273 25x66 29/Mar/2012 Dreams Come True for an Expecting Family in Rota, Spain
274 25x67 30/Mar/2012 Sibling Rivalry on North Stradbroke Island
275 25x68 02/Apr/2012 Study Abroad in Scotland
276 25x69 03/Apr/2012 Beach Life in Melbourne, Australia
277 25x70 04/Apr/2012 Americans in Umbria
278 25x71 05/Apr/2012 Choosing Between Sand Traps and Sandy Beaches as a Young Couple Plans a Wedding
279 25x72 06/Apr/2012 Vacation Home Paradise in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
280 25x73 09/Apr/2012 Beach Towns of the Sunshine Coast
281 25x74 10/Apr/2012 A Couple Seeks Simple Life in Merida, Mexico
282 25x75 11/Apr/2012 Roving Journalists Seek Beachfront Living in the Bahamas
283 25x76 12/Apr/2012 Living like locals in Misawa, Japan
284 25x77 13/Apr/2012 Content in Willemstad, Curacao
285 25x78 16/Apr/2012 From Florida to the Andes
286 25x79 17/Apr/2012 Falling in Love on a Budget in Zagreb, Croatia
287 25x80 18/Apr/2012 All That Glitters on the Gold Coast
288 25x81 19/Apr/2012 Rediscovering Roots in the Historic City of Berlin
289 25x82 20/Apr/2012 Family-Sized Apartments in Geneva's Suburbs
292 25x85 25/Apr/2012 A Job Makes a Couple Trade Beach for Berlin
293 25x86 26/Apr/2012 Family Returns to Remote Living and Majestic Views on the Australian Norfolk Island
294 25x87 27/Apr/2012 Family of Six in Belize
295 25x88 30/Apr/2012 Living Well in Wellington, New Zealand
296 25x89 01/May/2012 Friends Start a New Career in Izmir, Turkey
297 25x90 02/May/2012 Traveling Family Sets Permanent Roots Down in Denmark
298 25x91 03/May/2012 Warming Up On the Island of Malta
299 25x92 04/May/2012 Young Tennis Pros On the Move
300 25x93 07/May/2012 300th Episode: Choosing Family and Community in Sesto Calende, Italy
301 25x94 08/May/2012 Luxury Living on Grand Cayman Island
302 25x95 09/May/2012 Investing in a New Lifestyle in Port Douglas, Australia
303 25x96 10/May/2012 Making Headlines in Madrid
304 25x97 11/May/2012 Renovated Colonial Homes in Merida, Mexico
305 25x98 14/May/2012 A Pro Golfer Seeks His Hole In One Home in Marbella
306 25x99 15/May/2012 Friends Become Roommates for the First Time in Brisbane, Australia
307 25x100 16/May/2012 Lucky in the Languedoc of France
309 25x102 18/May/2012 Schooled in Manila, the Philippines
310 25x103 21/May/2012 Moving For a Masters in Gothenburg, Sweden
311 25x104 22/May/2012 Young Couple Finishes College in Gold Coast, Australia
312 25x105 23/May/2012 Back to Berlin
313 25x106 24/May/2012 Young Woman Empowers Girls of Battambang, Cambodia
315 25x108 28/May/2012 Spreading Wings in Rabat, Morocco
316 25x109 29/May/2012 Sizing up the Parisian Suburbs
317 25x110 30/May/2012 Back Home to Puerto Rico
319 25x112 01/Jun/2012 A Life Changing Experience in the Ancient Spanish City of Valencia
321 25x114 05/Jun/2012 A Couple Torn Between Ex-Pat Living and a Shot at Immersion
322 25x115 06/Jun/2012 An Engineer Decides to Make Berlin His Permanent Home
323 25x116 07/Jun/2012 Life Imitating Art in London, England
324 25x117 08/Jun/2012 Canadians Move to Cabarete
326 25x119 12/Jun/2012 A Caribbean Quandary
327 25x120 13/Jun/2012 Soaking Up the Sun in San Juan, Puerto Rico
328 25x121 14/Jun/2012 A Taste for a New Home in Lima, Peru
329 25x122 15/Jun/2012 Happy are the Danes in Charlottenlund, Denmark
330 25x123 18/Jun/2012 Romantic Barrio in Buenos Aires, Argentina
331 25x124 19/Jun/2012 Fresh Start in Tokyo, Japan
332 25x125 20/Jun/2012 Dreaming of Marseille
333 25x126 21/Jun/2012 Seeking Charm and Character in Helsinki, Finland
334 25x127 22/Jun/2012 A Creative Awakening in Berlin, Germany
335 25x128 25/Jun/2012 Cashing in Your Chips on the Remote Isle of Man
336 25x129 26/Jun/2012 Dropping Anchor in Brisbane, Australia
337 25x130 27/Jun/2012 Family Reunion in Penang, Malaysia
338 25x131 28/Jun/2012 Lima's Many Faces
339 25x132 29/Jun/2012 A Return to Sydney, Australia

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
340 34x01 02/Jul/2012 Kicking it in Tokyo, Japan
341 34x02 03/Jul/2012 A Couple Sails to Puerto Morelos, Mexico to Open a Dive Shop
342 34x03 04/Jul/2012 Choosing Between Sand Traps and Sandy Beaches as a Young Couple Plans a Wedding
343 34x04 05/Jul/2012 From Florida to the Andes
344 34x05 06/Jul/2012 Seeking a Pied a Terre and Investment Property in the Heart of Paris
346 34x07 10/Jul/2012 Bachelor Pads of the Arctic Circle
348 34x09 12/Jul/2012 Taking Root in Hua Hin, Thailand
349 34x10 13/Jul/2012 A Couple Seeks Simple Life in Merida, Mexico
350 34x11 16/Jul/2012 Navigating the Market in Nassau, Bahamas
351 34x12 17/Jul/2012 An Interior Designer Decides How Much Immersion She Can Handle
352 34x13 18/Jul/2012 Luxury Living on Grand Cayman Island
353 34x14 19/Jul/2012 Content in Willemstad, Curacao
354 34x15 20/Jul/2012 Retiring to Belize
355 34x16 20/Jul/2012 Soaking Up the Sun in San Juan, Puerto Rico
356 34x17 23/Jul/2012 Graduating to San Juan, Puerto Rico
357 34x18 24/Jul/2012 Good-Bye City Life, Hello Green Archers
358 34x19 25/Jul/2012 Reconnecting with Grenada
361 34x22 30/Jul/2012 Reunited in London, England
362 34x23 31/Jul/2012 Homes of the Barbadian Coast
363 34x24 01/Aug/2012 Scoping the slopes in Solden, Austria
364 34x25 02/Aug/2012 Searching for Style and Space in Paris
365 34x26 03/Aug/2012 An Active Couple seeks English Charm Overseas in New Zealand
366 34x27 06/Aug/2012 You only live once in Puerto Morelos, Mexico
367 34x28 07/Aug/2012 Permanent Vacation in Verbier, Switzerland
368 34x29 08/Aug/2012 Seeking Luxury and a Laidback Lifestyle in Australia's Newell Beach
369 34x30 09/Aug/2012 An American Woman Journeys to Florence to Marry Her Italian Fiance
370 34x31 10/Aug/2012 Reuniting in Barcelona, Spain
371 34x32 13/Aug/2012 Starting Anew in Bogota
372 34x33 14/Aug/2012 Scottish Painter Finds Solace In The Medieval Village of Guardia Sanframondi, Italy
