How Clean Is Your House? (US)

How Clean Is Your House? (US)

Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie give a new meaning to the calling, The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming! Then they take aim on the most messy in the U.S.!

You think your house is "a mess" , you have got to see this! Two very proper ladies from across the pond tear through homes in America on a mission. Some of these episodes are unbelievable and if the tips they hand out for cleaning success aren't enough, knowing your house really isn't the mess you thought it was, should be!
When's the last time you polished copper with ketchup/catsup and scrubbed tubs with baking soda and lemon juice; how about fog-proofing mirrors in the bathroom with shaving cream? Tune in and find out, How Clean Is Your House?

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Final: 2x12 -- NO NO Shanette! (Dec/16/2005)

Aggie MacKenzieAggie MacKenzie
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Kim WoodburnKim Woodburn
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2x10: Sloppy Sibling recap: Molly loves her brother Max, so much so that when he moved her out to California from Chicago she barely hesitated; however, when he asked for her help in cleaning his home, she knew that it wasn’t just him in over his head (in piled high garbage), but that she couldn’t even begin to dig him out.
There is virtually no floor visible and literally no counterspace or table to be seen. Cigarettes in the toilet, more hair everywhere (except on Max’s head) and half up/half down tattered curtains in the windows, this place is a sty! When Kim and Aggie arrive, the expressions on Aggie’s face are as real as reality t.v. gets. If she’s faking this, someone please nominate her for an Oscar!.. read more.

2x8: No Laughing Matter recap: A comedian from Pasadena, California gets his 15 minutes of fame in the most disgusting way. Dave is mostly in a mass of clutter, but certainly he’s let it go even a bit further in order to get the ladies there with the cameras. Dave mugs for the camera with his ventriloquist act, which isn’t bad, but then, neither are mimes, right? Complete with laugh track and Groucho Marx glasses, there’s a few stuffed ‘pets’ the guy uses for his act and a glimpse of the real cat he owns, which explains the litter box in the bathroom. As Kim and Aggie notice there’s no toilet paper (‘there’s no loo paper’), they ask what he uses (the puppet?)... read more.

2x7: Houseboat Horrors recap: Kim and Aggie visit a houseboat in Southern California and to be honest, I’ve never imagined house boats to be so spacious and absolutely gorgeous as this one is, even viewing it in the first few minutes, nearly sunk with junk... read more.

2x6: Crafty Catastrophe recap: Crafty Catastrophe is an understatement for this episode. Just when I thought things were taming down with the last couple of places that were more “just messy” than disasters, the girls walk into these two sisters’ house and immediately react to the smell. As the camera pans the room, I can nearly smell it myself! I cannot imagine anything coming out of this house and not having a foul odor deeply imbedded in it... read more.

2x5: Cleaning Boot Camp recap: In Orange, California, Bonnie hosts home for three of her four kids who are young adults living at home. While Bonnie is a pre-school teacher, her class at home has graduated to certified slobs!.. read more.