Victoria - Recap

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In New York City, Chance flies by helicopter to meet with a car, and drives to a hotel in the city. He makes his way past the paparazzi gathered outside, and his old friend Gerard meets him. As they go through the kitchen. Gerard provides Chance with a cover identity as a charity foundation member and takes him to the suite of the Princess of Wales, Victoria, Gerard's employee. He admits there's no one on Victoria's security detail that they can trust. At the suit, Chance presents his papers to the security details and goes to Victoria's room. Gerard makes introductions and informs them that when Victoria goes to a museum opening, assassins will intercept her motorcade and kill her while her security detail stands aside. Victoria explains they want her dead because she fell in love with another man, and her husband, Prince Walter refused to grant her a divorce. Instead, he turned to the crown's special envoy, and ordered him to remove Victoria as a potential embarrassment to the Royal Family. The queen is in transit and Templeton has kept her isolated. Victoria admits it's strange for her to fall in love with a man after a month, but Chance realizes she truly is in love and goes to work.

Gerard goes over the map and plans with Chance to get Victoria to a safe house. He also has audio tapes of Templeton and the head of security, Nathan, conspiring to kill Victoria. When Victoria worries about Tony, Chance tells her that he's sent his two best men to recover him from where he's holed up.

Winston and Guerrero are driving to get Tony and arguing about directions. Winston prefers the GPS directions.

The head of security, Nathan, grows suspicious and calls Templeton at the museum. Templeton decides to advance the time schedule and keep Walter uninformed. Nathan goes sends his man James upstairs to check on Victoria and tell them that construction is forcing them to leave early. Chance takes the man out and Nathan knocks on the door. He tries to come in as Gerard emerges, pushing a cart of food and claiming Victoria is allergic to the soup. Once he leaves, Nathan goes in and finds an unconscious James tied up to make it appear he's still conscious. One of the security guards intercepts Gerard at the elevators and checks the food carts, but there's no one underneath. Gerard then slips away to the kitchen. In the suite, Chance and Victoria emerge from hiding and meet Gerard in the kitchen. Two security men open fire and Gerard shoots them both down, but is shot in the process. As he lies dying, Gerard tells them to go, and informs Chance that a man they hunted together in Belfast has the evidence, and is at McGowan's Pub.

Guerrero and Winston get to the garage where Tony Sorento, an EMT, is hiding out. Guerrero spots a sniper on a neighboring roof. When they get inside, another man attacks them and Guerrero uses him as a shield long enough so they can get inside to cover.

Chance gets Victoria into a cab outside the hotel, but a paparazzo spots them and runs after the cab. Chance assures Victoria that Gerard died the way he would have wanted to, but they realize that the cab is caught in traffic due to a parade.

Nathan updates Templeton on the situation, and the envoy tells Nathan to dispose of Victoria once and for all. The security chief promises that he'll deal with the matter, and checks Gerard's cell phone.

Chance explains that the man from Belfast is Connor Dunham, an ex-IRA enforcer and sworn enemy of the crown. Gerard went to an outside party because there was no one he could trust in the security detail. The paparazzi arrive and they run for it, with Nathan's people in hot pursuit. They ditch their pursued and take refuge in a shop, steal some clothing and a wig for Victoria, and disguise themselves.

Tony wants to help Nigel, the man that Guerrero used a shield, who is lying on the floor in plain sight. Winston says that they can't risk him. Guerrero finds a car they can start up as a diversion and discusses it with Winston. Tony grabs the man and pulls him back, barely avoiding the sniper. Guerrero finds the garage thug's rifle and Winston gets an idea to draw the sniper out so Guerrero can shoot him.

The shopkeeper catches Victoria and Chance, but assumes they're a prostitute and her client. The fugitives make a hasty escape and take another cab. Chance asks about Tony and Victoria explains that he was volunteering at a blood drive. He offered to take her blood, against royal protocol, and Victoria did it anyway, shocking her mother the queen. She explains that she never knew love and had been trapped in an arranged marriage, and didn't want to lose what she found with Tony. When Chance admires her relationship, Victoria realizes he was in love with a woman once, and Chance admits that he did.