374 34x35 16/Aug/2012 An American couple flees fast paced DC for the casual culture of Melbourne with their dog in tow
375 34x36 17/Aug/2012 Finding Balance in Chiang Mai, Thailand
376 34x37 20/Aug/2012 Going Home to Dublin, Ireland
377 34x38 21/Aug/2012 Striking a Balance between the Modern and the Historic in Witney England
378 34x39 22/Aug/2012 Navigating Kongsberg, Norway
379 34x40 23/Aug/2012 With her husband away on business, a young mother leads a house hunt for her expat family of four
380 34x41 24/Aug/2012 Couple Hunts for Retirement Home in Merida
381 34x42 27/Aug/2012 Beguiled by Budapest, Hungary
382 34x43 28/Aug/2012 Military Family Relocates to Bydgoszcz, Poland
383 34x44 29/Aug/2012 A Young Family Downsizes to Help Others in Lima, Peru
384 34x45 30/Aug/2012 European Dreaming
385 34x46 31/Aug/2012 A young Canadian designer and his partner relocate from Los Angeles to Barcelona, Spain
386 34x47 03/Sep/2012 Relocating to the City of Light
387 34x48 04/Sep/2012 Going Dutch in Gouda, Holland
388 34x49 05/Sep/2012 From Small Town Kansas to a Mexican Metropolis
389 34x50 06/Sep/2012 Scientific home search in Rome, Italy
390 34x51 07/Sep/2012 Lovestruck in Weymouth
391 34x52 10/Sep/2012 Outdoor Enthusiasts Seek Adventure in Australia
393 34x54 12/Sep/2012 A Couple Moves to Kathmandu, Nepal to Open A Children's School
394 34x55 13/Sep/2012 Living in the Great Outdoors of Montpellier, France
395 34x56 14/Sep/2012 Couple Moves to Cianciana, Sicily to be Close to Family
396 34x57 17/Sep/2012 Middle Aged Snowbirds Fly South Seeking the Sun in San Carlos, Mexico
397 34x58 18/Sep/2012 Time Out in Tarija, Bolivia
398 34x59 19/Sep/2012 Starting a Bed and Breakfast in Bocas Del Toro
399 34x60 20/Sep/2012 Pursuing Professional Soccer in Concepcion, Chile
400 34x61 21/Sep/2012 400th Episode: Migrating to Quito, Ecuador
401 34x62 24/Sep/2012 On the Job in Sarajevo, Bosnia
402 34x63 25/Sep/2012 Goodbye New York, Hello Singapore!
403 34x64 26/Sep/2012 An American couple flees fast paced DC for the casual culture of Melbourne with their dog in tow
404 34x65 27/Sep/2012 An International Life in Panama City, Panama
405 34x66 28/Sep/2012 Engaged Couple Moves to London, for His Career
406 34x67 01/Oct/2012 Romantic Getaway in Puerto Morelos, Mexico
407 34x68 02/Oct/2012 Searching for an Island Paradise on Bequia
408 34x69 03/Oct/2012 Choosing the 'burbs or Big Ben in London, England
409 34x70 04/Oct/2012 Beach Front House Hunt in Puerto Cayo
410 34x71 05/Oct/2012 Looking for Love and Leisure on Lake Garda
411 34x72 08/Oct/2012 Returning to Europe
412 34x73 09/Oct/2012 Newlyweds Meet New Opportunities in London, England
415 34x76 12/Oct/2012 Idealism vs. Practicality in Roatan, Honduras
416 34x77 15/Oct/2012 Down by the Seaside in Hoi An, Vietnam
417 34x78 16/Oct/2012 Chasing Dreams in St. Lucia
418 34x79 17/Oct/2012 Living La Vida Bocas
420 34x81 19/Oct/2012 Seeking a Life-Changing Vacation Property in Huatulco, Mexico
421 34x82 22/Oct/2012 Long Distance Lovers Move To Loughborough, England
422 34x83 23/Oct/2012 Beach Front House Hunt in Puerto Cayo
423 34x84 24/Oct/2012 Unwinding in Huatulco, Mexico
425 34x86 26/Oct/2012 Finding Paradise in Cairns, Australia
426 34x87 29/Oct/2012 Connecting to the Ancestral Bonds of San Luis Potosi, Mexico
427 34x88 30/Oct/2012 Returning Home to Brisbane
428 34x89 31/Oct/2012 Moving to Sweden to Start A New Life Together
429 34x90 01/Nov/2012 Broadening Horizons in Munich, Germany
430 34x91 02/Nov/2012 A Family From Houston, Texas is Transfered to Trinidad
431 34x92 05/Nov/2012 A New Job and a House in the Australian Rainforest
433 34x94 07/Nov/2012 Discovering Doha, Qatar
434 34x95 08/Nov/2012 Choosing the Country or the Suburbs Near Glasgow, Scotland
435 34x96 09/Nov/2012 A Taste of Tamarindo
436 34x97 12/Nov/2012 Moving Towards Modern in Old World Estonia
437 34x98 13/Nov/2012 An Adventure Starts in Dublin
438 34x99 14/Nov/2012 A Whiff of Cologne in Germany's Rhineland
439 34x100 15/Nov/2012 Switching Homes to Sweden to Be Near Family
440 34x101 16/Nov/2012 Big City Living in London, England
441 34x102 19/Nov/2012 Carefree Coastal Living in Tarifa, Spain
443 34x104 21/Nov/2012 Corey and Lynn trade a perfect life in hilly San Francisco for a cool vibe in East London
444 34x105 22/Nov/2012 Seeking Perfection in Playa del Carmen
445 34x106 23/Nov/2012 Canadian Couple's Retreat to Cabarete, Dominican Republic
446 34x107 26/Nov/2012 It's a Dog's Life on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
447 34x108 27/Nov/2012 New Couple Takes a Huge Step to Strasbourg, France
448 34x109 28/Nov/2012 Following a Lifelong Dream to Tamarindo, Costa Rica
451 34x112 03/Dec/2012 New Couple Tests the Waters in Townsville
452 34x113 04/Dec/2012 Exploring Lovely Lisbon, Portugal
453 34x114 05/Dec/2012 Seoul Searching for a Place to Call Home
454 34x115 06/Dec/2012 Setting the Stage for London
456 34x117 10/Dec/2012 New Couple Takes a Huge Step to Strasbourg, France
457 34x118 11/Dec/2012 Looking for the High Life Along Doha's Arabian Riviera
458 34x119 12/Dec/2012 First Time Buyers Have Conflicting Visions in Kaiserslautern, Germany
459 34x120 13/Dec/2012 An Unemployed Couple in the Portuguese Countryside
461 34x122 17/Dec/2012 Living a Dream in Dublin, Ireland
462 34x123 18/Dec/2012 No Worries in Mission Beach, Australia
463 34x124 19/Dec/2012 Young Fasionista Pursues Dedication for Parisian Lifestyle
464 34x125 20/Dec/2012 There's No Place Like Rome, Italy
465 34x126 21/Dec/2012 Thai One On in Bangkok, Thailand

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
467 35x02 14/Jan/2013 Choosing the 'burbs or Big Ben in London, England
468 35x03 15/Jan/2013 Fresh Start in Tokyo, Japan
469 35x04 16/Jan/2013 Student Gets Schooled in Glasgow, Scotland
470 35x05 17/Jan/2013 Romantic Barrio in Buenos Aires, Argentina
471 35x06 18/Jan/2013 Goodbye New York, Hello Singapore!
