The Naked Truth - Recap

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Marshall is hung over and he ruined the reception, bat mitzvha, and surrounding get togethers. Barney comes in with crutches and is pretending he broke his leg for the date with Nora. Ted meets a lot of women through the cover of the magazine. He has 2 dates.

Garrison Coots calls Marshall and that is his dream job. He's interested for sure. Barney gets coffee with Nora and he is caught in a lie. He tries to explain to her why he does that and then went back to his male pig shtick.

Ted got back from two dates and he thinks he is going to hang out with the both of them, but wonders how far he should go. Marshall tells him that he cannot go too far until the third date. Stay in the 1st and 2nd base zone.

Marshall is looking for videos of him to make sure there is nothing bad online for the background check needed to get his dream job. There is a video called "You can call me Beercules" and it is of a newscaster and he streaks across the screen and talks to the camera about how they can call him beercules. This could be a deal breaker, he fears.

Ted has been invited to the architects ball. He decided to do pros and cons to decide who he's going to bring. Nora wants Barney to tell her every lie he has ever told to get someone into bed. He is being honest, but also dragging it out.

Marshall goes to speak to his old friend, Pete, that has the video uploaded. He needs the internet video taken down and he refuses so far. Barney tells Nora all his lies and asks what his worst was, and it was "Barnell, the soul man". Robin offers to go to the ball with Ted.

Pete will take the video down if he beats him in Edward 40 Hands, which is where they tape 40's to their hands and try to drink both fastest.

Nora stays around with Barney for a long time and then she decides that she doesn't want to continue the night. She asks him why he thinks he still has a chance and he tells her it is because she didn't leave. He also tells her that she made him want to change. To prove his commitment he will stay in the diner until he gets that second date.

Marshall ended up basically making the same video over again, because he got trashed...again. Lily calls Pete and leaves a threateningly funny message for him. Marshall is worried that he's not ready to be a dad. Barney waited for Nora and he didn't leave. He's been there 9 hours.

Ted realizes that he doesn't want to date two girls, he wants to be the head over heels idiot for one. Marshall claims he's never getting drunk again, again. Marshall gets a phone call from Garrison and he says they want him on board, anyway. He saw the video and doesn't care. Pete calls Marshall to tell him that he'll take the video down. Marshall says it is cool either way and it turns out that Pete is a surgeon.

Ted takes Robin to the ball and sees his ex girlfriend that ran off to culinary school. He just knows she's the one.