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House Hunters International: Surf's Up in Manta, Ecuador

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Garrett Parker lived his whole life in insular Alaska. It wasn't until college - and his father moving away to Ecuador - that he began to see journey in his future. After saving up by working long, hard hours on the Alaskan pipeline, Garrett is ready to join his father in investing along the coast of Ecuador. Manta is a dream for a young investor. Prices are low and the tide is high. And with help from dear old dad - a real estate agent - Garrett is hoping to snag a sweet beach house for his $150 thousand dollar budget. However, his dad, Richard, thinks a condo is a better investment in this still rapidly developing city. Will Garrett listen to fatherly advice and choose a condo? Or will his search for a good time lure him to the best party house on the beach? Find out when House Hunters International hangs ten in Manta, Ecuador.

Source: HGTV