472 35x07 21/Jan/2013 Soaking Up the Sun in San Juan, Puerto Rico
473 35x08 22/Jan/2013 Canadian Couple's Retreat to Cabarete, Dominican Republic
474 35x09 23/Jan/2013 A Family From Houston, Texas is Transfered to Trinidad
475 35x10 24/Jan/2013 A Couple Torn Between Ex-Pat Living and a Shot at Immersion
476 35x11 25/Jan/2013 It's a Dog's Life on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
477 35x12 28/Jan/2013 Seeking a Life-Changing Vacation Property in Huatulco, Mexico
478 35x13 29/Jan/2013 Seeking Luxury and a Laidback Lifestyle in Australia's Newell Beach
479 35x14 30/Jan/2013 Time Out in Tarija, Bolivia
480 35x15 31/Jan/2013 Moving to Sweden to Start A New Life Together
482 35x17 04/Feb/2013 Every Little Girl's Dream Comes True?in Paris
483 35x18 05/Feb/2013 Brave New World in Brussels, Belgium
484 35x19 06/Feb/2013 Leaving Los Angeles for Tahiti
485 35x20 07/Feb/2013 Peaceful in Puerto Pe?asco
486 35x21 08/Feb/2013 Taking a Chance in Bustling Bilbao, Spain
487 35x22 11/Feb/2013 Baja-liday Road
488 35x23 12/Feb/2013 Trading Prague for Nuremberg, Germany
489 35x24 13/Feb/2013 Bachelor Pad in Buenos Aires, Argentina
490 35x25 14/Feb/2013 Battling between old world charm and modern convenience in Beverley, England
491 35x26 15/Feb/2013 5-Star Food Adventure in an Ancient City
492 35x27 18/Feb/2013 Calming Down in Cairns, Australia
493 35x28 19/Feb/2013 A Dream Come True in St. Kitts, West Indies
494 35x29 20/Feb/2013 A Stationing of a Lifetime in Naples
496 35x31 22/Feb/2013 You're as Cold as Iceland
497 35x32 25/Feb/2013 The Red Hot Chile Painter
498 35x33 26/Feb/2013 Test of Love in Tel Aviv, Israel
500 35x35 28/Feb/2013 500th Episode: Cultures Collide in Copenhagen, Denmark
501 35x36 01/Mar/2013 The Job of a Lifetime, With No Time to Spare
502 35x37 04/Mar/2013 A Return to Rome, Italy
503 35x38 05/Mar/2013 A Long Distance Relationship Getting Up Close and Personal in Manchester
505 35x40 07/Mar/2013 A Homecoming in Granada, Nicaragua
507 35x42 11/Mar/2013 Leaving Pennsylvania for Cartaya, Spain
508 35x43 12/Mar/2013 The Weird Quirks of Wellington, NZ
509 35x44 13/Mar/2013 Managing Paradise in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
510 35x45 14/Mar/2013 Parents and Kids Cohabitate in Cabarete, Dominican Republic
511 35x46 15/Mar/2013 Coming of Age in Paris, France
512 35x47 18/Mar/2013 Flash in the Panama
514 35x49 20/Mar/2013 Socially Conscious in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
515 35x50 21/Mar/2013 Returning to Thai Roots
516 35x51 22/Mar/2013 Different Desires in St. Kitts
518 35x53 28/Mar/2013 Bound for Buenos Aires, Argentina
519 35x54 28/Apr/2013 Building a New Beginning in Majorca, Spain
520 35x55 29/Apr/2013 Two Dads Move their Family to London
521 35x56 30/Apr/2013 Leaving Cape Cod for Muscat, Oman
522 35x57 01/May/2013 What's Happiness Worth in Perth, Australia
523 35x58 02/May/2013 Trading Down Home Texas for Down Jackets in Reykjavik, Iceland
524 35x59 03/May/2013 To Renovate or Not To Renovate in St. John, U.S Virgin Islands
525 35x60 06/May/2013 Awestruck by Auckland, New Zealand
526 35x61 07/May/2013 Back to the Future in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
527 35x62 08/May/2013 Band Moves Back Home to Barbados
528 35x63 09/May/2013 Exploring the Real Estate Jungle of Johannesburg, South Africa
529 35x64 10/May/2013 The Science of Moving
530 35x65 14/May/2013 Escaping Big City Brisbane to Small Town Kin Kin, Australia
531 35x66 15/May/2013 A New Family Returns to Old Roots, in Aurland, Norway
532 35x67 16/May/2013 La Vie En Paris, France
533 35x68 20/May/2013 Making Waves in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
534 35x69 21/May/2013 Island Hopping from St. Thomas to Mauritius
535 35x70 22/May/2013 Playa Con Dios
536 35x71 23/May/2013 Taking the Property Plunge in Port Douglas, Australia
539 35x74 28/May/2013 Parisian Brokers Turned Buyers Move to Provence
540 35x75 29/May/2013 Leaving Charlotte, North Carolina for Their Island Dream in Belize
541 35x76 30/May/2013 A New Life for Newlyweds
542 35x77 31/May/2013 On the Hunt for a Life Change, Bali-Style
543 35x78 03/Jun/2013 Chasing London Cool for a Growing Family
544 35x79 05/Jun/2013 Swapping single life for domesticity in Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen
545 35x80 06/Jun/2013 Potential Profits in Puerto Vallarta
546 35x81 09/Jun/2013 Star Gazing and Home Hunting in Rocky Point, Australia
547 35x82 10/Jun/2013 Reconnecting family ties in Barranquilla, Colombia
548 35x83 11/Jun/2013 Czeching Out Apartments in Prague
549 35x84 12/Jun/2013 Take the House, Leave the Cannoli in Sicily, Italy
550 35x85 13/Jun/2013 Living the Wildlife Down Under in Townsville, Australia
551 35x86 14/Jun/2013 Interning in Leuven, Belgium
552 35x87 17/Jun/2013 A Young Family Chooses Between the City and the Sea in Andalucia, Spain
553 35x88 18/Jun/2013 Leaving Milton, Massachusetts for Sydney, Australia
554 35x89 24/Jun/2013 Creature Comforts in Blackburn, England
555 35x90 27/Jun/2013 Passionate Fashionista Blogs Street Wear
556 35x91 02/Jul/2013 International Love Settles in Lyon, France
557 35x92 03/Jul/2013 Adjusting to Auckland, New Zealand
558 35x93 09/Jul/2013 Mother Knows Best in Orvieto, Italy
559 35x94 11/Jul/2013 Village Townhomes of Tilburg, Netherlands
560 35x95 15/Jul/2013 A Woman Trades the Corporate Grind for Eco-Friendly Paradise in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica
561 35x96 16/Jul/2013 New Home for a New Family in Amsterdam
562 35x97 17/Jul/2013 Coastal Homes of Panama's Pacific Lowlands
564 35x99 23/Jul/2013 Rivalry Rears Up in Rainbow Beach, Australia
565 35x100 25/Jul/2013 Settling Down, But Never Settling for Less, in Lisbon Portugal
566 35x101 30/Jul/2013 An Environmentally Conscious Californian Gets Green in Granada, Nicaragua
567 35x102 31/Jul/2013 Everything is Negotiable in Sweet Grenada
568 35x103 02/Aug/2013 A Brit is tempted to overspend on a home Down Under
569 35x104 06/Aug/2013 Put a Cork in it!
