No Laughing Matter - Recap

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A comedian from Pasadena, California gets his 15 minutes of fame in the most disgusting way. Dave is mostly in a mass of clutter, but certainly he’s let it go even a bit further in order to get the ladies there with the cameras. Dave mugs for the camera with his ventriloquist act, which isn’t bad, but then, neither are mimes, right? Complete with laugh track and Groucho Marx glasses, there’s a few stuffed ‘pets’ the guy uses for his act and a glimpse of the real cat he owns, which explains the litter box in the bathroom. As Kim and Aggie notice there’s no toilet paper (‘there’s no loo paper’), they ask what he uses (the puppet?).

There is little more annoying than a comedian with a nonstop prop. This guy carries the half-sized, brown (I told you he uses it!) big-birdy puppet everywhere with him. He NEEDS the laugh track.
I spot tons of newspapers and other rather orchestrated piles of trash, so I’m not convinced this guy is really “messy”.

They use sandpaper for the toilet bowl, which makes little sense when there’s so many other, easier and less difficult options (like a toilet brush and a splash of bleach in the bowl?). Other product placement is as usual as it gets and of course we have a phenomenal number of dust mites in David’s bed according to the lab tests Aggie gets behind. While she recommends hot water washing, we all know that with today’s heating costs, that’s something we’re trying to avoid. Her other suggestion is to freeze the sheets for 24 hours. Oh for heaven’s sake! If you’re washing lights/whites, add ¾ to 1 cup of bleach; for all other colors, a scoop of oxygen cleaning powder and/or ½ cup of disinfecting cleanser (make sure it says ‘disinfecting’ and not just ‘deodorizing’ on the label), several minutes in a dryer or hung on a line in sunlight will take care of any little buggers who lived through that.

Cleaning the statuary collection (gargoyles) is as easy as warm soapy water and a rinse. Why are they always doing this outside though? Strange. They clean old, rusty knives by cutting through onions. Unless the onions are free, however, a Brillo pad works just as well, or a regular scrub brush in any regular dish soap, or scrub brush using baking soda as an abrasive. Lots of options that don’t involve the waste of a perfectly good onion. Oh well, it gets people talking I guess.

The end result is again very enjoyable, to me anyway. I enjoy space and organization, neat and clean. The thing about this is that it’s not usually livable. There’s never a coffee pot on the kitchen counter or a toaster. There’s no toothbrush in the bathroom, no shampoo in the shower, it’s rarely for a real person to live in, and then there’s all those candles.

The follow-up visit finds some clutter starting again, but he’s still got the candles lit ( I have to wonder if he ever blew them out to begin with). Of course, the ‘clutter’ could be the coffee pot and toaster, just looking out of place in a house that’s lived in.