Corner Man - Recap

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At an underground fight arena, Chance takes on Emile Lodan. Lodan gets the upper hand and moves in for the kill.

Four Days Earlier

Chance and Guerrero go to meet an old "friend" of Chance's, Tony Belvilacqua. Winston notes that Belvilacqua threatened to kill Chance the last time they met, but Chance isn't concerned. Belvilacqua wonders why he's there and orders his men to prepare a steamer trunk to dump Chance in the bay. Chance quickly explains that he needs $1.8 million as a loan and will stick it to Hugh Prentiss, a man that Belvilacqua hates. Belvilacqua is interested and Chance explains that his new client, Eddie Dunn, was under orders from Prentiss to take a dive. When Dunn refused, Prentiss put on a contract on him. Chance has a plan to make sure that Prentiss doesn't do it ever again. The Christof Fight Tournament in Brussels is starting, and Chance plans to get Prentiss to make the wrong bet on the wrong fighter and get wiped out. Belvilacqua is skeptical until Chance explains he's going to be the wrong fighter. He notes that the tournament is by invitation only,

At a bar, Winston waits with Eddie and explains that the tournament organizers have a soft spot for fighters who come out of nowhere. Kendrick Taylor, a MMA winner, comes in. Eddie quickly realizes that they plan to have Chance take on Kendrick. Chance picks a fight and Kendrick invites him into the alleyway. Everyone goes outside to watch. Chance takes on Kendrick and after getting a hit to the face, takes down the champ. Winston starts spreading rumors about Chance, and a tournament scout calls his bosses.

Back at the apartment, Winston explains that Kendrick is an old friend who is retiring and needed a liquor license, and agreed to take a dive. Guerrero and Winston show Eddie the counterintelligence data they've gathered. They need to get Chance to the finals so Prentiss can beat everything, and they plan to learn everything about his opponents. Winston insists that Chance is the man to have in your corner.

Upstairs, Chance is remembering the fight and how his vision blurred right before he took the punch. He gets a call and then informs the others that he's received an invitation to the tournament.

Six hours before the first fight

Winston and Chance arrive at the hotel/casino where the fight is headquartered. They give the correct password and are taken to the underground facility where the tournament takes place. As they look at the arena, Winston notes that Chance managed to get hit hard despite the fact it was a staged fight. Winston worries if he's not feeling up to, but Chance insists that he just made a mistake and there's nothing to worry about.

The Present

Lodan lands a blow and Chance goes down.

Four hours earlier

Guerrero starts checking information on Chance's first opponent, Lodan, and Winston tells him to make sure that Frank is on board. Chance and Winston go to their room and find Prentiss waiting for them with a doctor, his assistant Eva, and his security chief. The doctor administers a routine physical while Prentiss wonders where Chance came from. Winston explains that Chance learned his skill in prison. Prentiss tests Chance's knowledge and the latter passes, and Winston claims that he runs a gym and discovered Chance. Once the doctor is done, Prentiss wishes Chance luck and leaves.

As Chance waits outside the arena, Prentiss and his people go inside. Eva waits inside and explains that she's Prentiss' handicapper. Chance recognizes her as the daughter of Vincent Khan, a famous also-ran fighter. She knows that Chance is working with Eddie and warns Chance to stay out of it. He asks Eva what he thinks of his odds, and she figures he's going to lose.

As the fight begins, Chance remembers Guerrero's advice that Lodan has anger issues, and wants Chance to slap him to provoke him. Once Lodan is flustered, Chance goes for Lodan's previously injured wrist and ribs. However, Lodan lands several blows and drops Chance, and Winston realizes that Chance is having problems. When Chance goes down, Winston hears a popping noise and insists on throwing the fight. Guerrero, watching on the closed-circuit cameras, tells him to wait. He explains that they won the fight. The pop was Lodan's wrist breaking, and Chance deliberately let Lodan hit him in the skull. Winston reluctantly waits and Chance gets up and easily takes out Lodan.

Back in their hotel room, Winston wonders what Chance was doing, and Eddie explains that Chance has the yips: a fighter's version of a slump. Winston figures they need an advantage but Chance insists that they stick with the plan. He goes to see Eva at the hotel pool, but once he's gone, Winston plans to fix the next fight.

