The Return of Baptiste - Recap

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In South America, criminals take Ilsa to an isolated spot so she can meet with a local leader. She asks him if he abducted her friend, journalist Susan Connors, and offers to pay whatever it takes to get Susan released. The man in charge denies any involvement and has his men take her away.

Ilsa returns to San Francisco, and Christopher confronts her when he learned what she did. He insists that it’s dangerous, and Ilsa explains that Susan was working on a story connecting local warlord Miguel Cervantes to the assassination of his country’s ruler. Susan had found a man who could connect Cervantes to the assassination, and Cervantes wants the name of her informant. Christopher admits that he’s come up with a plan since Ilsa asked for help before her trip, but warns that it’s risky. When Winston comes in, he says that he won’t be a part of Christopher’s plan. Christopher explains to Ilsa that Cervantes hired an assassin to take Christopher out, but then double-crossed his employee. He figures that the assassin will be glad to help them get back at Cervantes. Guerrero arrives and has to agree with Winston that getting the assassin involved is too risky, but Christopher figures they don’t have a choice. Christopher informs Ilsa that the assassin was captured the FBI and then swapped to the Russians, and he’s being kept in a soviet prison. Ilsa is leery, but says that they have to do whatever it takes to get Susan free.

Christopher goes to the prison and poses as a government representative. He goes to the cell of the assassin: Baptiste. Christopher tells him what happened to Susan and admits that he needs to find Cervantes’ compound, and only Baptiste can guide him. When Batiste wonders why he should help, Christopher says that he’ll beat Baptiste if he doesn’t help.

Back at the office, Winston explains the backstory of Christopher and Baptiste: how they were both raised by the Old Man, but Christopher went good and Baptiste was assigned to hunt him down, and killed a woman close to Christopher in the process.

In Siberia, Baptist pleads ignorance, and says that a local named Esteban ferried him into the area. He insists that he can get Esteban to talk, but only if he goes in person. Christopher refuses, but Baptiste warns that he’s out of options. When Christopher wonders why Baptiste is so eager to find Cervantes, Baptiste says that the warlord stole his precious personal watch. Christopher asks for and gets Baptiste’s word that he’ll honor their agreement.

Guerrero arrives at the office and starts hooking up some highly illegal satellite monitoring equipment, much to Ilsa’s surprise and shock. Winston figures that they can’t trust Guerrero no matter what Christopher says, and the satellite system will let them track Christopher’s location.

Christopher offers the warden a bribe, and offers to pay with a black credit card. All the warden has to do is ignore Baptiste’s temporary “escape.” The warden agrees but insists that one of his guards, Dmitri, accompany Christopher and Baptiste at all times. As they fly to South America, Christopher informs Baptiste that he’ll stay cuffed, he won’t get a weapon, and that he’ll go back to prison as soon as the case is cleared. Baptiste warns that he’ll do what he can to avoid prison.

Captain Mike Harmen, Ilsa’s DoD contact, arrives with information. Winston worries that he might see their illegal satellite hookup. Harmen talks to Ilsa, who keeps him distracted. Finally, Harmen tells Ilsa that they’ve spotted her private jet in the vicinity of the Three Frontiers, near Paraguay, and he’s had the local militia impound it.

Christopher and Baptiste get out of the plane just ahead of the local soldiers, and go to a nearby town. Christopher still refuses to remove Baptiste’s cuffs, and finally agrees to cover them up. They go to the bar where Esteban hangs out, but things soon go south and everyone in the bar comes after them. Baptiste grabs the bartender’s gun and shoots one of the men attacking Christopher. The two men aim at each other, and Baptiste warns Christopher that he’s getting too bogged down in the details. He puts the gun into his belt and dares Christopher to come after it.

In San Francisco, Winston and Guerrero figure that they need to use the Norma Jean plan, but it takes a woman. Ilsa is definitely not interested. Guerrero finally gets the satellite equipment working and they home in on the GPS in Christopher’s phone. Thanks to thermal imaging, they can see inside the bar, and watch as Baptiste and Christopher fight it out. However, they spots more men closing in and try to call Christopher, only to discover he set his cell phone down.

Christopher and Baptiste end up in a Mexican standoff, but the new arrivals take them prisoner. They work for Esteban, who tells his henchmen to throw Christopher and Baptiste in the trunk of his car before he drives away.

Guerrero loses the signal when Christopher is separate from his phone. Winston figures that all they can do at that point is get the plane out so that Christopher can make his escape when he’s done. Ilsa doesn’t like it, but Winston says it’s their only way to save Christopher.

As Esteban takes them cross-country, Christopher refuses to let Baptiste out of his handcuffs because he doesn’t trust him. Baptiste accuses him of hypocrisy, noting that he must have planned to “defect” from the Old Man for some time, but never told Baptiste anything about it. Cervantes finally pulls over, has his men get them out, hands them a shovel, and tells them to start digging their own graves.

In San Francisco, Winston and Guerrero try to come up with a plan. They figure their best plan is to figure out who Harmen’s contact is in the Paraguayan military, fake a phone call to the man, and get him to release the plane. To do so, they need to get Ilsa to go in and attach a pirate modem to Harmen’s computer, and then distract him so that he doesn’t notice Winston uploading the contact’s information. Ilsa objects, but Winston says that this is the only way they can get Susan back.

