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'Fat Off My Love' or 'I'm The Allergen' - Recap

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The scene opens with Lenore entering the high school. She visits Ray’s classroom and asks to speak to him. He goes in the hallway and she tells that he had sex with Francis and that she wants her cut. He tells that he didn’t and that Tanya gave the money back to her. Lenore tells that she will be nice until he gets her cut tomorrow. If not, then she will do things that she will regret later. Meanwhile, Tanya visits Charlie and asks for his help to go with her to visit Mike and show that she has back up and not to mess with her. However, Charlie seems preoccupied with a woman who "claims” that the children they have are his. He tells Tanya that she is crazy and that he wants nothing to do with it.

Ronnie and Jessica talk and he asks why she is with him and he asks if she still loves Ray. She tells that she doesn’t and that she loves Ronnie. But Ronnie tells that her own body is rejecting him. Jessica pleads with Ronnie not to leave or she’ll die. He hugs her and Darby is watching in the distance. Lenore meets with „Horny Patty” and Patty tells Lenore that she always imagined them to be friends. Lenore plays along and tells that Tanya has been saying that Patty likes male prostitutes and Patty tells that Tanya was telling her that Lenore was a pimp. Lenore calls Tanya a sociopath and tells that she needs to get rid of her. Patty tells that she is a good proof-reader and that they need proof. Back at the school with Ray, he is still trying to get a hold of Tanya and he enters the teacher’s lounge. Everyone has a piece of paper. It is a Notice of Termination for all the teachers. Mike comes in and sees Ray and walks out. Ray follows him and he tells that they will be picked up in the fall. Mike tells that he is done being his friend and that he took money from Francis and took her love away from him. He apologizes because he didn’t know. He knows now that Tanya lied to him.

Jessica gets Big Boy fast food and brings it out to Darby. She tells that Darby should go to Ronnie’s award ceremony and she doesn’t like the fact that he is getting an award for making women fell bad about themselves. Darby asks if Jessica likes the fact that she is fat. Jessica tells that she doesn’t care. Meanwhile, Ray comes into Tanya’s office and tells that he needs to talk to her. They walk outside and Tanya tells that she spent the money and she doesn’t care. Ray walks up to Tanya, who is sitting on the pitcher’s mound at the old baseball stadium. She tells that she is tired of being the good girl and tells that when she was the good girl, she was walked over and not respected. Everyone is at Ronnie’s speech and he is getting 8th place in the best skin Doctors of the city and Jessica covers the rash on her neck. Ronnie introduces her to another doctor who picked up the 3rd place in the best doctors. The doctor recognizes Jess as a patient for the rash and Ronnie is upset that Jessica went to the other doctor instead of him. She tries to explain and Ronnie goes up to say his speech. He spills about how his wife won’t have a baby with him and would rather have sex with her ex-husband.

Patty and the rest of the employees are talking about Tanya and Tanya tells that she needs to leave her alone. Patty doesn’t stop and continues with pressing her buttons and accuses her of stealing her snow globe. She won’t stop and finally she hits Patty with her belt and Patty cries and tells that she wasn’t going to tell anyone and Tanya is scared. Jessica calls Ray late at night and tells that she wanted to go swimming. He asks where she is and she tells him to look outside. She is in her evening gown and he is in his boxers and they go swimming together. They kiss and the episode ends.