Farhampton - Recap

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The episode begins in Farhampton and Ted is sitting alone on a bench reading a book at a train station. He's wearing a tux and a woman asks whether the wedding he was at was a nice one. Ted first says he doesn't want to talk about it, but starts spilling, "It all started when the bride asked to see me". Flash back to 10 hours earlier and Robin is shown telling Ted she can't go through with the wedding. She's thinking about climbing out the window. Ted remembers the last time he climbed in and out of that very window. They think back to when Marshall and Lily were zombies after having their baby.

It is then shown that the two are so exhausted they are falling asleep in the middle of conversations and forgetting everything they saw and heard. Barney is engaged to Quinn, which Marshall and Lily figure is totally weird for Robin. She insists it isn't. Quinn and Barney go off to have sex in the kitchen, but when Quinn comes back she asks Robin and Lily to be her bridesmaids. "Now it's weird," Robin tells Marshall and Lily after Quinn leaves the room. Ted and Victoria are headed out of town as she is running away from her wedding. Ted wonders whether Klaus has read Victoria's note and Victoria reveals she didn't leave one. Ted, given his experience, stresses the importance of leaving a note when you leave someone at the altar.

So they head back so she could leave one. Back at the apartment, Robin takes a chance to ask Barney about any weirdness with her being a bridesmaid given her history with Barney. But she learns that Quinn doesn’t know that Barney was once with Robin. Ted feels bad about stealing the greatest woman in the world from Klaus, but Victoria tells him she's chosen him over Klaus and he shouldn't feel bad. She asks Ted to deliver the note, though, because she doesn’t think she can do it. At the apartment, Robin asks Barney to think through whether he wants to spend the rest of his life with Quinn and keep his relationship with Robin a secret. He says Quinn would never find out because he's erased any evidence that he and Robin were ever together.

He's Photoshopped her out of every picture, and even replaced her with a tiger in one. Ted has trouble breaking into the church to leave Victoria's note. Klaus' ex-wrestler sister, Uda, is standing guard and Ted calls on Barney to seduce her over the phone to give Ted the chance to get in and leave the note. He does it, and just as he and Victoria are about to leave, Ted realizes he has left the car keys in the dressing room and the door locks behind him. Marshall and Lily are whispering to each other about keeping the secret that Robin and Barney used to date but Quinn is sitting right behind them. They don’t remember having asked her to hang out with them in Marvin's room.

Quinn gives Barney exactly one minute to tell her what happened with Robin, and Barney relates the highlights of the entire storyline in just a few seconds. Ted is trying to break into the church, again, and comes across Klaus escaping, saying he can't marry Victoria. Ted climbs a drain pipe, grabs the note that Klaus left in his dressing room, leaves it on Victoria's dressing room bed and splashes water on it to fake tears, and leaves with Victoria's note. Robin tells Barney and Quinn that she is dating a new guy named Nick. Marshall and Lily don’t remember her having told them that earlier. To Quinn, though, it didn't matter that Robin had a boyfriend.

She's still worried whether Robin has feelings for Barney. But Robin coaxes Nick over to the bar to show off his abs. Quinn is convinced Robin has moved on, and then goes off to let Nick do a shot out of her belly button. Quinn leaves and Robin tells Barney that it wasn't great to see how easy it was for him to wipe away their entire relationship. Barney hands Robin a key and tells her, "622 W. 14th Street". Ted runs into Klaus again and Klaus explains, through some very heavy German-accented phrases that Victoria is almost the thing he wanted, but not quite. He says it's something you know when you feel it, Marshall and Lily are shown to be with Marvin, and also Robin is shown opening a storage space that contains one large box.

She opens the box and sees all the intact pictures of her time with Barney, all the while Barney is in a cab with Quinn but clearly still thinking about Robin. Klaus says you feel it throughout the body, "in your hands, in your heart, in your stomach, in your skin". He asks Ted if he's ever felt that way about someone, and Ted says he thinks so. Klaus tells Ted that if he has to think about it, he hasn't felt it. Ted asks Klaus if he's absolutely sure it'll be found, and Klaus says everyone does find it eventually, "you just never when or where".

Old Ted says Klaus was right "unfortunately the 'when' of it was still a little ways down the road, but the 'where' of it". A woman is then shown getting out of a cab at the Farhampton train station, where Ted is sitting on his bench reading. She pulls a guitar case from the trunk of the cab; she is then seen standing on the platform with her face hidden under a yellow umbrella. The episode ends at this point.