Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x2
Production Number: 2J5154
Airdate: Wednesday January 20th, 2010
Special Airtime: 09:00 pm

Alternate Airdates:

CA (CTV) Jan 19, 2010 (Premiere!)

Guest Stars
Ali LiebertAli Liebert
As Casper / Brooke Hammell

Co-Guest Stars
Julian D. ChristopherJulian D. Christopher
As Captain (as Julian D. Christopher)
Alessandro JulianiAlessandro Juliani
As Steve Tennant
David NyklDavid Nykl
As Vincent (Vincent Morgan)
Chad RileyChad Riley
As TSA Guard / Thug
Justin SainJustin Sain
As Marcus
John SampsonJohn Sampson
As Shaun
Samuel VincentSamuel Vincent
As Chepekian (Nick Chepekian)
Robert Wolfgang WeissRobert Wolfgang Weiss
As Larry (as Robert Weiss)
Brendon ZubBrendon Zub
As Geoff
Main Cast
Mark ValleyMark Valley
As Christopher Chance
Chi McBrideChi McBride
As Winston


On a passenger jet plane, Chance and a flight attendant, Laura, run into the cockpit. Chance warns that the plane is on fire and explains that he's actually with private security, not an insurance salesman. He seats himself in the pilot's chair and prepares to bring the plane down...

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Episode Notes
FOX counts this episode as the "series premiere", not the first episode, "Pilot". This is because they count "Pilot" as just a prequel; a series preview.

This is the first episode to include the Human Target animated main title theme.

This is the first time we see Chance and Winston go on a mission together.

Episode Quotes
Laura: Tell me your name. Tell me who you really are. Because until there's a name, everything is a lie.

Christopher: Have a seat. I could use the help.
Laura: My help? You do realize I'm just a stewardess.
Christopher: Flight attendant.

Christopher: If we don't put that fire out before it reaches that relay, we could have problems.
Laura: What kind of problems?
Christopher: The crashing kind.

Christopher: So, uh...?
Laura: Laura.
Christopher: Laura. You seem to be taking this pretty well.
Laura: They do train us for this stuff, you know—hijackings, engine failures, disease outbreaks.
Christopher: So you sat through training for hijackings, engine failures, and disease outbreaks, and you still took the job?
Laura: Using small talk to keep me calm?

Laura: So what about you? How does someone become a bodyguard?
Christopher: Oh, I hated my old job. Felt I had more potential.

Winston: What do you want?
Christopher: What's a guy gotta do to get a drink around here?
Winston: Ahh, that's really funny...

Larry: I've been sitting here waiting. You know, I take this flight three times a month. Least you people can do is keep us well-served. (Winston stares at him) I meant stewardesses.

Guerrero: I'll get Sergei on it.
Winston: Who the hell is Sergei?
Guerrero: He's a friend of mine. I called him in to help figure out who's behind the threat. He's a real smart-ass. Expert at data-mining.
Winston: He's not using my computer, is he?
Guerrero: Don't worry. Your passwords are safe with me.
Winston: Oh. I didn't give you my passwords.

Laura: Have you ever done this?
Christopher: Yeah. On a simulator. It was a very good simulator.

Christopher: Uh-oh.
Laura: What?
Christopher: I lost the stick. Thruster too. Controls aren't responding.
Laura: What does that mean?
Christopher: In technical terms? I think we broke the plane.

Guerrero: But let's just say, um, hypothetically, someone like, I don't know, you, were to identify a hacker with plans to steal the keys to the entire Internet. And let's say you were to lie about it to someone like, uh, say, me. So that you could strike your own deal and get rich quick. I guess what I'm saying, Sergei, is you and I would have real problems. Mostly you. Do you understand what I'm saying to you?
Sergei: I just thought of something.

Christopher: Do you remember what you said when we first started all this?
Winston: Yeah, I told you you can take that flight attendant's uniform and shove it up your...
Christopher: No, no, no, not today. In the beginning.

Winston: Hey, listen, um, you know, for the record, this is the last time I'm going out in the field with you.
Christopher: Right.
Winston: Look, I don't give a damn how many unknown variables there are.
Christopher: Uh-huh.
Winston: Yeah, you think I'm joking, right? Look into my eyes. I'm not joking.
Christopher: Watch the road, will you?
Winston: Oh, oh, I'm sorry. Do you feel unsafe? Hold on a second while I flip the car upside down and maybe you'll feel better.

Cultural References
In the episode, one of the hackers they are looking into is called Rubber Poultry.

This is the username of a fan of Jericho who did a lot of stuff for the show. They are six writers from Jericho including Robert Levine and Jonathan Steinberg that are working on Human Target.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperJonathan Steinberg
Executive ProducerPeter Johnson  |  Kevin Hooks  |  McG  |  Brad Kern  |  Jonathan Steinberg
Co-Executive ProducerMichael Ostrowski
ProducerMatthew Federman  |  Grace Gilroy  |  Stephen Scaia
Co-ProducerJessie Ward Dugan
Production DesignerDavid Willson
EditorPhilip Carr Neel
CastingSean Cossey  |  Patrick Rush  |  Stuart Aikins
First Assistant DirectorNico Sachse
Second Assistant DirectorMichele E Dutka
MusicBear McCreary
Music EditorChris McGeary
Costume DesignerGregory Mah
Set DecoratorJohanne Hubert
Location ManagerGreg Jackson
Supervising Sound EditorPeter Austin (1)
Re-Recording MixerDan Hiland  |  Gary D. Rogers
Stunt CoordinatorDean Choe
Art DirectorTony Wohlgemuth
Production ManagerYvonne Melville
Sound MixerChris Duesterdiek
Executive Story EditorSonny Postiglione  |  Kalinda Vazquez
Key HairstylistRobert A. Pandini
Special Effects CoordinatorDan Keeler
Created ByCarmine Infantino
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