A Problem Like Maria (1) - Recap

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A girl tells her friend Anna to go over and hit on Chance, who is drinking at a bar. She does so and tries to guess what he does for a living. They’re interrupted when Chance’s old friend Maria Gallego comes over, and Chance apologizes to Anna, who angrily stalks off. Maria and Chance exchange barbs, and Maria is surprised to learn that Chance now has a boss. She wonders if he’s free to do what he pleases, and he asks what she has in mind. Maria says she wants to tell him in private.

At the office, Ilsa is waiting for Chance to show up for the meeting that she’s called, and Winston notes that Chance doesn’t consider her his boss. Ames points out that she took time out of her schedule to attend, and Guerrero eventually arrives. Ilsa starts the meeting and tells them that they have seven lawsuits filed against them, and she wants the team to restrain their lawbreaking attitudes. She wants all of them except Guerrero to sign to create a separate organization within the foundation, with Chance as the head. An angry Guerrero stalks off, and Winston explains that he’s not interested in signing up for a bureaucracy.

At the bar, Maria admits that she’s missed Chance, and that a lot has happened to her. Chance responds by noting that she’s under surveillance by armed men. She invites him to leave, but Chance says he plans to stay for the fun. As they prepare to fight back, Maria admits that she always wants to see him, but she’s also there because she’s in trouble. They grab their guns and open fire on the thugs, who beat a hasty retreat. Chance then thanks Maria, admitting that his life was boring, and welcomes her back... and they kiss as the police arrive.

The next day, Chance tells Winston and Guerrero that Maria is in town. They’re not thrilled that she’s back, and warns that Maria is in trouble. When Ilsa arrives, Chance notes that in Maria’s country, Dr. Diego Garcia is an activist approaching against dictator Victor Escalante in the country of Baldova, and is being held in jail. Ilsa’s foundation has been trying to get Escalante deposed for years, and offers to help arrange invitations to a party that Escalante is holding at his estate, where Garcia is prisoner. Guerrero quickly leaves before Maria can arrive. When she does come in, she hugs Winston, and Ilsa is eager to meet someone working against Escalante.

The team flies south and en route, Chance explains that they plan to use the party as cover to get in and rescue Garcia. They’ve picked Ames as the woman who will pose as Chance’s wife. They arrive at the party and try to figure out to find the security that gives access to Garcia’s cell. Chance spots Hector and Eladio Lopez, private security with a reputation for brutal murders. They separate and Chance prepares to greet a distraction, but Victor’s brother Julio Escalante comes over and starts hitting on Ames.

In the van outside, Guerrero and Maria argue about her involvement, and Guerrero warns that when emotions get involved, things go bad. Maria claims that they’re just friends, but Guerrero doesn’t believe her.

Chance tells Ames over the earbud to lose Julio, and she tells him to meet her outside in ten minutes. Chance then approaches Victor and offers a toast to the revolution. Ames uses the distraction to steal the access key from Hector. Chance and Ames quickly get out and Winston, accessing the security systems from San Francisco, directs them to the security room. Chance and Ames get there and Winston loops the security feed so Maria can safely enter the estate. Ames opens the perimeter doors and Maria slips in, and then Chance and Ames get out just ahead of hector. They grab Garcia and get outside, only to discover that Maria had kidnapped Julio instead. She admits that she lied to them so that they can use Julio as a hostage and trade him for Garcia. The team gets out just ahead of the Lopez brothers.

At the hangar, Guerrero pulls a gun on Maria and demands to know what’s going on. Chance asks him to back off and asks why she lied. He tells her that she’s on her own, and Maria finally explains that Garcia is her husband. She explains that she wasn’t sure Chance would help her if he knew the truth, and Escalante is having Garcia killed the next day. Chance tells Maria to get into the plane, and then admits that Guerrero was right. Guerrero wonders if they’re going to play it out, and agrees to help... for Chance, not for Maria. He offers to negotiate the trade with the Lopez brothers, because he has history with them, and tells Ames to come along to translate.

Chance takes Julio back to the office and Ilsa demands an explanation. Chance explains that Maria lied to them all, and that she’s married to Garcia. He insists that it’s not an issue, and Ilsa takes over. She goes to give Julio food and water, and he asks for a drink.

