Family Values - Recap

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The episode begins with Marty explaining about the Apex institute, “Gallweather Stern’s latest attempt at distancing itself from its sordid past”. Basically, it’s a seminar being held at a resort, in which team building and leadership skills will be the focus. The whole thing is being spearheaded by Julienne. Marty is still unhappy about the fact that she stabbed him in the back on the US National Bank account. Later, Marty and team run into Tamara, who apparently is just arriving. She for some reason isn’t at all happy to see Marty and is really rude with him, before going into her room. The gang knocks on Doug’s door and he is busy having sex with his new girlfriend Sarah.

Doug doesn’t want to introduce her to the gang. Jeannie is really eager to meet her and tries barging into the room. Sarah in the end comes to the door wrapped in a bed sheet and Doug introduces her to the gang. Doug and Sarah go back into the room to put some clothes on. “Well she [Jeannie] wants to fuck you” Sarah says. Doug denies this outright, but gives the comment a consideration. Julienne tells Marty a management guru called Malcolm Gladwell will be paying them a visit at the resort. Marty says he can’t be there because he has to be in L.A. Roscoe has a program in school and Marty has promised him he would be there to attend it. Julienne mentions how it’s a 4 hour drive back and forth from L.A and how it’s important for Marty’s career that he, be there when Malcolm pays a visit. Julienne suggests Marty put his career before everything else.

She even says she always puts her career before her family, but still feels she is a pretty good parent. “You know what…I am confident you are going to make the right decision” she in the end tells him. Later, Marty is shown driving out of the resort in his car. Clyde tries flirting with Sarah, while she is sunbathing in a bikini. Sarah doesn’t appreciate his presence much. Marty on the other hand arrives at Roscoe’s school. Monica and Jeremiah are there too. Monica’s housekeeper arrives a little later and they kiss. Marty is visibly surprised to see this. Monica notices Marty staring in amazement and tells him “we’ll talk about this later”. Roscoe and his friends arrive to give their dance performance. The lyrics of the song that’s being played and the gestures in the dance that Roscoe and his friends begin doing are both sexually explicit enough to shock everyone including Marty.

Many of the parents are in fact so offended that they leave. Marty is finding the whole thing hilarious. The teacher arrives a little later and orders the kids to stop. At the resort, Sarah tells Doug the people he works with are assholes and they don’t respect him. Doug tries to defend his team, but Sarah gives him examples to prove how many times and in what ways they have been disrespectful. Doug is visibly bothered when Sarah tells him that Clyde hit on her, but he still tries to reason that Clyde must just be kidding. She tells Doug he isn’t inferior to any of his team members, even though they make him feel that way. “You are better than them…and the fact that you don’t see it, kind of makes you seem like a putz” she says. Later, Jeannie, Clyde, Doug and Sarah are sitting together when Tamara arrives. She suggests they have a party and pours them all some shots.

The gang wants her to reveal all the dirt about Marty and she is more than ready to oblige. A little later Marty arrives. The gang begins pulling Marty’s leg about the things Tamara has told them. Tamara sends Marty to the bar to get them another bottle of booze because they are done with the one she had gotten. Doug takes Jeannie aside and asks her if she thinks Clyde would hit on Sarah. Jeannie says it’s possible. Doug is surprised to hear this and says he thought Clyde was his friend. Jeannie makes it absolutely clear that Clyde doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Doug walks up to Clyde and asks him “why don’t you respect me?” Clyde says he respects him. “Then why would you hit on my girlfriend? Doug asks. Clyde tells Doug he isn’t trying to steal his girlfriend, but he could if he wanted to.

Doug puts Clyde in his place by telling him that he is a really insecure man, which is why he likes insulting others. Clyde is visibly shocked to see this new side of Doug’s and the things Doug tells him seems to hit home. Marty tells Tamara he is planning to leave “the company”. He says he is tired of running around in circles and doesn’t like the way Julienne is trying to “handle” him. He says he tried his best to hang around, but “it’s over, it’s done”. Tamara then tells Marty her marriage is over. The episode ends at this point.