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Salvage & Reclamation - Recap

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In South America at a military base, anthropologist Doug Slocombe is held prisoner. A well-dressed man, Bertram, comes in and informs Doug that he knows what the anthropologist found in the forest and that it is more than simply a lost item. Bertram wants Doug to tell him what it is and then he'll have him released and sell the item to the highest bidder. Chance comes in, disguised as a soldier, and tells Bertram that he has to speak with the base's commander. Once Bertram leaves, Chance takes Doug to a jeep and explains that he's there to rescue him. A soldier comes over and insists he'd know about any prisoner transfer. Chance tries to distract him and when that doesn't work, he knocks the soldier out and then drives Doug out of the base. When the troops open fire, Chance brings a sentry tower behind them to cover their escape.

As they head down the road, Chance calls Winston and Guerrero at the airport and tells them that they're going to stop at Maria's cantina and get the travel papers she has for them, and then get to the airport to escape. Winston tells him not to spend time with Maria. Once they cut off, Winston worries that Chance has been involved with Maria in the past and things won't end up well. Guerrero has to agree.

As they drive, Chance explains that Maria called him in to perform the rescue. Doug wonders why Chance responded so promptly, and then explains that he was in the jungle and made a discovery belonging to Saldovar, a former dictator whose plane went down and was never found. Doug tells him to pull over so he can show him something. He reveals gold billion, and explains that at the plane where he found it, there's another $40 million worth of gold.

Colonel Varquez prepares to kill the soldier that Chance tricked. Bertram arrives and explains that he knows that three Americans landed at the airfield. He introduces himself as a salvage & reclamations expert and offers a 50/50 split in return for his help. He notes that Varquez has no way to sell it on his own and that he can liquidate it.

Varquez agrees to Bertram's deal and calls his troops over the radio to send them to the airport. Chance hears the transmission and calls Winston. Winston and Guerrero realize the pilot has been captured by the military while arranging fuel for his plane. Guerrero updates Chance and then goes to find another plane. He holds the pilot at gunpoint and forces him to take them up. Chance tells them to head north to a pass where there's an airfield that the rebels used for bringing in supplies. Chance isn't precisely sure where it is, and plans to get the coordinates from Maria. The duo soon realizes that their pilot, Alberto, doesn't speak English.

As they drive, Doug wonders if Maria is going to want to see them given the fact they're bringing trouble. Chance insists that Maria will want to see her.

As Varquez coordinates his men, Bertram notes a cantina in rebel territory. The colonel doesn't want to send his men in there and figures the fugitives won't either, but Bertram asks for a few men to investigate the cantina.

In the morning, Chance and Doug arrive at the cantina. Maria is waiting and kisses Chance, who kisses her back. She then has her men take Chance prisoner and he realizes she plans to take the gold. Chance figures she called him in as a distraction while she uses Doug to get the gold. She tells him that he has 60 seconds to get out. Chance suggests that Maria thank him for helping her out of trouble, and then wonders if she's mad at him for leaving. She insists that it isn't, but Chance isn't convinced. Maria slugs him as his time runs out, but Bertram's soldiers pull up outside. She has the rebels take Chance and Doug to the basement to hide them. Chance soon realizes that Bertram knows that they're there and comes up with a plan involving Doug.

Bertram comes in and orders whiskey, and then talks about the gold. He asks her to tell him where Doug and Chance are. Chance comes in and accuses Bertram of being a pirate. Meanwhile, the soldiers search the basement and find unconscious rebels. Upstairs, Chance tells Bertram that Slocombe isn't a pilot, and Doug opens fire on the cantina. Maria and Chance leap through the window and escape with Doug.

In the plane, Winston waits for Chance's call and worries that he's dawdling. Guerrero notes that Chance stayed with Maria for months and that he wasn't the same when he came back. The plane shakes and the pilot tries to explain what's going on. Because of the higher elevations, the wind shear is brutal. The pilot they had could handle it. Their new pilot is busy crossing himself.

