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The Burning Beekeeper - Recap

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The scene opens with Marshall and Lillie at her dad’s, when she announces they are having a house-warming party. That is when Lillie’s dad utters something about bees, making Marshall nervous. Lillie goes on to say how Marshall has been busy, and she has been arranging for the house-warming party mostly by herself. However, Marshall cannot get over the word bees – about which he is getting increasingly curious. Finally Lillie’s dad lets on he is starting a honey production unit – he is a job creator. Where is this bee station? In the basement! At house warming, Ted arrives and goes in straight to the kitchen with a platter that needs to be put into the oven.

He sets the timer to 5 minutes, and in this time, things start going wrong – everything. In the living room, after Lillie announces she used two hands to put this party together, and never did it single-handedly, her dad puts forth his sarcastic bit about him being busy. Then, Marshall hears from his boss Mr. Coots that he will have to leave for work before he could start enjoying. Besides, he is getting livid about the fact that no one bothers about mother earth like he does. Being a vegan, Mr. Coots is not finding anything of interest at the party, but until Lillie lets on they have veg spring rolls for him. And off he goes to the table. However, it does not take him long to return and lay into Ted blaming him for finishing the only platter that was suitable for his diet. He could have picked anything, but he had to take out the veg spring rolls, didn’t he?

By now, Ted is livid enough – he is getting ready to kick his ass, and just as their fight is about to begin, Barney announces everything’s fine behind the door – after a loud shriek goes off. Coots, and Ted are standing eyeball to eyeball, noticing which Lillie arrives to stop their fight. She announces there are more delicious vegan stuff on the table for Coots, and off he goes again. Meanwhile, Barney cannot stop commenting on his privates. Robin tries to calm him down, but he just loves his privates, and loves talking about it. If he said he never tried to bend over and put it in his own mouth, he would be lying. Before long, Lillie is upset, spoils a huge cheese cake by stamping it, and tells Robin everything has gone wrong in the party.

The basement is full of bees, and Ted got into a fight with Mr. Coots! However, Robin shows her the brighter side – everyone is happy and Lillie confesses, may be it is not a total disaster. Just as she says that, a man runs across the living room towards the main door – screaming in a bee suit that has caught fire. So what happened in these five minutes at the dining room? After Ted put his stuff into the oven and set the timer, Barney is chatting up with a cougar, who complains about her ex-husbands, and how she has gotten to love kittens. Hers is going be a cat soon. And unlike her previous men, cats are so honest with their affection. Before long, she sees Barney to be someone different from her previous partners. And so she will be waiting in the guest bedroom upstairs. Barney should be there in two minutes.

That is when Coots discovers all his spring rolls are gone, although the party has just begun. Before long, Marshall is complaining about Coots’ way of treating his staff, because he wants to take him off to work. Someone should tell Coots he is not doing the right thing, but Lillie is just too busy handle other problems. Okay, Marshall will do it himself, and that is when Coots is having a fight with Ted over veg spring rolls. And Marshall asks Robin to yell at him so that he can stand the yelling he is about to get from boss Coots. That is when the shriek comes from the kitchen, and Barney goes everything’s okay. While Coots is gorging on the vegan platter in the dining room, Marshall takes him away to the kitchen foreseeing possible altercation with him.

After a while, the cheese cake arrives from the kitchen, and knowing what’s wrong with it, Lillie throws it off the table and stamps on it. That is when the bee suit wearing man caught in fire is running across the house. So what’s been happening in the kitchen all this while? First, Ted and Robin are in a fight over the cougaring woman cutting in line. Robin thinks she is a whore, and Ted is incapable of standing up for himself while in a confrontation. And before long, Lillie’s dad is putting on his bee suit to check on the bees in his basement. He tips them about the bees – they are mostly left-handed, and that they keep away from kerosene. Which is why he has to put it on his bee suit. The shriek comes when Lillie finds mice on the cheesecake, and gets away from it feeling defeated and disastrous. After she leaves the kitchen, Marshall and Coots arrive there, and Barney is off to the guest bed room.

Marshall announces to Coots, that he is not leaving the party for office work. When Coots doesn’t agree, he says he quits. Overhearing their conversation is Lillie’s dad, who suggests that Coots might want to take up a hobby to forget what just happened. So Coots puts on the bee suit, and when the alarm goes off at the oven, he unwittingly gets to it. That is when all the screaming and man running out caught in fire happens. After he manages to jump on snow outside the door, he is glad he could jump with all his force and never hurt himself. He would take the night off now, and hopes to see Marshall on Monday. Could Coots get a beer? Just as Marshall steps inside the house, the bees have gotten let loose. No one’s inside because they followed Coots out of the door, but getting inside is suicidal. However caught in the guest bedroom is Barney, who prefers the bees from the clutches of the cougar. The episode ends.