The Stamp Tramp - Recap

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The episode begins and the Lusty Leopard, is expanding thanks to Barney’s generous donations. Now, strip clubs are after him for his backing. “Wow, you’re like the Lebron James of strip clubs. Actually you’re probably tied for Lebron for that title” Barney is told. Marshall comes in to tell them about running into Brad, who has grown a beard and long hair, and wears sweats. He got downsized and is going through a depression. Marshall tells him he will recommend him for his own firm. Everyone groans. Marshall gives his stamp of approval to everything, and it has become meaningless. Marshall tells them that’s not how he was raised.

Robin suggests he be more like Lily, who has a “golden” stamp. Ted says he has a golden stamp, and Barney points out that he is a “piggyback” stamper. Later Barney continues listing the gifts that strip clubs have been sending him trying to get his interest, such as t-shirts, and a boob-shaped hand sanitizer dispenser. “It’s clean and dirty at the same time” he says. Robin suggests that he go to Jersey and stir up some interest, so his gifts upgrade. Barney takes her on as his agent. Ted comes in and declares he found one thing he put his stamp on first the band Dishwallah. Lily insists that she turned him onto the band. He says that he was the first to play it on his Dr. X’s radio show. Lily says that therefore the credit goes to Dr. X, and Ted reluctantly reveals that HE is DR. X. Everyone spits out their drink and fakes astonishment.

Brad comes to the interview, and begins loading his pockets with muffin tops. Mr. Honeywell comes in to meet the man Marshall has been talking up. Brad pulls out his notebook with notes from his psychic and astrologist on an upcoming case as Marshall realizes his error. Ted brings his video diaries from freshman year to Lily to prove he isn’t a piggybacker. The first line on the video is Lily recommending he check out Dishwallah. Ted gets absorbed in watching his old videos, realizing he is a piggybacker. He watches him trying to pierce his own ear with shame. Robin is taking the role as Barney’s agent very seriously. He’s got a box seat at the Yankees. After much negotiation, Robin has arranged a contract with his newest benefactress The Golden Oldies.

They have bribed Robin, and Barney is not pleased. Brad continues to fail, discussing how he was fired at Bed Bath and Beyond for telling inappropriate jokes. Honeywell asks to see Marshall outside. Marshall pleads for Brad to have one more chance, worried that he will go back on his stamp of approval. Honeywell is in no mood to relent. Brad as a result insults Honeywell’s height. Honeywell dumps Marshall from the Gruber Pharmaceutical case. Marshall becomes a “ghost” at work. Honeywell ignores him entirely at work. Lily tells him to start small with his stamp of approval, such as a funny video like Ted piercing his ear and move on to food, etc. Soon he will be back on the case. Lily asks why Ted is torturing himself watching old college videos. Ted has concrete proof he was a gomer, not the cool dude he thought he was.

They watch Marshall come home from his third date with Lily, where he admits he is falling for her, but it’s going so fast that maybe he see other people. College Ted tells Marshall to hang on to Lily, she’s special. Lily realizes she got the ultimate stamp of approval from Ted. Then College Ted begins to suggest Marshall “just” take a month or so to bang some other chick. Ted quickly shuts off the television. Robin apologizes for skimming off the top of the strip club swank. Barney does a grand reveal, bringing in a “bro-dium” to give his speech about his free agent experience. Barney reveals the strip club of his choice. Marshall goes to court for the biggest case of his life. Brad comes in. He works for Gruber. He played Marshall to steal information from his company and use it against Marshall.

Honeywell as a result tells him if he doesn’t win the case, he is fired. Robin and Barney walk down the road, both drunk and having gotten kicked out of the club for getting handsy. Robin admits, “I really thought that bouncer was bluffing with the taser”. She tells him she had fun. He tells her he always has fun with her, and he kisses her. After a moment, she suddenly stops it, and leaves. The episode ends at this point.