Walter checks with Templeton and objects to how he's handling it. When the prince tries to throw his weight around, Templeton informs him that he'll be there long after Walter is gone if he doesn't get control of himself. The special envoy gets the file on Gerard's call log, revealing he talked to Connor at McGowan's Pub.

Victoria and Chance get to the pub and buy drinks from bartender. Chance asks the bartender about Connor and the man says that he's around occasionally. Meanwhile, a barfly, Francis, hits on Victoria and Chance chases him off. Francis tells the bartender it's her and they plan to capture the two fugitives. As they wait for word from Winston and Guerrero, Victoria starts drinking and bemoaning her fate.

Guerrero is unable to get a clear line of sight at the sniper, and figures the man will soon call in reinforcements. He finally asks Tony how he managed to land a princess. Tony admits he was overwhelmed by Victoria's beauty but it's not the answer Guerrero was looking for. Tony finds a syringe of anesthetic on Nigel and they realize they planned to abduct him rather than kill him.

Victoria talks about how Tony helps people without going through a committee, and how she grew tired of doing nothing. Chance wonders why she doesn't abdicate and Victoria explains that she needs the permission of Parliament and her mother. He tells her that it all boils down to a typical mother-daughter situation, and eventually she'll come around. Victoria realizes that it's important to Chance that the couple live happily ever after. The bartender calls them into the back room and then he and Francis take them prisoner at gunpoint. Chance realizes the bartender is Connor, and Connor asks where Gerard is. Chance explains that Gerard is dead and Connor figures that they're trying to set him up. Victoria explains that Gerard was like a father and Connor realizes who she is beneath the disguise and apologizes for trying to kill her.

Winston sends the car out the door and draws the sniper's fire, and Guerrero takes the killer out. As they leave in Tony's ambulance, Nigel apologizes for trying to kill Tony and directs him to a hidden batch of letters. Tony realizes that they're love letters that he wrote to Victoria.

Connor had the audio tape that Gerard acquired but the sound quality is poor and the proof is inconclusive. There's more but Connor has only been able to filter 30 minutes. Francis knocks twice but Connor realizes it's a signal, and Francis has their guns. Nathan's men knock out Francis and come in, but Chance and Connor ambush them. However, stray shots destroy the computer and the remaining sound files. Connor ruthlessly guns down the security men.

Chance calls Winston and tells him what's going on. They figure that Templeton was going to use Tony as bait to get Victoria out of the car, kill her, and then frame Tony for the murder before killing him as well. They figure that the letters and the sound file together will be enough to implicate Templeton.

Chance and Victoria climb into a museum storeroom via the skylight, but set off a silent alarm. Nathan and his men capture Chance and Victoria while Templeton calls a car to get the queen away. The fugitives grab medieval weapons and attack the security men. They manage to subdue them and go to find the queen. Templeton starts to usher the queen out but Victoria and Chance get to her, while Tony, Guerrero and Winston arrive. Tony punches Walter when he tries to intervene. They give the queen the evidence and she orders her men to arrest Templeton. She then asks if Victoria plans to abdicate and marry Tony, but Victoria warns she won't give up the throne without a fight. Victoria introduces Chance to the queen, who thanks him.

Sometime later, Guerrero and Winston watch the wedding on television and Guerrero still wonders how Tony managed to attract Victoria. Winston figures that it's because Tony is heroic, but Guerrero doesn't believe it. Guerrero claims he was once engaged to the third daughter of a Maasi warrior chief. When Winston doesn't believe it, Guerrero tells him to confirm it with Chance. Winston realizes that Chance isn't at Victoria's wedding.

Chance is at a graveyard when he receives a call from Victoria. She wonders why he's there and Chance admits he's not a big fan of weddings. Victoria admits that he was right and she got her happy ending, and she asks what the name of the love of his life was. Chance tells her it was Katherine, but refuses to tell her what happened. He wishes her well and hangs up… and then walks away from Katherine Walters' grave.