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House of Anubis

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Episode # Air Date Title
61 2x01 07/Jan/2012 House of Hello
62 2x02 07/Jan/2012 House of Dolls
63 2x03 10/Jan/2012 House of Spirits
64 2x04 10/Jan/2012 House of Blackmail
65 2x05 11/Jan/2012 House of Rivals
66 2x06 11/Jan/2012 House of Faces
67 2x07 12/Jan/2012 House of Myths
68 2x08 12/Jan/2012 House of Nightmares
69 2x09 13/Jan/2012 House of Combinations
70 2x10 13/Jan/2012 House of Heartbreak
71 2x11 16/Jan/2012 House of Tunnels
72 2x12 16/Jan/2012 House of Goodbye
73 2x13 17/Jan/2012 House of Protection
74 2x14 17/Jan/2012 House of Letters
75 2x15 18/Jan/2012 House of Who?
76 2x16 18/Jan/2012 House of Frauds
77 2x17 19/Jan/2012 House of Chance
78 2x18 19/Jan/2012 House of Divides
79 2x19 20/Jan/2012 House of Crushes
80 2x20 20/Jan/2012 House of Vertigo
81 2x21 23/Jan/2012 House of Pressure
82 2x22 23/Jan/2012 House of Deja Vu
83 2x23 24/Jan/2012 House of Hoods
84 2x24 24/Jan/2012 House of Deceit
85 2x25 25/Jan/2012 House of Sibuna
86 2x26 25/Jan/2012 House of Payback
87 2x27 26/Jan/2012 House of Pendulums
88 2x28 26/Jan/2012 House of Impasse
89 2x29 27/Jan/2012 House of Help
90 2x30 27/Jan/2012 House of Phobias
91 2x31 30/Jan/2012 House of Isis
92 2x32 30/Jan/2012 House of Curfews
93 2x33 31/Jan/2012 House of Dead-Ends
94 2x34 31/Jan/2012 House of Webs
95 2x35 01/Feb/2012 House of Fronts
96 2x36 01/Feb/2012 House of Keepers
97 2x37 02/Feb/2012 House of Hacks
98 2x38 02/Feb/2012 House of Stings
99 2x39 03/Feb/2012 House of Double-Cross
100 2x40 03/Feb/2012 House of Wires
101 2x41 06/Feb/2012 House of Envy
102 2x42 06/Feb/2012 House of Names
103 2x43 07/Feb/2012 House of Evidence
104 2x44 07/Feb/2012 House of Genius
105 2x45 08/Feb/2012 House of Accusation
106 2x46 08/Feb/2012 House of Hasty
107 2x47 09/Feb/2012 House of Sorry
108 2x48 09/Feb/2012 House of Hex
109 2x49 10/Feb/2012 House of Silence
110 2x50 10/Feb/2012 House of Warnings
111 2x51 13/Feb/2012 House of Status
112 2x52 13/Feb/2012 House of Laments
113 2x53 14/Feb/2012 House of Heists
114 2x54 14/Feb/2012 House of Alibis
115 2x55 15/Feb/2012 House of Oblivion
116 2x56 15/Feb/2012 House of Snoops
117 2x57 16/Feb/2012 House of Reflections
118 2x58 16/Feb/2012 House of Stooges
119 2x59 17/Feb/2012 House of Zodiacs
120 2x60 17/Feb/2012 House of Reckoning
121 2x61 24/Feb/2012 House of Trades
122 2x62 24/Feb/2012 House of Magic
123 2x63 22/Feb/2012 House of Tricks
124 2x64 22/Feb/2012 House of Whispers
125 2x65 23/Feb/2012 House of Duplicity
126 2x66 23/Feb/2012 House of Hauntings
127 2x67 24/Feb/2012 House of Collections
128 2x68 24/Feb/2012 House of Speculations
129 2x69 27/Feb/2012 House of Sabotage
130 2x70 27/Feb/2012 House of Nine Lives
131 2x71 28/Feb/2012 House of Forgeries
132 2x72 28/Feb/2012 House of Hijack
133 2x73 29/Feb/2012 House of Freeze
134 2x74 29/Feb/2012 House of Timeout
135 2x75 01/Mar/2012 House of Reflectors
136 2x76 01/Mar/2012 House of Illusion
137 2x77 02/Mar/2012 House of Dreams
138 2x78 02/Mar/2012 House of Pitfalls
139 2x79 05/Mar/2012 House of Phantoms
140 2x80 05/Mar/2012 House of Surrender
141 2x81 06/Mar/2012 House of Strategy
142 2x82 06/Mar/2012 House of Memory
143 2x83 07/Mar/2012 House of Pretenders
144 2x84 07/Mar/2012 House of Trouble
145 2x85 08/Mar/2012 House of Traps
146 2x86 08/Mar/2012 House of Stakes
147 2x87 09/Mar/2012 House of Missions
148 2x88 09/Mar/2012 House of Captives
149 2x89 09/Mar/2012 House of The Chosen
150 2x90 09/Mar/2012 House of Freedom

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Horror/Supernatural | Mystery | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: nickelodeon ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 01, 2011
Ended: June 17, 2013
Episode Order: 41
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