570 35x105 08/Aug/2013 Making a Splash in Marbella, Costa Rica
571 35x106 13/Aug/2013 Becoming a Buyer in Nice, France
572 35x107 19/Aug/2013 Retiring off to Eleuthera, Bahamas
573 35x108 20/Aug/2013 Three's company in Alexandra Headland, AUS
574 35x109 21/Aug/2013 Commuting Conundrum in London, England
575 35x110 22/Aug/2013 A Young Couple Takes a Chance on an Up-And-Coming Country in Kingston, Jamaica
576 35x111 27/Aug/2013 Giving Back to Granada, Nicaragua
577 35x112 28/Aug/2013 Planning a Future in Paris, France
578 35x113 29/Aug/2013 Loving Life in Loughborough, England
579 35x114 02/Sep/2013 Two Dudes and a Boat in Daintree, Australia
580 35x115 03/Sep/2013 When Ajman loves a Woman
582 35x117 05/Sep/2013 Asking for Authenticity in Thailand
583 35x118 06/Sep/2013 Torn Over Where to be in Split, Croatia
584 35x119 09/Sep/2013 Battling Over High Rises and Traditional Flats in Glasgow, Scotland
585 35x120 10/Sep/2013 Much Love in Munich
586 35x121 11/Sep/2013 You've Got The Quito My Heart
587 35x122 12/Sep/2013 Quality Time in Bern, Switzerland
588 35x123 13/Sep/2013 Melbourne to be Wild!
590 35x125 17/Sep/2013 Town Center or River Views in Carrick on Shannon
591 35x126 18/Sep/2013 Business in Beautiful Busan, South Korea
592 35x127 19/Sep/2013 Raising a Family in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
594 35x129 23/Sep/2013 Married and Motoring in Milan, Italy
595 35x130 24/Sep/2013 Risky Beach Business in Leon
596 35x131 25/Sep/2013 Surf and Sand or in the City, in Brisbane
597 35x132 26/Sep/2013 Reconnecting in Retirement in Dominical, Costa Rica
598 35x133 27/Sep/2013 American Dreams in the English Countryside in Bracknell, England
599 35x134 30/Sep/2013 Searching for Keys in Cabo, Mexico
600 35x135 01/Oct/2013 Size Matters to Husbands in Dublin
601 35x136 02/Oct/2013 Living Life in La Baule
602 35x137 03/Oct/2013 Living la Vida Local in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador
603 35x138 04/Oct/2013 Chicopee to Barcelona
604 35x139 07/Oct/2013 Seeking Common Ground in Frankfurt, Germany
605 35x140 08/Oct/2013 A Family of Five Strives to Find a Full-Size House in Cambridge, England
607 35x142 10/Oct/2013 Sea Views or Cityscapes in Sydney
608 35x143 11/Oct/2013 Pre-empting an Empty Nest on Nevis
610 35x145 15/Oct/2013 Business and Budget in Budapest, Hungary
611 35x146 16/Oct/2013 Beautiful Backdrop in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
612 35x147 17/Oct/2013 A Second Chance in The Netherlands Capital of Amsterdam
613 35x148 18/Oct/2013 Is Paradise Out of Reach in Mission Beach, Australia?
614 35x149 21/Oct/2013 Been There, London That
615 35x150 22/Oct/2013 Seeking a Gem on the Caribbean Island of St. Maarten
616 35x151 23/Oct/2013 Managing Married Life in Melbourne, Australia
618 35x153 25/Oct/2013 Hello, Jolly!
619 35x154 28/Oct/2013 Buenos Dias Barcelona, Spain
620 35x155 29/Oct/2013 Belfast and Furious
621 35x156 30/Oct/2013 Magnetic Island's Ed-cellent Adventure
622 35x157 31/Oct/2013 New Digs in Dortmund, Germany
623 35x158 01/Nov/2013 A Greece of the Action
625 35x160 05/Nov/2013 A History Teacher Encounters the Unknown in Ukraine
626 35x160 06/Nov/2013 Fitting into Osaka, Japan
627 35x161 07/Nov/2013 The Retirees and the Volcano in Ometepe, Nicaragua
628 35x162 08/Nov/2013 Old or New in England's Surrey County
629 35x163 11/Nov/2013 Too Cold for Comfort in Lulea, Sweden
630 35x164 12/Nov/2013 An Upwardly Mobile Athenian Moves In With a Roomie She's Never Met So She Can Find a Flat Fast
631 35x165 13/Nov/2013 Young Couple Butts Heads in Bruges
632 35x166 14/Nov/2013 Domestic Track in Tasmania
633 35x167 15/Nov/2013 Urban Versus Rural in Kathmandu, Nepal
634 35x168 18/Nov/2013 An Australian Couple Risks Their Savings So Their Daughter Can Have a More Cultural Life in Malaysia
635 35x169 19/Nov/2013 A Young Couple Leaves the Security of their Hometown for a New Life in Potsdam, Germany
636 35x170 20/Nov/2013 A Compounding Conundrum in Papua New Guinea
638 35x172 22/Nov/2013 It's Raining Mendoza
639 35x173 25/Nov/2013 Seeking Nature and Convenience in Obertrum, Austria
640 35x174 26/Nov/2013 Teaching English to Finance an Endless Summer on Koh Samui, Thailand
641 35x175 27/Nov/2013 Living a Teenage Dream in Paris, France
642 35x176 28/Nov/2013 Surf, Sun and Jobs in Four Mile Beach
643 35x177 29/Nov/2013 Sharing Shangri-la in Puerto Escondido, Mexico
644 35x178 02/Dec/2013 A Couple Retires to Costa Rica
645 35x179 03/Dec/2013 A Lengthy List of Demands in Leiden, the Netherlands
646 35x180 04/Dec/2013 Kicking It Kigali Style in Rwanda
647 35x181 05/Dec/2013 A Couple That Makes Better Friends Than Lovers Decide To Be Platonic Roommates In Romantic Italy

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
648 36x01 01/Jan/2014 Loving Every Bit of St. Kitts
649 36x02 02/Jan/2014 A Place in the Sun on the Croatian Island of Korcula
650 36x03 06/Jan/2014 Revisiting Historic Renovations in Italy and France
651 36x04 07/Jan/2014 Revisiting Remote Renovations in Australia, New Zealand and Panama
652 36x05 08/Jan/2014 Revisiting Big Renovations in the South of France
653 36x06 09/Jan/2014 Revisiting Euro Renovations in Berlin, Copenhagen and Slovenia
654 36x07 10/Jan/2014 Revisiting Latin Renovations in Belize, Panama and Mexico
656 36x09 14/Jan/2014 There's No Place like a Vacation Home
657 36x10 16/Jan/2014 Some Uninterrupted Face Time in a Peaceful Seaside Village in Southern Italy
658 36x11 21/Jan/2014 California Dreaming in Chioggia, Italy
