Stochasticity - Recap

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The episode begins with Jeannie and Marty running into each other on the street. He asks her how she has been. She reminds him of all that happened with her, so basically she tells him she isn’t fine; the two, then head for the office. On the way she asks Marty if they had sex, because she had passed out “that night” and therefore she doesn’t remember. Marty tries his best to skirt the topic. Marty feels this is not the right moment to talk about such an issue, Jeannie isn’t ready to give it up. In the end Marty tells her “Jeannie I don’t remember either”. At the office, Clyde and Doug also suggest that Marty and Jeannie have slept together.

In fact, they have a pool going and the odds are in the favor of Jeannie and Marty having slept together. Marty reminds them they have to head for an important meeting. Basically their company’s new CEO Julianne is introducing herself to everyone. She tells everyone it’s the era of women in the company and as a part of her efforts; she is bringing in some “management level gals”. She also declares that Jeannie is being promoted to “engagement manager”. Marty and gang ribs Jeannie about it, as they all realize she has been given this “non-promotion promotion” only so she doesn’t sue the company.

Julianne later has a heart to heart with Marty and tells him he is the new “Jesus Christ” and she is counting on him to bring in new business. Marty is informed that he has a meeting with someone named Pinkass. The problem is he doesn’t know who Pinkass is and neither does his team. They don’t even know who set up the meeting. But, Pinkass is already waiting on the phone, so Marty and team jump into the call with no idea of what they are getting into. They dance around the conversation trying to get an idea of what is it that Pinkass wants, but they don’t manage to get anything that would give them the faintest idea of who he is or what he wants.

In the end Marty suggests they meet in person, so they discuss things further and Pinkass agrees. “I will be in LA tomorrow morning and you guys better deliver something I can understand” he tells the gang. Marty tells the gang to find out by tomorrow morning who this Pinkass guy is. Later, Marty has lunch with his son Roscoe. They don’t see eye to eye, but the mood is lightened when a waitress dressed as a bumblebee sings a song that Roscoe and everyone at the diner seems to like. Marty later drops Roscoe home. Monica and Marty then have a chat. Marty comes straight out and asks Monica how is it that she has changed so much. Basically Marty is talking about Monica becoming a stay-at-home mother and turning vegan, besides other things.

Monica says “people grow and change” as much as it might be difficult for him to believe. “I am moving forward I am happy. I wish you could move forward too” she tells Marty. The two then begin kissing each other and making out, but in the middle of it Monica stops him and says they shouldn’t be doing what they are doing. She to his surprise then drives him out. Next morning at the office, Marty is told by his team that, they haven’t been able to find out who Pinkass is. A little later, while Marty and team are still brainstorming he told that “Mr. Pinkass is here”. The gang meets Pinkass, who seems like a distinguished old man. Based on his appearance, the kind of business he owns is narrowed down by Clyde.

Marty through his conversation with Pinkass again tries to gauge what his business really is, but Pinkass again gives him nothing. The whole team begins shooting arrows in the dark, hoping some would hit and some of them do. Marty assures Pinkass he and his team have got his back and assures Pinkass they will take his business back to the heights he had never imagined. The whole gang eggs Pinkass on to say, what they are going to build a better version of. In the end, Pinkass comes out and says “we are going to build a better goddamn casino”.

Marty and the gang are all relieved to find out the business Pinkass owns, and Pinkass is none the wiser, about them being ignorant about it all along. Later, while celebrating at a bar Jeannie, recollects the fact that she told Marty she loves him, “that night”. Marty on his part remembers nothing, and Jeannie doesn’t want to remind him either. The episode ends at this point.