Season 2

13 :02x01 - Ilsa Pucci

After Christopher rescues Winston, he goes into retirement. However, the wife of a dead philanthropist seeks him out and persuades him to protect her from the men who killed her husband. Meanwhile, Winston and Guerrero deal with a beautiful young thief who will do anything for money.
Guest Stars: Janet Montgomery as Ames | Rick Hoffman as Shelly | Timothy Omundson as Interrogator | Tahmoh Penikett as Pete |
Co-Guest Stars: David Ali as Pakistani Man | Lars Anderson as Security Guard (Geneva) | George Daburas as Lars (Lars Nielsen) | Michael Jonsson as Security Guard (SF) | Jarod Joseph as Guard (Larry) | Thai-Hoa Le as Monk #2 | Ecstasia Sanders as Teller (Denise-SF) | Chhultim Sherpa as Monk #1
Director: Steve Boyum
Songs: The Dead Weather -- Blue Blood Blues, Charlotte Gainsbourg -- In the End

14 :02x02 - The Wife's Tale

One of Christopher's old contacts tells him that the wife of a man he killed is being stalked by an assassin. Christopher must protect the woman without letting her know that he killed her husband. Meanwhile, Ames tries to bond with Guerrero.
Guest Stars: Molly Parker as Rebecca Brooks | M.C. Gainey as Donnelly |
Co-Guest Stars: Dino Antoniou as Daniel Brooks | Curtis Caravaggio as Lawyer | Adrian Hein as Assassin / Date | David Lyle as Bartender #1 (as David H. Lyle) | Robert O'Donnell (2) as Bartender #2 | John Shaw as Harrison
Director: Mimi Leder

15 :02x03 - Taking Ames

Ames tries to help out a childhood friend, a demolitions expert, and has no choice but to help him pull off a diamond heist for a ruthless criminal mastermind. She goes to Chance for help, and he has to go undercover as a member of the gang over Ilsa's objections.
Guest Stars: Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Andre Markus | J.D. Pardo as Brody Rivera | Mike Dopud as Chicago | Douglas O'Keeffe as Yuri |
Co-Guest Stars: Dimitri Arvantis as Museum Door Guard | Adrian Formosa as Beaten Museum Guard | Dee Jay Jackson as Security Guard | Tristan Jensen as Museum Guard #1 | Jean Paul Najm as Memphis | Paul Tryl as Boise
Songs: Kasabian -- Club Foot, Far East Movement -- Like a G6, Dr. Dog -- Station

16 :02x04 - The Return of Baptiste

To rescue a journalist friend of Ilsa's from a South American warlord, Chance must turn to the one man he can't trust for help: Baptiste, former friend and current assassin, who is languishing in a Siberian prison. Meanwhile, Ilsa goes on her first assignment as a field operative.
Guest Stars: Wendy Glenn as Susan Connors | Cameron Daddo as Harmen | Jorge Montesi as Don Miguel Cervantes | Timothy Paul Perez as Esteban (as Tim Perez) | Lennie James as Baptiste |
Co-Guest Stars: Kathleen Duborg as Margaret | Claude Duhamel as Bartender | Bojan Dulabic as Dmitri | Derek Morrison as Warden
Director: Bryan Spicer

17 :02x05 - Dead Head

An unknown client hires the agency to protect him, but is caught in an explosion and suffers from amnesia. When a crooked cop from Winston's past shows up looking for the man, Winston resolves to find out what's going on... and must turn to his ex-wife Michelle for help.
Guest Stars: Roger Bart as J.D. | Nick Chinlund as Lt. Broward | Tracie Thoms as Michelle |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Andrich as Uniformed Cop | Art Kitching as ER Doctor | Colin Lawrence as Delgado | Byron Noble as Banker (Paul) | C. Douglas Quan as ND Forensics Guy | Christopher Rosamund as Agent (IA Agent) | James Tyce as Nolan
Songs: Motorhead -- Ace of Spades, Alberta Cross -- Old Man Chicago

18 :02x06 - The Other Side of the Mall

The team is hired to protect a nice, normal suburban family who are the targets of mysterious killers. All Chance and the others have to do is figure out who wants the family dead... and they go undercover in suburbia to find out.
Guest Stars: John Michael Higgins as Richard Applebaum | Taylor Boggan as Joel Applebaum | David Orth as Severenson Klemah | Chad Willett as Nick Meachem | Rebecca McFarland as Rachel Applebaum |
Co-Guest Stars: Marie Averopoulous as Jamie Hartloff | Nickolas Baric as Thug with a Gun | Michael Brock as Eric | Alexander Calvert as Sean | Brandon Cook as Jock | Natalie Gibson as Terrified Book Club Woman | Liliane Leila Juna as Aid Worker | Peter Wilson (2) as Worker
Director: Peter Lauer
Writer: Zev Borow
Songs: Run DMC -- Christmas in Hollis, Rock -- God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman, Ramones -- It's a Wonderful World

