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When Dinosaurs Ruled The Planet - Recap

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The episode begins with Marty, Clyde and Doug arriving at Vegas. Doug is extremely excited to be there. They arrive at Pinkass’s casino, the fates of which they have to turn around. Jeannie in the meantime enters Julianne’s office to meet her. Jeannie reminds Julianne that they had met a few years earlier when Julianne had run for governor and she had volunteered for her. Julianne tells her she has been called over at her office, as Julianne would like to play a “mentor role” for Jeannie. Jeannie on her part realizes Julianne doesn’t really care about her and is just pretending to. She says if Julianne had really cared she wouldn’t have been given an “empty title bump”.

Jeannie adds that Julianne doesn’t want to mentor her but actually wants to fire her, but she can’t due to the fear of a lawsuit. Julianne warns Jeannie to not get comfortable and says she might not be able to fire all the “whistleblowers” but she might just get away with firing one. Julianne basically suggests she can fire Jeannie whenever she wants. Jeannie seems unperturbed by the suggestion. Marty, Clyde and Doug arrive at Pinkass’s office and see that Tamara who has been newly hired by their firm is already there. Pinkass makes it clear that he would want something classy, elegant and contemporary.

Later, in the elevator Marty and the tow discuss with Tamara about work and also how Marty and Tamara were in college together. Clyde asks how Marty was back in college. Tamara begins describing how he was, giving him all the intricate details. Later, in private Marty tells Tamara he doesn’t like surprises, but she assures him she isn’t there to “outshine” him. Jeannie arrives and she and Marty meet up. They really seem to be awkward around each other and discuss the issue but don’t really seem to come up with a solution. Jeannie later joins Clyde and Doug for lunch. Clyde tells her they are waiting for Tamara and are then going to meet the client.

Jeannie is surprised to hear Tamara is there. Doug and Clyde mention how smart and lovely Tamara is and suggest that Jeannie will love her. Tamara arrives a little later and she and Jeannie get formally introduced to each other. Next day Marty and gang meet up and Jeannie suggests, they encourage Pinkass to remodel his failing casino, but Tamara seems to disagree with that. Marty stops Jeannie and asks her to allow Tamara to speak. Tamara instead suggests that Pinkass start a “full scale pay model gambling app that integrates social media”. She also suggests Pinkass could acquire such an app. Clyde feels that’s a brilliant idea as it would bring in a new stream of income into Pinkass’s casino.

Jeannie interrupts and reminds everyone that it’s illegal for money to exchange hands on the internet, but Tamara counters that the laws will soon change. Tamara feels that the government won’t be able to resist the potential tax revenues and will therefore pass the law permitting what Tamara is suggesting. Jeannie isn’t convinced, which results in her and Tamara getting in an argument. Marty intervenes and asks Jeannie to pipe down. He then says Tamara’s idea is good but Pinkass is an old school guy and might not go in for the internet thing, so they will suggest the remodel like Jeannie said.

Later at the meeting, after the remodeling idea has been suggested to Pinkass, Marty also suggests to him the online gambling idea, after a brief discussion with Tamara. Pinkass as Marty had suspected is old school and doesn’t like the idea, despite knowing he can make a lot of money that way. Marty still tries to push the idea but Pinkass walks off saying “thank you but no thank you”. Marty gives Tamara the “I told you so” look. Marty and gang see that Pinkass is no more interested in doing business with them, so they move on and fix up a meeting with a guy named Martin Carlsen, who is also interested in opening a new club.

They are happy that they have managed to bag a new client after losing one in hand. Tamara though, is visibly unhappy that they couldn’t convince Pinkass. The gang is busy partying at a club and a drunken Jeannie who is having a good time, can’t stop staring at Marty from a distance. Marty looks in her direction and sees her staring at him. Jeannie then once again recollects how she told Marty that she loves him, the night they were both drunk and were acting crazy. It is shown that Marty also had told her that he loves her. Marty too seems to recollect this. The episode ends at this point.