"A Man, A Plan" or "Thank You, Jimmy Carter" - Recap

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The scene opens with Ray pushing his truck because it ran out of gas. He steps into a puddle of water to add to his misery. But when he enters the school the team claps and cheers for him. He feels great. However, Mike is not sharing the joy and tells that he needs to quit. He tells that he read the teacher evaluation and he rated 1.3 out of 10. Ray reassures him that he is going to be hated by kids in Earth Science. Ray tells that he can’t quit the team. He tells Mike to look in the mirror and tell himself that he is wonderful. Meanwhile, Tanya meets with Francis and she is donating blood to get to be able to talk to her. Francis tells that she doesn’t want to have sex with Ray and Tanya reacts loudly to the nurse putting the needle in her arm. Tanya tells that she doesn’t have to have sex with Ray, but she can go out to dinner with him to start off.

Later, Tanya, Ray and Lenore meet and Lenore tells that “Horny Patty” is still suffering post dramatic stress from the “kidnapping”. Ray tells that Lenore should just give up the attitude but Lenore suggest that she step back and Ray can get his updates from Tanya and she will meet him afterward. Tanya tells that she booked Francis and all Ray has to do is have dinner with her. She gives Ray $500 plus collogue called “Matador” which is good for men over 50. She tells that they could be free of Lenore soon. Tanya announces that she is done and Lenore comes back. Meanwhile, Damon is at the Poetry bar with Darby and he reads his poem about Twins. After the poem Darby is offended and she tells that they are going to miss the bus if they don’t hurry.

Back at Jessica and Ronnie’s house, they are having sex attempting to have a baby and Ronnie asks Jessica if she is off the pill like they arranged and Jessica, who is trying to concentrate tells that she is off it. Ronnie tells that he went through her purse and found the pills and that she is not committed if she still has them. Damon and Darby come home and Damon is eating the „scones” that he got from the Poetry bar and asks why Darbie didn’t like his poem. She tells that it was embarrassing. Damon is seen crawling on the floor mumbling and Jessica and Ronnie exit the room yelling at each other naked.

Ray is getting ready for his date with Francis and he gets a call from Darby. She tells that Damon is sick and needs him to come and get him. Ray asks why Jessica can’t do it and Darby tells that Jessica and Ronnie are arguing naked about the baby. Meanwhile, Tanya is at work and sees her schedule and sees that she has 3 shifts in one day. She asks Patty about the hours and she tells that Tanya asks for more hours and Tanya tells that it is impossible to work that much. Patty tells that she could fix it if she could have sex with Ray again for free and Tanya tells her no. Ray calls and tells that he is going to have to cancel on Francis and Tanya tells that he can’t because this is one of the biggest clients. She recommends that he drop off Damon at a friend’s. Ray hangs up on her. Tanya plays like Ray is still on the phone and tells that Patty is no longer his client.

Ray drives to Mike’s house and tells that he needs Mike to go meet a client for him and tell that he is going to be a little late. Ray tells that he needs to wear a suit and that she will buy him dinner. Ray drives back home and puts Damon on the bed. Tanya arrives and tells that she is there to help. Ray is upset that it was the people at the Poetry bar that got Damon stoned. Damon is mumbling and Tanya tells that she has it handled. Meanwhile, Jessica and Ronnie are clothed and are speaking with Darby to where Damon went and why. She tells that Damon saw them naked and had a breakdown. Ronnie tells that seeing your family is not disturbing. He goes overboard and tells that he saw his father masturbating and that is disturbing.

Tanya has gotten Damon calmed down and tells that Damon’s poem is amazing. Damon tells to hide it from his dad. Ray tells that he can’t leave Damon alone with Tanya because he would be a bad father. He tells Tanya that he gave Mike the address to meet Francis and tells that it will be alright. But Tanya tells that it is going to be bad and that they lost her as a client for sure. At the restaurant, Francis and Mike are having dinner and she tells that Mike’s friend is not going to show up. Mike tells that he enjoyed their conversation and offers to buy her dinner. Ray meets with Mike in the morning at school and he tells that he had a fun time with Francis and that Francis asks to see Mike again. Ray is shocked to hear that and Mike tells that he doesn’t understand why she is paying to have dinner with him. Ray walks away upset that Tanya was right.