660 36x13 23/Jan/2014 On the road again to Vevey, Switzerland
661 36x14 28/Jan/2014 Geologists Uproot their Kids from Australia to Tackle New Ground in Ghana
663 36x16 30/Jan/2014 Embracing Roots in Hong Kong, China
664 36x17 03/Feb/2014 A Couple Seeks to Jumpstart a Renaissance in Italy's Celebrated City of New Beginnings, Florence
665 36x18 04/Feb/2014 Going the Distance to Bridge the Gap in Montevideo, Uruguay
666 36x19 05/Feb/2014 Head Over High Heels for a Home in Andorra
667 36x20 06/Feb/2014 A Family Retraces Dad's Roots As They Balance Korean, American, and German Heritages in Aalen
668 36x21 10/Feb/2014 Financing the Endless Summer in Nosara, Costa Rica
669 36x22 11/Feb/2014 Lady in Reading
670 36x23 12/Feb/2014 Snowbird Sanctuary in Huatulco, Mexico
671 36x24 13/Feb/2014 A Couple Starts Fresh in Denmark
672 36x25 20/Feb/2014 How Grenoble of You
674 36x27 25/Feb/2014 After a Lifetime of Longing, a Husband Convinces his Wife to Leave London and Set Sail to Roseau
676 36x29 27/Feb/2014 Family Time in Roatan, Honduras
677 36x30 03/Mar/2014 A Winery Brings Napa to Eastbourne
678 36x31 04/Mar/2014 Longing for the Sea, Two Brits Invest Their Savings in Montenegro's Budding Real Estate Market
680 36x33 06/Mar/2014 Bad To The Baden-Wurttemberg
681 36x34 10/Mar/2014 To Rent Out or Not To Rent Out in Aruba
683 36x36 12/Mar/2014 Keep Guam and Carry On
684 36x37 13/Mar/2014 A Piece of Paradise in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
685 36x38 18/Mar/2014 Looking for a Cosmopolitan Lifestyle in Madrid
686 36x39 20/Mar/2014 Leaving it all for London
687 36x40 25/Mar/2014 Under the Tuscan Gun in Lucca, Italy
688 36x41 26/Mar/2014 A Retirement Dream Come True
689 36x42 27/Mar/2014 Seeking A Swede Pad In Stockholm
690 36x43 03/Apr/2014 It's a Complicated Situation on the Jersey Shore
691 36x44 04/Apr/2014 San Juan-a-be Startin' Somethin'
692 36x45 08/Apr/2014 From Northeast to Far East
695 36x48 17/Apr/2014 Trouble with Traffic in Jakarta, Indonesia
696 36x49 18/Apr/2014 Head Over High Heels for a Home in Andorra
697 36x50 28/Apr/2014 A Doting Husband Shocks His Wife by Proposing a Move to Mexico, But Her Answer is the Real Surprise
698 36x51 29/Apr/2014 Accustomed to Living Large, Texans Tackle London's Small Spaces
700 36x53 01/May/2014 Out With the Old, in With the Newcastle
701 36x54 05/May/2014 Rotterdam, I wish I was your Lover
702 36x55 06/May/2014 Whole Granada Shakin' Goin' On
703 36x56 07/May/2014 Trading Tee Shirts for Tea Shops, from Florida to Leeds
704 36x57 08/May/2014 Fresh Out of France with Masters' Degrees, Minnesotans Move to Bogota to Bank on its Business Boom
705 36x58 12/May/2014 Detour in Life to Greenland
706 36x59 13/May/2014 Full Court Cyprus
707 36x60 14/May/2014 Divorced Bikers Fall in Love and Leave Texas for a Clean Break in Belize
708 36x61 15/May/2014 Extended Asian Adventure in Chengdu, China
709 36x62 20/May/2014 Microfinance in Mongolia
710 36x63 21/May/2014 Globe Trottin' to Wiesbaden
711 36x64 22/May/2014 Mining for Golden Properties in La Serena, Chile
712 36x65 29/May/2014 Wacko for Jaco
713 36x66 03/Jun/2014 A Family Moves to Mom's Home Country
714 36x67 05/Jun/2014 It had to be Utrecht
715 36x68 08/Jun/2014 Tired of California's Crowded Beaches, a Couple Invests in a Surfside Home in Rosarito Beach, Mexico
720 36x73 15/Jun/2014 Moving to Easter Island to Reconnect With Nature, Family, and The Past at the Edge of the World
721 36x74 17/Jun/2014 So Close Yet Sofia
722 36x75 18/Jun/2014 A Return to Roots in Rosarito
724 36x77 22/Jun/2014 Divided In Berlin
725 36x78 23/Jun/2014 Teaching Yoga and Meeting Vikings in Amsterdam
726 36x79 24/Jun/2014 A South African Fights First-Time Buying Fears in Pricey Perth, Australia
727 36x80 25/Jun/2014 Confusion in County Kildare, Ireland
729 36x82 29/Jun/2014 The Dock of the Beijing
730 36x83 01/Jul/2014 A New Home On A New Beach
731 36x84 02/Jul/2014 Nothing's Perth-ect
733 36x86 06/Jul/2014 Beachfront on a Budget in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
734 36x87 09/Jul/2014 Secret Santa Elena
735 36x88 10/Jul/2014 A Taste for Paris
736 36x89 13/Jul/2014 Fear of Driving on the Left in Brisbane, Australia
737 36x90 16/Jul/2014 Stressed in Bucharest, Romania
738 36x91 17/Jul/2014 Barcelona or Bust
739 36x92 20/Jul/2014 Punta de Mita Retirement
741 36x94 22/Jul/2014 Revisiting Euro Renovations in Berlin, Copenhagen and Slovenia
742 36x95 23/Jul/2014 Revisiting Latin Renovations in Belize, Panama and Mexico
743 36x96 24/Jul/2014 Revisiting Historic Renovations in Italy and France
745 36x98 27/Jul/2014 Renovating History for a Taste of the Simple Life in Piedmont, Italy
746 36x99 28/Jul/2014 Bad To The Baden-Wurttemberg
747 36x100 29/Jul/2014 Seeking the Ideal Location in Warsaw, Poland
748 36x101 31/Jul/2014 Ecua-Do or Ecua-Don't in Esmeraldas, Ecuador
749 36x102 03/Aug/2014 Surfside Bikini Startup versus Student Budget on Australia's Gold Coast
750 36x103 07/Aug/2014 Finding Happiness in Paris
751 36x104 10/Aug/2014 Ansbach To The Future
752 36x105 11/Aug/2014 To Athens with Love
753 36x106 13/Aug/2014 Building Bonds in Brno, Czech Republic
754 36x107 14/Aug/2014 All's Well That Ends Wellington
755 36x108 17/Aug/2014 Desperately Seeking Siam, in Koh Samui, Thailand
756 36x109 19/Aug/2014 A Young Couple Struggles with a Budget too Small for their Dutch Desires in Amsterdam
757 36x110 21/Aug/2014 Leaving The USA For A Lifestyle Shift On The Mornington Peninsula, Australia
