The Middle East Is Complicated - Recap

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The show opens with a naked Ray walking through his house and he gets dressed. Lenore is in Ray’s bed and she tells that she wants coffee. She tells that she might have a steady client for Ray. She tastes the coffee and tells that it is gross. She tells that she doesn’t want to make their sex mean anything and tells that they need to tell Tanya. Ray tells that they are not going to tell her. Lenore tells that he is being dishonest and that she needs to call a cab. She tells that the new client is Samara. Ray call Tanya that he is sorry that he wants to make things work with them.

Tanya talks with Charlie and tells that it felt great to throw down the money and then says that she spent all the money and she doesn’t know how to explain everything. Charlie tells that she needs to keep collecting from Francis and not tell Ray anything. She tells that she can’t do that and she tells that it is hot in the bar. Charlie tells that if she wants to make Ray happy, buy him a gift. She is nervous and Charlie offers for her to have sex with him to calm the nerves. She is undecided. Meanwhile, Jessica’s mother is shocked to hear that Jessica’s mind changes after Ronnie killed the beaver to have a baby. She asks where the baby sleep and Jessica closes the door. Her mother tells that Jessica is going to put her in the garage and Jessica sees that she has a rash. She opens the door and tells that Damon with go in the garage and she could take Damon’s room.

At the school, Mike and Ray are talking and Mike pulls out the yearbook that shows Ray in his prime as a baseball player. Ray tells that he has been out of practice so long and tells that he is not going to play in the game that they are organized. They talk about Francis and Mike tells that he is going over on the weekend and that it is nice to have someone to talk to. Ray wants to know what Mike does to make her interested. He tells that he an old fashioned guy.

Ray meets with Samara and he treats her respectively and tells that he is an “old fashioned guy” and she asks if he likes Hummus and he tells that his neighbor brings it over all the time. She asks where his neighbor is from and he tells that she is from somewhere in Israel. She tells that Hummus is not from Israel and that it is from Lebanon meaning “chick pee” in Arabic. Meanwhile, Tanya is in her car and is outside Francis’s home. She is rehearsing what she is going to say to her about renegotiating for the prices. She walks up and Mike answers the door. Tanya says that she has the wrong house and runs off.

Jessica goes to the doctor about her rashes and he tells that she looks familiar but she is not the person. She says that she has had the rashes before and that she can’t remember the name of the doctor but remembers the prescription. Tanya gives Ray a lawnmower and tells that it is no big deal. She asks to use his bathroom. In the bathroom, Tanya sees Lenore’s sweater the Lanvin. Tanya goes to visit Charlie and she kisses him without saying a word. Ray tells that Lenore left her sweater and that Tanya needs to start to make a commission. Yael comes and she is mad because she found that her husband has sex with prostitutes on the side. She finds Hummus in his friend and says that it is Arab Hummus and Ray tells that he thought it was from Lebanon. She gets upset and leaves.

Charlie is in the bed and Tanya says that she is sorry but Charlie tells that it was the best sex. Tanya tells that she liked having sex with a pimp and Charlie teases her by calling her a “cultural tourist” and tells that everyone is. She gets offended and Charlie tells that he is only joking. She tells that she is getting crap from everyone and Charlie tells that she needs to find what works for her and take action. At a book club, Jessica enters and Lenore is there. Francis is there too and attempts to talk about the prostitute issue and she tells that she is dealing with her intern and she made arrangements and that she is quite content. Lenore is very upset and the ladies talk about the book and say that the Cannibalism was gross. But Lenore tells that she would eat them and then where the skull of the child as a reminder for people not to mess with her because that is what happens to people who take things that are hers.

Ray is with Samara again and she asks about Yael again and he tells that she is her neighbor. She tells that he needs to pick at side because Arabs don’t get along with Yael’s kind and that Ray cannot have sex with both. She asks whose Hummus is better. Ray is outside in his tent thinking of what Samara said and finds Howard, Yael’s husband crying. He tells that he screwed up and that he had sex with hookers. He tells that he likes his wife when he is with her but likes himself when he is with the prostitutes. Francis walks down the stairs and sees Mike playing the piano and rests her head on his shoulder. Ray meets with Liz again and he is telling her that she is beautiful and has the best smile he has ever seen. She tells that she is supposed to get married and that the man thinks that she likes sex and it is not true. Ray tells her that he is on her side.