Business - Recap

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The episode begins with Marty telling Roscoe that, the movie version of Rent was way better that the play. Roscoe meanwhile isn’t talking to Marty, because he is angry about the whole April issue. Jeremiah tells Marty to back up and give Roscoe his space. He is then outraged to hear Roscoe quote a guy named Aaron, who is Monica’s new friend. Roscoe basically says “if I talk to him he will think everything is ok, and nothing will ever change”. Marty then instructs Jeremiah to fix the whole Aaron issue and leaves for work. Doug and Clyde meanwhile in office are debating each other’s choice in music. Jeannie meanwhile informs them that the merger vote has been moved up.

This worries the both of them to no end as they are worried about their own futures in the company. Greg meanwhile comes in and rubs the merger in their faces, along with reminding them that it was he who was responsible for initiating the merger. Marcos and Marty too are discussing the merger. Marty isn’t at all happy about the merger. Marty then tells Marcos how Roscoe is growing up to be a difficult teenager. Marcos assuages Marty by telling him how teenagers come around in 4 to 5 years. Later, Greg confesses to Jeannie that he has hit rock bottom. He then tells Jeannie “I would kill that merger for you”. He then gives Jeannie some incriminating information regarding Skip, about how he got paid a huge sum for selling a technology to a rival company.

Jeannie, Clyde and Doug then pass on this information to Marty. Clyde reveals to Marty that Greg gave this information to Jeannie, hoping to have sex with her in return. Jeannie tells an overjoyed Marty that, all the information Greg gave has been independently verified. Later Marty finds Skip alone in the conference room, waiting for the partners to arrive. Skip taunts Marty about how he will change his vote if Marty goes down on him. Marty in turn shows Skip the file that Jeannie gave him. He then tells Skip to vote against the merger. Skip despite going though the file turns down Marty.

He tells Marty that there isn’t a place for whistle blowers in this profession; hence Marty too would go down with him. Marty tells Skip, he is ready to go down for the cause, just like a terrorist. Later, Marty tells Marcos how he dealt with Skip. Just then Marty realizes he is late for picking up Roscoe from school. At home, Monica gives him an earful, telling him how Roscoe was waiting for hours outside the school. Roscoe meanwhile isn’t in a forgiving mood. Monica then introduces Marty to Aaron. Aaron then proceeds to advice Marty regarding Roscoe, which Marty apparently doesn’t appreciate. Marty consequently tells him to mind his own business. Monica then tells Marty that Aaron might be the one.

Meanwhile, Jeannie realizes that Tara, another girl from her office, is also sleeping with Marcos. Clyde and Doug are meanwhile enamored by Tara’s beauty. Jeannie tells them that, Tara is sleeping with Marcos. Skip meanwhile tells Marty that he is out, thanks to him. There is also a criminal investigation that has been started against him. Marty assures Skip that he didn’t leak anything. Skip doesn’t believe him, and leaves after giving Marty an earful. Doug meanwhile pacifies Marty by telling him that its good thing Skip has been removed, as now the merger won’t happen. That was the whole idea from the beginning, he reminds Marty. Marty agrees with Doug, and allows himself a smile.

Later at the merger meeting, all the partners excepting a few vote for a ‘yes’ to the merger. Marcos too says a yes. Marty is shocked to no end, with the outcome. Later Marty comes to know that, all of what happened was Marcos’s doing. He gives Marcos an earful and leaves. Later, Marty flirts with a female bartender over a few drinks. The bartender it turns out, is an Ivy League graduate, but is happy being a bartender. Marty reveals some of his professional and personal woes to her. He tells her about all that Roscoe is going through because of him. He feels bad about failing his son. She then asks Marty out for a bite. The two, then end up having sex at her house.

At her house, Marty sees her dad’s picture and tells her, he knows him. Turns out, Marty and her dad’s paths cross in business. A close up of the picture then reveals that, she is Marcos’s daughter. Marty then proceeds to leave and without revealing anything to her, just tells her “tell you dad Marty Kaan says hello”. Later, on the way home, Marty’s car breaks down. His cell phone too doesn’t seem to be getting a signal. He is hence able to do nothing, except be frustrated. The episode ends at this point.