758 36x111 24/Aug/2014 A Family Flees Canada to Afford Living Off One Income in Asuncion, Paraguay
759 36x112 31/Aug/2014 Let the Sunshine in San Carlos
761 36x114 02/Sep/2014 All for One, Five for San Juan
762 36x115 04/Sep/2014 Traveling Campania
763 36x116 05/Sep/2014 Finding an Idyllic Island Home in the Marshall Islands
764 36x117 08/Sep/2014 Wisconsinites Hoping to Settle in Auckland Must Consider Buying a Home off the Auction Block
765 36x118 09/Sep/2014 Emptying The Nest In Puerto Vallarta
766 36x119 10/Sep/2014 A Newly Married Couple Discover Life in North-Eastern South Africa Means Cohabiting with Wild Game
768 36x121 12/Sep/2014 Saving Monet in Stockholm
769 36x122 15/Sep/2014 Putting Down Roots in Sao Paulo, Brazil
770 36x123 16/Sep/2014 Tuscany Way You Want It
771 36x124 17/Sep/2014 Puppy Problems in Perth
772 36x125 18/Sep/2014 Early Retirement is Gonna Cost Ya, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica
773 36x126 19/Sep/2014 New Jobs and Roommates in Madrid, Spain
774 36x127 22/Sep/2014 Californians sell their Vineyard to Afford a Summer Home on the Costly Cote d'Azur
776 36x129 24/Sep/2014 Living the Surfers Dream in Bali
779 36x132 29/Sep/2014 City Home versus Country Home in Bangor, Wales
780 36x133 30/Sep/2014 Seeking Creature Comforts in the Remote Marshall Islands
781 36x134 01/Oct/2014 Thrown Under the Brussels
782 36x135 02/Oct/2014 The Seeds We Sao Paulo
783 36x136 03/Oct/2014 Canary Islands Conundrum, in Tenerife
785 36x138 07/Oct/2014 Have Helsingborg Will Travel
787 36x140 09/Oct/2014 Californians Find out First Hand Why Melbourne is one of the Priciest Places to Live
788 36x141 10/Oct/2014 Pumped to Experience Pretoria
789 36x142 13/Oct/2014 Bearish or Bullish in Medellin, Colombia
790 36x143 14/Oct/2014 Striking A Chord In Zurich, Switzerland
791 36x144 15/Oct/2014 Man vs. Math vs. Wife, For The Caribbean Dream Home
792 36x145 16/Oct/2014 Snapshot of City Life in Paris, France
793 36x146 17/Oct/2014 Changing Plans for Love in Roatan
794 36x147 20/Oct/2014 Paris's Newest Recruit
795 36x148 21/Oct/2014 Sense and Santiago
796 36x149 22/Oct/2014 Split on Urban Versus Rural Living, a Couple from Iowa Have a Trying House Hunt in Lusaka, Zambia
797 36x150 23/Oct/2014 Seeking Happiness In The Baltics
798 36x151 24/Oct/2014 Flying High in Guam
799 36x152 27/Oct/2014 Snowbirds in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
800 36x153 28/Oct/2014 London Charm versus Parisian Pride
801 36x154 29/Oct/2014 Brussels In Your Hedgerow
802 36x155 30/Oct/2014 Looking for Room to be Wild in the Australian Bush
803 36x156 31/Oct/2014 Love on the Rocks with No Ice in Competa, Spain
804 36x157 03/Nov/2014 Not Too Fast Not Too Slovenia
805 36x158 04/Nov/2014 Teachers on the Go, Kuwait to Kuantan, Malaysia
807 36x160 06/Nov/2014 Looking to Escape their Grueling Commute, a Family Moves out of Manhattan's Burbs and into Scotland
808 36x161 07/Nov/2014 Battle Across the Rio Grande, in Puerto Penasco, Mexico
809 36x162 10/Nov/2014 Find Yourself in Dusseldorf, Germany
810 36x163 11/Nov/2014 Space vs Price in Brussels
812 36x165 13/Nov/2014 Dare to Repair in Terrasson France
813 36x166 14/Nov/2014 Pier Pressure in Freeport
815 36x168 17/Nov/2014 Family Decision in Rota Spain
816 36x169 19/Nov/2014 Bros Before House in Sydney, Australia
817 36x170 20/Nov/2014 A Wales of a Good Time in Anglesey
820 36x173 25/Nov/2014 A Couple from Boston Fear Rocking the Relationship Boat with a Move to St. Thomas
821 36x174 26/Nov/2014 Puerto Plata da Vida
822 36x175 27/Nov/2014 Leaving the Nest for the First Time to Bermuda
823 36x176 28/Nov/2014 Vamos A La Playa
824 36x177 08/Dec/2014 Race to Mount Cooroora
825 36x178 09/Dec/2014 The Seeds We Sao Paulo
827 36x180 11/Dec/2014 Showdown South of the Border, in Puerto Penasco, Mexico
828 36x181 12/Dec/2014 Romania
829 36x182 15/Dec/2014 Thy Will Be London
830 36x183 16/Dec/2014 Fitting into Osaka, Japan
831 36x184 17/Dec/2014 Spending More in Singapore
832 36x185 18/Dec/2014 Italian Dream for Party of Eleven, In Veneto
833 36x186 19/Dec/2014 Living a Teenage Dream in Paris, France
834 36x187 22/Dec/2014 Swaziland of Confusion
836 36x189 29/Dec/2014 Striking a Chord in Zurich, Switzerland

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
837 37x01 01/Jan/2015 Manuel Antonio Pura Vida
838 37x02 05/Jan/2015 Going in Circles in London, an American Family Gets Stuck Between Countryside Charm and City Life
839 37x03 07/Jan/2015 Cambodia For Kids
840 37x04 08/Jan/2015 Down Memory Lane in Mulheim, Germany
841 37x05 12/Jan/2015 San Miguel de Allende Trippers
843 37x07 15/Jan/2015 Going to Catalonia for a Barcelona Flat
844 37x08 19/Jan/2015 Landing a Home in San Juan, Puerto Rico
845 37x09 21/Jan/2015 It Takes Tulips to Tango
846 37x10 22/Jan/2015 Tuscany Way You Want It
847 37x11 23/Jan/2015 Growing Family Growing Budget
848 37x12 26/Jan/2015 Brussels In Your Hedgerow
849 37x13 27/Jan/2015 Looking for Room to be Wild in the Australian Bush
850 37x14 28/Jan/2015 We're Sure in Turin
851 37x15 29/Jan/2015 Not Too Fast Not Too Slovenia
852 37x16 30/Jan/2015 Puerto Plata da Vida
853 37x17 02/Feb/2015 Walking Through the Doorway of Africa, Dakar, Senegal
854 37x18 04/Feb/2015 Tropical Medical School In Grenada
855 37x19 05/Feb/2015 Puerto Vallarta For Now and The Future
856 37x20 06/Feb/2015 A Couple from Boston Fear Rocking the Relationship Boat with a Move to St. Thomas
857 37x21 09/Feb/2015 Settling Down in Hong Kong
