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Weekend at Barney's - Recap

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The episode begins and Barney wakes up from dreaming about his Playbook. Robin says she decided she wanted to marry him when he sets fire to his Playbook. He agrees he has to forget about the Playbook but he then again has a dream about it. Lily begins her new job and her first assignment is to find The Captain a new artist. Ted gives Robin his RSVP for the wedding. Turns out, he is going to bring Jeanette as his date for the wedding. The gang isn’t happy to hear that. Ted assures them they will love having Jeanette at the wedding and also reveals she is planning to wear an “eggshell” dress. Robin isn’t at all happy to hear this.

But, Jeanette breaks up with Ted and returns the key to his apartment and his grandmother’s ring. Ted is really sad, but he concludes Barney and Robin must be really happy that Jeannette won’t be coming to the wedding. Turns out, Barney and Robin are joyous and are in fact celebrating. Ted decides to get back with Jeanette because the sex was really great with her. Ted updates Barney and Robin about his decision via a text. Robin is in tears on receiving the news. Ted encounters Barney just as he is about to get out of the elevator to go Jeanette’s apartment to talk her into taking him back. Barney promises Ted that he will find Ted someone much better than Jeanette using his Playbook.

He reveals he actually didn’t burn the real book. He makes Ted swear that he won’t reveal this to Robin. Lily and Marshall arrive at the art gallery where Lily is planning to snag an artist named Strickland. Ted tries the first play from the Playbook but it doesn’t work. Barney feels it’s because Ted didn’t do it right. Ted then tries the second play from the Playbook. That too backfires and this time Barney says Ted didn’t play it right. At the gallery, Marshall ends up embarrassing Lily with his shenanigans while she is trying to impress Strickland. At the apartment Barney is coaching Ted for another play which is a rather complicated one.

Robin shows up just then and sees the Playbook. She isn’t at all happy to see that it still is in existence. Barney tries to explain himself but Robin isn’t in any mood for explanations. She storms out with Barney chasing after her. Before leaving Barney warns Ted to not do anything stupid while he is away. Ted is then shown talking to a woman at the bar but just then Jeanette arrives pushes the woman away and begins kissing Ted. Barney catches up with Robin and tries to reason with her. He explains that the Playbook is a lifetime of great ideas and he can’t just destroy it on a whim. Robin on her part isn’t at all convinced by his reasoning.

At the gallery, Marshall profusely apologizes to Lily and swears that he won’t embarrass her anymore. He even promises he won’t tell “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” jokes anymore. Strickland overhears their conversation and says he is a huge TMNT fan. Marshall and Strickland bond over this common interest of theirs and Marshall then introduces him to Lily. Robin tells Barney he can’t lie to her ever again about anything. Barney isn’t happy to hear this and says lying is his thing. In fact he is a magician of sorts when it comes to lying he argues. He says it was his lying that brought them together in the first place.

While at it he offers her three bouquets of flowers. He makes them appear like a magician would. She knocks out two of them from his hand but accepts the third one. Apparently she has forgiven him. They walk back home together. At the apartment, Jeanette finds the Playbook and assumes its Ted’s. She isn’t very happy about the discovery. This is proven by the fact that Ted has been thrown out of the apartment and is now sitting on the pavement. Also, Jeanette is torching his stuff and throwing them from the window. In the end she blows up Barney’s Playbook.

Barney arrives just in time to see his Playbook go up in smoke but is fine with that. Later, the gang shares a bottle of wine. Ted removes Jeanette’s name from the RSVP. He reveals to the gang that he is finally ready to settle down. He tells his kids this time he really meant it. The episode ends at this point.