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Beaverland - Recap

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The scene opens with Jessica and Ronnie sleeping and Jessica keeps hearing something. She walks all over the house and finds a beaver. At Ray’s house Darby and Damon are fighting about the beaver that Jessica saw and Ray wants to know why they are fighting again. Tayna is on the phone with her mother and she tells that she doesn’t care about her party coming up. She meets with Francis and she apologizes for Ray standing her up and offers a free visit. But Francis tells that she doesn’t want Ray, but tells that she wants Mike. She offers $1500 for the weekend with Mike. Tanya tells that she will call Mike and let him know. Tanya goes over Ray’s house and dances with the money. She tells that Mike has to visit Francis again and that Ray needs to tell him. Ray doesn’t want to do that to Mike and tells that Mike likes Francis and wouldn’t take the $500 last time. Tanya asks why Ray wants her to fail and tells that Mike made $1500 in one night and Ray only makes that in a week. She tells Ray that he is jealous that Mike may be better than him.

The exterminator tells Ronnie that there are no signs of a beaver in the house and Jessica tells that she is certain there was. She tells that she is not bringing a baby in a house of beavers. Jessica’s mom is mumbling that Ronnie has “Beaver Fever” in the house. Ray and Mike are at work and he is starting to think that Mike is better than him. Ray meets Lenore at the library and asks where the next client is. She tells that she is around the corner. Lenore asks if Ray is still mad at her for being friends with Jessica and he tells her that he is. He meets Liz and she asks if he wants to walk around and talk about her. They talk about sex and how she feels that it is just boring. Ray offers to help her in any way that he can. She asks if he is an expert on sex and Ray tells that he kind of is.

Jessica and Lenore are having drinks and Jessica tells that Ray called her about the beaver problem and offered to set traps. Lenore tells that it is not weird that he is talking to her and she mentions that she knows about Ray’s burnt down house. When Jessica questions Lenore on how she knew that, Lenore tells that she got Ray’s number and that she likes him. She asks Jessica if she could call him and Jessica tells that it is not a problem, but it seems that she doesn’t think that all the way. Later that night, Jessica hears the beaver again and puts a chair against the basement door. She calls Ray and tells that he can bring by the traps and leave them at the door.

Tanya meets with Charlie the pimp at a Jewelry store and talks about the money she got from Francis for Mike and what he should do with the money. He tells her to keep it. Tanya tells that she never took anything that she didn’t earn. Charlie tells that she earned the money and that she needs to take what she wants. He shows her a diamond studded necklace with a pendant on it. He asks if she wants it and she does. He tells her to take it. Ray stops by Jessica’s with the beaver traps and she tells that Ronnie can deal with them. Ray tells that they are hard to put up and that he can do it. They are in the woods and Ray is setting the traps. Jessica tells that Ray’s shirt is inside out and tells him to fix it. As he does, Jessica sneaks a peek. Ronnie comes home and has humane traps for the beaver and tells Ray to get the death traps off his property. Ray tells Ronnie that the “humane” traps malfunction and it is possible to break the beaver’s legs and he’ll have to kill it with a shovel. Ronnie doesn’t care what Ray thinks and tells him to leave.

Tanya is at the party with her mother and she is getting gifts from her friends. Tanya gives her mother the gift and it is the studded diamond necklace that she took from Charlie. Tanya brags about how much she spent and attempts to assert herself as someone who can be financially stable. Her mother ignores her and Tanya tells that she has a side business that is doing really well. When the rest of the group ask what she does, she beats around the bush and tells that she has a product that is ranked high around many women and that it is great. Her mother reminisces when Tanya was 10 that she put a haiku through to the New Yorker. The bill comes around and Tanya tells that she’s got the bill. She sees that it is $800 and takes out Francis’s money and pays it. She tells that she is not just a temp that makes nothing and leaves.

Ray is with Liz and she tells that she is not feeling it. Ray, thinking something is wrong with him, tells that he can go more. She insists that she wants to stop and reflects on her past experiences with sex and calls herself “cold as ice”. Ray is back at home and Lenore comes in and tells that she has concerns that he doesn’t trust her. She tells that it is cold and wonders if Ray is going to allow her in to stay. Jessica and Ronnie are sitting around outside and Ronnie says that if Jessica saw a beaver, then he believes her. The “humane” trap gets set off and the beaver is yelling in pain. Jessica says that it broke its leg. Ronnie grabs the shovel in the yard and you can hear him whack the beaver.