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Prologue and Aftermath - Recap

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The episode begins with Monica and Marty having wild sex in 2002. Thanks to the sex, Monica’s water breaks. Monica is angry about the fact that Marty got her pregnant, thus ending her career prospects. Marty meanwhile is chilling out on the couch, with a drink. Back in the present, April and Marty flirt around in their bedroom. He assures her that he has eyes only for her. She then tells him that she loves him, which visibly worries Marty. Meanwhile people at Jeannie’s office have found out about her secret wedding and have arranged for a stripper, who begins his work right in her office. She loves it. Marcos is meanwhile worried that the custody battle is heating up, but Marty assures him that Monica doesn’t have a chance.

Jeannie meanwhile walks into the office, and Marty informs Marcos that, Jeannie has roped in a new client all by herself. Jeannie later informs Marty, Doug and Clyde about their new client who is a reverend, and who she has dated in the past. The reverend runs a company called ‘Shiny Lights’ which is losing revenues. Their job is to turn the fortunes of the company around. The reverend basically wants to be a celebrity preacher. The only hurdle is that, there is already a celebrity preacher called Joel Osteen who has cornered the business, with his company God Inc. Jeannie will have pulled off quite a feat, if she manages to get Shiny Lights a share of the business. Later, the guys meet the Reverend Thomas. They are also informed about how many members Shiny Lights has.

They are then informed that, their job is to convince the board to up the spending, in order to increase the membership of Shiny Lights. If the membership doesn’t increase, Shiny Lights might be looking at an “apocalyptic situation” they are told. They later see Jeannie’s mother walk toward them. Jeannie warns the guys to keep their mouths shut about her engagement, in front of her mother. All of them then have dinner together. Jeannie at dinner, asks her mother about where her dad is, and in an awkward fashion her mother tells her that her dad is working late again. Jeannie then taunting her mother tells the guys that, her father works late very often. Jeannie, later in the night walks into the prayer hall of Shiny Lights, and finds Thomas and his secretary having sex in the dark.

Turns out, he is cheating on his wife Suzanne. Thomas justifies his actions by telling Jeannie he has needs. Jeannie in turn tells Thomas “choose your dick or god”. Later, Monica and Marty meet for the custody battle, at the lawyer’s office. Monica during the meeting begins rubbing Marty’s dick with her foot, from under the table. The lawyer as a result, leaves the two alone in the room. Monica then tells Marty that, she wants to right the wrongs she has done by Roscoe. Meanwhile it is shown that, Monica and Marty have done the deed right in the lawyer’s office. He gets a call from April and lies to her about not being in town. He then tells April that he loves her, right in front of Monica.

He later tells Monica that he does love April, and Roscoe loves her too “and not because he has to”. Later, Suzanne tells Jeannie that, she feels Jeannie and her team aren’t the right fit for the job at hand. Thomas agrees with Suzanne. Jeannie then pretends to be connected with a big media company which promotes faith based content; she tells Suzanne that she had spoken to the company to promote Shiny Lights. But now that she is out she doesn’t know what to tell them. Suzanne is convinced by Jeannie’s act and asks to talk to Nick Peterman the owner of the media company. Later, Jeannie is shown talking to Nick over the phone and selling the idea of shining light to him. Later, Jeannie tells her mother about her engagement and impending marriage.

She then confronts her mother about how she has to lie about her father, despite how much he hurt her and her mother. She tells her mother, she is done pretending. Meanwhile, Monica pays April a visit. Monica during her conversation then reveals the fact that, she was around when Marty said he loves her. She also tells April that she slept with Marty. Marcos and Jeannie meanwhile have sex. Marcos then tells Jeannie that, he is proud of her. April meanwhile confronts Marty, about Monica. She then begins packing her bags. He begs her to stop, but she in turn taunts him. He in anger then tells her to leave. The episode ends at this point.