Guerrero instructs Ames on how to handle the Lopez brothers, by staying quiet and refusing to give away any personal information. He straps a gun to her thigh and goes in, and the brothers’ thugs search them. They find the gun and take it away, and Guerrero sits down with the Lopez brothers. Ames does the talking, but Eladio asks her where she is from. Guerrero stops her just in time, and she returns to negotiating the exchange. However, they inform Ames that Escalante doesn’t particularly care about his brother. Guerrero then uses a set of hidden blades to pin one brother’s arms to the table, take his guns and tries to get out. However, the Lopez brothers have more men waiting for them outside.

In San Francisco, Julio continues to harass Ilsa. She finally decides to call the State Department and have them negotiate the trade. As Maria arrives, Guerrero calls and explains that he and Ames are captive, and Victor doesn’t want his brother back. Instead, the dictator wants Maria. When Chance says that it isn’t going to happen, Guerrero explains that Victor has two more hostages.

Ilsa still plans to go to the State Department, and tells Chance that as partners, it’s her turn. However, Maria offers to trade her life for the others. Ilsa refuses, saying she doesn’t want her blood on her hands. Chance intervenes and says they should make the exchange, and then set up an ambush to take Victor out. Ilsa refuses to hear him out and leaves. Maria admits that it’s her fault and Chance agrees, saying he doesn’t want to see her again... after they go ahead with his plan and rescue Winston, Ames, and Garcia.

As Chance starts preparing weapons, Winston suggests that Ilsa may be right. He warns Chance that if they go up against Ilsa, right or wrong, her sponsorship is done. Chance insists that they were happier before, but agrees to abide by Winston’s decision. Winston agrees to Chance’s plan, as long as he gets the rocket launcher.

In Victor’s prison, Ames complains constantly, and Guerrero warns that Victor will have them killed no matter what. The guards bring Garcia in, and he says that he heard the guards talking about how they plan to kill them all once they have Maria. Guerrero assures them that Chance will think of something.

Ilsa returns to the office with the State Department officials and discovers that Julio is untied, but Chance, Winston, and Maria are gone.

As they fly south, Winston is surprised that Maria was willing to sacrifice herself. He quickly leaves when Maria comes over to talk privately to Chance. She says that Chance isn’t the right man for her, because he’s not willing to settle down. However, Maria admits that she’s always been in love with chance. She cares for Garcia, but he’s not Chance. The plane starts to turn around and they realize that Ilsa has given new orders to the pilot. Ilsa calls to tell Chance that they’re all coming back, and that the cockpit door is bolted. Chance hangs up and then opens the door. They don’t have enough oxygen to get back to San Francisco, and Winston suggests that things might be a little out of hand.

The pilot has no choice but to head for the airfield where the Lopez brothers are waiting with Ames and Guerrero. The plane lands safely, and Chance and Winston arm up. Chance then emerges and claims they had a pressurization problem. Maria comes out next, and Chance talks about their “Cousin Carter.” Guerrero realizes what the plan is and tells Ames to provide cover.

In the plane, Winston gets out the rocket launcher... only to realize the instructions are in Hebrew.

Eladio takes Maria to a waiting helicopter and the thugs prepare to shoot Chance, Guerrero, and Ames. In the private jet, Winston manages to work out how to use the rocket launcher ... up to the point where he fires it outside of the plane. The thugs are distracted and Winston emerges to fire on them. Chance leaps onto the helicopter while Winston and Guerrero take out the thugs. Pulling himself on board, Chance takes on Eladio, and Maria is knocked out the door. As she hangs on, the helicopter spins out of control. Maria pulls herself back in, but Chance is knocked out. He manages to grab Eladio and throw him out of the helicopter to his death. On the ground, Hector watches and then turns away.

Later, the team returns to the hangar and Maria introduces Garcia to Chance. Garcia says that he was lucky that Chance was there, and Chance says that he is very lucky. The activist then gives his wife and Chance a moment alone. Chance says that they both know what it is, and there’s no reason to drag it out. Maria says that she’ll see him and starts to walk away, and then asks Chance for any sign that he wants her to come back with him. He simply tells her to have a nice life. She kisses him on the cheek and says that she’ll miss him, and Chance agrees that she will. Guerrero and Ames argue about whether Maria should have stayed.

Ilsa arrives and demands a word with Chance in private. She objects to his treatment of her as a partner, and says that she’s leaving. Guerrero and Winston decide to take separate planes home, and Ilsa says that she and Chance are going to fly together and work out their issues. Chance reluctantly gets in the plane and Ilsa says that their professional arrangement isn’t working, and they’re done. Chance agrees and they decide not to say anything else on the flight back.

On the ground, Hector gets out a rocket launcher and prepares to open fire on the plane.