Big Days - Recap

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The episode opens outside of a wedding. Marshall brings out a beer to Ted and he wonders if he's nervous. This is a flash into the future and they go back to the bar where Barney is complaining about a woman wearing a sweater. Barney then wonders why he is nervous. He tells him that there is a girl at the bar and then Barney calls dibs on her. Ted gets upset about it and he thought that the dibs were implied. He says that if he goes to talk to her then he will see him in court. Barney puts dibs on Marshall as his lawyer.

Marshall and Lily are trying to make a baby together and they are going through the check list for when he gets there. They have all the music and candles figured out. Ted says that he will go over there right now to talk to her. Barney says that when he makes his toast as his best man he will tell everyone that he had dibs. His thought of the reaction would be that she slaps Ted and leaves him for Barney. He says that she has her shields up and Barney says that Robin is what shields up looks like. She hasn't bathed or kept up at all with her hygiene. She is still not handling the break up with Don, yet.

They flash to when they broke up. She says that she is going to try to sleep with him at some point. He says that he won't because their friendship is more important than that. She makes it very clear that she will take control over him and make it happen. One day he walks in on her completely covered in junk food and looking mighty gross and she says that she is ready right then and there. Of course, it doesn't happen. Ted asks if the girl at the bar has her shield up and she says she's there on a date. She is reading because she wants to look classy and smart.

Lily and Marshall shows up and there is a big package waiting for him. It is a bassinet. Lily is upset by this while Marshall thinks that it is sweet. She is upset that he told his dad that they are trying to have a baby together. He tells her that he has been saving all of his love for her for the past two weeks. Lily is really upset by this.

Ted wants to buy Barney's dibs and offers twenty bucks. He takes it and then decides to go over and talk to her. That is when Cindy came in to talk to her. He assumes that that woman at the bar is her roommate. It did end on bad terms, we've come to learn. He decides that he needs to see her ankles to make sure that that is her roommate. Marshall and Lily are having a discussion about their plans for the night. She's still really upset that he seems to have told more than just one person. He even had a congratulatory exit from work. He says that he needs to be able to tell his dad. She doesn't want to deal with him because he is too involved with their lives.

She says that she can't procreate under those conditions. She wants him to call his dad and say that they changed their mind. Barney tells Robin that she is jealous because she's "lost it". He upsets her and she leaves. Marshall is worried about having to tell his father. He says that when the baby is born, his parents are coming to help for three months. He loses it and runs out.

Ted's ex sees him and she is coming right over to him. She wants to speak to him. Lily asks Barney if she is crazy for thinking that Marshall and his father speak way too often. He says that if he had his dad's number he would never leave him alone. Then his attention span dies and he notices a beautiful woman. This woman happens to be Robin. He is shocked that she sundressed up. She gets hit on and then sits down with Barney. He says she does look super hot and she says thanks.

Ted's ex girlfriend hugs him and says thanks. She says that she realized that he's not what she wanted or what he wanted. She goes back to her friend and says that he should say goodbye before he leaves. He and Barney high six because a high five doesn't cut it. Lily runs up to Marshall and he asks if there are more family members that she wants to crap all over. His dad calls him and he answers the phone. He asks what happened while they were supposed to be having sex and Marshall decides that he is insane. He says sorry but he is just so enthusiastic that it is ridiculous. Lily says that the enthusiasm is what makes the women fall for the men to begin with. She worries that she can't have a baby and asks if it ever occurred to him what would happen if she let him down. He tells her that while not having a baby would suck, her letting him down is impossible. He has said the right words to make her happy and bring him home.

Ted decides to go over and speak to the ladies finally and they then make out right in front of him. The women fell in love and had their own baby together. Ted goes back to the table and he says that the day he met their mother is the day of a wedding in which he is a best man. At the end, Marshall is talking to a fairly large group of people about all of their business and says that it goes without saying but they shouldn't tell Lily about any of it.