Veritas - Recap

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The scene opens at the annual recruiting event, where the cream of the Harvard wine and dine. Just then Skip arrives in his chopper; at the venue. “He knows how to make an entrance!” Just then Clyde asks Marty what he is doing at the event as he never believed in it, and thus he wasn’t expecting him to be there for it. Marty tells Clyde that Skip needed him and hence he was attending the event. Skip walks in and introduces Marty to James. James knows Marty as he is his huge fan. James clearly admires Marty, but in a way where he believes he can expunge him, which builds a certain tension, but there’s also a connection from being the only two black guys in the room. Clyde fools around a little with Dough and Dough tells him that he doesn’t appreciate that as he could be mentoring any one present at the event; and thus he should be setting a good example.

To test Dough, Clyde walks to a guys named Will and asks him to convince Dough as to why should he be hired. At this, Will pulls a small trick, and gets a coin from the back of Dough’s ears. He tells them that he can make the company money! Kind of a freak! Meanwhile James tells Marty that he wants him to fill in the gaps and teach him things they don’t at the B-school. And Marty is happy to help. He tells James that since he is a black, his ride could be a little bumpy. He tells him, “We are here to open wallets and not minds.” Just then Skip steals away James for a while as he wanted him to meet some important people. Marty takes Jeannie to a group of powerful businessmen huddled together and introduces her to the Rainmaker. Skip tells Marty that James reminded him of a young Marty Kann. Marty smiles at that and walks with James. Meanwhile Dough introduces Will to Stuart Anderson and tells him to be careful with whatever he speaks or does.

And definitely NO MAGIC TRICKS! As he doesn’t want Will embarrassing him, once again. But as expected, Will manages to irritate Anderson. Will asks for one more chance and assures Dough that he would do better, this time round. Dough tells him that next he would find a situation where Will doesn’t have to talk; so there would be no question of him irritating the other person. Next, James and Marty are having a drink, when the Rainmaker chimes in and takes Marty away. He gives Marty the number to one of his lawyers who could help him with the custody case. But he also has something to discuss. He needs advice on something important. He tells him that the merger is going through and that Skip did not want Marty to know about the merger. Marty shows James his Bentley and wants him to have it. James tells him that there is a lot that he can learn from him. Marty tells him that Skip is a total prick but definitely a genius, despite being a prick.

During the conversation James realizes that the merger is going through and Marty accedes to the fact that he is too smart for his own good!! Meanwhile, Clyde is flirting with Beth. Jeannie tries to pick on Beth. But Beth proves that she is “the” beauty with brains. Jeannie is disappointed; at her failure to incite Beth. Next Dough introduces Will to Stevens. This time Will gets it right and both the men start poking fun at Dough. Meanwhile James goes up to Skip and congratulates him for the merger. Skip is infuriated and tells James to leave. When Jeannie asks the men what was going on, Marty acts as if he is unaware of the whole situation, thus hiding the fact from her. James is surprised and feels that Marty set him up. Marty tells him that he has learned the biggest lesson in the business; ‘never trust anyone until you know their angle.’

James is vexed and tells Marty that he would soon see him working with his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Clyde sees Dough’s plight. But anyhow; Dough wins the “mentoring” bet as Steven walks away with Will to introduce him to Skip. Jeannie thinks that Marty was cruel with James, and she makes that fact amply clear. Meanwhile, Marty confronts Skip about the merger and asks him to tell the truth. Skip tells him that the merger is happening and that he is sorry about it. He assures Marty that he would be fine and takes off. Marty wants to get back at Skip; as he is really peeved with all that has transpired. He calls the Rainmaker.

But he is in bed with Jeannie and tells Marty that they would continue with their conversation the next day; as he is presently dealing with more pressing matter. Meanwhile, Jeannie asks him about the merger; but he skirts the topic and gets back to action, thus telling Jeannie nothing. The episode ends.