Ouroboros - Recap

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The episode begins with Roscoe wanting to know about Ouroboros. Marty tells him that probably it’s a monkey. But Jeremiah tells him that it is a snake; the kind that eats its own tail. Next we see that Skip is introducing a corporate giant to the team; McDale. McDale cuts into the introductory speech and tells the team that he is going to bring in another consultancy and everyone would be interviewed; with no exceptions made. The team will be evaluated on their past performance. And obviously, this doesn’t go down very well with the guys. The team walks in; and too Marty’s disappointment, Monica and James are in the new panel. Greg introduces them as the best team in the business.

Marty tells Monica that they should not make this look ugly. Marty tells Marco (the rainmaker) that they should do something about the situation. He says that he doesn’t want Greg and Skip walking all over him. Marty tells Marco that either they should get Skip thrown out of this business or at least take the merger out of MetroCapital. Marco says that both can be done. He tells him about a guy named Ricky. The guy had made a lot of unfair money and he owes him. He tells Marty that Ricky can be their white knight and help them throw Skip out of the water. Next, Greg tells Marty that they should have a meeting; a strategy session. Marty laughs at this. He tells Greg that he knows that Greg hates him and that he orchestrated the whole merger thing because he wanted to make Marty his slave. Marty tells him that he also knows that Greg wouldn’t fire him but humiliate him tell he is broke; professionally. He tells Greg that if this continues; they will either get past this shit or end up killing each other. Marty tells him that they should go out, get drunk and do unspeakable things to people they don’t care. Greg agrees.

Wes calls Jeannie and tells her that he is coming over to her work place. Jeannie tells him that she is going out and that she would meet him outside. When they run into each other, Wes asks Jeannie about the ring and why isn’t she wearing it. She tells him that she has given it for resizing because it fell off from her finger and so she fears that she could lose it. She is looks a confused and Wes asks her if she was alright. She tells him about the consultants who walked into the office earlier that day. Just then Marty walks by and Wes is glad that he got a chance to meet the great Marty Kaan. Marty is surprised to learn that Wes is Jeannie’s fiancé. Wes tells him that he keeps hearing about him. But we see that Marty has never heard of Wes. But he plays along with Jeannie and tells Wes that finally after having heard so much about him; he gets to meet him.

Marty reaches home and finds that Roscoe and April are up to something. Next we see Marty, Clyde, Doug, Greg and Jeannie enjoying their evening; Jeannie looks a little lost though. The men are enjoying their “trip” and are acting crazy. Greg who is really high, tells Marty that he dislike Marty for ruining his professional life. He tells him that after Marty came in, things weren’t the same for him anymore. The five reach a club. Jeannie deliberately tries to get close to Greg during a dance and she wants Marty to notice it. And he does. Next we see the panel interviewing the consultants. Jeannie is asked about Wes and she tells them that it is none of their business.

She tells them that she will continue working till she is their senior partner. It is Marty’s turn and the interview was definitely “colorful” when Marty voices his thoughts. Marco and Marty are discussing about Ricky; when Greg walks in. Leaving Greg at his table, Marty walks out with Marco. Next we see that Monica and Marty are getting in the lift. Monica tries to get close to him but Marty passes on that. he tells her that it would be a great relief to let thing go. Marty reaches home and asks Jeremiah about the medications he is taking. He tells him that he found a pill lying on the floor. He learns that Jeremiah has Parkinson’s and he hadn’t told his son about it.

Marty wants to know why he wasn’t told about his ailment. He says that he didn’t want his son to change his attitude towards him and that he wanted Marty to continue taking him for granted; like he always did. He likes that person. Jeremiah ahs a little surprise for his son. April and Roscoe have put up a small performance for Marty; an “April” show. Marty loves it. Just then there is a messenger at the door; Marty is being served! Its Monica and it is about Roscoe’s custody!! The episode ends with Marty hearing boxing ring bells. It is on!