Man-date - Recap

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The episode begins and Marty and gang are discussing how they shall be roping in Carlson as a client. At home, Jeremiah is still trying to come to terms with Roscoe being “gender fluid” and brings it up with Monica. Monica makes it clear to him that she is parent and not he, so he should stop worrying about what Roscoe is doing. Jeremiah and Monica get into an argument and begin trading insults. Jeremiah then takes Roscoe shopping. Marty and gang discuss how it’s impossible to get a meeting directly with Carlson, as he is a recluse. Jeannie can’t understand why Tamara is still a part of their group although she blew the Pinkass account.

She then surprises Marty by asking to spend her day off with Tamara at a spa. Tamara is surprised by the offer, but Jeannie argues that they spending time together will help them bond. “Ok let’s do it” Tamara says with a smile. Marty and Clyde later bond with the Douchekin Twins, who own a club themselves and can, get them a meeting with Carlson. At the spa, Jeannie is busy trying to impress Tamara by boasting about her achievements. Tamara realizes what Jeannie is trying to do and makes it clear that she isn’t threatened by Jennie as she is senior to her. Tamara promises that she won’t get in her way, at work. Tamara also adds that she is ok with whatever is going on between Marty and her. Jeannie is surprised to hear this and assures Tamara there is nothing going on between Marty and her.

Jeannie instead suggests there might be something going on between Marty and Tamara. “That ship sailed a long time ago” says Tamara. She tells Jeannie that she and Marty had dated a long time ago, but it’s both their faults that the relationship didn’t work out. She tells Jeannie that she is now happy with her husband Kevin, who is a great husband and an amazing dad. Doug on the other hand is at a massage parlor, getting himself a massage. While getting the massage he is busy talking the masseur’s head off. Monica is back from a date with a guy, who is pretty turned on. She kisses him and says she has to go home. He is hoping for a “release” and asks her to not leave him “hanging”.

He tells her, even a hand job will do. Monica on hearing this decides to be honest with the guy and tells him, she really had an awful time on their date and that he is extremely boring. Her anger gives the guy a hard-on and he tells her so. On seeing the guy isn’t taking a hint, she tells him “go fuck yourself” and steps out of his car. At home, she tells her housekeeper about how horrible the date was. The housekeeper empathizes with her. She tells Monica she understands how much Monica is doing as mother and how tiring it must be. Monica suddenly pulls her close and kisses her. The two then begin passionately making out. Clyde and Marty on the other hand are busy partying with the Douchekin twins at their club. They later have fun with a bunch of girls.

It not only involves sex, but also playing and running around naked in a suite. Next morning, the twins have breakfast with Marty and Clyde, who are all excited about how much fun they had last night. They then manage to pique the interest of the twins by bringing up the mention of a huge investment opportunity in “social media gaming”. Marty and Clyde know the twins don’t have the kind of money that is required for this kind of investment and would surely approach Carlson for it, and that is how they plan to rope in Carlson as a client. Clyde gives the twins all the details and they seem visibly interested. Then just as Marty and Clyde had planned, the twins bring up Carlson’s mention and say how Carlson would be interested in investing in this business idea. The twins offer to get Marty and Clyde an intro with Carlson.

Marty and gang later meet the eccentric Carlson. They put the idea in front of Carlson and explain it to him. He is ready to do business with them, but makes it clear to them that he hates consultants and the way they do business. He also adds that if their deal isn’t a successful one, he shall fire them. Marty asks Carlson to relax and “stand down” so they can go make him some money.

Later, the gang decides to get drunk, but Doug excuses himself to get another massage, as he is assuming he would be given hand job just like he was the last time. Unfortunately for him, this new masseur calls for security, the moment Doug suggests that she give him a hand job. The security arrives and wrestles a naked Doug to the ground. The episode ends at this point.