Eva is swimming in the pool when Chance arrives. She warns Chance off and explains that Prentiss was a close friend of her father. When her father insisted on fighting and died, Prentiss took her in. Chance says that Eddie doesn't deserve to die, and asks Eva to help convince Prentiss that Eddie doesn't deserve to die. She warns that Prentiss won't forgive a million-dollar debt, and Chance offers a wager: he pays Prentiss$1.8 million if he loses, and Prentiss forgives Eddie if Chance wins. Eva warns that there's nothing neither one of them can do for Eddie, and punches him in the gut. She notes that she can see the yips in his eyes, and it's caused by fear. She says until he figures out who or what he's afraid of, the problem isn't going away.

Eva goes to see Prentiss, who knows that Chance saw her. She tells her boss that Chance is working with Eddie, and describes the deal. She advises Prentiss to agree, but the businessman explains that he can't let anyone humiliate him without retribution. Prentiss tells Eva to find out who loaned Eddie the money.

Winston goes to make a deal with Chance's next opponent, Foster Larouche. Larouche wants $25 million and refuses to negotiate. Guerrero tells Winston to agree.

In the ring, Chance easily takes down Larouche. Guerrero explains to Eddie that he blackmailed the boxing commissioner into putting Larouche in the Boxers Hall of Fame.

Prentiss calls in Belvilacqua and offers to buy Chance's debt for 150%. Belvilacqua negotiates for 175% and warns that Prentiss' check had better clear. He then tells Prentiss Chance's real name.

As Winston and Chance watch the next-to-last fight, Diego Cruz takes down his opponent with ease. Winston reveals he heard Chance's conversation with Eva over the commlink and asks what might make Chance afraid. Afterward, they contact Guerrero, who warns that Cruz has no weaknesses to exploit. Chance insists that they continue with the plan over Winston's objections, and explains that it's about Eva. She's trapped and Prentiss has taken advantage of her loyalties, and he'll never let her go. When Chance inadvertently says it's a problem for him, not Eva, Winston notices. Chance gets a call from Eva to meet her back at the pool and goes alone.

Chance finds Eva at the pool. She admits that Prentiss is wrong about Eddie but she can't change his mind. Chance wonders why she brought him there.

Winston tells Guerrero what Chance said, and figures that Chance is seeing himself in Eva, with Prentiss as their old boss. And that accounts for the yips. Winston wants to get Chance out but Guerrero warns that it's too late. Winston then asks the concierge to deliver an envelope.

Chance explains that he understands what Prentiss did for Eva, but things are different now that Prentiss is hurting people. She tells him to get out but it's too late. Prentiss and his men arrive and Eva walks by them. He thanks her for her help as she leaves.

Prentiss ties a concrete block to Chance's leg and explains that he now owns the debt to Belvilacqua. He asks where Eddie is. When Chance refuses to say, Prentiss kicks Chance into the pool and watches him drown. Chance manages to swim back up long enough to assure Prentiss he isn't going to talk. Prentiss has his man pull Chance up, but Chance pulls him in, takes his gun, and shoots Prentiss' other men. Prentiss goes for a gun but Chance gets the drop on him. Prentiss warns that Chance can't escape. In response, Chance notes that he can tell Eva that Prentiss used poison to kill her father when he refused to take a dive. Prentiss admits that he had her father killed, but Eva won't believe Chance. Chance offers him the same deal he passed on to Eva earlier, and Prentiss agrees. However, he then gives the referee, Krupp, a syringe to inject into Chance. Eva notices and says they should place a bet. Prentiss signs a receipt and tells her to bet whatever she thinks is appropriate.

Winston warns Chance that Cruz's last opponent is still unconscious, and he'll pull the plug if Chance gives the signal. Chance enters the arena against Cruz and the fight begins. Chance is still suffering from the yips and Cruz beats him without mercy. However, Chance looks up at Winston and remembers what he said before the fight, that Chance is afraid that the "old man" will come after Chance's friends. However, Winston assured him that the old man will have to go through him to get to Chance. Inspired, Chance rallies and takes down Cruz. The referee approaches Chanceā€¦ and tells him he's not going to inject him. He's Frank, Guerrero's associate.

Prentiss stares in horror as Cruz goes down. Eva explains what happened and that Winston had a commlink delivered to her. She listened in via a hidden mike as Prentiss admitted to Chance that he had her father killed. Eva shows him the receipt and explains she bet everything he has. Chance delivers the final blow to Cruz while Eva gets up and walks away. She points out Belvilacqua, who is there to discover why his check didn't clear.

Guerrero explains to Eddie that they knew all along that Prentiss had Eva's father killed. Now he can go home.

As they leave for the airport, Winston can't bring himself to admit why he really comes with Chance, but Chance knows. As they get into their car, they discover that Eva is waiting for them inside. She asks to hitch a ride with them and Winston hails another taxi.