In the woods, Maria complains to Chance about his bringing the soldiers to her cantina. He tells her that she can have $5 million of the gold if she takes them to the airfield. Maria realizes Chance doesn't know where it is and warns that drug runners now use the airfield. She's willing to guide them past the drug runners for a bigger cut, but Chance warns that when the UN recovers the money, they'll realize anything more will clue them in that she took it. Maria gives in but warns that Chance will obey her orders from here on out.

As Maria flags down a truck driver making deliveries, Doug tries to discuss Chance's relationship with Maria and suggests that he try to reconcile with her. The professor suggests that Chance explain why he left her. Before he can pursue the matter, Maria gives Chance clothes and tells him to change out of his stolen military uniform. As he changes, she can't resist looking and Doug notices.

The soldiers with Bertram realize the fugitives have fled into rebel territory. They refuse to go on and Bertram confidently walks ahead and makes a phone call.

As they drive down the road, unaware that the drug runners are watching them, Chance tells Doug that Maria was a leading figure in the revolution. He was sent in as a referral and reluctantly admits that he was the one who shot down Saldovar. Doug blames Chance, who then calls Winston and lets them know they're on the way to the airfield. Winston isn't happy to hear that Chance knew about the wind shear.

On the plane, the pilot starts tossing out cargo to lighten the load. Winston starts to panic and Guerrero says that he'd like to confess and admit all the bad things he's done. Winston starts ranting about how he doesn't want to hear it… and the pilot pulls the plane up. Guerrero points out that Winston could have handled it better.

In the truck, Chance admits that he felt not good about leaving. Maria suggests that he might expand on that. When he can't, she dismisses him as an idiot and then says she heard a radio squawk. Chance figures she's just jumpy, and she responds by teasing him about his fear of spiders. Drug runners stop the truck. They're working for Bertram, who takes the gold brick. He explains that he is friends with the drug runner's weapon supplier. Bertram demands Chance lead them to the plane. When he refuses, Bertram threatens to shoot Maria and Doug, and Chance offers to lead them there.

As they go through the woods, Doug and Maria realize Chance is up to something. He leads everyone to an old weapons cache used by the rebels… one guarded by a minefield. One of the drug runners steps on a mine, setting it off. Doug and Maria run into the woods while Chance covers their escape. Another landmine goes off and Maria is injured. Chance runs to her side and is relieved to see that it's a flesh wound. They make a clean escape, but realize that Bertram knows that the airfield is nearby.

The trio arrives at the airfield and sets up the beacon. Chance finally tries to explain why he left, but they spot Bertram and Varquez's moving onto the field to cut off their escape. The fugitives hide in a fenced off storage area and Chance warns Guerrero and Winston that they can't land.

As the soldiers close in, Chance rigs up the gate to the compound to ignite the fuel tanks, and then spots two signal towers. He calls Guerrero and briefs him on his new plan, and Guerrero tells Alberto fly in low while he and Winston get all the cable they can.

On the ground, Chance has Doug write down the coordinates and back up a fuel truck, while he strings a rope between the two signal towers. On the plane, Guerrero and Winston drop an anchor, fastened to the plane by cable. Meanwhile, Bertram spots Doug and Chance setting up a net beneath the two towers. Chance gives Maria the coordinates so she can collect her payment, per their deal. She realizes that it isn't hers and she doesn't want it, and wants an answer from Chance. He admits he didn't want to leave her out of fear that he'd lose her.

The soldiers enter the compound and set off Chance's booby trap. The flames stop them from entering the compound and Chance kisses Maria. Maria gets clear as the plane swoops low, snags the rope fastened to the net, and carries them off to safety.

Later on the plane, Winston checks on Chance, who insists that he's okay. Doug realizes that he's lost the map with the coordinates.

On the ground, Maria escapes the soldiers and discovers the map in her pocket. There's a note from Chance, saying it's there if she changes her mind and that she should only take $5 million.

On the plane, Doug realizes what Chance has done and congratulates him.