Romeward Bound - Recap

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The episode begins and things are going great for Lily, working with The Captain, and Marshall too is doing well at his law firm, but The Captain throws a wrench into things by asking Lily to move with him to Rome for a year. He realizes this is a big move, so he gives her until the end of day to decide. Ted and Barney are at the bar and Ted sees a girl from his yoga class there. She's wearing a huge coat and Ted remembers she had a great body. Lily gets to the bar and tells them about The Captain's offer, saying she's always wanted to live abroad, but hasn't told Marshall about the offer yet.

Ted says Marshall loves Italy, noting that he took a week of Italian in college. Lily calls Marshall, who is too busy to talk, saying he's working on a real house of cards. She suddenly realizes in a series of hypothetical flash forwards that moving Marshall to Rome would have him stuck in the house taking care of Marvin and trying to learn how to make fresh pasta, while watching the Italian version of "The Price is Right". Lily's story is interrupted, when she realizes it's gotten very hot in the bar. Barney has given Carl the bartender $100 to turn up the heat in hopes that Ted's yoga class acquaintance will take off her large coat.

Lily calls The Captain to tell him she can't move to Rome. He tries for a moment to convince her to change her mind, but she tells him she has made up her mind, so he fires her. Barney is still waiting for the yoga girl to take off her jacket and eying her closely, when Robin walks in and gives the yoga girl a hug. Robin reintroduces Barney to the woman, who is named Liddy and turns out, she's the wedding planner. Lily goes to Marshall's office with brownies to get him through his big project, but finds that he's literally working on a house of cards. Marshall admits they haven't had a client in a long time.

She tells him about the opportunity in Rome and Marshall, thinks it's like a dream come true, so he rushes off to convince The Captain to give her the job. At the bar, Barney and Ted are still focused on Liddy taking off her coat, and Robin realizes what's up. She admits she's been wondering the same thing, and she thinks Liddy has "WBDs" under her coat (weapons of bra destruction). Ted says he once tried to ask Liddy out at yoga class, but once she took off her coat he couldn't speak. Barney gets himself into a tight spot at the bar, when he comments that he wishes Marshall were there, because he could easily ask Liddy to take off her coat without seeming slimy.

Marshall, Barney says, isn't seen as threatening by women because it's so clear that he's met the woman of his dreams and wants to be with her for the rest of his life. On hearing this, Robin forces Barney to ask Liddy to take her coat off, since he presumably has also met the woman of his dreams and wants to be with her for the rest of his life. Barney brings himself to ask, and he and Robin are instantly faced with what Robin later confirms as Liddy's "ridonkulous" rack. Lily calls The Captain, who says Marshall convinced him to offer her the job in Rome again. She thanks him but says the answer is still no.

Lily makes up a bunch of fake reasons why she turned the job down, but finally admits she doesn't want to ruin everything she has in New York by taking a chance on Italy. At that moment, Marshall is in Little Italy, dressed in fancy white suit with a black overcoat and a white hat, when he gets a text saying Lily turned the job down again. At the bar, Ted warns Barney to be careful because he isn't acting like someone who's getting married in three weeks and Robin might not be as cool as Barney seems to think she is with all the ogling of other women.

Barney gets offended by this and tells Ted it's not his place to comment on this issue, and Ted agrees. Lily admits to Marshall that she's scared because she's a small-town girl, but he convinces, saying that no doubt it will be scary, but they can do it. The episode ends at this point.