858 37x24 11/Feb/2015 Home on the Dandenong Ranges
860 37x24 16/Feb/2015 Driving With The Brakes On, She's Got The Wheel
859 37x25 12/Feb/2015 Keep the City Just Give Me That Countryside
861 37x25 17/Feb/2015 Imagine Being Invited to Izmir
862 37x26 18/Feb/2015 Swansea Scheme
863 37x27 19/Feb/2015 Old City Eco-Challenge in Athens
864 37x28 23/Feb/2015 Muling It Over, Kiss This Thing Goodbye
865 37x29 24/Feb/2015 From Taxis to Tuk Tuks
866 37x30 25/Feb/2015 Breaking Wiesbaden
867 37x31 02/Mar/2015 Here Comes Santa Marinella
869 37x33 09/Mar/2015 A New Home and a New Baby in Aberdeen, Scotland
871 37x35 11/Mar/2015 I Left My Harp in Denver
872 37x36 16/Mar/2015 Chiang Mai Fair Lady
873 37x37 18/Mar/2015 Grabbing Hold of Love and Life in Goa
874 37x38 19/Mar/2015 This Lund is Your Lund
875 37x39 23/Mar/2015 Big Family, Small Caribbean Island, in Sint Eustatius
876 37x40 24/Mar/2015 Lets Talk Turks and Caicos
877 37x41 25/Mar/2015 Opposing Opinions on St. Thomas
879 37x43 06/Apr/2015 Mom Leeds the Way to a New Life in the UK
880 37x44 08/Apr/2015 TBA
881 37x45 13/Apr/2015 A Family's First Home in Arusha, Tanzania
882 37x46 14/Apr/2015 Horsing Around in Garabito, Costa Rica
883 37x47 16/Apr/2015 Back to One, in Berlin
884 37x48 20/Apr/2015 What I Would Do For Love In New Delhi
885 37x49 22/Apr/2015 Moaning and Groningen
886 37x50 23/Apr/2015 Saving a Nest Egg in Rural Malaysia
890 37x54 30/Apr/2015 Seeking Italian Charm in Iesi
891 37x55 04/May/2015 Family Leaves Florida Comfort for a New Language and Culture in Panama City, Panama
892 37x56 05/May/2015 Ginger The Cat Goes To Albania
893 37x57 06/May/2015 Do-Over in Denmark
894 37x58 07/May/2015 Nothing Toulouse
895 37x59 11/May/2015 Rediscovering Taipei for Family and Film
896 37x60 12/May/2015 Spending Time in Granada, Spain
897 37x61 13/May/2015 Part-Time Texan, Full-Time Dream, in Oslo
898 37x62 14/May/2015 Hey La Serena
899 37x63 18/May/2015 Shaking things up in The Netherlands capital of Amsterdam
900 37x64 19/May/2015 A Young Photographer Begins a New Career on the Isle of Malta
901 37x65 20/May/2015 Risky Early Retirement to Utila, Honduras
903 37x67 25/May/2015 Trading in the Sacramento River for Lake Atitlan in Guatemala
904 37x68 27/May/2015 Road Trip to Puerto Penasco
905 37x69 28/May/2015 Island Dreams on Tortola
906 37x70 01/Jun/2015 Imagine Being Invited to Izmir
907 37x71 03/Jun/2015 Let Slip The Dogs of Warwick
908 37x72 04/Jun/2015 Family First in Stockholm, Sweden
909 37x73 07/Jun/2015 Old Orleans, France
910 37x74 08/Jun/2015 Here We Santiago
911 37x75 10/Jun/2015 Shaken But Not Stifled In Christchurch, New Zealand
912 37x76 11/Jun/2015 Where Are They Now?: Aberdeen Dreams Come True
913 37x77 14/Jun/2015 Looking in Liverpool
915 37x79 17/Jun/2015 Meet Me Back Home in Riga
916 37x80 18/Jun/2015 A Young Couples Second Chance at Life in Paris
917 37x81 21/Jun/2015 Amsterdam Skippy
918 37x82 22/Jun/2015 Dream Job With a Budget Nightmare in London
919 37x83 24/Jun/2015 Montserrat Where You Wanna Be
920 37x84 25/Jun/2015 House vs. High-rise in Istanbul
923 37x87 30/Jun/2015 Singing for Space in Stockholm, Sweden
925 37x89 06/Jul/2015 Ostuni Vista, Bobbie
926 37x90 07/Jul/2015 Geilenkirchen, Germany, Here We Come
929 37x93 20/Jul/2015 Getting Your Goat on the Azore Islands
930 37x94 21/Jul/2015 Taking the Kids to Marrakech, Morocco
931 37x95 26/Jul/2015 Prague-Tically Home Free, Committing to You and Me
932 37x96 27/Jul/2015 Student Accommodations In Malang, Indonesia
934 37x98 30/Jul/2015 Family Time in Flemish Brabant
935 37x99 02/Aug/2015 Family First in Morelia, Mexico
936 37x100 03/Aug/2015 Julie Gets Transferred to Copenhagen
938 37x102 06/Aug/2015 A New Job and a Better Life for the Family
939 37x103 09/Aug/2015 Leaving It All for Love in Bad Wildungen
940 37x104 11/Aug/2015 Digging His Irish Roots in Dublin
941 37x105 12/Aug/2015 Better Late Than Never in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
942 37x106 13/Aug/2015 A New Career and a New Home in Malmo, Sweden
943 37x107 16/Aug/2015 Tropical Medical School In Grenada
944 37x108 17/Aug/2015 Must Have Turnkey in Helsinki, Finland
945 37x109 18/Aug/2015 A Sea Change to Isabela, Puerto Rico
946 37x110 19/Aug/2015 You Say Dubai and I Say Hello
947 37x111 20/Aug/2015 Nice to See You Again
948 37x112 23/Aug/2015 Follow the Lights to Wagga
949 37x113 26/Aug/2015 A Warmer Home for Mario and Linda
952 37x116 07/Sep/2015 Family Time In Guanacaste, Costa Rica
953 37x117 08/Sep/2015 Don't Have Money to Melbourne
954 37x118 09/Sep/2015 Oh, De Toilette
955 37x119 10/Sep/2015 Seeking the Center In Frankfurt, Germany
958 37x122 15/Sep/2015 Family Decision in Rota Spain
959 37x123 16/Sep/2015 Believe I Can Playa del Carmen
960 37x124 17/Sep/2015 All Their Cash Is in Coronado
961 37x125 18/Sep/2015 Little Oundle of Joy in the UK
962 37x126 21/Sep/2015 Real Estate and Rodeos with Jesse James
963 37x127 22/Sep/2015 Eat, Prague, Love
964 37x128 23/Sep/2015 Baby Steps from Johannesburg, South Africa to Windhoek, Namibia
965 37x129 24/Sep/2015 A Lot to Learn in Madrid
966 37x130 25/Sep/2015 From California to Switzerland
967 37x131 28/Sep/2015 Turin Down For What
968 37x132 29/Sep/2015 Singing for Space in Stockholm, Sweden
969 37x133 30/Sep/2015 Home to Hampshire
970 37x134 01/Oct/2015 Nancy Drew Their Hearts
971 37x135 02/Oct/2015 Victoria Secret
972 37x136 05/Oct/2015 You Madagascar, Bro?
973 37x137 06/Oct/2015 Goodbye, Texas; Hello, Wales!
