The Time Travelers - Recap

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The episode begins with Ted of 2030 telling his kids about the Ted of April 2013, who was alone, while their mother who lived a few blocks away, was dating a guy named Lewis. In the present, Ted is sitting by himself at Maclaren’s, when Barney arrives and says they are going to Robots Vs Wrestlers and hands him the tickets. Ted isn’t too excited about the proposition and decides to stay put. Barney tells him he will regret this decision 20 year from now.

The rest of the gang arrives and Marshall tells them about the Minnesota Tidal Wave, a drink he has invented. Although he doesn’t want to admit it, Marshall knows his drink is a bit girly, so he sends Lily to order it. Barney hasn’t given up trying to convince Ted about going with him to watch Robots Vs Wrestlers. Barney says that he lets “20-years-from-now Barney” call all the shots and tells Ted to close his eyes. Ted doesn’t take him seriously, but closes his eyes and when he opens it, he is shocked to see 20YFN Barney sitting beside him. 20YFN Barney also tries to convince Ted, but he is adamant about not going.

In order to convince him, 20YFN Ted appears and tells Ted to go with Barney because it would be a life changing experience. Marshall finds out that the drink he has invented is already named after Robin because she orders it so frequently. Marshall is too hurt for words upon discovering this. 20YFN Ted convinces Ted to go with Barney, but their path is blocked by “20 Hours-From –Now” Ted, who says they aren’t going anywhere. 20HFN Ted says that Ted will get too drunk and smoke too much after Robot Vs Wrestlers and end up feeling horrible. Ted says maybe he can still go, but not drink too much.

The rest of them don’t seem to agree with that because he needs to get drunk to have the most memorable experience of his life. Marshall isn’t happy about the whole drink invention issue and challenges Robin to a dance-off to resolve the matter. Robin doesn’t agree because she likes having her name on something and wants it to stay. Marshall decides to get back at her in a different way. He heads for the men’s room and returns two minutes later. Robin guesses that Marshall wrote her name and number in the men’s room and goes in to deal with the issue, marker in hand. After she scribbles out what Marshall has written in the men’s room, she heads for the ladies’ room.

Marshall is worried Robin might have written something about him in there and tells Lily to look, but Lily refuses to be a part of this whole thing, so he goes in himself. After entering, Marshall sees on the wall a long apology that Robin has written him. Outside, Ted is about to leave with Barney when they are interrupted by “20-minutes-from-now Barney”, who says he has something important to tell them. In the ladies’ room, Marshall realizes that the elaborate apology was so he would be in there long enough for women to walk in, forcing him to hide in one of the stalls. Which is exactly what happens and when Marshall hides in a nearby stall, he sees “Gotcha!!” written on the door by Robin. Outside, 20MFN Barney tells them that he wanted them to wait because someone will walk through the door, who Ted will want to meet.

A girl walks in and sits at the bar and they inform Ted that she is coat-check girl from the club they went to seven years ago. Ted recalls that he wanted to go back to that club to get her number, but never got to it. They all encourage Ted to talk to her. In the ladies’ room, Marshall makes a woman’s voice and calls out to see if anyone is outside. When he doesn’t get a reply he goes out, assuming the coast is clear. Next, a bunch of women are shown running out of the ladies room with Marshall rushing out after them to apologize. The bartender reprimands Marshall for his actions despite him trying to explain that he was tricked. Ted is about to approach the coat-check girl, when he is pulled into a booth by 20-months-from-now coat check girl. He sees two “20MFN coat-check” girls, one girl, who has broken up with Ted and the other, who Ted has broken up with.

Ted is told that their relationship is doomed one way or the other, so Ted decides against approaching the coat-check girl and instead watches her leave. Then with a smile of his face, Ted watches Marshall and Robin heading for a dance-off to settle their squabble. He tells Barney that he is planning to head home and is surprised when Barney doesn’t try to stop him and tell him to enjoy the moment. Barney tells Ted that all these moments that he is watching are all gone and they happened five years ago. Barney says none of what he is seeing is real and actually Ted is sitting alone at the bar staring at tickets of Robots Vs Wrestlers because none of his friends could make it. Ted looks around and finds that he is all alone. Old Ted tells his kids about the first thing he wanted to do on that day after walking out of the bar.

Present day Ted is shown running to the apartment of his future wife, whose face isn’t shown and telling her that in 45 days from now they will meet, be together, get married, have kids and love each other forever. Her present boyfriend Lewis arrives and Ted tells Lewis that he is going to fall in love with his girlfriend and get married to her. Lewis punches him in the face after hearing this, but turns out, Ted was imagining all of this and he finds himself standing alone outside Maclaren’s. The episode ends at this point.