Liability - Recap

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The episode begins and Marty wakes up in bed with Tamara, in her hotel room. He says that he wants her to meet Roscoe. She says she needs time to think about that, because it’s a big deal. At Monica’s house, while he is waiting to pick up Roscoe, Marty finds a tiny bottle of cocaine near the pool. He confronts Monica about it. She quickly disposes of the bottle, and warns him to keep mum about the issue. Marty takes Roscoe and leaves, after Monica has bid him an emotional goodbye.

Marty arrives at office, and sees that Carlson is waiting for him. Carlson isn’t happy with a contract Marty and his team have drawn up, and wants it reworded. Marty tells Jeannie to handle it, but Carlson insists that Marty personally handle the issue. Marty says he has been subpoenaed for a case, involving P&G, and has to be in Nebraska. Carlson is aware of the case, but doesn’t care. He wants Marty to stay. Marty tries to reason with him, by saying it’s his legal obligation to testify, but Carlson is adamant. Jeannie tells Doug and Clyde that Marty will soon leave the firm.

Kevin, Tamara’s husband, comes to Marty’s office. He tells Marty that he is there to take Tamara out for lunch. Tamara isn’t in, so Kevin makes small talk with Marty. Kevin begins telling him about his marital problems, when Marty shocks him by saying that he is sleeping with Tamara. Kevin is angry, but quietly leaves. Marty is flying to Nebraska, to testify on the P&G case. Doug and Clyde are going with him. In Nebraska, Neil Savage, P&G’s lawyer, preps the team for their deposition the next day. A subcontractor working for P&G fell from a cell phone tower, while on the job, and the guy’s widow is asking for compensation.

P&G is trying to shirk responsibility, by claiming the guy was an adrenaline junkie and took the job because it gave him a high. Clyde is the one who made the subcontractor business model, to save P&G money. Savage says it’s all thanks to Clyde’s business model that the company doesn’t have to pay the widow. Clyde sees the widow and her little son sitting in the lawyer’s office. He begins to feel really guilty about the whole thing. Tamara tells Jeannie that she suggested Marty start his own firm. Jeannie asks her if she will join Marty’s company. Tamara says she isn’t very sure if she wants to take a risk at this point in her career.

Monica arrives at Marty’s apartment, and finds that Malcolm’s there by himself. She begins flirting with him and, eventually, the two begin making out. In Nebraska, because of a mix up, Clyde and Doug are forced to share a hotel room. Neither is happy about it. Clyde is unable to sleep, and confesses to Doug that the deposition is bothering him. He says he is feeling really guilty, because he is the one who drew up the business model. Doug forcibly hugs Clyde,to make him feel better, and it works. Marty and team returns home. Jeannie tells Clyde, and Doug that she had a horrible time handling Carlson.

Tamara isn’t happy that Marty told Kevin about them. Marty says he wants something meaningful to happen between them, and thought she was done with Kevin. Tamara says it’s not that simple, just because he feels it is. Marty insists that Tamara can make their relationship work, if she wants to. Marty smiles at her and Tamara smiles back.

Monica is swimming naked in her pool, drinking and doing drugs. Her housekeeper, who she is seeing, tries to stop her, but she fires her and says their relationship is over. A naked man and a woman jump into the pool with Monica and she begins kissing them. The episode ends at this point.