19 :02x07 - A Problem Like Maria (1)

Maria Gallego returns to ask chance to help rescue a South American activist who has been locked up as a dictator. Unfortunately, Maria left one thing out; the activist is her husband.
Guest Stars: Leonor Varela as Maria Gallego | Jordi Caballero as Hector Lopez | David Barrera as Julio Escalante | Darren Shahlavi as Eladio Lopez |
Co-Guest Stars: Caitlin Cromwell as Co-Worker | Kevin Kazakoff as Diego Garcia | Mauricio Mercado as Victor Escalante | Jose Vargas as Drunk Party-Goer | Anna Van Hooft as Andrea
Director: Guy Ferland
Songs: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- Beat the Devil's Tattoo

20 :02x08 - Communication Breakdown (2)

Chance and Ilsa are trapped in the jungles of South America as a man seeking revenge goes after Chance. Meanwhile, a hapless private detective leads the Armenian Mob to the team's office, and Guerrero and Winston have to settle their differences.
Guest Stars: Tony Hale as Harry | Jordi Caballero as Hector Lopez |
Co-Guest Stars: Christian Tessier as Pilot
Director: Steve Boyum
Songs: The Boxer Rebellion -- Semi-Automatic

21 :02x09 - Imbroglio

Ilsa's sister-in-law Connie Pucci arrives to assess the agency, and discover if Ilsa has lost sight of the Foundation's mission. However, their night at the opera turns hazardous when terrorists take everyone hostage. Chance and Guerrero work from the inside to free the prisoners, while Winston works with the FBI, but it soon becomes clear the terrorists want more than a ransom.
Guest Stars: Olga Sosnovska as Connie Pucci | Kendall Cross as Lead Agent | Daren A. Herbert as Vance | Carlo Rota as Eli Rosko |
Co-Guest Stars: Sarah Blondin as Woman | Eric Pollins as Victor Rosko | Anthony Shim as Aide (Stanford) | Michael Tiernan as Patrick
Director: Steve Boyum

22 :02x10 - Cool Hand Guerrero

Guerrero comes to the aid of a childhood friend, but is framed for the man's death and sent to prison. When Winston and Chance come to help, they want him to stay in jail so they can clear his name, but he's not happy with the idea. Meanwhile, Ilsa and Ames learn what Guerrero does on his time off.
Guest Stars: James Remar as Warden Clancy Cole | Bruce Dawson as Gov. Strong | John Cassini as Jerry Mobbs |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Lazenby as Bubba | Kirby Morrow as Eddie | Ian Robison as Sheriff Williams | Juan Riedinger as Billy | John Stewart as Crazy Gun Customer | Tiffani Timms as Soccer Mom
Director: Craig R. Baxley
Writer: Matt Whitney
Songs: Townes Van Zandt -- I'll Be Here in the Morning, Jake Owen -- Yee Haw

23 :02x11 - Kill Bob

A satellite weather programmer hires the team to protect him from an assassin, but they quickly discover that his wife is the one responsible. Meanwhile, Ames and Ilsa make a trip to Vegas.
Guest Stars: Todd Grinnell as Bob Anderson | Lauren German as Angie Anderson / Natalia Petrovic | Richard Zeman as Ivan |
Co-Guest Stars: Everick Golding as Captain
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: Young MC -- Bust A Move

24 :02x12 - The Trouble with Harry

A security company CEO's fiancée comes to the agency, and they need to steal a critical file from the man to ensure her safety. However, when Ilsa insists on going on the mission, things go bad and Chance soon finds himself sitting in a bar atop a pack of explosives... and private eye Harry is his only hope of rescue.
Guest Stars: Tony Hale as Harry | Nicole Bilderback as Sarah Han | Michael Massee as Henry Claypool | Adrian Holmes as Vaughn |
Co-Guest Stars: Darren Bennett (2) as Bartender | Phill Carey as Guard #1 | Joseph Dall'antonia as Thug | Mark Gash as Manager
Director: Peter Lauer
Songs: Wayne Coyne -- Revenge

25 :02x13 - Marshall Pucci

Marshall's mistress turns up and asks the agency for protection against the men who killed Ilsa's husband... and want the evidence he gathered against them before they eliminated him.
Guest Stars: Steven Brand as Marshall Pucci | Emily Foxler as Julia | Jake Weber as Bill Fickner |
Co-Guest Stars: Hamza Adam as Aide | Marty Gage as CIA Operative | Beatrice Ilg as Receptonist | Matthew Mandzij as McNally | Daniel Martin (2) as Pilot | Christopher Pearce as Agent | Melissa Robertson as Civilian | Nelson Wong as Limo Driver
Director: David Barrett
Songs: The Courteeners -- Take Over the World, The Gutter Twins -- The Stations
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 17, 2010
Ended: February 09, 2011
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