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The Runner Stumbles - Recap

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The episode begins and Marty is out for a jog. Later at work, Jeannie tells the team that Lonny, her ex-boyfriend from college has uploaded an old sex video of hers on a porn website because she declined to be his Facebook friend. She wants them to watch the video so that after today they will never mention it again. Marty says he is out, but Doug and Clyde are really excited about the whole thing.

While watching it, they are shocked to see the multiple piercings on Lonny’s dick and are even more disgusted, to see Jeannie giving Lonny’s pierced dick a blowjob. Jeannie is really offended, when they make excuses to get out of watching the video. Jeannie asks Marty why he didn’t want to watch the sex tape, but Marty doesn’t give her an answer. At the US National Bank, Clyde manages to get the password for the firewall to a restricted section of the bank’s server. It reveals to them that the bank discriminates between colored and white people while giving loans.

The bank gives the colored people something, Marty terms as ‘Ghetto Loans’, which always have higher interest rates. Marty confronts Brynn about this issue and says he has figured out, he was brought in to sell these loans because he is colored. Brynn agrees with Marty’s conclusion and says it was purely business, but Marty wants no part of it. Marty talks to Jeannie about the whole issue and tells her how angry and outraged he is about it, he then mentions that he is quitting Gallweather to start his own firm. He also says he watched the video and found Lonny’s pierced dick really scary.

Next day, Marty tells Carl and Brynn that he could go to the Justice Department with the whole Ghetto Loans issue, but he won’t, if Carl agrees to be his first client and an investor in his new consultancy. Carl wholeheartedly accepts Marty’s proposal. In order to disassociate Chris from the loans issue, Brynn suggests making Henry Hughes, the executive VP of the bank, the fall guy. Marty is fine with this idea because Chris is helping him, but Jeannie feels framing someone who is innocent is just not right. She tries to talk Marty out of it, but fails. At a press conference about the loans issue, Marty begins telling reporters what a great guy Chris is and how he is a friend of the black community.

During his speech he sees the disappointed faces of his team, which really affects him, but neither that nor his conscience stops him from continuing to lie to the reporters. On the way home, Marty tells Jeannie that he got his money for the consultancy and Jeannie tries to bring up what Marty did to get it, but Marty doesn’t regret it. He asks Jeannie to stop worrying about it. Marty returns home, then he and his brother Malcolm begin taunting each other, with Marty saying he is a good for nothing and Malcolm taunting Marty for not having a soul. Jeremiah asks them to stop arguing and Marty steps out of the house for a jog. During his jog Marty is stopped by a couple of cops, who ask him for an ID, but Marty says he isn’t carrying any.

They tell him to put his hands over his head and ask him if he is carrying a gun. Marty doesn’t like the way he is being treated and asks the cops to fuck off, which leads to him being beaten up by the cops. Despite the severe beating Marty is defiant and keeps telling the cops to fuck off, angering them even more. Marty in the end is placed under arrest. The episode ends at this point.