The Mayan Apocalypse - Recap

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The episode begins at a banquet celebrating the merger. Marty, Jeannie, Doug and Clyde walk in. They are completely disturbed that the merger is happening. Everyone then freezes and Marty tells the audience how the merger would result in 15 or 16 people of the firm being laid off. He then steps onto the podium and begins shooting the frozen guests randomly, with imaginary guns, just to explain how the laying off would look like. He then shoots himself, saying he won’t survive either. The show then flashes back to three days earlier. Clyde, Doug and Jeannie discuss what they would do if they are laid off. Doug begs Marty for a glowing recommendation. Clyde meanwhile is pleased to know that, he has been named one of the hottest management consultants under 25.

Doug is visibly dismayed at this news, and can’t imagine why he hasn’t been included in the list. Marty meanwhile tells them to not lose focus from the train wreck they are in. But Doug can’t seem to just let it go. Just then Monica comes in, and congratulates Clyde for being on the list. She then tells him to give her a call, if he is at any point out of work. She then hands him her card. Monica then meets Marty and requests him to roll over. He laughs it off and tells her to get out of his office; she then retorts that she was only joking. She then comes to the point and tells him that, she wants leads. Marty tells her that, he might have something she is interested in. He then tells her that BP is going top down. She in return reveals to him that, there is a culture of handing out promotions in Marty’s firm, in return for sexual favors.

She then tells him that Marco leads the pack in handing out such favors. She then tells him that these rumors have a direct correlation between business, and sexual favors. Later at home, Marty promises to help Roscoe out with his Mayan project tomorrow. Later in a team meeting, Marty tells his team about the sexual harassment aspect of their firm. He then gives them the details. Marty’s plan is to bring a class action lawsuit for sexual harassment against their company, thus convincing Metro the merging company, to pull out of the deal, in order to make this lawsuit go away. The initial step is to find such men or women who have been harassed. Jeannie is visibly worried by this whole plan, but plays along. Clyde and Doug then begin talking to the women and also men in the firm, so they can rope in a few victims for their cause.

Later at the merger celebration banquet, Norbert introduces his new girlfriend to Marty. He then tells Marty and Jeannie that, he is starting a consulting firm of his own. Marco then comes to the podium and tells the employees “those of you who have stayed the course will be rewarded”. He then tells everyone that their new CEO is on his way, and will soon be at the party to congratulate everyone. The show then flashes back to a day before the party. Marty is frustrated that, they haven’t managed to find even one sexually harassed woman in the firm, and all they need is for just one woman to come forward. He believes that, if one woman comes forward, the floodgates will open. Doug and Clyde then tell Marty and Jeannie the jobs they are being offered.

Doug is visibly jealous that, Clyde is getting juicy offers, where he isn’t being offered anything near as impressive. Marty interrupts their feud and tells them to focus on the issue at hand. Later at home, Marty is informed by Roscoe that, he failed his Mayan report. Marty is visibly upset that he has once again let down Roscoe. Flash forward to today and in the banquet, Jeannie looks visibly distressed and is busy having one drink too many. Marty tells Jeannie that he knows, she slept with Marco, as he is really good at reading people’s behaviors. He then tells her “you did not do your team any favors”. Jeannie then walks to the podium and tells everyone about how she was sexually harassed.

She then asks the women who have been sexually harassed just like her, to come forward and stand by her. She also tells everyone that, it was Marco who she slept with. She tells everyone that she slept with Marco, as he promised her fast rise to a partner, in return for her sleeping with him. The other women, who were sexually harassed then rise, and show their solidarity to Jeannie. Norbert in the meanwhile calls the new CEO and tells him all that is transpiring. The CEO tells him that, the whole issue is a deal breaker and turns his jet around. Norbert then declares to everyone present that the merger is off. Marty is then shown dancing in the clouds, near the plane of the CEO, frozen in mid-air. Marty then tells Marco how he had sex with his daughter.

Marco in anger tackles Marty to the ground. Next day morning, Jeannie tells Wes that’s he has been a bad girl and hence can get married to him or even be engaged to him. She then tells him that she likes being with him though. Wes on the other hand is livid, and insults her by telling her that she was always his Plan B. He then reminds her how rich he is, and how he hence deserves someone of his league. He then removes his ring from her hand and leaves. Meanwhile at home, Jeremiah tells Marty that Roscoe has gone to stay with Monica for good. Jeremiah too leaves for his condo, much to Marty’s dismay.

Flash back to the banquet, where Marty and Jeannie are shown having a chat, right after Jeannie has blown the whistle. The two of them then proceed to finish a whole bottle of whiskey. The episode ends at this point.