975 37x139 08/Oct/2015 I Love Lucy and So Does Phil
976 37x140 09/Oct/2015 Qatar Hero
978 37x142 13/Oct/2015 You Only Live Once in Yangon, Myanmar
979 37x143 14/Oct/2015 To Everything There Is a Season, Tjorn, Tjorn, Tjorn
980 37x144 15/Oct/2015 Cooking Up Some Love in Lucca, Italy
981 37x145 16/Oct/2015 South Yarra Is the New Black
982 37x146 19/Oct/2015 Brussels and Flow
983 37x147 20/Oct/2015 Fiction to Fact in London
984 37x148 21/Oct/2015 Milan Rouge
985 37x149 22/Oct/2015 A Florida couple must bust their budget to get an ocean view in Australia's Northern Beaches.
986 37x150 23/Oct/2015 Horsing around in Pedasi, Panama
988 37x152 27/Oct/2015 Right in the Palma Your Hand
994 37x158 04/Nov/2015 I've Berlin to Paradise, But I've Never Been to Me
995 37x159 05/Nov/2015 London with a Scandinavian Twist
996 37x160 06/Nov/2015 Mama Mia, I'm Moving to Naples, Italy
997 37x161 09/Nov/2015 Big City, Big Beaches in Tel Aviv, Israel
998 37x162 10/Nov/2015 The Long and Wining Road to Ambergris Caye
999 37x163 11/Nov/2015 Better Life, Better Jobs
1000 37x164 12/Nov/2015 It's All Relative in Dublin
1001 37x165 13/Nov/2015 His New Job Moves a Young Couple from the Mile High City to the Banks of the Rhine
1002 37x166 16/Nov/2015 A Slightly Auckland Relationship
1003 37x167 17/Nov/2015 Mother Knows Best in Luxembourg City
1004 37x168 18/Nov/2015 Live by the Surf in Australia
1005 37x169 19/Nov/2015 I Want My Lake Atitlan Volcanos
1006 37x170 27/Nov/2015 Don't Hate the Playa, Hate the Game

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
1007 38x01 01/Jan/2016 Picking Up Suva-nirs from Fiji
1008 38x02 04/Jan/2016 Roots on the Rhine
1009 38x03 05/Jan/2016 Brand New Zealand
1010 38x04 06/Jan/2016 Return to the Shire
1012 38x06 08/Jan/2016 Part-Time Paradise
1013 38x07 11/Jan/2016 Finding French Flair in Lyon, France
1014 38x08 12/Jan/2016 From The Big Apple To Italy
1016 38x10 18/Jan/2016 Haunted by a Hurricane on Grand Cayman Island
1017 38x11 20/Jan/2016 Bringing Up Baby in Amsterdam
1021 38x15 27/Jan/2016 A Home for the Rio Olympics
1022 38x16 01/Feb/2016 Transfer to Assen
1023 38x17 02/Feb/2016 Setting Sail in the Netherlands Town of Hoorn
1024 38x18 04/Feb/2016 Trading Corn Pones for Scones in Milton Keynes, England
1026 38x20 09/Feb/2016 When in France
1027 38x21 11/Feb/2016 We Dig Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1028 38x22 15/Feb/2016 Divided Over Design in Dublin
1029 38x23 16/Feb/2016 Quintana Roo Future
1030 38x24 18/Feb/2016 Life Ain't Faroe Islands
1031 38x25 22/Feb/2016 Sydney Deep in Their Move
1032 38x26 23/Feb/2016 Opportunity in Eindhoven
1033 38x27 25/Feb/2016 Opposites Attracted to Italy
1034 38x28 01/Mar/2016 Far From Family and Home
1035 38x29 03/Mar/2016 Family in Fagersta
1037 38x31 15/Mar/2016 A Tall Order In Breda, Netherlands
1038 38x32 28/Mar/2016 Going Stress-Free in Nosara
1039 38x33 29/Mar/2016 Paying It Forward in San Juan Del Sur
1040 38x34 04/Apr/2016 Scientists Settle Down in Western Cape, South Africa
1041 38x35 07/Apr/2016 Young and on a Budget in Paris
1042 38x36 11/Apr/2016 Going Back to North County Dublin
1043 38x37 14/Apr/2016 Style Standoff in Okinawa, Japan
1044 38x38 25/Apr/2016 A Flight Attendant Sets Her Sights on Abruzzo, Italy
1046 38x40 27/Apr/2016 Moving the Family To Marrakesh, Morocco
1047 38x41 28/Apr/2016 Functionality vs. Old World Charm in Warwickshire, England
1048 38x42 02/May/2016 Newlyweds Believe in Brussels
1049 38x43 03/May/2016 Fashion Designer Seeks Modern Second Home in Old Town Puerto Vallarta
1050 38x44 04/May/2016 Diving Into Dublin
1051 38x45 05/May/2016 A Mom Retreats to Roatan, Honduras
1052 38x46 09/May/2016 Back to Our Roots in Jamaica
1053 38x47 10/May/2016 Good bye Sihanoukville, Hello Phnom Penh
1054 38x48 11/May/2016 Escape to St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
1055 38x49 12/May/2016 Bicycling in Groningen
1056 38x50 16/May/2016 Life Balance in Perth
1057 38x51 17/May/2016 Miles to Go in Marrakesh, Morocco
1058 38x52 18/May/2016 Starting a Business in Penang, Malaysia
1059 38x53 19/May/2016 An American Couple Falls in Love With Florence, Italy
1060 38x54 30/May/2016 Cayman Island Adventures
1061 38x55 31/May/2016 I Want My Balcony in San Juan, Puerto Rico
1062 38x56 01/Jun/2016 Teaching in Phnom Penh
1063 38x57 02/Jun/2016 Modern or Mexican in San Miguel
1064 38x58 06/Jun/2016 You Gotta Downsize to Upgrade in the Hague
1065 38x59 08/Jun/2016 Squeezing Into San Carlos, Mexico
1067 38x61 10/Jun/2016 Baby Steps From Johannesburg, South Africa to Windhoek, Namibia
1068 38x62 13/Jun/2016 Hard to Please, in Belize
1069 38x63 15/Jun/2016 The Making of a Sommelier in Bordeaux
1071 38x65 20/Jun/2016 Home in Aguadilla
1072 38x66 22/Jun/2016 Three for Tasmania
1073 38x67 23/Jun/2016 Big Family in the Hi-Rise City of Penang
1074 38x68 27/Jun/2016 A New Home in Noisy Phnom Penh
1075 38x69 29/Jun/2016 Wine or Beach in South Africa
1076 38x70 04/Jul/2016 Utah Couple Searches for Mexican Bed and Breakfast
1077 38x71 06/Jul/2016 Miami Couple Renovates Second Home in Lake Como, Italy
1078 38x72 11/Jul/2016 Moving the Family To Marrakesh, Morocco
1079 38x73 13/Jul/2016 Roatan Retreat, Honduras
1080 38x74 14/Jul/2016 Finding Purpose in Cochabamba, Bolivia
1081 38x75 18/Jul/2016 A Paris Shoebox for Six
1083 38x77 21/Jul/2016 Serious for Sand in Guanacaste, Costa Rica
1084 38x78 25/Jul/2016 California Sisters Search for Perfect London Home
1086 38x80 28/Jul/2016 The Maltese Balcony
1087 38x81 01/Aug/2016 Good Bye Sihanoukville, Hello Phnom Penh

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