Christopher and Baptiste dig their graves, and Christopher apologizes for not trusting his former friend. Baptiste wonders if Christopher is sorry about what happened in the past, but Christopher has no regrets. Christopher realizes that the Old Man has abandoned Baptiste after the assassin’s failure on his last assignment. Cervantes comes over to ask why Baptiste is there, and Baptiste says he wants a job with him. As Christopher realizes that Baptiste is using him to get to Cervantes, Baptiste hits him over the head with a shovel.

When he wakes up, Christopher is in a shed with Susan, and they’re both suspended from the rafters. She explains that she came there to connect Cervantes to the death of the country’s president, and found a man who could link the warlord to the assassination. Now Cervantes has her and is torturing her for the man’s name and location. Christopher has her swing over and try to remove the hypodermic that he has in his pants pocket.

Cervantes meets with Baptiste and asks why he wants to work for him given their past history. Baptiste explains that he left Cervantes before when Cervantes asked him to torture a man: he’s an assassin, not a torturer. When Baptiste notices that Esteban is wearing his watch, Cervantes say that it was his watch, and he gave it to Esteban. Baptiste apparently lets the theft of his watch go and settles down to business.

Susan manages to lift the syringe out of Christopher’s pocket. However, the guard comes in, startling her. She drops it and the guard kneels to pick it up. Christopher kicks him, knocking the syringe into the guard’s chest and knocking it out. They then manage to get the guard’s knife.

Winston sends Ilsa in with the pirate modem and instructions on how to use it. Guerrero hacks the phone box outside of Harmen’s office so he can call the officer’s contact in Paraguay, once they have the number from Harmen’s computer. Ilsa realizes what Winston wants her to do to distract Harmen. She’s reluctant to do so, but finally goes in and unbuttons an extra button on her blouse. Harmen lets her into his office, but Ilsa realizes that his assistant Margaret is there on the computer.

When Susan wonders how they’re going to escape, Christopher figures that Baptiste knows a back way out, but Christopher doesn’t know it.

Baptiste tells Cervantes to make him an offer, and make it a good one. Cervantes offers him $20 million, but also requires him to kill Christopher. Baptiste agrees just as Christopher arrives, armed. Christopher says that he came there because he needs Baptiste’s help, and expects him to keep his word. Baptiste considers the situation, and then shoots the guard with his watch. Together they take out Cervantes’ men, while Susan arrives in a stolen SUV. They escape and Christopher calls to tell Winston to have the plane ready. Winston warns him that they have a problem.

Ilsa asks for time alone with Harmen, who sends a disgusted Margaret away. She sits down next to the computer and activates the pirate modem, and then starts flirting with Harmen to distract him while Winston downloads the file.

Christopher and Baptiste open fire on the guards pursuing them, and Baptiste warns Christopher that the gate to the airplane is guarded by two machinegun nests. They open fire and hit the two nests in the split second they have to make the shot.

Harmen finally asks Ilsa what she’s up to. His phone rings and he starts to take the call. Realizing that he’ll see the download in process, Ilsa asks him for a date. Winston finally completes the download and gets the Paraguayan officer’s name, and tells Ilsa to get out. She quickly leaves, and Guerrero fakes a call to tell the contact, Captain Montoya, to release the plane.

Once past the gate, Susan approaches the military barricade. Montoya lets her through, and Cervantes’ men open fire on the military. The Paraguayan soldiers return fire, while Christopher, Susan, and Baptiste board the plane and leave.

Once she’s safe, Susan comes to see Ilsa in San Francisco. Ilsa admits that she’s working with Christopher to continue her dead husband Marshall’s work. Harmen comes in and accuses Ilsa of playing him. He wonders if she was serious about their date, and she can’t bring herself to turn him down. Harmen tells her to expect him at 8.

Christopher has Baptiste on a plane back to Siberia. As Baptiste puts on his watch, he pours himself a drink and Christopher says he can’t have it because of it’s his favorites. Baptiste is forced to admit that Christopher may be the only friend he has in the world. He then grabs Dmitri’s gun and holds Christopher at gunpoint, and takes himself a drink. When Christopher figures that Baptiste won’t shoot his only friend, Baptiste admits he’s right and prepares to shoot Dmitri instead. Christopher offers him a job and Baptiste refuses... and then realizes that Christopher drugged his drink. As he collapses, he admits that he missed Christopher.

After dropping Baptiste off in Siberia, Christopher returns to the office and tells Guerrero about his offer to their former teammate. Guerrero figures it’s a good thing that Baptiste didn’t accept, and then points out that Christopher is wearing Baptiste’s precious personal watch. Christopher soon realizes what they had to do to get Montoya’s name, and that it requires three people. Ilsa arrives and explains that she worked with the team as a field operative. She assures Christopher that it was the least she could do to save her friend, compared to everything that Christopher risked. She thanks him for bringing Susan back, and then goes on her date, saying that she has to make a sacrifice of her own.