The Final Page (1) - Recap

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The episode begins and at the bar, Marshall jinxes Barney when they say the same thing at the same time, and this is a momentous occasion. Five years earlier, Barney broke a jinx by speaking before his name was mentioned by a witness to the jinx and he was hit by a bus. Since then, he's taken them quite seriously, and he's been known to torture those jinxed. Ted's GNB skyscraper is about to be dedicated, and Ted thinks back to his biggest influence. He's thinking back to his professor from 1996, an eccentric fellow named Professor Vinnick. Ted once showed him a sketch he was working on and the professor told him he'd never be an architect.

Ted sent Vinnick an invitation to the dedication so he could see that Ted eventually did become an architect. Lily, Marshall and Robin tease Ted for being obsessed and making Vinnick his "pit guy," referring to "The Silence of the Lambs," where the person someone's been obsessed with for so long is thrown into and kept in a pit. Ted says he would never do that. Robin agrees, and says there's no one she'd every throw into a pit. Lily suggests Patrice, who Robin hates. Robin says she wouldn't do that, but Marshall and Lily insist that everyone has someone they'd throw into a pit and there's someone who'd want to throw each of them into a pit. Barney shows up.

Robin asks Barney how his day was, and he mouths a whole speech about how he was late to work because he was in a taxi for an hour and couldn't tell the driver where to go, so he was reamed out at work for being late. Later, Barney is shown tapping Marshall's shoulder, trying to get Marshall to say his name. Marshall refuses. Ted walks in with Vinnick's RSVP. He's not attending, which Ted says is fine because he just wanted to make sure he received the invitation. But Vinnick added a note saying he thinks the invitation was sent to the wrong person because he has no idea who Ted Mosby is. Ted is angry, and he's driving, saying Vinnick will never forget who he is. Lily, Marshall and Barney are in the car with Ted.

Lily wants to know what Ted is going to do when he sees Vinnick. Ted plays out a whole revenge fantasy where he shows Vinnick the building, which he thinks is amazing, and then Ted lights Vinnick on fire. Lily is excited about going to campus. On campus, Barney is desperate for someone to say his name. He sketches a knee and a barn and tries to get Marshall to say the two words together. Marshall tells Lily they should stop at the "Knee Barn" on the way home to pick up some wholesale knees. Then they run into Darrell. He says they look just like they do in his paintings. Ted sits in Vinnick's class, waiting for a chance to get in Vinnick's face.

Ted ends up taking notes furiously as he realizes how much Vinnick taught him. Robin asks Patrice how often she and Barney are having sex. Patrice thinks this is an inappropriate question and leaves. Robin tells her she should leave she’s fired. Ted finally approaches Vinnick after the class and hands him the drawing of his building, and Vinnick again tells him he'll never be an architect. Darrell brings Marshall, Lily and Barney into his dark, windowless basement. Darrell leaves to go get them a surprise. He returns, having left the trio traumatized, with their surprise. Marshall tells Darrell to know, before he kills them, that they have a child.

Darrell is shocked and says he was going to give them a check for $100,000 for having helped come up with the idea for the Three Hack-migos store. Patrice asks why she's being fired. Robin tells Patrice nobody should be as happy as she is, and she tells Patrice her cookies are "only pretty good". Patrice asks Robin if this is really about her, and Robin says it's not. Patrice hugs her and Robin tears up. Robin apologizes to Patrice and tells her it's just really hard seeing her with Barney. Ted prepares to throw away a model he made of his GNB building when Vinnick comes down the hall and asks Ted if he made the model to try to prove some point.

Ted insists that he had a transcendent moment, and continues shouting this as he walks down the hall realizing the whole time that his shouting kind of negates the transcendent moment. On the way home, the group stops for some snacks. Marshall asks Barney if he wants anything, and Barney gestures for some kind of drink. "Spicy beef jerky, got it" Marshall says as he and Lily leave the car. Barney and Ted stay in the car and Barney shows Ted a huge wedding ring. Barney tells Ted he's going to ask Patrice to marry him. "Are you serious?" they both say at the same time.

Barney says he is serious. He says that with Patrice, for the first time in his life, he feels settled and happy. He says he's going to ask Patrice to marry him the next night on the roof of the WWN building. Barney asks Ted to not try to talk him out of it and also he cannot tell anybody about it. Ted reluctantly agrees.