The Magician's Code (2) - Recap

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Barney is worried about having left things badly with Quinn. He gets to his apartment and sees that it's been remodeled pink with Hello Kitty dolls. He's just glad she's still there, and hugs her. "Welcome home," she says, and they kiss. Meanwhile, Robin was put in charge of Marvin's birth announcement photo. Ted gets a text from a girl he met on the train and wants advice from Marshall and Lily on what he should do. Marshall and Lily tell him he can only come to them with questions that are of an 8 magnitude or higher. Meanwhile, Ted calls Victoria and asks her if she wants to get together and they make plans to meet at 1:30. Ted originally said 2, but Victoria asked to make it earlier because she might have a thing later.

Meanwhile, Ted is ready to look for signs that would indicate whether Victoria is still engaged. Then, she walks into the bar in a wedding dress. "No ring on the finger," he notes. At the airport on their first trip together, Barney's bag sets off the metal detector and he opens it to reveal a mysterious box. He says it's a magic trick, and then reveals that the security dogs are probably barking because of the explosives. The inspectors draw their guns and Barney insists he can't say because a magician never reveals his secret. Meanwhile, Barney then goes into a long story about Mr. Flanagan, the magic teacher he had when he was a teenager, who, it turns out, was banging Barney's mom. Barney tells Quinn he was planning on spending three 14-hour days at a magic show in Honolulu. After some awkward conversation about coffee, Victoria tells Ted she's never stopped thinking about him.

She tells him she's ready to drive off into the sunset with her. Victoria gets up to go to the restroom. At the airport, Barney can only reveal his trick to another magician and it turns out one of the TSA agents is a magician. Barney whispers the trick to the agent, who thinks it sounds cool. Meanwhile, Ted calls Robin and tells her about Victoria and Robin tells Marshall and Lily about it. At first, it's a 7, but when Robin explains Victoria is in a wedding dress, Marshall declares it a 10. Marshall, Robin and Lily huddle with Ted -- who orders four shots of tequila -- and discuss. Lily thinks it's a bad idea for Ted to take off with Victoria because she's having a freak out she might regret later. Robin thinks it's a good idea. Marshall and Lily do their shots and Robin snaps a picture, reminding the new parents that they wanted a picture of Marvin's first outing. That's when they realize their baby's first outing is at a bar -- and Lily dribbled tequila on Marvin's soft spot.

Meanwhile, Victoria emerges and asks Ted if it's happening. He asks her whether FDR or the West Side Highway is the quicker way to the sunset. Being questioned by TSA, Quinn lists her occupation as "unemployed," then reveals to Barney that she quit for him. She asks Barney to reveal the trick and he says he can't: "Magician's code." Meanwhile, Ted and Victoria are driving, and she suggests that they go on what was going to be her honeymoon. Ted feels bad and says they're going to drive back to her wedding. He explains to her that he got left at the altar and it nearly killed him. He needs to respect that she's someone's fiancée. So he suggests they find a motel, jam in a quickie and head back to her wedding.

Victoria laughs and realizes she needed to hear Ted say that, and now, "sobering up," she wants to pretend this never happened. Ted tells her it never happened. At the airport, an agent tells Quinn and Barney that their flight left and Quinn is free to leave but Barney needs to be held for further question. Barney decides to show them the trick. Barney goes through a whole magician's ritual that includes a sword, an explosion and a flower holding a diamond ring in it. Barney proposes to Quinn; loudly. Meanwhile, Robin snaps a perfect picture for Marvin's card; Marshall and Lily asleep with Marvin lying between them. That's when Barney and Quinn walk in with news of their engagement. Marvin needs a diaper change and Quinn follows Marshall and Lily to the nursery.

Barney and Robin joke about having one last chance to head for the door and run off together. It gets serious for a moment and Barney tells Robin he hopes it isn't weird for her. She says she's really happy for him. Ted, driving with Victoria, blows right past the church. They hold hands and keep driving toward the sunset. "A little ways down the road" Ted and Marshall are seen in tuxedos talking about how the road to this day has had a few twists and turns. But they agree that in a weird way it all makes sense. Ted finally goes in to see "the bride." It's Robin. The episode ends at this point.