Field Trip - Recap

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Robin's therapist tells her that he's moving to Alaska and runs into the therapist again. He says he lied about moving. His name is Kevin. They like one another, they had breakfast alone side by side every day that week. They decide to go on a real date.

Marshall is having issues at work, because he wanted to be hardlined with getting the contract they need. He tells him that the pharmaceutical company are a bunch of well meaning people just like they are.

Nora shows up and says she hates Ewoks. Barney wants to leave her for that. Ted has a field trip tomorrow and they have to remind him that it is an intro class he takes. Things don't work out in his favor.

Marshall is waiting for his boss to be the hard one, but he ends up taking $24,000 as a settlement instead a couple million from the pharmaceutical firm.

Ted takes his class to speak to Barney. Barney wants to give them sex lessons and that is insane. Barney is having some issues with the simple idea that Nora doesn't like ewoks. Marshall hates that they are celebrating their "big win".

Ted takes the class to his apartment and Robin is sitting there with her boyfriend. Ted and Barney gives them crap by calling it creepy. Barney realizes that the group with them is the perfect focus group and polls them all. Kevin and Robin decide that it is creepy to date one another.

Marshall loses it at the party. his boss tells him it is too late to save the planet. He tells him that he is just putting a front until it happens. Marshall is officially traumatized.

The gang meets up at McClaren's and they all seem bummed. Robin and Kevin broke up, Marshall thinks the world is about to end, Barney is upset his girlfriend is 37, and the field trip failed. The class wants to go home and he sends them home. One class member is thinking about becoming an architect and that was enough.

Robin is at Kevin's office and wants him to be vulnerable. He opens up. Marshall doesn't want to give up on the job. He wants to reject their offer. Barney realizes Nora is really 29. Robin thinks Kevin is really cute.

Marshall goes to the pharmaceuticals alone and Garrison shows up, he looks not happy. He tells them the settlement is not enough and they are going to war.